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The Red-Brown Front – Spiked – Ramps Up Culture of Intolerance Towards Owen Jones.

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Spiked, “swift and opportunistic use of the attack to demonise certain sections of the media.”

Spiked is the leading voice of the Red-Brown Front, the arm that helps fight the culture wars for the national populist Brexit Party.

They stand for an identity united around National Sovereignty for the “real” people who back Brexit against the elites.

Spiked aims to create a society, in which risk is taken by science-driven entrepreneurs, every country is fiercely independent,  business and culture thrive democratically, and trade is willingly  negotiated with free-spirit Donald Trump.

The virtues and the heritage of European civilisation, culture, and the Enlightenment are behind them.

A “war against ‘No Deal Brexit’, ” really just means a war against Brexit”

Spiked battles for the heroic “ordinary people” the “disenfranchised” like Nigel Farage and Anne Widdecombe against “offence culture” and wokeness.

It’s no surprise that to create a segmented society, excluding their opponents,  they target “Patsy” Greta Thunberg  and Owen Jones, “mouthpiece of middle class moralism”.

Brendan, for it is he, has today chosen Owen for “using” the assault he was a victim of over the weekend.

Not just using, but taking the case of people fired up by bigotry to implicate the bigots in the media.

Who’s really demonising journalists?

There is a grim irony in the response to the assault on Guardian columnist Owen Jones. Which is that this attack on a journalist is being used by woke leftists, including by Mr Jones himself, to attack journalists.

He continues,

the swift and opportunistic use of the attack to demonise certain sections of the media could prove to be the greater threat to press freedom.

Brendan pauses, to sip his own breath,

It goes without saying, I hope, that the attack on Jones was horrible and outrageous. Especially if it is true that he was targeted for his leftish beliefs. That would make it not just a punch-up outside a pub, but also an act of political intolerance. That is out of order in an open, civilised society.

But that makes it all the more depressing that this alleged act of intolerance has been weaponised to a different cause of intolerance – the left’s intolerance towards free-wheeling, rabble-rousing press outlets. Or as Jones referred to them yesterday, when he was outrageously implying that they bear some responsibility for what happened to him, the ‘hate preachers’ of the media.

The man himself sniffs his armpits,

He claims his attackers were far-right activists. And he says such far-right activists have been emboldened by ‘people in the mainstream media who deliberately stoke tensions, who demonise minorities and who demonise the left’.

His target was clearly the tabloid press (NOTE, which O’Neill writes for).  He said: ‘We should just be honest about it. We live in a society where on the front pages of newspapers you have things like “enemies of the people”, “traitors”, “saboteurs” – that’s how people are discussed in politics.’

Reaching for his Voltaire and loudly passing wind, O’Neill, bellows,

Prejudice against certain newspapers, and more importantly prejudice against the people who read them, who are presumed to be so fickle, so easily warped by words, that a few spicy headlines can convince them to wallop a Guardian columnist outside a pub.

Lowering to his warmed over theme he continues,

…who is responsible for the attack on Andy Ngo in Portland? The so-called antifa forces who assaulted him, very violently, notably used milkshakes. They were clearly inspired by the middle-class milkshaking phenomenon in the UK and possibly by pro-milkshaking journalists at newspapers like the Guardian, one of whom said milkshaking is a valiant effort to ‘reduce men of pomp to figures of ridicule’. If the Express bears responsibility for right-wing violence, does the Guardian bear responsibility for left-wing violence?

The conclusion,

The problem is a broader culture of intolerance towards different opinions – and that ugly culture comes more from the PC establishment itself than it does from a few saucy front-page headlines.

As in, “The green movement has become hysterical” Spiked 16th of August.




Written by Andrew Coates

August 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm

Spiked Lays Responsibility for El Paso “Eco-Terrorism” on Extinction Rebellion.

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Madness, They Call it Madness: Spiked.

