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George Galloway to Stand in Batley and Spen By-election?

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May be a Twitter screenshot of 2 people and text that says "vodafone UK 20:27 26% Thread Patrick Maguire @patrickkmaguire George Galloway threatening to contest Batley and Spen... 18:55 10/05/2021 Twitter Web App 17 Retweets 36 Quote Tweets 56 Likes Patrick Maguire @patrickkmaguire. 1h Replying to @patrickkmaguire Would be his eighth Westminster constituency: Glasgow Hillhead 1987,1992 Glasgow Kelvin- 1997, 2001 Bethnal Green and Bow- 2005 Poplar and Limehouse 2010 Bradford West- 2012, 2015 Manchester Gorton- 2017 West Bromwich East 2019"

Red-Brown Workers Party of Britain.

EXCLUSIVE (to all Social Media). Breaking News…..

The @WorkersPartyGB will be contesting the #Batley and #Spen parliamentary by-election as the patriotic working-class alternative to #StarmerMustGo We fought for #Brexit we fought for the #Union. We will fight to unite all communities, for the working people of all backgrounds.

Galloway is not a dark horse. Look what this site says about him,

There’s only one George Galloway. Six-term Parliamentarian, freedom fighter, man of the world. Writer, broadcaster, film-maker. Football and boxing enthusiast, movie-goer, box-set binger. Husband, father of five children, Scottish of Irish background, honorary Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian… Friend of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Benazir Bhutto, Yasser Arafat, Tariq Aziz. Trembling with indignation at any injustice, anywhere.

George Galloway.

Written by Andrew Coates

May 10, 2021 at 10:14 pm

Baroness Claire Regina Fox (former Revolutionary Communist Party) Declares a War on the Newts.

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Brexiteer and IRA apologist Claire Fox joins House of Lords | The New  European

Pro-Brexit Red-Browner, Now Anti-Newt Campaigner.

Claire Regina Fox, Baroness Fox of Buckley, Brexit Party, Former  Revolutionary Communist Party Nominated for a peerage by Boris Johnson in 2020 despite her past opposition to the very existence of the House of Lords.

“I asked Lord Goldsmith about the Habitats Directive – expensive red tape which can suffocate construction and infrastructure projects unnecessarily. Human development and job creation should be a central focus post-pandemic. Surely more important than newts...”

Her Ladyship was involved in this controversy only recently.

3rd March. Warrington Guardian.

MP calls out PM’s ‘hypocrisy’ over Claire Fox row

WARRINGTON North MP Charlotte Nichols has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the enoblement of Claire Fox and its impact on Warrington.


Ms Nichols said: “There is a clear hypocrisy there – this is the same Prime Minister who allowed Claire Fox to be elevated to the House of Lords in spite of her formerly being a leading member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and has never apologised for their defence of the Warrington bombings.

“When I discuss this issue with Warrington residents I feel the palpable disgust within our community that this has been allowed to happen.

“The Prime Minister cannot simply bring this up when it is convenient for him, he must explain why he did not block her elevation and apologise to the people of Warrington for his inaction. I will keep Warrington residents update when I receive a response.”

Number 10 has not responded to a request for a comment.

Look how this ended: War with the Newts,

“an intelligent breed of newts, who are initially enslaved and exploited. They acquire human knowledge and rebel, leading to a global war for supremacy.” “With Earth’s landmass one-fifth destroyed and humanity offering little resistance..”

Written by Andrew Coates

April 27, 2021 at 12:22 pm

Covid Conspiracists: The ‘White Rose’.

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The White Rose Logo

“A virus that is less dangerous than the flu, is being used as an excuse to turn the world into a new kind of global communism.”


Pursuing our exploration into confusionist right ‘left’, and extreme right, this is the latest:

The creator of the rapidly growing ‘Sabmyk Network’ is said to be a Berlin art dealer with a record of media manipulation.


They face competition from this rival cult (Hat-To Trev).

Mask mandatory? Social distancing? Lockdown after lockdown? Loneliness and depression? Forced vaccination? Ruined businesses and livelihoods? Silent genocide through depopulation? We say NO! We have recognised that the covid restrictions are destructive and deeply dehumanising. A virus that is less dangerous than the flu, is being used as an excuse to turn the world into a new kind of global communism. For the sake of our children, and their children, we peacefully resist this evil evolvement. We say NO! to new normal because it is entirely abnormal and inhumane.

