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Love Socialism, Rebuild Britain, Transform Europe – Internationalist Anti-Brexit Left Speaks.

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Labour Internationalists speak at anti-Brexit ‘Love Socialism’ meeting.

“.we now need to campaign with idealism. Of course the economic argument is critical to our campaign but we also need to inspire people with the principles of internationalism that assert the unity of peoples rather than the separateness of nation states. At Labour’s International Social Forum at the weekend we agreed that a new Internationalism was not only possible but needed. We should reframe our debate and campaigning over Europe into that inspiring vision.”


John McDonnell.

On Monday 15 July, the Love Socialism Hate Brexit group of MPs – now rebranded as Love Socialism, Rebuild Britain, Transform Europe, and welcoming in a number of new MPs – held a packed meeting in the House of Commons. We hope to publish a report soon. This is the speech Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell sent to the meeting.

The Clarion gives the full text.

Labour List gives a report by Sienna Rodgers.

A large number of anti-Brexit Labour MPs addressed a packed committee room in parliament on Monday evening, at the latest event held by the Love Socialism Rebuild Britain Transform Europe group (until now called Love Socialism Hate Brexit).

As the first meeting held since Labour backed Remain against no deal or a Tory deal, it featured a number of shadow cabinet members – top Jeremy Corbyn ally Diane Abbott, plus Dawn Butler, Emily Thornberry, Jon Ashworth and Keir Starmer.

Supportive statements were sent by John McDonnell and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard. Other frontbenchers in attendance included Luke Pollard, Chi Onwurah, Anneliese Dodds, Clive Lewis, Bill Esterson, Sandy Martin and Matt Rodda; backbenchers included Alex Sobel, Paul Sweeney, Kate Osamor, Kate Green, Rupa Huq and Janet Daby.

This inspiring event, from the left internationalist wing of  Labour, is part of a major shift in the party, from MPs, to grass-roots activists. Joining the broad front of Another Europe is Possible, this is now a socialist voice for the campaign against Brexit.

This Blog is pleased not just to see  old comrades were at the meeting, but the breadth of the support for the initiative from inside Parliament and outside.  The ‘People’s Brexit’ or Lexit pro-Brexit forces have been pushed to the margins of the left. As John McDonnell says, Labour is now “committed to a referendum in which we will campaign to Remain” and “we must campaign for Remain but also the change that many of our communities desperately need after decades of neoliberal dominance and years of harsh austerity.”



This is a major step forward.



Written by Andrew Coates

July 16, 2019 at 12:58 pm

Anti-Semitism, Populism, and calls for Labour expulsions – on all sides.

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Image result for labour populism

“Sinister slogan” says Jonathan Freedland.

A comrade at the Chartist AGM said, roughly, this:

“Labour looks like two groups of people who want to expel each other”.

There are good reasons why people should be concerned with the way in which a fringe have broadcast anti-Semitic views.

As in this:

For the background to the man in the story,  Pete Gregson, see: A Stir in the Suburbs.

..the question still remains – does anti-Zionist obsession turn people into loons, or are loons attracted to anti-Zionism?

If people still bury their heads in the sand one can suggest they follow Steve Cook’s Twitter feed

Not to mention the Monster Raving Greenstein’s responses:


This does not mean following everybody in the other camp, many of whom seem equally fixated on this issue.

Jonathan Freedland, in the Guardian has made one of many efforts to associate Labour with anti-Jewish hatred  in recent days, claims that Corbyn’s ‘left-wing populism’ leaves the way open for anti-Semitic messages.

The roots of Labour’s antisemitism lie deep within the populist left.

Populism, is a “politics that pits the virtuous mass of ordinary people against a wicked, corrupt elite.” Freeland continues, singling out populist figures such as Nigel Farage, Hungary’s  Orbán and Boris Johnson  bending to the present national populist wind.

But Freedland’s main target is the “huge chunks of the egregious anti-Jewish racism spewed out in left circles and on social media has nothing to do with Israel or Palestine: it’s all bankers and Rothschilds, control of the media and Holocaust denial. Of course, sometimes “Zionism” is deployed as a handy codeword, but today’s anti-Jewish racists have often left the Middle East behind. It’s Jews they’re obsessed with.”

