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German parliament recognises Yazidi ‘genocide’ in Iraq by Daesh, the Islamic State.

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The German Bundestag has recognised the 2014 massacre of Yazidis by Islamic State (IS) group jihadists in Iraq as a genocide, and called for measures to assist the besieged minority.

 Germany’s lower house of parliament recognised on Thursday the 2014 massacre of Yazidis by Islamic State group jihadists in Iraq as a “genocide”, and called for measures to assist the besieged minority. Deutsche Welle.

Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, recognised on Thursday the 2014 massacre of Yazidis by Islamic State (IS) group jihadists in Iraq as a “genocide,” and called for measures to assist the besieged minority.

In a move hailed by Yazidi community representatives, deputies in the Bundestag passed the motion by the three parliamentary groups in Germany’s ruling centre-left-led coalition and conservative members of parliament.

The Bundestag “recognises the crimes against the Yazidi community as genocide, following the legal evaluations of investigators from the United Nations,” the resolution said, after similar moves by countries including Australia, Belgium and the Netherland

Calls to ensure historial record

The resolution condemns “indescribable atrocities” and “tyrannical injustice” carried out by IS fighters “with the intention of completely wiping out the Yazidi community”. 

The motion urges the German judicial system to pursue further criminal cases against suspects in Germany and the government to increase financial support to collect evidence of crimes in Iraq and boost funding to help rebuild shattered Yazidi communities.

It also calls for Germany to establish a documentation centre for crimes against Yazidis to ensure a historical record and to press Baghdad to protect the minority group’s rights.

The extremist militant group seized the Sinjar Mountains in northern Iraq, where Yazidis have lived for centuries, in 2014. The Yazidis follow an ancient religion rooted in Zoroastrianism, which IS considers heresy.

The jihadists forced women and girls into slavery, recruited boys as child soldiers, and killed many of the community’s men. Since then, thousands of Yazidis have fled the region.

Around 5,000 people are believed to have been killed and another 7,000 kidnapped. Many were taken to areas of Syria where IS held territory at the time.

Genocide of Yazidis by the Islamic State.

genocide of Yazidis by the Islamic State was carried out in the Sinjar area of northern Iraq in the mid-2010s.[1][11][12] The genocide led to the expulsion, flight and effective exile of the Yazidis. Thousands of Yazidi women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by ISIL, and thousands of Yazidi men were killed.[13] About 5,000 thousand Yazidi civilians were killed[5] during what has been called a “forced conversion campaign”[14][15] carried out by ISIL in Northern Iraq. The genocide began after the withdrawal of Iraqi forces and Peshmerga, which left the Yazidis defenseless.[16][17]

ISIL’s persecution of the Yazidis gained international attention and led to the American-led intervention in Iraq, which started with United States airstrikes against ISIL. Additionally, the US, UK, and Australia made emergency airdrops to Yazidis who had fled to a mountain rangeYPG and PKK fighters opened a humanitarian corridor to the Sinjar Mountains and helped the Yazidis.[18] By 2015, ISIL’s actions against the Yazidi population had resulted in approximately 500,000 refugees

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January 20, 2023 at 12:23 pm

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Former Leading Labour Left Winger Halima Khan Goes Red-Brown Front.

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The Red-Brown Front is a Fascist Front: Smash the Red-Brown-Front!

Halima Khan was a leading Labour left-winger. Former Chair of Labour Party’s BAME Staff Network and Governance and Legal Unit staff. 2019-2022  Whistleblower on #LabourFiles .

Now she has joined the Red-Brown Front.

The Red Brown toff even has her own web site:

Former Investigations and Governance Officer of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit and Chair of the Labour Party’s BAME Staff Network. Whistleblower on Al Jazeera’s three-part series ‘The Labour Files’.

Lifelong anti-Racism activist who decided to whistleblow against the Labour Party, to expose high-levels of corruption and interference within British democracy. The mission was to exemplify how the British establishment works on a hierarchy of racism, where issues of Islamophobia, Anti-Black racism, and other forms of discrimination are seen as of lesser importance comparatively to how the state and its political factions treat Antisemitism – findings supported by the ‘The Forde Inquiry,’ pushed for by the BAME Staff Network.

Embarking on a new journey to reignite passions for activism through art and music explicitly and unapologetically, after years of being gagged into political correctness – liberation begins with our voice.

Written by Andrew Coates

January 12, 2023 at 6:22 pm

George Galloway in Twitter Meltdown.

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It’s not just the jokes, it’s the way he tells them.

Most of us when we throw a wobbly (speaking for a friend) shout at the squirrels in the street, buy two litres of White Cider and go and throw bread at the ducks in the park. Teetotal Galloway has only social media.

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January 11, 2023 at 7:50 pm