This is deeply distasteful:

Origin of The White Rose

In the midst of World War II a German underground movement called Die Weisse Rose (The White Rose) distributed leaflets calling on people to passively resist the Nazi regime.

One of their leaflets stated that every single human is entitled to a practical government that guarantees the freedom of every single person and the wellbeing of the community. Every human should be able to reach their natural goal, their earthly joy, autonomously and by their own accord. The White Rose spoke to people’s conscience and urged them to wake up from their dangerous lethargy.

Even though, we are not suffering the lack of food or the danger of bombs dropping on our homes, there are remarkable parallels in The White Rose’s appeal to the current coronavirus crisis. All around the world we have been brainwashed into panic over a virus from which the vast majority of people don’t get ill of, yet alone die of. Listen to the experts—doctors, professors, virologists and epidemiologists—who explain why lockdowns are pointless. We have always lived with viruses, and we will need to live with this one too.
Covid-19 is not more dangerous than the seasonal flu. The disproportionate and dehumanising restrictions are a disgrace to humanity. People protesting against lockdowns are being arrested and treated like criminals for gathering and exercising their right of free speech.



Claire Edwards

“COVID-19” was long pre-planned in documents and simulation exercises emanating from the eugenicist Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation. A platform with 200 detailed levels is provided by the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab, a technocrat and promoter of transhumanism, in order to provide

detailed instructions on how the “COVID-19” pandemic is to be used to implement a global monetary reset1 and digital currency, technocracy and totalitarian government worldwide under the guise of socialism and environmentalism, with China as the model, and enslave humanity through a sinister vaccine conspiracy.”

She is an old Trooper,

The video shows a woman named Claire Edwards sharing numerous conspiracies about the pandemic. The caption says that Edwards worked for the United Nations between 1999 and 2017.

A U.N. spokesperson told Reuters that Edwards did work for them as a Conference Services Officer between 29 May 1999 and 28 March 2017, but confirmed she is “no longer professionally affiliated with the United Nations.”

This article will only address the primary claims in the video.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was planned by Bill Gates”

The video says: “COVID-19 was long pre-planned in documents and simulation exercises emanating from the eugenicist Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation.”

There is no evidence that the coronavirus pandemic was deliberately planned or that Bill Gates has any links with such a plan.

This conspiracy theory, along with other misinformation that references Gates, has already been debunked by Reuters here.

“5G spreads COVID-19”

The video says: “Wireless technology suppresses the immune system. 5G is implicated in COVID-19 through correlations between the locations of the 5G rollout and morbidity and mortality.”

There is no connection between the coronavirus outbreak and possible 5G health effects.

Reuters has already disproved allegations relating to 5G here and here.

“There is no pandemic”

The video says: “There is and was no pandemic…Mortality is at a lower level than in previous years.”

This is false. Reuters has debunked claims relating to annual death rates herehere and here.

As of Nov. 3, figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) show 1,201,000 people have died globally due to COVID-19: covid19.who.int/.

Dr Vernon Coleman is a leading figure, he is also pretty well known.

Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English conspiracy theoristanti-vaccination activist, AIDS denialist, blogger and novelist who writes on topics related to human health, politics and animal issues. Coleman’s medical claims have been widely discredited and described as pseudoscientific. He was formerly a newspaper columnist and general practitioner

One sign of their appearance in public:

They seem to have a network,…

11 071 members
Please post photos of your sticker sightings in the chat room (t.me/thewhiterosechat), so the admins can put them up on the main channel!


Forwarded from The White Rose

Posters purporting to be from lockdown sceptic group The White Rose appeared in parts of Middleton over the weekend

Many people will feel that their use of the name the White Rose is obscence.

The White Rose (GermanWeiße Rosepronounced [ˈvaɪ̯sə ˈʁoːzə] (About this soundlisten)) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students from the University of Munich, including Sophie SchollHans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign that called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. Their activities started in Munich on 27 June 1942, and ended with the arrest of the core group by the Gestapo on 18 February 1943.[1] They, as well as other members and supporters of the group who carried on distributing the pamphlets, faced show trials by the Nazi People’s Court (Volksgerichtshof), and many of them were sentenced to death or imprisonment.

Written by Andrew Coates

March 21, 2021 at 12:06 pm