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Communist Party of Great Britain (M-L) (now cadres of Galloway’s party) on “heroic and self-sacrificing” 9/11 Murderers.

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Marxist update (2011)

Via this, (John will provide his own article, which promises to be interesting).

 Two statements from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).  For the sake of clarity, I need to point out that the CPGB(ML) did not exist in 2001, but the statements carried in Lalkar at the time are in complete continuity with the thinking of the party to be founded in 2004.

Extract, from,

The Significance of the September 11th Events

Heroic fighters for national liberation

Those who flew the planes into the Pentagon and the twin towers of the WTC, far from being terrorists pure and simple, whom every educated philistine and stupid yokel from the imperialist countries denounces without much thought, were actually some of the most heroic and self-sacrificing representatives of the national liberation movement of the Arab peoples. Their actions were a continuation, and an extension, of the vibrant national liberation struggle of the Arab peoples.

These actions were greeted with limitless jubilation by the masses, not only in the Middle East but also in the vast continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America, notwithstanding the contrary condemnatory statements of the heads of state and governments in these countries who dare not speak the truth for fear of provoking retaliation from the almighty, and yet so vulnerable, US imperialism.

As a result, far from revealing themselves as a tiny clique of conspirators or senseless maniacs, whose actions aroused no sympathy among the masses, they have shown themselves to be the ardent champions of national liberation and irreconcilable enemies of imperialist plunder and oppression, whose actions are an inspiration to tens of millions of people in the Middle East and beyond, who are already actively participating in their respective countries in the movements aimed at expelling imperialism and removing its stooges.

Note: the Deputy Leader of the Workers Party of Britain (leader George Galloway) , Jodi Brar is also the Vice-Chair of the CPGB (M-L) and the daughter of the leading figure of Lakkar and the CPGB (M-L) behind this obscenity, Harpal Brar.

Introducing the Workers Party

LEADER: George Galloway :: Deputy leader: Joti Brar

The establishment of the Workers Party, with the anti-imperialist and socialist politician George Galloway at its head, can provide inspiration to those who, like himself, find themselves politically homeless or desire to put their talents, creativity and energies at the service of the working class.

We reject a future of parasitism where the British people, through the operation of the City of London, degenerate into an unemployed feckless rump living off cheap imported food and the plastic-electronic consumables of global capitalist anarchy

Update, John has now written this:

George Galloway, the CPGB(ML) and 9/11.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 9, 2021 at 11:18 am

Far Right Boogaloo Wants to Create Red-Brown Front in the USA.

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3 US men linked to far-right 'Boogaloo' movement arrested on  terrorism-related charges in Vegas

Tried to Create US Red-Brown Front.

Following the example of George Galloway’s red-brown front, and his supporters, such as Chris Williamson, Labour Heartlands and Tony Greenstein, not to mention various red-brown alliances (France, the so-called Front Populaire web magazine) across Europe are the US far-right on the way to same kind of bloc?

This was originally published in April but it worth bearing in mind.

The Boogaloo movement has a new strategy

Members of the anti-government movement are calling for cooperation with left-wing groups that were once adversaries.

embers of the anti-government Boogaloo movement are adopting a new strategy to achieve the end of the US government, members tell Al Jazeera.

Adherents are calling for cooperation with left-wing organisations – previously considered adversaries by some in the Boogaloo – to foster a mass withdrawal from the political and economic systems overseen by the United States government.

The Boogaloo movement is half “Libertarian with a big ‘L’”, referencing the political party that advocates for limited government and “then the rest of us are just a wide spread of different forms of anarchism”, Panvidya sad.


Magnus Panvidya, a vocal Boogaloo member working to unite left- and right-wing anti-government groups, told Al Jazeera the “idea of Agora … that practice is very ubiquitous almost anyone you speak to” in the Boogaloo.

Panvidya wants cooperation. He invites left-wing activists to discuss issues via social media and has appeared on left-wing populist Jimmy Dore’s YouTube channel to discuss their similarities in beliefs, such as anti-racism and LGBT support.

A bit like Novara Media Jimmy Dore has his reaction to his interview.

Jimmy Dore Boogaloo Boys Interview Sparks Outrage Among Critics: ‘You’re a Sucker’

Dore promoted the largely uncritical interview with the militia member Magnus Panvidya by tweeting: “I interviewed a member of the Boogaloo Boys [sic], I was completely floored when he said he is: Pro LGBTQ, Pro Black Lives Matter, Anti Police Brutality, Anti Racism, Anti ICE, Anti War WTF?!?!”

