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Nigel Farage: America is the “battleground” in a political struggle to save “Western civilisation.”

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“Marxists are trying to destroy Judeo-Christian culture, the family unit, and the identity of Western nations.”

he 1980s television series The Dark Side is broadcast on Legend (formerly The Horror Channel).

It begins with this,

“Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality.
But…there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit…a dark side.

Some consider that the voice-over by Paul Sparer was desperately trying to warn the world of future political doom.

One Horseman of the Apocalypse out riding this week is Nigel Farage.

Farage’s friends in the extreme right Breitbart News continue,

Brexit firebrand Nigel Farage has expressed his ‘shock’ at what he called the ‘appalling’ raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago yesterday.

Brexit architect and political commentator Nigel Farage has expressed his “shock” at last night’s FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago on Monday morning, an action the veteran populist firebrand described as “appalling”.


Having reviewed Michael Crick’s biography of the leader of UKIP/Brexit Party/the Reform Party it is of little surprise to see the man – Donald Trump’s British Majordomo – at this event‘

If America falls, we all fall!’ Farage speaks at US rally in Texas to get rid of Pelosi

“NIGEL Farage has told a packed US Conservative rally that America is the “battleground” in a political struggle to save “Western civilization.”

The far right Daily Express continues,

Because you are the foot soldiers, that you are the foot soldiers in this battle on behalf not just of America, but on behalf of the whole of the free world to save everything our forebears built, designed and defended against the world.

The Guardian’s David Smith reported a few days ago, in detail, on the event at which Farage spoke,

Viktor Orbán turns Texas conference into transatlantic far-right love-in.

“The globalists can all go to hell,” declared Viktor Orbán. “I have come to Texas!”

The crowd roared, whooped and gave a standing ovation as if at a campaign rally for former US president Donald Trump. It was evident they saw in Orbán a kindred spirit – a blunt weapon to wield against liberal foes

The Hungarian prime minister was the opening speaker at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, and perhaps the most vivid demonstration yet of the mutual and rapidly growing affinity between the far right in America and Europe.

Orbán, who has been prime minister for 12 years, boasted about his hardline stance on illegal immigration, law and order and “gender ideology” in schools. He touted a rise in marriages and fall in abortions. He was unapologetic in his defence of blood-and-soil nationalism and contempt for “leftist media”.

Rarely has the alliance between nationalist parties across the Atlantic been so bold, overt and unshackled. CPAC was once the domain of cold warrior Ronald Reagan. But in recent years guest speakers have included the Brexit cheerleader Nigel Farage and Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, niece of the far-right French politician Marine Le Pen (NOTE: too extreme for her aunt’s Rassemblement National, since the beginning of this year she has backed Zemmour’s party La Reconquête)


On Friday the lineup included Steve Bannon, who has worked with openly racist far-right leaders across Europe and once leased a medieval monastery outside Rome to run a “populism bootcamp”.

Bannon is former executive chairman of Breitbart News, which he once described as “the platform of the ‘alt-right’”, a movement associated with efforts to preserve “white identity” and defend “western values”. He served as chief strategist in the Trump White House and is now facing prison after being convicted of contempt of Congress for failing to comply with the January 6 committee.

In By-Line Times Sian Norris has an analysis of the words of the US’s liegeman.

“The speech was a bingo-card of culture war issues, from a dig at lockdown restrictions to references to transgender women competing in swimming contests. Farage defended the right to say pregnant woman, not person – women, after all, being the class of people who the host state believes are undeserving of their human rights. 

He railed against schools and universities “indoctrinating” children around issues of race and gender, claiming that educational institutions no longer taught critical thinking – when in fact conversations about white privilege, the history of empire and challenging dominant (white) views of history are, in fact, encouraging of critical thinking. 

But what stood out – and what helps to understand the direction the far-right is moving in – was  the laser focus on war. 

The speech referenced “war”; “attack”; “foot soldiers”; “fifth column” and other martial terms 10 times, with conservatives positioned as the frontline in a battle to “save Western civilisation” from enemies that are positioned as “Marxist”. 

