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Brexit Vote Anniversary and “One Britain, One Nation” coming up…..

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Today is the anniversary of the vote for Brexit led by national populists, believers in the ‘anglo-sphere’. nationalists and openly extreme right and the red-brown front. They were backed by a section of the left, from sovereigntists to self-identifying socialists including one section of the ‘revolutionary left’.

The Leave vote was opposed by liberals, social democrats, Greens, Labour supporters and by a large swathe of the internationalist radical left.

It is a grim day.

The UK marks five years since the Brexit referendum on Wednesday amid an ongoing row over trade with Northern Ireland.


Boris Johnson acknowledged the fifth anniversary of the vote by claiming it was his “mission” to use the UK’s new position in the world to deliver a better future for the British people.

The decision to leave the EU may now be part of our history, but our clear mission is to utilise the freedoms it brings to shape a better future for our people,” he said.

However, in a sharply contrasting message, the veteran pro-European Lord Heseltine said the outlook was “ominous”, with the Northern Ireland peace process under real threat.

The day is made grimmer by this coming event.

 “the government is facing criticism after it emerged schoolchildren were being asked to sing a patriotic song in between classes.”

We are Britain and we have one dream, to unite all people in one great team (x2)

Our nation survived through many storms and many wars

We’ve opened our doors, and widened our island shores

We celebrate our differences with love in our hearts, united forever, never apart

We are Britain and we have one dream, to unite all people in one great team (x2)

So many different races, standing in the same place

So many different faces, moving at the same pace

We all stand together with pride in our hearts, united forever never apart

We are Britain and we have one dream, to unite all people in one great team (x2)

Strong Britain, great nation (x4)Great Britain

Education department challenged over support for One Britain One Nation day

Attempt to enlist schoolchildren in day celebrating British values criticised and ridiculed on social media

A tweet from the Department for Education said it was encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate the day and featured a link to onebritainonenation.com website.

The campaign, led by former policeman Kash Singh who is chief executive and founder of One Britain One Nation (OBON), says it needs the support of schools to “celebrate the day in the spirit it is intended”. The site says “OBON is devoted to galvanising the efforts of people from all backgrounds to rejoice in their pride in Great Britain.” The campaign’s supporters include actor Joanna Lumley, MP Brandon Lewis, and former MPs David Steel and Norman Tebbit.

The site says that schools should encourage children to clap for a minute to “pay tribute to all those people who helped during the Covid 19 pandemic crisis” and give a rendition of the OBON Day 2021 anthem.

The song, which included the lyrics “We are Britain and we have one dream to unite all people in one great team”, has provoked particular ridicule on social media.

Written by Andrew Coates

June 23, 2021 at 12:40 pm

The Brexit Deal and the Left.

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Morning Star Backs Left Populist Call for ‘Popular Sovereignty’.

This week the Brexit Deal with be voted on in Parliament.

Sir Keir Starmer is engaged in a last-ditch attempt to persuade his MPs to back the government’s Brexit deal as he faces up to half a dozen frontbench resignations.

Labour Party whips were calling round MPs yesterday and will continue today to convince them to vote in favour of the Future Relationship Bill in the Commons on Wednesday.

The Times.

Calls to oppose the deal have come from the internationalist left.

The radical left campaign, Another Europe is Possible says,

The position of a Labour leader, presenting an alternative government, is not the same as activists and MPs who wish to vote on principles. A Cabinet in waiting may be disposed not to prolong the misery of negotiations Those with long-standing anti-Brexit activism say, why should any left party back any form of Brexit, and particularly one offered by Johnson.

Conditions are further complicated in that many Corbyn supporters seem wrapped up in their own unhappiness. If they could not run the Labour Party, then nobody should be allowed to succeed. They relish anything that can be seen as weakening Keir Starmer’s position.

It is to the credit of the Morning Star that they tackle the Brexit issue itself,  although as David Walsh points out, it is unlikely they have read the 1000 or so (2,000 with appendixes)  page agreement.

Big battles ahead on rights, left warns as vote on ‘weak’ Brexit deal nears

Morning Star

The Communist Party said that the trade agreement is a compromise between the interests of British state-monopoly capitalism and those of German and French monopoly capital — represented by their states and the EU.

In a statement, party general secretary Robert Griffiths and international secretary John Foster warned that the new deal frees Britain from the sovereignty of the EU — but not from the sovereignty of big businesses.


“Under the new agreement (Title IV), capital will remain free to shut down operations and invest anywhere in Britain and Europe, regardless of job losses, regional inequalities and the requirements of balanced economic and social development,” the statement said.

The CP called on the labour movement and trade unions to begin a “united struggle for popular sovereignty at all levels in face of a wider economic and social crisis that is already reaching unprecedented proportions.

The Morning Star does not reproduce the full statement by the CPB (its name, not the ‘CP’ cited above).

Here is a relevant extract from Challenge.