He then plunges further,

Matt Bolton and Frederick Harry Pitts argue that Corbynism’s big move is away from seeing capitalism as a system with its own unalterable dynamics, compelling all within it to operate according to its own logic, to seeing its cruelties instead as the work of malign individuals. “From this perspective,” they write, “capitalist crises, poverty and inequality are wholly avoidable phenomena. They are the result of an immoral minority wilfully using the power of money, financial trickery and ideology to undermine – or, indeed, ‘rig’ – a society based on ‘real’ production which would otherwise work to the benefit of all.”

Such a view of capitalism – focusing on individuals, not structures – doesn’t necessarily end in hatred of Jews: you might blame some other “immoral minority”. But this is the problem with talking endlessly of the “many, not the few” (a sinister slogan which I loathed when Tony Blair was using it). Pretty soon, and especially after the 2008 crash, people will ask: who exactly are this few, working so hard to deny the rest of us our utopia? The antisemite has a ready answer…

Without bothering to discuss what the “populist left” is – examples, one might think spring to mind,  would then go to the best known theorist of left-wing populism, Chantal Mouffe, or to explicitly populist left-wing parties, above all, La France insoumise (LFI) and Podemos. LFI is noted for its sovereigntism – the nationalist road against globalisation. It is Corbyn and his advisers’ tendency to this socialism  in one country, defying the globalised world which is the focus of Bolton and Pitts.

This is a different claim to Freedland’s that the ‘floating signifier’ of immoral minorities washes up in anti-semitism.

No proof for this sweeping claim is offered.

A more common direction is for left-populists, the case for a handful of supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon  is to take their national soveriegnty seriously and end up on the National Populist right.

If we look at Labour how many accept the “ready answer” of the anti-semite when Labour’s policy is against anti-semitism?

Like Mouffe (not to mention Ernesto Laclau)  at her most abstract Freedland seems to think it’s enough for a ‘discourse’ to be articulated for it to find a ready audience.

Critics of left-wing populism, including this Blog (cited in Bolton and Pitt’s book, Corbynism: A Critical Approach (2018), oppose the idea that one can pit a federated “people” against the “oligarchy” and the elite,. This is not just because of a belief in the structures of class, and the economics of capitalism, but because socialist and left-wing Enlightenment thinking mean thinking, not emotion, internationalist values, not populist nationalism, plebiscitary rule,  in a left form.

Many would consider that Freedland relies on charged emotions, or as Frédéric Lordon would call them, “affects”,  to carry his argument through.

A similar attempt to associate left-wing populism (not a term barely used by Corbyn supporters, and not that common even in articles in small circulation left magazines), is made by David Hirsch.

Why antisemitism and populism go hand-in-hand

The populist demagogues construct communities of the good and they cast out those who do not fit. The Corbynites call the bad people, the ‘one per cent’, the Zionists, the bankers or the elites. The Brexiters call them betrayers of the will of the people or they denounce those who side with foreign nations and bureaucrats against ‘us’. There is much contempt for the ‘liberal elite’, cosmopolitans, globalists and citizens of nowhere. Populism embraces nostalgic nationalism but it has one eye on a more radical project for the whole of humanity.

That an academic cites no sources  to prove his case to associate Corbyn and the Labour Party in this string of assertions is hardly surprising.

Otherwise known as an “amalgam” (amalgame, “Mélange d’éléments hétérogènes) this is a polemical technique, not an argument.

Academics are adept at making floating signifiers float…

Or to put it another way Hirsch is a conspiracy theory about populism, “Each populism is at heart an irrational conspiracy fantasy” as conspiracy theories.

Labour and anti-Semitism. 

Many people are irked by the charges of anti-semitism.

Lindsey German is – and we say this despite our deep differences – not wrong when she says this in her Weekly Briefing,

Antisemitism exists in the Labour Party and needs to be dealt with (ironically much of the slowness in all this predated the tenure of Jennie Formby). But it needs to be put in perspective and not to be blamed on Jeremy Corbyn who has a lifelong record of anti-racism, including opposing racism against Jews. However, since in particular the attack by Margaret Hodge on Corbyn last year, any such perspective has been abandoned.

Indeed. Labour is not a seed-bed of anti-semitism. Parts – on the evidence small parts – of the party have become the territory that forces hostile to our democratic principles. This should be “dealt with”.