Top Brexit Party supporters, the Spiked/RCP Network have their own unique line on the EL Paso horror.

The chief of Britain’s National Populist Red-Brown Front, Brendan O’Neill, is in a questing frame of mind, and the quest has found its target.

Is Extinction Rebellion to blame for the El Paso massacre? Maybe Greta Thunberg is? Or any one of the commentators who spends their every waking hour bemoaning mankind’s ‘carbon footprint’ and insisting we need to rein in people’s rapacious consumerist behaviour.

After all, these misanthropic ideas, this green miserabilism, this anti-modern guff about humanity being a plague on poor Mother Earth, is a central feature of the El Paso killer’s manifesto. And if Trump can be held responsible for the shootings on the basis that the manifesto echoes his Mexican-bashing, why shouldn’t greens, who pollute public debate with the kind of anti-humanist ideology that clearly moved and enraged the El Paso murderer, shoulder some responsibility, too?


As with green ideology in general, there is a strong streak of anti-humanism in his eco-obsessions.

O’Neill defends the Christchurch murder from the accusation of neo-Nazism

 The Christchurch killer explicitly said he is not a Nazi but an ‘eco-fascist’.

And the modern far-right,

And yet somehow in recent years, this backward, anti-modern obsession with cleansing nature of foul mankind’s uncaring, destructive behaviour has morphed into a supposedly progressive, leftish outlook.

So really it was a left-wing killing….

Er not exactly, .

No green-leaning writer or activist bears even the remotest responsibility for the horrific acts of eco-fascism in Christchurch and El Paso.

Yet there’s, a ‘however’,

However, what is clear is that, in their search for ideological justifications for their loathing of their fellow human beings, both of these killers landed very firmly upon the environmentalist ideology. They clearly spied in it a moral-sounding, pretend-scientific justification for their belief that human beings are scum, a plague, who deserve to be punished. When your belief system so readily lends itself to violent misanthropy, it is time, surely, to rethink that belief system. The fashionable misanthropy of green thinking is in dire need of public questioning and public challenge.

So the leftist green ideology “lends itself to violent misanthropy” – and to violence.

Some people might describe O’Neill and his minions as “scum”, but we will not…

This is where the line comes from, straight from Trump:


The Trump administration tried to downplay the New Zealand terrorist’s white supremacist views and the global threat of the radical right. That’s dangerous.

Mick Mulvaney, White House chief of staff, echoed Conway, claiming that the accused terrorist’s 74-page manifesto had “eco-terrorist passages.” He angrily rejected any attempt to link Trump’s rhetoric to the New Zealand massacre, despite Trump’s long history of denouncing Muslims as potential terrorists.


The claim that the killer was really an “eco-terrorist” comes from a superficial and historically ignorant reading of his manifesto. In fact, his manifesto does touch on “hedonistic, nihilistic individuals” who are destroying the environment. He says he is an “eco-fascist by nature.” But what Conway, Trump, Mulvaney and much of the right-wing press apparently don’t realize is that Adolf Hitler and the original Nazis saw themselves very much as environmentalists. Among other things, they thought Jews despoiled the landscape, just as the New Zealand killer believes Muslims are doing.

To illustrate the confusionist politics at work here the terrorism smear does not stop the Spiked National Populists from casting doubt on the radicalism of the climate activists;

By contrast, environmentalist campaigns like Extinction Rebellion are, by their very nature, against freedom. They seek to place new limits on human activity: on industry, on economic growth, on our travel, on our diets, and on childbirth.

climate change presents the establishment with an opportunity to manage the little people’s habits, tastes and aspirations.

Extinction Rebellion merely provides a faux-radical gloss to this depressing and stultifying prospect.

Fraser Myers. Spiked (Today An establishment rebellion|: why the elite loves the eco-warriors.)