Norris notes,

The term no longer necessarily refers to people who follow Marxist theory, or even communists: in the far-right mind, Marxists and “cultural Marxists” represent feminists, left-wingers, anti-racists, civil rights activists such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTIQ people and Jewish people. 

“According to Farage, Western civilisation is “under attack as never before”, with a “fifth column” of Marxists, left-leaning lecturers and anti-racist activists trying to “destroy our Judeo-Christian culture”. He called it a virus, but the not so subtle subtext is that this is war, and it’s one that “English-speaking countries” are suffering the “worst” effects of. Luckily, Farage has the answer: CPAC attendees are the “foot soldiers” who are “going to fight hard against this stuff, aren’t we?””

You could say, who cares what Farage thinks about on any subject whatsoever:

This is what a lot of people care about:

150,000 people sign up to ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign after first day.

Labour List.

Elliot Chappell.

150,000 people have signed up to a nationwide campaign to fight back against rising prices and wage stagnation and to pressure the government to take action on the cost-of-living crisis as households across the country struggle to cope.

Commenting as the number of sign-ups surpassed the 150,000 mark on the first day of the ‘Enough is Enough‘ campaign, CWU general secretary Dave Ward said the initiative would “turn today’s war on workers into a conflict against every piss-taking boss, parasite landlord and corrupt politician in this country”.

Written by Andrew Coates

August 9, 2022 at 4:32 pm

Declinism and Tory Culture Wars.

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As Far-right Surfaces Left Gets Involved in Culture Wars.

In an important article ‘The Seductions of Declinism in the latest London Review of Books William Davies discusses Britain’s economic malaise. The Goldsmith professor cites the Resolution Foundation,’s latest report which reads, “The UK has great strengths, but is over a decade into a period of stagnation. The toxic combination of slow growth and high inequality was posing challenges for low-to-middle income Britain’s living standards even before the post-pandemic cost of living crisis struck. Growth stands at 0,4% a year, compared to an average 0,9% in OECD countries. Since 2007 wages have not grown at all. The UK is now an “unusually unequal country”.

In form of capitalism which has been called “rentier” (for many this will evoke the work of Thomas Piketty, although he cites Brett Christophers) or ‘neo-feudalism’ (for many again this evokes Cédric Durand and techno-feudalism rather than Jodi Dean) “economies like Britain’s have effectively abandoned the pursuit of prosperity through the traditional practices of investment in technology, R & D, skills and entrepreneurship…and (have) descended instead into passive speculation on unproductive assets, above all housing, bu extending to such Ponzi schemes as NFTs and other cryptocurrencies.”

This is the backdrop to the “nostalgia fest of the Tory leadership election”.

But one thing brightens the Conservative contest, cultural issues. They soak up “vast amounts of attention on-line” – propelled by the priorities of the news business, “a handful of newspapers owned by three or four billionaires”. This is illustration of Durand’s take on the “Dépendance des sujets aux plateformes, brouillage de la distinction entre l’économique et le politique” people’s dependence on digital platforms, a blurring of the distinction between politics and economics. At the same time it indicates Davis’ own view that with digital platforms we have shifted from the ideal of the presentation of factual information towards a landscape of swirling cascades of data and sentiment.

Davies’ picture was summarised last year in the Los Angeles Review of Books,

“The world of publicly available facts that these figures marshaled and mediated for ordinary citizens becomes increasingly divorced from the hidden world accessed by the miners of private data, with the result that new sets of insiders and outsiders are created and the workings of power become increasingly opaque. The ground is laid for conspiracy theories to replace consensus about reality. According to Davies, we have entered a new regime of truth, one with scant time for the shibboleths and separations — “between public and private, between state and market, politics and media, and between the three branches of government (executive, legislative, judiciary)” — that defined the liberal order.

The Liberal Trust Crisis. Adam Kelly.