However, German’s following call, from a member of the non-Labour  Counterfire, which spent many years backing red-brown George Galloway, is not helpful.

The Labour left needs to start giving as good at it gets from its enemies or it will lose, argues Lindsey German

I have always been hesitant about the tactic of reselection of MPs, because it has often backfired in the past. But really I see no alternative to the members challenging MPs who constantly attack the leadership and refuse to listen or make any compromise.

Accommodating these people hasn’t worked, so it’s time to replace them with people who respect the leadership and the membership.

Another, much less serious,  and much smaller, groupuscule, Labour Party Marxists, closely connected to Labour Against the Witch-hunt, whose Vice-Chair is the above Greenstein, yesterday endorsed the following approach:

Getting rid of some of the biggest saboteurs in the Parliamentary Labour Party is crucial in the fight to transform the party into a weapon of and for the working class.

So we have two prongs of an appeal, to rid the party of the “populist left”, accused of encouraging anti-Semitism, and the groupuscules calling to expel the right.


Boris Johnson is going to be British PM.

This chap is going to be in a key position of influence.

Most of us  intend to spend most of our time fighting them and the hard-right Brexit project.

Just remember: this is the Vice Chair of Labour Against the Witch-hunt:








Internationalist – Love Socialism, Hate Brexit – Left makes headway in Labour Party.

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Internationalist Left  Makes Headway.

On Friday night Ipswich Labour, like many CLPS,  debated the issue of Brexit.

After a serious and good natured debate the meeting supported this resolution by a very large majority:

As the proposer of the motion I was keen to underline that it comes from three, large, groups, Open Labour, an umbrella for what could be called the centre left, that “encourages an inclusive & pluralist ethos within the Labour Party“, the broad alliance Another Europe is Possible, which campaigns to Stop the Tory Brexit, and for “a referendum on the deal with an option to remain in the EU” and Labour for a Socialist Europe, ” a campaign by Labour activists fighting to stop Brexit and build a socialist resistance to the right-wing forces and ideas driving it.

Farage announced that he would not accept defeat for his Hard Brexit campaign, and not should we give up our democratic fight against Brexit.

There were a couple of contributions which appeared to suggest that Labour should come to terms with a soft Brexit.

More representative was the comrade who said that he thought we had to be positive about our plans to transform Europe.

This was echoed by many of the speakers.

Summing up the importance of this, including the strengthened  EU’s agenda for workers’ rights, I pointed to this article written by two Another Europe activists on Labour List,

Labour’s Brexit shift is a victory for the grassroots left, not centrists in suits

We can put forward an ambitious programme of reform. Labour could throw its weight behind the movement for a European Green New Deal, stand up to the far right and campaign against the brutality of Fortress Europe. Instead of closing the borders to Eastern Europeans, let’s promote a programme of levelling up wages, workers’ rights and living standards across the continent. This kind of internationalism was sadly missing from Labour’s European election campaign, which focused on local and national issues.

In the Spread Eagle afterwards I, and another comrade who comes from the same pro-European New Left,  were able to point to how the movement that has grown behind Another Europe has its origins in the 1970s and 1980s. This included, incidentally, Keir Starmer, who was a fellow member of the Socialist Society in the late 1980s.

Today we see this, showing how the internationalist wing of the Labour Party has influence through the allied Love Socialism Hate Brexit campaign by MPs.

Now is a crucial point in deciding Labour’s position on our future relationship with Europe. So Love Socialism MPs invite you to a meeting a week before Labour NEC meets to decide on Labour’s position. We will discuss why Labour support a Public Vote on any deal and need to campaign not to just to stay in the EU but to transform it with our Socialist Colleagues from across the EU.

Love Socialism MPs are a group of MPs from the left of Labour who are radical and socialist in their approach to Europe. A group of MPs who want to stay and reform the European Union and achieve a radical Labour government in Downing Street for the many, not the few.

Headline Speakers:

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor

Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary

Keir Starmer MP, Shadow Brexit Secretary

more to be announced


Clive Lewis MP

Rachael Maskell MP

Anneliese Dodds MP

Marsha Da Cordova MP


Luke Pollard MP and Chi Onwurah MP

Love Socialism MPs and supporters are against Brexit because it is a right-wing, Tory project. It is a huge assault on working class people, on the environment, on migrants and on the communities that the left aims to represent. We need to stop Brexit, kick out the Tories and win a socialist Labour government.