For a real analysis see this – highly recommended:

News From the Red-Brown Front: Philip Cunliffe (“Lenin Lives!”, Spiked), “Owen Jones Vs Democracy”

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Image result for Lenin Lives! Reimagining the Russian Revolution

Brexit Bolshevik Attacks Owen Jones, “all bold promises will be reneged upon”.

DR PHILIP CUNLIFFE: senior lecturer in politics and international relations, University of Kent; co-founder, The Full Brexit; author, Lenin Lives! Reimagining the Russian Revolution

Some quotes,

 I see Brexit as an opportunity to go with the grain of current public opinion and make the democratic case for a liberal migration policy, rather than accept a hierarchically-layered, pro-European border policy as an imposed fait accompli, and then disingenuously blame it on Brussels bureaucrats.”

Brexit must be made the start of a much wider process of social and political renewal.

I may be a Brexit Bolshevik, but I’m no Lexiter


Then there were the ‘possible sightings’. Chief among those was Philip Cunliffe, a lecturer at the University of Kent – the spiritual home of the RCP and my own alma mater. Mr Cunliffe is tight with many of the Spiked Online circle and is a vocal Brexiter. Certainly a man who looked like him strode through the NEC and onto the stage, but when I approached him to confirm or deny that he was standing, he rather oddly responded by asking me to guess what clothes he was wearing. Mind you, at least he replied. None of the dozens of other people I have approached have bothered to.

The question remains: what is Cunliffe’s stand-point? This is not immediately clear from the book itself. But it is well known that he is closely associated with the former Living Marxism or LM network, known for promoting libertarian and anti-environmentalist ideas. Cunliffe with his Sovereignty And Its Discontents (SAID) Working Group, has been a sponsor of The Battle of Ideas organised by the Academy of Ideas (Institute of Ideas), since at least 2004, and he has participated and presented several times more recently. He like the former director and founder of the Institute of Ideas, Claire Fox, who is now an MEP for the Brexit Party, is a passionate supporter of Brexit. He describes himself on Twitter as a “Brexit Bolshevik”. He helped to found the “The Full Brexit”, a pro-Brexit campaigning network. He will be a speaker at The Battle of Ideas in September 2019.

And on 19 July 2019 he re-tweeted Bjorn Lomburg, author of ‘Cool It’ and ‘Skeptical Environmentalist’ (“which challenges widely held beliefs that the world environmental situation is getting worse and worse”), himself tweeting: “Lomborg deserves a medal for being one of the few to retain his sanity among the global intelligentsia.” Lomburg’s tweet?: “Unbridled alarmism: No, our current trajectory is about 4°C, not 6°C. No, 4°C is not the end-of-the-world, it is a problem, equivalent to reducing average income by about 3-4% in 2100 (when OECD will be 200-500% as rich as today and Africa 300-2,200% richer)”.

Bill Bowring Marx and Philosophy Review of Books.

The article.

Owen Jones vs democracy

Although Jones actually coined the term ‘Lexit’ back in 2015 following the EU’s ruination of Greece, (Note, this is highly contestable) he also abandoned it in fairly short order. He is now admonishing the diminishing band of left Brexiters, who he thinks should ‘stop trying to make Lexit happen’. But in his turn against Brexit, all that Jones really reveals is how much of his politics is empty rhetoric and bluster. His arguments also show just how far the left has internalised its defeats over the past 40 years and how it accepts these defeats as inherent limits on its capacity to make change.

The argument that Cunliffe makes is bizarre, but here it is,

The very thing that Jones feared and was trying to avoid – a Brexit defined by the right – has been encouraged by the left’s own unwillingness to fight to define the terms of Brexit. He is now encouraging other leftists to repeat his mistake.

The ERG, Johnson, Rees Mogg, Farage, have won because the left has not jumped on the Brexit Bandwagon…think about it….

The Brexit vote was also nothing to do with fear of immigration and hostility to migrants, which is a negligible factor in UK public opinion.