Davies may well be right that “Pronouncements about Stalinism, gender identity, wokeness and Brexit” are more oaths of Tory loyalty than a contributions to Conservative electoral victory, or a ‘hegemonic’ strategy that can draw the electorate behind the Tories. He may, though this is less than sure, have a point about underlying this is a dispute about narratives between universities and papers over such topics as British identity, though this begs a lot of questions about the authority and coherence, let alone radicalism (many self-identifying left leaning ones are very quiet on the pressing issue of Ukraine) of academics. His observation that the under 50s do not read papers is undermined by the prevalence of their content on social media. Playing, cos or otherwise, many people are indifferent to battles on these issues, preferring simply to be “to be alive to issues of race and social justice,” and plenty of other subjects.

One topic though, Brexit, is neither a matter of wokeness, nor, despite the efforts of some of Davies’ left wing sovereigntist colleagues, a “floating signifier” that could have been given a left inflection. It is damaging to those trying to create a radical alternative to the Conservatives, and Starmer’s moderate slide, that it continues to capture illusions about popular sovereignty whose reach can be read in those left wingers who believe that People’s Brexit could have happened. Or that, for all its present Tory cast, is, in some sense a step forward which a future left government could build on.

It is hard to forget that New leftist Perry Anderson, whose thesis (with Tom Nairn) on the lack of a proper bourgeois revolution to spur later British modernisation Davies discusses at length, stated “for all its woeful shortcomings… Westminster is vastly superior to the lacquered synarchy” of the European Union” (The Breakaway: Goodbye Europe London Review of Books. 2021). Brexit, headed by a populist braggart, welcomed by the new millennium New Left Review, to be continued by the next Tory PM, is another cause of a economic, political and social regression, aiding the economic stagnation the Resolution Foundation outlines.

Davies concludes that the Tory Party leadership contest, “creates the impression of a country that can now only speak to itself in slogans, oaths and insults, and has no has no capacity to describe or explain its problems”. At the same time, it looks, he says, concentrating out minds, as if “Britain’s elites now intend to stake everything on another financial free-for-all”. If a limited (constrained by anti union laws) wave of strikes is breaking out, there has not been much success in getting the people to yearn for another clamp down on organised labour. There have been calls for a union day of action. As yet there is no sign of Britain seeing this: Grève générale et nationale le 29 septembre 2022 (France).

There is no doubt the case that the political world is now digitally captured to the point where it is hard to know where Twitter and platforms begin and at what point they merge into face-to-face politics and end political – even state – decisions .

The culture wars, in the meantime, are both in the billionaire media, and out on the streets:

You might almost think dredging up the culture wars is a deliberate distraction from the reality of economic decline….

Written by Andrew Coates

August 7, 2022 at 12:27 pm

Piers Corbyn Joins Extreme Right in Protest against Drag Queen Story Hour.

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Corbyn Now Openly Far Right.

Our Mum and Dad took me and younger sister, we must have still have been in Primary School, to see a Christmas Panto at Golders Green Hippodrome in the early sixties. It starred Danny la Rue. The much-loved Drag artist…

Corbyn joins far right:

This indicates how confusionism, beginning from Corbyn’s anti-Vaz, “anti-globalist” conspiracy ideologies, meets up with the classic far right.

Or as classic red-browner Frank Furedi says,

The revolt against Drag Queen Story Hour

Parents are right to challenge the indoctrination of their children.

If groups of parents had not protested against Drag Queen Story Hour in recent weeks, then its campaign of indoctrination would have gone unnoticed in the UK. Even now, most people are unaware of what is going on in libraries and in some schools. This is why it is so important that the public becomes more aware of the issues at stake.


NO ARRESTS have been made at a large gathering of protesters in a row about a drag queen book reading event.

Protests started from around 10am this morning outside the Jubilee Library in Jubilee Street, Brighton.

A small group of protesters, including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers Corbyn, were met by hundreds of people protesting in solidarity of a drag queen doing a book read for children.

Aida H Dee has been reading their new book at the library and will also be appearing at Hove Library in Church Road at 1pm, as well as Woodingdean Library in Warren Road at 3pm.

Written by Andrew Coates

August 4, 2022 at 6:12 pm