By uniting against Brexit, Labour can bring down the government, rebuild Britain and fight for a transformed Europe based on the internationalist, socialist principles that the party was built on.

Come and join us for the last big meeting before the NEC to discuss these issues and plan our campaign to ‘remain and transform’ Britain and Europe.


Written by Andrew Coates

July 14, 2019 at 12:43 pm

Paul Mason, “wildly vacillating petit bourgeois intellectual” – Morning Star.

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Morning Star on Paul Mason, “self-described student Trotskyist turned ‘radical social democrat’ specialises in providing ‘left’ cover for right-wing politics.”

Paul Mason: which side are you on?

Nick Wright (Responsible for the Communist Party’s media work)

Today Paul Mason faces a new attack from the Morning Star.

The TV pundit would undoubtedly do best on the subject of which he has become the foremost practitioner: “constructing left-wing arguments for right-wing policies.”

Cde Wright calls the first evidence for the prosecution,

First up would be his defence of Britain’s nuclear weapons. For Mason, opposition to Trident is nothing more than the perennial obsession of “the old, Stalinist wing of the movement”.


Here is UNITE’s policy on Trident: “Unite union vote to keep Trident at Labour’s party conference.” (2015)

From the standpoint of dialectical materialism,  the world outlook of the Marxist-Leninist party, Wright  outlines the continuous motion and change in Paul Mason’s politics,

Next up is Mason’s Corbynista credentials. To meet his Marxist pretensions we must understand that his support for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party is no static mechanical thing. He sees its dialectically, a living thing subject to constant change, even revision.


Today Mason is less certain. It seems our Jeremy is losing touch with the people and reality, cocooned by advisers with their pet obsessions such as Brexit and the need to maintain a dialogue with the millions of Labour voters who voted for Britain to leave the European Union.

Yet three years ago Mason saw the big problem differently. “Our strategic problem,” he wrote, “is to reconnect not only with the Labour core voters who backed Brexit but also with those who have drifted to Ukip.”

This shilly-shallying and wobbling has led Mason to fall into serious error after error.

Prosecutor  Wright, from the Boycott Labour in the European Elections CPB, notes,

The starting point for Mason’s latest assault on the direction hitherto taken by the Labour Party is the results of the election to the European Parliament.

In a typically mechanical way, extracted from a wider context, he takes the results of an election constructed solely around Brexit and one moreover that failed to attract the attention of substantially more than half the electorate as the key indicator of how people might vote in a general election.

That half of the electorate who responded to the CPB’s Boycott shout,

Quite right Comrade Wright!

Talking of Brexit the central  Mason message is entirely reasonable, shared by the majority of the left and the Labour Party.

That is barely the half of if.

Mason has made this typically liquidationist wavering assertion,

Labour’s narrative has to be built around resistance to Brexit as a project of the racist and xenophobic right, and a story of communities revived by hope and solidarity.

With forensic skill Wright points out the error,

These are the desperate ideas of a man who has lost sight of the essential relationship between real-life working-class politics and is reaching for mechanical and abstract categories that reflect his ever changing subjectivity rather than the world as it is.

Pointing an accusing finger the CPB top theorist says,

 It is a profitless exercise to speculate on why Mason, and the claque of pundits who specialise in shaping political opinion on the left, are so erratic, why they swing from one analysis to another.

No doubt there is an unreconstructed Stalinist ideologue somewhere plundering Lenin’s collected works to construct a compelling indictment of Mason as a wildly vacillating petit bourgeois intellectual.

In the streets and in the pubs of Durham Mason’s narrative will be interpolated in even more direct and compelling language.

Ay, Haddaway, man!

Here is the Morning Star’s Editorial on Brexit,  from the same issue as the above keynote article.

Labour is committed to negotiating its own Brexit deal but its new pledge to call for a second referendum in the event of a Tory Brexit without a deal or one on unacceptable terms — and to campaign for Remain in such a vote — is one reflection of the reality that the Tories are in government and that, short of an election, Labour’s leverage is limited.

In other words, in their spin, Labour supports Brexit, with all the jobs and rights and care-bears that the Morning Star can push into its vision of Lexit.

