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Festival of Brexit: Morning Star and Socialist Worker to get Top Billing.

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Lexit, Brexit and Labour.. The Communist Party of Britain (CPB)… | by John Rogan | Medium

Nostradamus of the Left to get top Billing.

“The festival is said to aim to celebrate creativity and foster unity among the British public, with the event’s organiser Martin Green describing the events as “open, original and optimistic”.”


I thought this was the wits of the Internet or that April the 1st had come early, but apparently not.

A celebration of British weather and a grow-your-own food initiative will be among the festivities.

A celebration of the British weather and the largest grow-your-own food project of modern times will be among the events being staged for a nationwide festival of creativity aimed at bringing the UK together in 2022.

Organisers of the £120m festival, commissioned by Theresa May’s government and supported by Boris Johnson, announced 10 teams who had successfully pitched ideas.

Written by Andrew Coates

March 24, 2021 at 11:05 am

Brexit, Whatever Happened to the Lexit ‘Left’?

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British Economic Breakthrough.


This is the Brexit News today:

Voters worried that Brexit has been bad for economy, as official figures show massive slump in trade


Major shock’ from 40 per cent fall in exports to EU in January

The majority of Britons believe Brexit has been bad for the economy and trade, according to new polling for The Independent.

The findings offer the first indication that the damage caused by leaving the EU’s single market and customs union in January is cutting through with voters.

Official statistics showed on Friday a precipitous 40.7 per cent fall in goods sales to the EU in January, with experts blaming Brexit for a large chunk of the lost exports.

The slump – which also saw imports from the EU decline by 28.8 per cent – represented the largest monthly decline in trade with the UK’s largest commercial partner since records began in 1997.


One of the most prominent ‘left’ supporters of Brexit, the Harvard Professor Richard Tuck  wrote in 2017,

I think Brexit would help the Left is more fundamental.  It was that the essential character of the EU, as Wolfgang Streeck has powerfully argued, is hostile to traditional socialism of the mid-20th-century variety. If Britain left the EU, the space available to left wing policies would suddenly expand, and all sorts of possibilities, including such things as thorough-going nationalisation or differential regional taxes, would be on the table again.

In October 2000. this appeared.

In his new book, The Left Case for Brexit, the Harvard-based British historian of political thought Richard Tuck goes even further. Rather than merely finding a silver lining in the referendum vote, he instead presents a full-throated defence of ‘lexit’ – i.e., Brexit for the left – that treats leaving the EU as the opportunity that democratic socialism has been waiting for since its heyday in the years immediately following World War II. By reinvigorating the sovereign powers of Parliament in Westminster, Tuck concludes that Brexit is desirable per se, as it will once again make socialist policies based on nationalisation possible in the UK: ‘The great prize awaiting the Left in Britain…is genuine Brexit followed by a Labour government


He is still at it,


Here are some tips retweeted by the Red-Brown Full Brexit site.

Sailing, sailing away….



Written by Andrew Coates

March 13, 2021 at 12:33 pm

Paul Embery, “Sacked for Backing Brexit.” Another Free Speech Cause?

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Hours before his speech at the Leave Means Leave rally (pictured), FBU's Ian Murray told him that to speak alongside Mr Farage would be a breach of union rules

Paul Embery, Patriotic Flags from “all Corners of the UK’   for Brexit.

Kate Hoey.

Back in March, on the day we were supposed to Leave the European Union, there was a rally at Westminster. Emotions ran high. People had travelled to London from all corners of the UK to tell Parliamentarians how angry they felt about the extension to the departure date. The cross-party platform featured speakers across a wide political spectrum and it had one aim: to call for the referendum result to be respected.

One of the best, and most carefully listened to speeches, was the one delivered by Paul Embery, on behalf of Trade Unionists Against the EU. In it, he reiterated his position on the Brexit debate – that democracy must be defended.

Sadly this befell the work, family and community gent:

…..shortly after the rally, Matt Wrack, the General Secretary of the FBU, issued a statement which said that it was outrageous that so-called Trade Union officials and Labour MPs attended joint rallies with Nigel Farage and others on the nationalist Right. In no uncertain terms, he stated: “They are a disgrace to the traditions of the Labour movement.

The betrayal of Paul Embery. 2019.

Now, Sputnik takes up he cudgels for one of Britain foremost critics of “rootless cosmopolitans”.

Trade Unionist and Labour Activist Sacked ‘For Supporting Brexit’ – Tribunal Hearing


Embery says he was thrown out of the FBU after 11 years due to his vocal support for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, after addressing a Leave Means Leave rally in London with Brexit Party leaders Nigel Farage and Richard Tice in March 2019.

The firefighter and lifelong Labour Party activist argues that the justifications given for his dismissal were “contrived, unprecedented, and perverse” and was actually down to his “pro-Brexit views and activity.” he argues that the “leadership’s resentment” of his prominent position as a supporter of the Leave campaign is also to blame.

Paul Embery, a man of quick parts and a deep labour movement education, was stunned to hear, “Hours before his speech at the Leave Means Leave rally (pictured), FBU’s Ian Murray told him that to speak alongside Mr Farage would be a breach of union rules”.

Paul Embery National Organiser for Trade Unions Against the EU and ‘life long Labour activist’ had such keen eyes that he could ignore that  the organisation received money from hard right money-bags Aaron Banks.

A stalwart of Blue Labour Mr Embery was welcomed on a speaking tour in 2016  by the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (Socialist Party and RMT) to preach in his homely toiler’s clothes against the European Union and support for a Leave Vote in the Referendum.

TUSC tour continues

Paul Embery, London secretary of the Fire Brigades Union and national organiser of Trade Unionists Against the EU, pointed out: “The EU is rampantly pro-austerity and that approach has caused suffering throughout Europe, a collapse in living standards, the rise of the far-right and the decimation of public services.”

Paul Embery is a man whose identity, who defends the  love of flag, relatives, class and creed. He charges the dissolute “Left political establishment swallowed a poisonous brew of economic and social liberalism. They have come to despise traditional working-class values of patriotism, family and faith and instead embraced globalisation, rapid demographic change and a toxic, divisive brand of identity politics.”



One can only hope that other supporters of the liberty of expression, of national populism and patriotic identity politics will rally round to defend what promises to be another Free Speech War.

We look forward to hearing support for Embery from the Labour Campaign for Free Speech.


Written by Andrew Coates

February 24, 2021 at 1:59 pm