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Were the RCP/Living Marxism/Spiked MI5 Agents? Official Tendance Coatesy Statement.

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Brendan O'Neill Gets the Hump about “McCarthyite assaults on ...

Agents Provocateurs? (Cartoon by John Rogan)

Some years ago a poster on a leftist site asked,

Does anyone out there know what happened to the membership of the Revolutionary Communist Party? Have their ex-members become part of the anti-capitalist movement (God I hope not!) or have they simply gone into retirement living off their MI5 pensions?

Whatever happened to the Revolutionary Communist Party?

The question weighs like a nightmare.

On a page by Bella Caledonia there is reference  to a past of the RCP/LIving Marxism/Spiked when “many on the left thought they were a bunch of MI5 agents”.

Discussion by Spotters fails to unearth the truth about the allegation which has focused on Claire Regina Fox, Baroness Fox, in recent days.

This Blog can finally spill the beans.

M15 only tried to recruit one Warwick University Graduate, myself.

Over a haunch of Venison and a bottle of Château Margaux, at Simpson’s in the Strand, they made an attractive offer to Cde Coates.

I declined, made my excuses and left for the Drones Club.

Inside its doors I confided in Michael Ezra.

Cde Ezra said that he would have a word with Gerry Healy.

Tariq Ali came over and intimated that he too had had to turn down tempting proposals. Yet the bright-eyed firebrand had decided that his future as a leader of the World Revolution was best furthered by work with Yuri Andropov.

An ebullient Ted Grant took out a tome by Trotsky from his bulging briefcase and began to tell us all about the help that Father Georgy Apollonovich Gapon rendered the revolution.

January 9th would not have taken place if Gapon had not encountered several thousand politically conscious workers who had been through the school of socialism. These men immediately formed an iron ring around him, a ring from which he could not have broken loose even if he had wanted to.

History of the Russian Revolution. Leo Trotsky.

That was at the end of the 1970s, and anybody who can’t remember it was there.

Many things have changed.

Some suggest that in the new millenium Claire Regina Fox, and her comrade-in-arms Brendan (future Baron?) O’Neill, are today’s Gapons, leading the masses to the revolution that is Brexit.

Others point that the key role in helping Boris Johnson  “get Brexit done” is hotly disputed by groups such as the Communist Party of Britain, the Socialist Party, the SWP, Counterfire and New Left Review (that name Tariq Ali – again!).

This speculation aside, Tendance Coatesy can reveal that MI5 did not recruit Claire Regina Fix.

Bumping into my would-be handler at Poundland last week he said to me, “we would never accept anyone with a “second class degree (2:2) in English and American Literature.”


Written by Andrew Coates

August 5, 2020 at 4:36 pm

Tory Backlash at Claire Regina Fox’s Peerage.

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Baroness, the RCP was all a “long time ago”.

Things change.

Who would have imagined that a revolutionary leader of the stature of Bob Avakian, of the US Revolutionary Communist Party, “the architect of a whole new framework of human emancipation, the new synthesis of communism, which is popularly referred to as the ‘new communism'” would be backing Joe Biden for US President?

Another one-time Revolutionary Communist, Claire Regina Fox, has come in for some stick about her Peerage.

Her first defence was launched through the pages of the far-right daily, The Express.

On Sky News last night, where she graced the Press Review, the one-time cadre of the RCP/Living Marxism, dismissed criticism of her acceptance of a seat in the House of Lords.

“It was all a long time ago” the Warwick graduate pointed out.

She promoted the mass line of a long march through the institutions,

Her comrade-in-arms, soon to be Baron Brendan O’Neill, spent yesterday vainly trying to dampen down the uproar by shifting the debate.

Referring to the ” friend of spiked, Claire Fox”  he hectored his readers, “nobody should be given a seat in the House of Lords.” ” The Lords must be abolished as a matter of democratic urgency.” If – he sighed – such a Peerage “adds new Brexit-defending voices to a notoriously Remoaner chamber.” The “Spirit of Brexit” (speaking to O’Neill) demands that Boris gives “the people a referendum on the future of the Lords”.

Baying Brendan asks, “What about the masses’ historic call for control and influence? What about making good on ordinary people’s radical insistence on their right to influence public life?

Abolish the House of Lords

Ignoring this maximum programme, Some ordinary people, members like Spiked mates, of  the Tory Party,  are making a minimum demand for influence on public life.

Why is Claire Regina Fox getting her seat in the House of Lords?