They add this barely concealed threat,

..many MPs, drawn from a wide spectrum of political opinion consider continued retreat from Labour conference policy to respect the referendum result a real threat to the party’s chances of winning the next election.

Labour can win an election if it ups its game

In other words, there has been “retreat” from the irrelevant dream of a People’s Brexit.

Not to mention the CPB’s own position of a Hard Brexit on WTO terms (Communist Party calls for Brexit on World Trade Organisation terms.)

After Cde Wright’s contribution, we await the Morning Star’s version of this CPB document: Briefing note on allegations that China is holding millions of Uighurs in concentration camps

Morning Star Publishes “A second referendum would be Labour’s route to Syrizafication” .

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "boycott european elections Communists"

Communist Party of Britain’s Morning Star Attacks Labour’s John McDonnell.

The first wails and groans from the Lexiters are appearing.

Unable, yet, to attack Corbyn, the Boycott Labour in the European Elections CPB organ, the Morning Star has just tweeted this:

From the Red-Brown Front (CPB, Labour Leave, Blue Labour and the Brexit Party) of European Lefy, 

Peter Ramsay is a Professor of Law at the London School of Economics. He supports The Full Brexit network.

A second referendum would be Labour’s route to Syrizafication

JOHN McDONNELL said on Sunday that Labour had to “get on with” changing its Brexit policy to one of backing a second referendum. This had to be done “sooner rather than later,” he told the BBC. ..the drift of the Labour Party towards an official position that supports a second referendum is bad news for democracy. It may also prove to be an electoral disaster for the Labour Party. It will certainly make Tony Blair’s political divorce of the party from Labour’s working-class traditions irreversible.


In any case, whatever the likely electoral outcomes, the crucial point is that supporting a second referendum is the wrong position. As many in the Labour leadership know their programme cannot be implemented within the EU. Moreover working-class and poorer voters were much more likely than middle-class voters to vote for Brexit, and for good reason. They voted against a political system that had ignored their interests for far too long. For Labour to go over officially to the side of elite resistance to Brexit will send a clear message that the demands of working-class voters are less important than those of the middle class or of big business.

McDonnell chose to push publicly for a more militantly pro-EU stance on Sunday, the very same day that Greece’s Syriza government got turfed out of office by the Greek electorate. Syriza too abandoned its early radical promises and spent years doing the EU’s dirty work instead. For Corbyn’s Labour Party, backing the second referendum opens the road to Syrizafication.

The Morning Star also tweets this attack on the Greek left from one of George Galloway”s former key supporters.



Union Leaders Step in the Right Direction to Shift Labour’s Policy Against Brexit.

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Image result for brexit UNITE

UNITE Makes Welcome Step Towards Action to Deal with this.

The Morning Star, Monday, 

Editorial:Beware misleading narratives on Labour

Momentum activist Holly Rigby made a convincing case today that a second referendum could mean the end of the Corbyn project even if Labour won an election. But winning that election would be far harder if Labour decide to take on the Tories as the party of Remain.

Remain supporters claim that the public’s position has shifted significantly on Brexit, but evidence suggests otherwise.

The European elections were a disaster for Labour and the Tories, but the Brexit Party topped the poll. Arguments that if you compile all the pro-Remain parties’ votes they outmatch the Leave ones depend on how you define those categories. Even if Labour is counted as a Remain party for the sake of the experiment, the difference in tallies is marginal and becomes meaningless when we consider that two-thirds of eligible voters stayed away.

What a difference a day makes!

The BBC today, Tuesday,

Trade union leaders have reached a common position on Brexit following a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn.

The bosses of Labour’s five-biggest affiliated unions back a referendum on any deal agreed by the Tory government or a no-deal exit from the EU.

They are calling for voters to be given the option to remain in the EU and expect Labour to formally back remain.

If Labour wins power in a general election, they want a “confirmatory vote” on any new deal negotiated.

However, Labour’s stance in a referendum campaign in these circumstances would “depend on the deal negotiated”.

The Guardian, reporting on the events,

Labour is poised to declare it will campaign for remain in a second referendum on any deal put to parliament by a Conservative prime minister, after trade union leaders including Unite’s Len McCluskey backed a change of policy.

