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Red-Brown Spiked Urges Vote for Brexit – Brexit Party or Tory.

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Red-Brown Front Now Under Strain.

Spare a thought for the Red-Brown Front.

Only last week they were huffing and puffing in support of the Brexit Party as the vehicle that would “change politics for good”.

The Full Brexit  brings together leading figures of the Communist Party of Britain, Stefan Cholewka (Lambertist, International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples) the Brexit Party’s Spiked/RCP network, including at least one Brexit Party candidate, James ‘Heartfield’) Anti-rootless Cosmopolitan Campaigner Paul Embery, ‘Funny-Money’ Thomas Fazi, the Socialist Labour Party, Blue Labour, Labour Leave, ‘leftists’ like  Costas Lapavitsas, New Left Review Stalwart, Prof Wolfgang Streeck, and assorted oddballs, such as Larry O’Nutter (better known under his pen name of Larry O’Hara). (From list of the Founding Statement).

Only last week they posted this anti-Labour rant on their Blog.

A “final say” referendum on Brexit will not only be the end of any final say on anything in British politics, it will also usher in a new dark age for democracy around the world.

Now they are shown up as patsies for Farage’s scheme to wheedle the Tories into power under the patronage of Donald Trump.

Leader’s decision to not contest Tory-held seats upsets some candidates who planned to stand.

Nigel Farage’s decision to unilaterally stand down more than half the Brexit party’s candidates has prompted fury from some of the hopefuls, with one candidate saying he only learned the news when a passing driver asked him why he was still campaigning.

Darren Selkus, who was the candidate for Epping Forest, said Farage had “betrayed my incredible volunteers and thousands of constituents who will have no one to vote for” by pulling out of all 317 Conservative-held seats.

Arron Banks, a generous figure who’s donated shed-loads of  money over the years,  to anti-Brexit causes from the campaign to Trades Unionists Against the EU, now says, (ES)

Nigel Farage has been warned he has just 48 hours to “save Brexit” by his long-time ally and millionaire backer Arron Banks.

Mr Banks urged the Brexit Party leader to pull candidates in marginal seats he “can’t win” and go for the “40 or so Labour seats where the Tories haven’t got a hope”.

His warning comes after Mr Farage earlier this week staged a climbdown from his vow to fight 600 seats in the general election by promising to give 317 sitting Conservative MPs a free ride. But Mr Farage was told to “go further”.

Mr Banks said: “There are 48 hours to save Brexit and save the country from a Corbyn government… Nigel has remade the Conservative Party in his own image, the Conservative Party is the Brexit Party.”

The Spiked – former Revolutionary Communist Party – gang  are putting a brave face on their role in backing the Tories through support for the Brexit Party.

Fox is not shy of offering advice:

As national populists warm to Boris Johnson the line is changing.

Spiked goes Tory:

A slap in the face of Leave voters

JOANNA WILLIAMS Associate Editor Spiked.

The Brexit Party offered Brexit voters a choice. Now that choice has been taken away.

With hindsight, perhaps the Brexit Party should have campaigned more for democratic reform and proportional representation, two of its more interesting proposals, rather than the abolition of inheritance tax and free WiFi on buses.


Voting Conservative will strike a blow against the Remainers; voting for the Brexit Party will let me express my concern about Boris’s deal. I am slowly coming to terms with the prospect of voting Conservative. What’s important is that having this choice makes a decision not just possible, but meaningful.

Brendan O’Neill writes,

The Brexit Party steps aside

In spiked’s view, the aim of voters who care about democracy, who care deeply about that hard-won liberty that gives ordinary people power and influence over our rulers, should be to give a thoroughly bloody nose to the Remainer elites who have spent three-and-a-half years defying the people’s will and insulting the largest electoral bloc in British history.

The Great Man seems to wriggle around the possibility that the Tories might give the Brexit Party a free run for services rendered..

One question is whether the Tories will reciprocate and withdraw candidates from Labour seats where the BP has a good chance of picking up votes. There are reports of a non-aggression pact between the BP and the Tories in these areas. But if the Tories are serious about Brexit, they will stand back and give free rein to a BP candidate against Labour, which, let us not forget, is promising to void the referendum result by forcing us to vote again. (However, if the Labour candidate is Eurosceptic, like Dennis Skinner, or a pro-democracy Remainer, like Caroline Flint, then voting for those candidates is preferable to voting for the BP candidate.)

Keeping the morale of the troops high, he  concludes,

 Let’s teach the Remainer elite a lesson. And after the election, let’s teach the supposed Brexit-supporting political class a lesson, too.

With the Brexit Company standing at 8% in the polls their hopes must be pinned on Boris Johnson.

Today on Spiked, former Revolutionary Communist activist Phil Mullan advises them, and Labour,

The parties need to stop squabbling over spending and get back to Brexit.

Others still see Farage as a threat:

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  1. Shouldn’t our old comrade, Tariq Ali be on the Brexit list?
    Or is this a Bridge too Far for Tariq?


    November 13, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    • He’s got a lot on his full breakfast plate these days:

      Andrew Coates

      November 13, 2019 at 1:05 pm

  2. Heartfelt plea from Galloway:

    Andrew Coates

    November 13, 2019 at 1:41 pm

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