But once Brexit became, in his view, defined by nationalism and xenophobia, he could no longer sustain the Lexit position. This characterisation of the Leave vote is entirely at odds with the polling evidence, which shows that British attitudes to immigration are largely positive.

To which we say, Humph! 

Humph, and Humph – what a load of unbridled rubbish….

For the benefit of the thick the Lecturer repeats his assertion that Brexit was a popular uprising, led by such figures as the above,

Brexit was a popular insurrection at the ballot box. Its defining slogan – ‘take back control’ – resonates with the most basic and instinctive positions of classical left-wing politics: support for popular sovereignty and mass democracy.

And adds this,

Brexit remains a process to be defined. This, indeed, is the point of mass democracy – that it is an open-ended process whose outcome cannot be guaranteed in advance.

What Jones ultimately reveals in his criticisms of Lexit is a fear of change and his unwillingness to fight for it.

Indeed internationalists  are trying to define Brexit, away from the free-market hard right, but fighting against it.

Surely a democrat would welcome another referendum?

Another surge of popular debate and voting?

One, two, three, four referendums!

Cunliffe’s chef d’oeuvre  has this puff,

Lenin Lives! lays out a narrative account of how history might have happened differently if Lenin had lived long enough to see the global spread of the Russian Revolution to Western Europe and the USA. In one alternative world, instead of the grim authoritarian and autarkic states of the East, socialist revolution in the world’s most advanced economies ushers in an era of global peace, progress and prosperity, with global federations substituting for nation-states and international organisations. In keeping with the hopes of European revolutionaries of the time, the early achievement of socialism leads to a drastic improvement in human progress, economic growth, democracy and freedom at the global level.

Is the spirit of Lenin now living in Johnson’s Cabinet and the Brexit Party?

Trumpite Trotskyists take note!


Labour Left Moves Against Brexit; the Red-Brown Front Bites Back.

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Brexit Party ‘Marxist’ James Hartfield Defends Sovereigntist Line Against this Internationalist Critique.


Away from  the slough of mythology that is the Red-Brown Front:

Remain and Reform: A Necessary Strategy or Doomed to Fail?

Comrade Mike Phillips sums up the case against the ‘purity’ of the General Will that the Brexit Red-Browners put their faith in.

It’s worth recalling all this, when we are told that we have to honour the decision of the British people – in a referendum which was held solely to overcome divisions in the Tory Party and to resist the electoral pressure upon it from UKIP – which resulted in an extremely slim victory for the Leave campaign. In retrospect, we can see that the activities of Facebook and other networks, in the 2016 Trump election campaign and in the distortion of other democratic processes internationally, constituted a qualitatively new phenomenon in the undermining of democracy.

Now we can see ‘fake news’ and the forces that weaponise it as part of a much larger subversion. Liberal democracy is under global attack. Putin – another supporter of Brexit for his own geostrategic reasons – has declared liberal values “obsolete”. His singling out specifically of multiculturalism and immigration demonstrate that he is attacking the core liberal beliefs of freedom, toleration and foundational equality, rather than the outworn dogmas of neoliberal economics that helped propel him to power.

Clearly claiming that there is a People that decided to back Brexit is true.

But what indication is that a majority voted for a No-Deal Brexit?

You can vote for a strike, then you vote on the deal.

More to the point though is the premise of the argument:  what is this ‘people’ that secured a small majority?

And then there is Trump, another ardent Brexiteer, who shockingly admitted that he would want to hear dirt on rival presidential candidates compiled by foreign powers. Trump has praised authoritarian regimes from Hungary to the Philippines and Brazil. Brexit in this context, becomes a piece of a much larger attack on liberal, rational, internationalist values from a conservatism that increasingly disdains democracy in order to cling on to its wealth and privilege – or where it does go into electoral battle does so under the flag of toxic authoritarian nationalism.

Democracy, majority decision-making rests on conflict, within the framework of tolerance and respect between opposing views and group.