The labour movement and its trades unions must now begin a united struggle for popular sovereignty at all levels in face of a wider economic and social crisis that is already reaching unprecedented proportions – a crisis which Britain, as currently subjected to ‘free market’ big business sovereignty, has proved woefully unable to control. Big battles lie ahead in the fight for jobs, incomes and public services. Free trade agreements between Britain and other countries which include provisions for greater privatisation of public services, or for incoming investors to overturn the democratic policies of the central and devolved parliaments, must be resisted.

If that sounds a lot like Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his talk of an  L’Ère du peuple  in which ‘people’s struggle for popular sovereignty against ‘elites’ or the as Star pits it “big business’ and monopoly capitalism, that’s because it is. Who exactly the people in the ‘popular’ and what kind of sovereignty, plainly national, this means is left hanging in the air. The ideas here are clearly sovereigntist, priority if given to the national sovereign state. There are, besides Mélenchon’s left populism, right wing, very right wing, national populists.

Is it  that of the Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen de 1789?

Article III – The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual may exercise any authority which does not proceed directly from the nation.

Article VI – The law is the expression of the general will. All the citizens have the right of contributing personally or through their representatives to its formation. It must be the same for all, either that it protects, or that it punishes. All the citizens, being equal in its eyes, are equally admissible to all public dignities, places, and employments, according to their capacity and without distinction other than that of their virtues and of their talents.

In 2016 Mélenchon’s rally published a programme, l’Avenir en Commun .It promised  to put an end to the economic “pillaging” of the Nation . He opposed  privatisations, ‘public-private’ partnerships’ and the effects of social dumping. In “défense de notre souveraineté industrielle”, “protectionnisme solidaire” was offered.  La France insoumise has been in favour of a new Sixth Republic in which such measures can be taken. Is the Morning Star about to adopt a strategy for a new Republic here? Have they found a solution to the global economy, globalisation, and neoliberalism through a state of a special republican type?

It would be interesting to speculate that  reconciliation is taking place between the CPB and the former Trotskyist Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The ‘eternal candidate’ is hoping to stand as a candidate (for the third time) in the next French Presidential election.

While waiting for classification from the Marxist-Leninists of the CPB, do the Morning Star call for opposition to the deal?

Not a word.

“Big battles lie ahead in the fight for jobs, incomes and public services,” the statement said. “Free-trade agreements between Britain and other countries which include provisions for greater privatisation of public services or for incoming investors to overturn the democratic policies of the central and devolved parliaments must be resisted.”

MPs will vote on the deal on Wednesday, and with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer ordering his MPs to vote in favour, it will most likely be approved by Parliament. However, reports have suggested that some shadow ministers are poised to resign in order to defy a three-line whip during the vote.

Unions have warned that workers’ rights need “levelling up” in the deal.

Do they tell us how Labour should vote in Parliament, even a recommendation?

No,  GMB acting general secretary Warren Kenny is cited saying the unions will defend workers’ and their members’ interests. “TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said that while the deal is “better than nothing,” she warned that it will not protect jobs and “puts hard-won workers’ rights on the line.”

The same paper has already told the left what to do.

The Brexit deal: priorities for the socialist left

MUCH has been made of the fact that the long-awaited Brexit deal is the first in the “modern era” to erect barriers rather than dismantle them.

The sorrowful tone in which this observation is made implies that Britain is shutting the door on progress and openness. For EU diplomats that is logical enough. It is more worrying when socialists raise the same lament.

The Morning Star has no sad words or regrets for its campaigning for Brexit, which helped the present Bosses’ deal get underway.

This “modern era” is the era of neoliberalism that began in the 1970s with Reagan, Thatcher and the “big bang” that removed regulation of financial markets; in Europe this era saw the evolution of the modern European Union through the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties.

Nothing better illustrates the dominance of liberal ideology across the left than the doublethink that allows people to decry the destruction of industry, the rollback of labour rights, the privatisation of public services and the erosion of democratic accountability that have taken place over the last five decades while championing the institutional developments that have accompanied them.

No doubt Thatcher was acting on instructions from the European union, as was Reagan.

They continue,

The left has not, historically, been in favour of “frictionless” markets that equate to unregulated capitalist power.

Socialists should not, therefore, mourn the mere (how mere? ) existence of barriers.


There is little (how little? to celebrate in the details of the agreement that have so far been revealed. This is unsurprising. The agreement was negotiated between representatives of British and European capitalism; the interests of British and European workers were not on either party’s agenda.

Indeed, since the referendum was first called the Brexit question has been framed as a “civil war within capitalism.”

Efforts have been made – by this newspaper, by organisations such as Leave, Fight, Transform, for a time by Jeremy Corbyn, as at his Coventry speech in 2018 – to promote a Brexit vision with democratic and anti-monopoly interests at its heart, but it has never gained a wide hearing. When it was sunk within Labour by the People’s Vote operation the future of the entire Corbyn project was sunk with it.

The visionaries lost out, the People’s Brexit joined a long list pf things that never happened and were never going to, and their pro-Brexit campaigning helped one side the civil war, the battalions of the ERG, Brexit Party and Johnson.

There are still reasons to be cheerful.