The joint position agreed by the unions on Monday would not commit Labour to an explicitly pro-remain position in all circumstances: unions also agreed Labour should seek to deliver a Brexit deal if the party won an election before the UK left the EU.

That Labour deal would also be put to a public vote, but the party would not commit to campaigning for remain against its own Brexit deal, throwing into doubt what Labour would offer in any snap election manifesto.

One senior shadow cabinet source described it as a significant win for remain campaigners, despite the potential lack of clarity.

“Unions have backed a referendum on any deal this parliament and Labour campaigning for remain – that’s a big victory. What’s in a manifesto is a debate for another day,” the source said.

Barring any major intervention, the surprise consensus among trade unions including Unite, GMB, Unison, Aslef and Usdaw is likely to force any remaining sceptics to agree to the new position when the shadow cabinet meets on Tuesday.

Several shadow cabinet sources said the policy had the hallmarks of being approved by the Labour leader’s office and said it “would not be watered down” – though some shadow ministers are likely to push for an even stronger position.

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, who has regularly clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over the party’s Brexit position, tweeted: “Remain is who we are. Our values are remain, our hearts are remain. Today is a step in the right direction but members and supporters are clear that any kind of Brexit gives us less than we have now and Labour should not support it.”


More reaction:

Anti rootless cosmopolitans had their say:

The declaration includes the principle of negotiating a new Brexit deal should Labour win an election and then, no doubt in the belief that this will be achieved with all the advantages that a Jobs and Rights Brexit could obtain, according to some (that is, pro-Brexit forces in UNITE), be then put to the electorate.

Looking at this in more detail:

Image may contain: text


Politics Home picked this up:

However, the door has also been left open to the possibility of Labour campaigning for Brexit if it wins a snap election and then manages to negotiate its own deal with Brussels.


The first one states: “The Labour Party should confirm that whatever deal is negotiated by the new Tory Prime Minister or an exit based on no deal should be put to the people in a public confirmatory vote.

“The options must be: 1) accepting the deal or a Tory no-deal in the knowledge of its terms; 2) Remaining in the European Union.

“In this event, the Labour Party should campaign to remain in the European Union.”

However, the second scenario envisages a snap election in which Labour’s manifesto would commit to renegotiating the Brexit deal.

If Labour won and reached a new agreement with Brussels, that would also be put to the people in a fresh referendum.

The options would be to either leave on the terms agreed by Labour, or staying in the EU.

Bizarrely, the trade union document leaves open the option of Labour possibly campaigning against its own deal.

It says: “The Labour party’s campaign position on such a ballot should depend on the deal negotiated.”

A Labour source insisted the party had not agreed on a formal Brexit position.

“Jeremy is working to unite the party and wider labour movement around a common agreed position,” said the source.

This Blog is not convinced that UNITE has wholly abandoned this position,

A Brexit that works for working people

Unite’s campaign for a jobs first Brexit

Or this,

UNITE has not posted anything on the above Brexit Check site since April.

It is to be strongly suspected that some will attempt to weave this stand on Brexit into the Labour negotiation, no doubt in the belief that the Party has superpowers to agree on a form of left Brexit, Lexit.

Morning Star Despairs that Lexit, Labour Leave, and the Red-Brown front, the Full Brexit, are seen as “irrelevant fantasy”.

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Image result for lexit

Lexit and its Side..

The Morning Star frets today

How should Labour respond to Tory Brexit policies?


That the Conservatives will use Brexit in whatever way they can to intensify their assault on working people is not surprising. Their party will exploit any circumstance to that end.

Labour’s dilemma is how to respond. The fact that the Conservatives are currently in government, and therefore responsible for delivering Brexit, is used by left supporters of Remain to argue that Brexit itself must be opposed.

The “exit left” backed by organisations such as Lexit, the Full Brexit or Labour Leave is rejected as an irrelevant fantasy on the grounds that the left will not be in the driving seat on our way out.

Pressure is building on Labour to change its current position — to respect the result of the referendum, to fight for a general election and negotiate a Leave deal that protects workers’ rights and to keep the option of a public vote on the table — and adopt a more openly Remain stance (support for a second referendum on any deal, and advance commitment to campaign to Remain in said referendum — the latter point showing that the “People’s Vote” advocates assume that the vote should include a Remain option).