Just because the vote goes one way does not mean that the process is halted.

We can call this “agonistic” (Chantal Mouffe), motored by the fight by the ‘pleb’ for equality (Jacques Rancière). An influential view on the left is based on Machiavelli’s “republican’ picture of conflict as the motor of liberty. Many on the modern left are influenced by  Claude Lefort’s “democratic revolution” and Étienne Balibar’.”Illimitation démocratique” as an expansion of social decision making across society.

Democracy, for the internationalist left, which sees no inherent national limits, is not based on the transmission of the Will of the People through Plebiscites. Democracy is based on universal human rights, not national sovereignty. The advance of these claims – as the expansion of the concept of rights over the decades has shown, in institutional forms, is potentially unlimited. They are permanent challenges to the structures of exploitation and oppression held together by bourgeois national states.

The demand for British sovereignty, complete with class privilege wired into the institutions, is national populism, or as Mike calls it “authoritarian nationalism”.

This is James Heartfield’s democratic party, the Brexit Party.

It is no accident that Boris Johnson’s support for ‘no deal’ goes hand in hand with this exclusionary, manipulative rhetoric, for example, demonising Muslim women as ‘letterboxes’, all congruent with the racial discourse of Trump and far right nationalists in Europe. Behind Johnson stands Farage, and behind Farage stand the most extreme forces. Farage’s party’s most senior election official publicly praised the far right ‘Tommy Robinson’, one of the best funded politicians in Britain, thanks to US dark money flooding into his organisation.

In these conditions,a Hard Right Brexit,  we have every right to demand a vote on the deal, or on “no-deal”  and on continuing with Brexit or whether to Remain.

Sticking to this theme (there is a lot more in the article, demolishing the ‘Lexit’ left Brexit case) and surveying the state of public opinion and how Labour should react is this,

these tactical considerations must be secondary to the point of principle: the Brexit vote was a nationalist vote. We socialists are not nationalists, but internationalists. We reject the irrational, exclusionary, anti-human ‘othering’ central to Brexit, in favour of a rational, humanitarian, inclusive commitment to a different set of values. ’Lexit’ could not offer this. There was no visible alternative Lexit campaign or narrative and the evidence of voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland shows that where the toxic, divisive, insular nationalism of Farage and the Tory right is not on offer, results can be very different.

Mike Phipps Concludes,

So we need to be ambitious. A radical reform agenda would start by setting out an alternative European model – a social Europe that overhauls the existing institutions of the EU, gives real power to the EU Parliament, and focuses on safeguarding the principles of the welfare state, socially useful and environmentally responsible employment and humanitarian priorities in foreign policy. Lobbying abuses and other forms of corruption need to be tackled and a system of ombudsmen created.

In the spirit of democratic debate Labour Hub publishes on the same page a nostalgic look back on the past Labour left opposition to the EU by Paul O’Connell which dismisses “liberal morons”.

Meanwhile back on the Red-Brown Front Line, anti-Irish hate is the new Black.


‘Left Wing’ Full Brexit: A Red-Brown Front for Spiked/ex-Revolutionary Communist Party.

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1980s Campaign of the Forerunners of Spiked who now back Full Brexit Red-Brown Front.

Will Labour take a clear stand on Brexit?

Jeremy Corbyn said today (Independent).

On his own party’s position on Brexit, Mr Corbyn reiterated that his party was supporting a referendum in all circumstances, and said even if Labour is in government a public vote would be held on the UK’s exit from the bloc.

He refused, however, to say whether Labour would back Remain or its own negotiated deal if the party came to power.

We’ve got to get in office first to negotiate a deal,” he said. “We’ve got to win an election – if we win an election then we’re going to have talks with the European Union. But at the moment, the danger is a no-deal exit on 31 October with all the problems that brings.”

In other words Corbyn is still chasing the chimera of Labour’s “own” negotiated Brexit.