Ian Birrell wrote this for the ‘I’

Boris Johnson has revealed his total moral bankruptcy with his honours list

“consider the case of Claire Fox”

She emerged as part of a small Trotskyite splinter group called the Revolutionary Communist Party that discovered the value in constant contrariness and ended up indistinguishable from hard-right ideologues. She helped run their magazine called Living Marxism, which had to shut down after it accused ITV journalists who exposed some of the worst atrocities on European soil since the Second World War of fabricating their evidence. This cabal was so desperate for attention that during the Iraq War it did not just oppose the foolish misadventure but rooted for Saddam Hussein against British troops. After the 1993 Warrington bombing, which killed two children and left 50 casualties, it defended “the right of the Irish people to take whatever measures are necessary in their struggle for freedom”. No wonder Colin Parry, that dignified father of a 12-year-old boy murdered in the abhorrent attack, condemned her peerage and lack of apology as something that ‘offends me and many others deeply.’

After citing Fox’s defence of the right to download child pornograhy, singing about killing gay men, climate denial and attack on multiculturalism, Birrell concludes,

Yet for all the revulsion at seeing this figure handed a peerage, perhaps ultimately she deserves credit for achieving so much advancement from a few offensive opinions. But anger should be directed at her new patron Boris Johnson – along with all those Conservatives who stay silent as their values are trashed before their eyes.Imagine their fury if this were a Labour appointment.


Informed sources say that Cde John Rogan was asked to write this piece as part of the backlash against the Bolshevik Baroness.

John Rogan says,

As I have noted, but for whatever reason, Boris Johnson’s political team in NO 10 have opted not to, all during this time Claire Fox was a loyal, long-standing member – ‘I joined the RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) in the early 80s. I’d be in it still but it was wound up at the end of the nineties.’

It would be interesting to hear what her present views are on Brighton, Birmingham and other scenes of Provisional IRA slaughter.  Will they be the same as her quote regarding the Warrington bomb last – ‘My personal politics and views are well known and I have never sought to deny them, though on this issue they have remained unaired for many years’?

Who told Boris to make Claire Fox a peer and why?




Kate Hoey and Claire Fox in the House of Lords: Two Old Marxist Comrades Take the Ermine.

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Claire Fox: the BBC is the 'woke' channel

Bless You Your Ladyships!

Claire Fox and Kate Hoey amongst Brexiteers to receive peerages

Kate Hoey (who claims to have been in the International Marxist Group) and Claire Fox (who definitely was a leading figure in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) are now Peers in the House of Lords.

We – the Trainspotters’ CC –  have had learned discussion on Hoey’s association with the IMG. The most reliable sources suggest she was a “contact”.

This is the claim,

Living in London in the early 1970s she became a vice-president of the NUS.[Jack Straw was NUS president at the time]. Returning from an overseas conference, she found herself sitting next to Tariq Ali on the plane. Tariq persuaded her to join the IMG, which she did in summer 1971.

In subsequent years she used to muddy this connection by claiming that she was in the Spartacus League, a short lived youth wing of the IMG. *She was never at ease with the Irish Republican Trotskyism of the IMG and was also very inimical to Gery Lawless an IMG member at the time.

She felt that having Lawless as a member discredited the IMG. Under the influence of Brian Trench [political influence of course!] she joined the IS in 1972 but her stay there was also limited.

She joined Hackney Labour party and supported the Troops Out Movement for a period before becoming a supporter of the BICO front organisation, Campaign for Labour Representation in Northern Ireland.

Nowadays the IPR group are quiet hostile to her,dubbing her TallyHoey in a recent article!

*  Not to be confused with The Spartacist League of Britain, an offshoot of the  James Robertson (1928 – 2019) International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist).


This is what she now says of this experience, (2nd of January 2016. Guardian)

She also became vice-president of the National Union of Students, and was briefly was a member of the International Marxist Group, because it “probably had better-looking young men” than other radical-left groups.

As ex-IMG myself I cannot disagree with that!

Fox, a graduate of this Blogger’s old Uni, Warwick, has left many traces, and there  is little doubt about her background. Or her middle name, which JR informs us is Regina. There are plenty of people ready to speak about the well-paid public face of the Red-Brown Star of the Spiked-Brexit Party alliance. She has plenty of platforms already to give her side of the  story, from BBC Radio Four to a frequent, dimming, presence on Sky News Press Review.

Here she was…

There are many RCP haters around, but before signaling our close comrades here is Otto English on form:

Otto English smells something in the air tonight…

But readers of Byline Times will remember that, when Fox became a Brexit Party candidate in the 2019 EU Elections, we raised some serious questions about her suitability as a politician.

For two decades, Fox was a key member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a fringe hard-left group formed in the late 1970s. I came up close and personal with the RCP myself while a student at the University of Kent, where many of its key personnel taught or studied and it was nothing short of a cult. The group was committed to the IRA struggle and, using front organisations – including notably the Irish Freedom Movement – it pushed the cause, while apologising for its very many violent excesses.