A lot of this is strange ‘libertarian’ us politics – I get deeply offended at their use of the word, its origins, on the French anarchist left, indicate a left wing usage (some of us have called ourselves libertarian Marxists) which has been drowned out by the Americans. Le Monde Libertaire is still a major anarchist publication in France. But the general point about the far-right seeking to make alliances with sections of the ‘left’ is a broader one.

Written by Andrew Coates

June 27, 2021 at 4:35 pm

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‘Labour Heartlands’, Paul Knaggs, Expelled and Backs the Red-Brown Front.

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May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person, standing and text that says "Paul Knaggs @PaulKnaggs· 1d Today was expelled from Starmer's @UKLabour After Two years of a trumped-up suspension they finally expel me for saying @DerbyChrisW and @joti2gaza "were two good eggs!" As a #EXLabourMember I'm now free to express my views on @UKLabour Good luck in #Batley @georgegalloway wwyeeeebecon SiLabour 87 × 279 572 George Galloway @georgegalloway Replying to @PaulKnaggs @UKLabour and 2 others Thank you Paul 18:47 24 Jun 21 Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 32 Likes"

I am in the middle of reading Anne Appelbaum’s Twilight of Democracy and the Parting of Friends. She is on the conservative anti-Communist right. But she is a democrat who stands against national populism and the Polish and Hungarian governments – hence her ‘falling out’ with those she befriended or worked with. The issue of anti-semitism, embodied in attacks on George Soros, has a big place in the opening chapters.

The book, like the magazine piece, begins with a party she and her Polish husband (who was then a deputy foreign minister in a center-right government) hosted on New Year’s Eve, 1999, at their home in the Polish countryside. The guest list was multinational and politically diverse, united by the afterglow of the Cold War victory over Communism and a shared belief in “democracy, in the rule of law, in checks and balances, and in … a Poland that was an integrated part of modern Europe.”

“Nearly two decades later, I would now cross the street to avoid some of the people who were at my New Year’s Eve party,” Applebaum writes. “They, in turn, would not only refuse to enter my house, they would be embarrassed to admit they had ever been there.”

These erstwhile friends, classmates and colleagues have lost faith in democracy and gravitated to right-wing nationalist regimes and movements. She calls them “clercs,” borrowing from the French philosopher Julien Benda, who a century ago seems to have meant a sarcastic fusion of “clerks” and “clerics,” functionaries and evangelists.

Bill Keller Why Intellectuals Support Dictators

The book is both a moving personal account and an argument about the denial of pluralism by national populists that could be extended to many countries.

Applebaum’s books, such as Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944–1956 (2012), are – you do not have to agree with them – well worth reading.

More broadly, I can’t help drawing some comparisons with the way some on the left in the UK have become supporters of red-brown politics, pro-Brexit, pro-Sovereigntist ideas, and constant attacks on Keir Starmer and the Labour Party. Not to mention their obsessional ‘anti-Zionism’ Some have backed Chris Williamson and George Galloway, and encourage the latter in the Batley and Spen by-election. How we left democratic socialists have reacted is not too far off the way Applebaum does to her erstwhile colleagues.

Look at this type who runs Labour Heartlands.

Labour drops candidate over claim Jews and Muslims seek to ‘dominate politics’


Paul Knaggs, 52, a former army officer, is standing for a seat on Chesterfield borough council next month

In an article in Labour Heartlands published last year, Knaggs wrote, addressing Jews and Muslims: “I respect your freedom to have a religion and even practise it.

“But I do not respect the fact that you want your religion to dominate our politics or undermine the working class struggle.”

The article, which has not been deleted, accuses former Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush of spreading “poison” by attacking Labour and Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism.

Knaggs defended his comments at the weekend, saying Islamophobia and antisemitism were “plagues” distracting attention away from the working-class, The Times reported.

A Labour Party spokesperson told The Times it takes prejudice “extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.

“All complaints are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures.”

A spokesperson for Labour said the party “takes all complaints of antisemitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.

“All complaints about antisemitism are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken. We can’t comment on individual cases.”

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text
May be an image of text

Look at the state of the Red-Brown Front:

Written by Andrew Coates

June 26, 2021 at 11:44 am