And departure from the EU does show that a globalisation process along rules written by giant corporations is not unstoppable.

Unity behind the leadership of those who backed one capitalist camp is needed…

Since 2015 the left has allowed Brexit to divide the working class into two camps, both under capitalist direction. Our departure from the EU must prompt us to build a united labour movement focused on the fight for socialism.

The Morning Star has done its best for one pro-capitalist camp.

See the other camp:

Labour must not support Johnson’s deal


The Brexiters failed to negotiate a deal over four and a half years, until the very last minute, because it is impossible to get what they want – full license to cut social and environmental standards below EU levels, and raise barriers high against people moving between here and the EU, together with smooth trade flows. They went to the brink in negotiations again and again in order to squeeze out the nearest approximation to their impossible demands.

The EU has conceded much, giving the Tories license to cut some standards with only a proviso that if they do it too much then tariffs may be put on British exports.

Labour should not back a deal on that basis. It should not allow the Tories to blackmail Labour by saying “approve this crap deal, because otherwise it’s no deal! No time to consider alternatives!” Still less should Labour positively call on the Tories to do that! Even if we can’t actually stop the Tory deal now, we can raise a voice against it.

Morning Star Backs Tory Government Against the European Union.

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Boris Bolsheviks Back Blighty!

Britain’s fastest growing Left Daily, reports on the “left uproar”  at the EU.

The paper, independent of the Communist Party of Britain, owned by the co-op, leads the left today with this,

Calls for end to ‘posturing’ and ‘ultimatums’ in UK-EU dispute as trade deal deadline looms

THE Labour Party and Britain’s communists condemned the EU’s decision to launch legal action over Brexit legislation today and warned both sides that time is running out to strike a trade deal.



The daily with the ear of new Labour chief reports,

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer said that the issues at stake “are quite capable of being resolved.”

“Both sides need to sit down, resolve them, get a deal,” he said.

“That’s in the national interest — it’s in our interest and the EU’s interest.”

Top newshounds sought out the views of  Britain’s most respected left party,

Communist Party of Britain general secretary Rob Griffiths said that the EU Commission was taking legal action “even before any breach of the WA has occurred.”

In an echo of what Labour members surely think he continued,

“These latest threats and ultimatums underline why Britain is right to leave a set-up in which unelected EU institutions can act as both prosecutor and judge against democratically elected national governments.”

Here are Robert Griffith’s views on why Labour lost the last election:

Britain’s Communist Party blames Labour’s “Stop Brexit” stance for election defeat

December the 19th 2019.

The Labour Party secured its election defeat by shifting to a “Stop Brexit” stance, Britain’s Communist Party says.

Addressing an extended meeting of the CP political committee Monday, General Secretary Robert Griffiths said that other factors in Labour’s general election defeat should not be seized upon to obscure this “undeniable and overriding” fact.

Griffith’s warned about siren voices calling for a ‘deal’ with the EU guaranteeing so-called workers’ rights, consumer and labour standards,

The CP political committee warned that “the same alliance of forces now aims to drive class politics and socialism out of the Labour Party altogether. They want to ‘Europeanise’ Labour into the same ditch filled by all those traditional social democratic parties whose pro-EU, pro-market politics have driven away much of their electoral support.”

As for Johnson, Griffiths reckoned “he will be pulled back into line on the EU, proposing a Withdrawal Bill and a new trade agreement with the EU that keeps Britain closely aligned with the pro-market, pro-big business rules of the EU single market.

In an indication of why Griffiths finds much to admire in the present Tory stand he continued,

“This will be a Brexit in name only at a cost of around £33 billion ($43 billion USD)—not the ‘people’s Brexit’ that would allow a British government to support strategic industries, take transport and energy fully into public ownership, reform public procurement rules, slash Value Added Tax, regulate the labour market, and raise funds for massive investment in housing and economic infrastructure.”

Today’s Morning Star is, well, spooky!

Only yesterday this Blog foresaw that the pro-Brexit left would find much to admire in Johnson standing up to EU Law. (Will pro-Brexit Left Defend Johnson? EU Launches Proceeding against UK for breaching the Withdrawal Agreement.)

The Tendance is known as the Sage of Suffolk. But, believe me, even our most junior trainee clairvoyants could see  from a hundred kilometres that that lot would react in this way.

Critics would say that this backing for Johnson’s stand gives support to a rival interpretation of Labour’s December defeat. That it was the pro-Brexit People’s Brexit lot who, by giving credibility to the idea that “Britain was right to leave” the democratically pooled sovereignty of the EU, they helped spread acceptance of the hard right project of a free-market  ‘anglosphere’ .

And Starmer, by the way,  said, ” everyone needs to “sit down” and work out a deal.” No mention there of it being right to leave the EU. As they cite the Labour Leader’s colleague, “Shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Rachel Reeves added: “Both sides need to drop the posturing and the threats by getting back round the negotiating table and getting a trade deal done.”.

The Morning Star, daily voice of the left, has yet to cover this story from internationalist campaigners.


Thanks newshawk Jim…