It is important to look at the forces pushing the Labour Leader in this direction.

Pressure for Brexit comes not just from Labour MPs in Leave constituencies,  or anti-European right-wingers who claim to represent ‘traditional’ Labour values,  and the well-known figures close to the party chief,  like the recent transfer from the Communist Party of Britain, Andrew Murray, former communist factionalist (Straight Left) Seamus Milne, and UNITE leader Len McCluskey.

Since June 2018, the ‘Full brexit‘ , a “network of activists, academics, journalists and policy experts, all on the broad political left. ” has aimed to “revive a genuine left internationalism” by pushing for Brexit.

This front includes Communist Party of Britain members, Labour Leave, Blue Labour figures, supporters (including a Euro Election candidate, James Hartfield) of Nigel Farage’s far right Brexit Party, and even at least one member (an office holder) of the Conservative Party.

A new post by Bob from Brockley charges that this red-brown front was initiated by the hard-line pro-Farage, pro-Boris Johnson, ‘Spiked’ network.

Going full Brexit: from Red Front to red-brown front

One LM initiative in the post-Referendum period was “The Full Brexit”, an avowedly left-wing pressure group launched in the summer of 2018 to reframe the Brexit narrative as one about “democracy” rather than just bashing immigrants. Alongside a smattering of Blue Labour social conservatives and Lexit Marxists, a good half of its 20 founding signatories are RCP network members.

Academic Chris Bickerton has been a Spiked contributor since 2005, when he was a PhD student at St John’s College, Oxford. Philip Cunliffe, Furedi’s colleague at the University of Kent, is another long term Spiked activist. Pauline Hadaway, another academic, is a veteran of the Living Marxism days. James Heartfield was a paid RCP organiser. Lee Jones seems to have been recruited at Oxford around the same time as Bickerton. Tara McCormack is an RCP veteran, as is Suke WoltonBruno Waterfield write for Living Marxism. Other signatories aren’t part of the network but have been promoted by Spiked: Paul Embery and Thomas Fazi for example (Fazi is also connected to the 5 Star Movement). Many are also involved in Briefings for Brexit, which has several RCP veterans on its advisory committee, and some are involved with Civitas. This is a peculiar form of left-right crossover politics.

The RCP then played a key role in the creation of the Brexit Party, again providing “left” cover for a deeply right-wing project. Otto English in Byline Times documents how, in February 2019, a film-maker, Kevin Laitak, a disciple of Furedi, began turning up at local Leavers of Britain groups, telling campaigners that he was making a short film about rank-and-file Brexiters. He then recruited activists who might consider standing for the new BXP, who were then called by a woman called Lesley Katon. Katon told would-be recruits that she was the co-founder of a group called ‘Invoke Democracy Now’, whose activists, English notes, included Claire Fox, as well as Luke Gittos, the legal editor of Spiked, Brendan O’Neill, its editor, Living Marxism alumni Tessa Mayes and Munira Mirza, and Mick Hume, former editor of Living Marxism. Katon herself has several LM connections, and among the candidates emerging from this process were In addition to her client Claire Fox; Katon’s colleague David Bull who spoke at a Spiked event in 2003; James Heartfield, a long-time RCP cadre; Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, a former RCP activist and Spiked contributor; and in Scotland long time Spiked writer Stuart Waiton. Of these, only Fox was placed high up enough a regional list to get sent to Brussels.

Otto English notes that the RCP’s Alka Sehgal Cuthbert and John Heartfield, were in the cavalcade of hopeful Brexit Party candidates paraded by Nigel Farage earlier this month as he launched his bid for the next General Election.

This section concludes.

It gets weirder, because, Otto English reveals, Lesley Katon is an associate partner at a PR company called Pagefield, founded in 2010 by Mark Gallagher, a close associate of David Davis and John Redwood. In 2018, Pagefield recruited almost the entire staff of Bell Pottinger public relations firm which, as English puts it, was expelled from the PR trade body and went into administration in the wake of a secret campaign to stir up racial tensions in South Africa.