In 1993, the IRA targeted the town of Warrington and, in the resulting terrorist attack, two children were killed. One of them, Johnathan Ball was just three. The other, Tim Parry, 12. This revolting act of murder was met with almost universal revulsion. Even in hardened republican circles it was condemned. But the Irish Freedom Movement and RCP defended it saying that “the right of the Irish people to take whatever measures in their struggle for freedom” was justified.

Incredibly, Claire Fox was selected by the Brexit Party as one of its candidates for North-West England – a region that includes Warrington. Calls from her own party rank-and-file and from Tim Parry’s father Colin to apologise for her past position on IRA terror fell on deaf ears until she was eventually ordered by Brexit Party leaders to ring Mr Parry and say sorry. She did ring Mr Parry, but still failed to recant her position.

Clearly the patriots of the North-West didn’t notice any of this as they roundly elected her to be one of their MEPs.

Fox’s key role in the RCP was a co-publisher of Living Marxism (LM) magazine – a glossy monthly that eventually folded in 2000 after losing a libel action brought by ITN. LM, which was supportive of many a despicable regime – including Serbia – had claimed in an article titled ‘The Picture that Fooled the World’ that photos of a camp at Trnopolje had effectively been staged.

Views on Monarchy and the House of Lords:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The quickly revised Wikipedia entry calls her now:

Claire Regina Fox, Baroness Fox

I’d add that I distinctly recall Fox being bombastic about her support for the the anti-monarchy Levellers, and the  radical republican wing of Chartism, not very long ago.

The Cds in full throttle:


Update: Links on the RCP/Living Marxism.


Bob From Brockley

My post on what Boris Johnson advisor Munira Mirza and brief Brexit MEP Claire Fox have in common – a background in the formerly left-wing sect that rebranded from the Revolutionary Communist Party to Spiked – has become unexpectedly timely of late.

The RCP’s long march from anti-imperialist outsiders to the doors of Downing Street  Bella Caledonia.

One Step Beyond – Smash the Revolutionary Communist Party  Nottingham Anarchists,

The Brexit Party, the RCP and the American connection. John Rogan.

More to follow….

The pattern of rewards for Leavers, or Leavings, is one side of the Peerage scandal.


Then there is this:



Labour Hub:

At least three more reasons for Lords reform

By Mike Phipps

For Kate Hoey, it’s been a long journey from the heady days of the far left International Marxist Group to the red leather benches of Britain’s Upper House. It encompasses thirty years as the MP for Vauxhall, following a controversial selection process, in which Labour’s NEC imposed a shortlist which excluded the most popular candidate, Haringey councillor and Broadwater Farm activist Martha Osamor. In Parliament, Hoey was a maverick, voting against the Labour government policy on the war in Iraq, foundation hospitals, university tuition and top-up fees, ID cards and extended detention without trial. In the 2010 leadership election she even nominated John McDonnell.

But she also opposed Blair’s ban on handguns and smoking ban and supports grammar schools and fox hunting. In 2019 she was the only Labour MP to vote against allowing abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

But it is for her ardent support for Brexit that she is being rewarded. She even criticised the BBC for   being “embittered remainers” who were “taking delight” in “undermining our country”. In July 2018 Hoey was one of five Labour MPs who defied the Labour whip to vote with the government on a Brexit amendment, which, if passed, would have required the UK to remain a member of a customs union with the EU in the event of ‘no deal’. In doing so, the five saved the government from defeat. In December 2019’s general election, she announced she would vote in Northern Ireland for the arch-conservative Democratic Unionist Party. She has been duly rewarded.

Claire Fox is another ex-leftist who has travelled far from her Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) roots to Brexit Party MEP. But her involvement in the RCP was not just a youthful dalliance. She was centrally involved in the leadership of this weird cult for two decades, co-publishing its magazine Living Marxism, later rebranded as LM, which closed in 2000 after the courts found it had falsely accused Independent Television News of faking evidence of the Bosnian genocide. Fox refused to apologise. So why has this genocide denier been rewarded with a peerage?

Again, the answer is Brexit. Fox and her co-thinkers moved in a libertarian direction in the 21st century and regrouped around the contrarian Spiked online website. Recent headlines include “Portland has been given over to the mob: Cowardly politicians let the protests spiral out of control”, “Keep masks out of the classroom” and “The left is turning into a Woke Taliban”. In 2019, Fox became a Brexit Party supporter and was elected as an MEP. Many of her old RCP comrades are now “fixtures in the Tory press”, noted one Guardian columnist.

Dame Louise Casey may have a less murky past, but she is no stranger to controversy. Appointed as “homelessness czar” under Tony Blair, with a mandate to reduce rough sleeping, she attacked homeless charities, including The Big Issue for keeping people on the streets. She initiated a “beggars hotline”, where people could donate money to homelessness charities, rather than giving money directly to beggars. It was axed after raising just £10,000 in its first winter, despite £240,000 being spent promoting it.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 31, 2020 at 7:37 pm