This appears to signal that “pressure” is winning…

If the policy has been a “slow car crash,” as shadow chancellor John McDonnell is said to have described it, this could be down to its constant contradiction by Labour MPs, feeding a narrative of confusion that does not arise from the policy itself.

Further, Labour suffers because it has largely refused to stress the positive potential of leaving the EU in terms of our right to determine economic policy free of EU regulations, opening up a range of options on public ownership and planned economic development that are currently inhibited by EU law.

As a result, respecting the vote appears to mean agreeing reluctantly to deliver a policy its leadership think is wrong. That the Tories are suffering just as much from giving this impression doesn’t mean it is an inspiring or election-winning stance.

The pro-Leave left needs to raise its game in articulating a positive vision for leaving the EU that Labour’s left leadership can champion.

As the Conservatives were in power during the Referendum, as the Conservatories support the narrow result, as the dominant faction in the Tories is pro-Brexit, it is hard to see what is meant by the phrase “use Brexit in whatever way they can”. Brexit is a hard right project “used” by the hard right, presumably.

Many on the left and in Labour have long stated that  there is more to the world capitalist economy than “EU law”. This legislation does not inhibit its progressive programme: world markets, finance and British capitalism do.  Left British economic policy needs allies, and they exist, on the European left. Cut adrift from substantial legislative ties with these forces (that is, in the EU) a  Labour government would face the WTO, and Trump, alone.

It is the inability to stand up to a Johnson-led Brexit with a clear alternative that has weakened the party’s public stand.

The Morning Star obviously thinks that it is nay-sayers in Labour who have sapped the obviously entirely clear Lexit position of a Brexit in the interests of the working class.

Except that the even more obvious point is that were Corbyn to agree with Brexit proceeding there is absolutely no space for their happy plans for a “positive vision”.

Where that dream still lived on until recently other figures have also sunk into a slough of despond.

The Red Brown Front, the Full Brexit, which brings together supporters and candidates for the Brexit Party, like James Heartfield, Communist Party of Britain members,  Labour leavers, odd-balls like Larry O’Nutter (better known under his pen-name of Larry O’Hara), Family Faith and Community Blue Labour, and gave a platform to the notorious Eddie “hatred of the liberal left ” Dempsey, is also at the end of its tether.

In today’s culture of fear they have fallen back on therapeutic culture.

This article appeared today:

Democracy and the Left: A Marriage of Convenience? by Michael Crowley.

Crowley who contributes to the Brexit Party backing Spiked recently whinged this to the on-line vehicle of Sun columnist Brendan O’Neill (Remoaner MPs’ charge to take No Deal Brexit off the table is a Grieve-ous act to wreck democrac)

no shop is more closed to those who support Brexit than the arts.

Now Crowley comes forth with this eructation:

Crowley notes “The majority of the left favour ignoringthe biggest democratic mandate in UK history in order to keep the country locked into an institution that is de-democratising Europe”,

We should situate the left’s attitude to Brexit in the wider context of its no platforming of speakers, its increasing censorship, its compulsion to regulate, and its tendency to casually defame opponents as racist or worse. The left has adopted a new kind of Stalinist handbook, where Leave supporters are described as far right, even fair game for assault. This not only betrays an intellectual laziness, but also expresses their self-appointed status as society’s moral and political arbitrators: their ethical commitments should trump democracy.


Jeremy Corbyn, a protégé of Benn, now seems set to cut a Faustian pact, sacrificing democracy to attain power. But history will judge a prime minster who betrays Brexit more harshly than one that sees it through – for they will have done a grave injury to democracy, an idea that will outlast the crumbling left-right divide.

Crowley moans that for the left, “many working-class voters were naïve, stupid, easily taken in by the tabloids.

Showing his age he states, “The Harry Enfield character “Loads a’ Money”, a cashed-up plasterer, personified the problem for them.”

Looking at his Wad the Spiked contributor reminisces about a left born from, “a desire for democracy. This desire has roots that long pre-date the modern left, surfacing as early as 1647 with the Levellers at the Putney debates. “

The “crumbling left-right divide”, “Class has been replaced by identity – the red flag by a rainbow.”

This pile of piffle, “Stalinist handbook”  – do we detect the sound of thrown milkshakes trumpeting the Gulag? – suggests the evolution of The Full Brexit.

We feel your pain.