Comrade Bob’s  post, The RCP’s long march from anti-imperialist outsiders to the doors of Downing Street, cannot be recommended too highly.

The Full Brexit says it believes “that the left’s proper role is to be the architect of a better, more democratic future.”

Here are some more of the people engaged in that worthy task.

Apart from odd-ball ‘left’ sovereigntists like Thomas Fazi and anti-rootless cosmopolitans, such as Paul Embery, the Communist Party of Britain’s Mary Davis and Nicholas B. Wright, are on their supporters’ list, as is Green Party member Larry O’Nutter, better known under his pen name of Larry O’Hara. Other self-styled leftists include Prof Costas Lapavitsas, a supporter of a minuscule breakaway from the Greek Syria party, German ‘left’ national populist Prof Wolfgang Streeck, who writes extensively for New Left Review,  John Tyrrell, of the madcap Socialist Labour Party (prop- Arthur Scargill), Cheryl Coyne, People Before Profit, Lewisham, Ian Wilson, Executive Member, Conservative Association, Kingston Upon Thames….

Here are some more recent statements from the red-brown front.

Red-Brown left ‘sovereigntist’ expresses admiration for Boris Johnson.

Arm of the Spiked Network attacks Left internationalists:

Red-Brown Full Brexit has close links to the Morning Star:

More will no doubt follow as a Non-deal Brexit looms closer.


Spiked Celebrates Hard-Line Supporter Munira Mirza’s Entry into Johnson Cabinet.

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Munira Mirza, in Downing Street Policy Unit to Blast the “Myth of Institutional Racism” .

At last the country is run by Leavers

Brendan O’Neill 

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet is more in tune with public opinion than May or Corbyn could ever be.

On top of these ministers we have Boris’s new senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, the strategic whizz behind Vote Leave, and his director of policy, Munira Mirza, friend of spiked and a committed Leaver. Downing Street is now a Leave bastion.

The sage opines,

This is progress. The proof is in the pudding, of course, so Downing Street must make good on its Leave credentials or else the masses’ eyes will roll yet again, as they have many times over the past three years. In some ways the most admirable thing about the appointment of Cummings is that it suggests Johnson doesn’t care that much what the media class thinks. He must have known that having Cummings at No10 would cause a meltdown among those chattering-class muppets who think Cummings is a mad, criminal mastermind who hoodwinked the electorate in 2016 – and yet he still did it. Let’s hope this is a positive sign of a healthy disregard for media-class moaning and Twittermob hysteria.

Mirza’s Wikipedia entry says this,

Revolutionary Communist Party Membership

Munira was a member of the Revolutionary_Communist_Party_(UK,_1978), a small Trotskyist organisation that dissolved in 1997. She occasionally wrote in its magazine, Living Marxism, which was dissolved after losing a libel case to ITN over the Bosnian Genocide. The magazine was replaced by Spiked, which has Munira also contributed to over the years[13]. Many of Munira’s ex party members have become influential in Conservative or Eurosceptic circles since the dissolution of their party, whilst remaining closely associated with each other’s endeavours

Update (thanks John):

What is it about London Mayors and Marxist Sects? Boris Johnson, Munira Mirza, the Revolutionary Communist Party and the delayed coming of history

Posted by Michael Mosbacher

Michael Mosbacher on London Mayors, Marxist sects and the delayed coming of history. Michael Mosbacher writes in a personal capacity.

As Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone drew many of his – publicly funded and extremely well paid – advisors from one particularly obscure Marxist sect, Socialist Action. One might have thought that – with the political demise of Ken Livingstone – the era of the advisors to the London Mayor coming from Marxist sects would be at an end. This does not, however, appear to be the case.

