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Toward a materialist approach to the question of race: A response to the Indigènes de la République

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One can only praise the authors of this critique of “confusionnisme politique”, the translator’s excellent work, and the Charnel House for publishing this important work. There is a very disingenuous reply full of the tropes of cl assical Europen rhetoric, and little substance (‘essentially’ repeating,  it’s an Indigenes thing, you wouldn’t understand), here:    http://indigenes-republique.fr/vacarme-critique-les-indigenes-la-faillite-du-materialisme-abstrait-2/

The Charnel-House

The Charnel-House

A few months ago, I wrote up a critique of the “decolonial dead end” arrived at by groups like the Indigènes de la République. Despite being welcomed in some quarters of the Left, wearied by the controversy stirred up after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, it was not well received by others. Last month, however, a French comrade alerted me to the publication of a similar, but much more detailed and carefully argued, piece criticizing Bouteldja & co. in Vacarne. I even asked a friend to translate it for the new left communist publication Ritual. But before he could complete it, someone describing himself as “a long-time reader/appreciator of The Charnel-House” contacted me to let me know he’d just finished rendering it into English.

The authors of the original piece — Malika Amaouche, Yasmine Kateb, and Léa Nicolas-Teboul — all belong to the French…

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  1. I’m translating the reply now. It is dyspeptic, to say the least.


    July 29, 2015 at 12:53 am

  2. The translation of the first article was a great work: the article being densely written and long.

    The reply!!!!

    Reading the Indigènes frequent references to Fanon incidentally always reminds me that 1) Fanon never learnt Arabic (let alone Berber) in all his years as a psychiatrist in North Africa and association with the FLN, and 2) According to Dave Macey’s biography Frantz Fanon: A Life. 2001, authoritative enough to be translated into French http://www.editionsladecouverte.fr/catalogue/index-Frantz_Fanon__une_vie-9782707169808.html), he was always viewed with suspicion as a black non-Muslim by the more conservative elements of the FLN.

    Still no doubt I don’t understand – it’s an “Indigènes” thing.

    Andrew Coates

    July 29, 2015 at 4:33 pm

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