Yesterday’s Sunday Times records that Munira Mirza has been appointed as Boris Johnson’s “cultural advisor”. The piece points out that Munira is the third person to be appointed by Boris Johnson who used to work for the think-tank Policy Exchange.

To my mind, much more interesting is the fact that Munira is very much part of the tight-knit little coterie which came out of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

This Marxist sect emerged around University of Kent at Canterbury sociologist Frank Furedi. The Revolutionary Communist Party – and its magazine Living Marxism – was noted for taking provocative positions which outraged others on the left. Famously the magazine ran to ground when ITN successfully sued Living Marxism for libel for claiming that it had fabricated its Srebrenica coverage.

While the Revolutionary Communist Party has ostensibly dissolved itself, its former personnel are still much in evidence and are still operating as a tight-knit group. They are still noted for taking provocative positions. There is Frank Furedi himself, Claire Fox of the Institute of Ideas and Mick Hume of The Times and Spiked Online. Lesser figures include Bill Durodié of Cranfield University, Ann Furedi, Frank Furedi’s wife and the Chief Executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, and – allegedly – the contrarian film maker Martin Durkin.

Munira Mirza herself runs what in less charitable times would have been described as a front organisation – the Manifesto Club. Its strap-line is “history is still young”. This might seem just an anodyne bit of snappy copy, but it fits rather well into what is the overall perspective of the Revolutionary Communist Party coterie. Their perspective is that Marx is right, only that previous Marxists have got the timing wrong. We are still in the productive stages of capitalism – the time for revolution will still come, it is just that history is not ready yet.

Michael Mosbacher is Director of the Social; Affairs Unit. He writes the above in a personal capacity – the views expressed are not those of the Social Affairs Unit, its Trustees or Advisors.




Written by Andrew Coates

July 26, 2019 at 4:31 pm

News from the Red-Brown Front, Spiked Backs Anti-Gay Protesting Parents, Galloway to stand against Tom Watson.

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Image result for anti lgbt protests birmingham

“True Meaning of Tolerance” Says Spiked.

Those protesting Muslim parents are in the right

Tim Black. Spiked.

It is the LGBT education programme that is the real authoritarian force.

……throughout their statements, on their placards and in their interviews, the parents at Parkfield and beyond have come far closer to articulating the true meaning of tolerance than any of their supposedly tolerant critics.

It is the parents, therefore, who are experiencing the school as the intolerant force. For it is the school, through programmes like No Outsiders, that is refusing to accept that the moral choices of others, in this case parents of faith, are only for those others to make. Instead, it is attempting to make those choices in place of parents, to re-educate children morally, to force a particular set of values and beliefs on to children who, being of primary-school age, still ought to belong to the moral universe of their parents.


In the conflict over LGBT lessons, the state, one hand gripping the Equality Act 2010 and the other dishing out accusations of homophobia, reveals its intolerant face.


when Muslims really do express their Muslimness, as they are doing in their disputes with various primary schools, it seems policymakers and government advisers are only too happy to target them – and, sadly, any others who aspire to live according to their conscience.

The state may preach tolerance, but it is betraying it in practice.

There are countrywide protests planned for the autumn, which the national populist Spiked is expected to back.


From the same Spiked stable the former Revolutionary Communist Party stalwart and Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox is in the news again with a reminder of her past associations.


Meanwhile the  Red-Brown Front is gearing into action.

George Galloway plans to challenge Labour deputy Tom Watson as ‘pro-Brexit’ candidate


Mr Galloway is planning to stand as a pro-Brexit, pro-Jeremy Corbyn independent candidate against Mr Watson in his West Bromwich East constituency.

The 64-year-old former Labour member said he is planning to hold a campaign launch event in the Black Country “within 10 days”.

He claimed Mr Watson had tried to “wreck” Brexit and had been the “driving force” behind Labour’s break with a 2017 party manifesto pledge to honour the referendum result to leave.



Written by Andrew Coates

July 18, 2019 at 11:46 am