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Anonymous “Grassroots Left” Group to Stand in “tightest marginal seats in England” to Stop Labour Winning – Skwawkbox Exclusive.

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Top Alt-News Site Skwawkbox.

“I am Wrath. I had neither father nor mother: I leaped out of a lion’s mouth when I was scarce half an hour old, and ever since I have run up and down the world, with this case of rapiers, wounding myself when I had nobody to fight withal. I was born in hell – and look to it, for some of you shall be my father.”

(Doctor Faustus. Christopher Marlowe).

Our so-called rival, Skwawkbox, had an exclusive this weekend. No, it is not the news that the after spending years deep in the bowels of the Earth a new leading force in Wales has burrowed its way to the surface, “Following our 2022 Congress, the Welsh Underground Network has formally become a Communist Organisation, adopting Marxism-Leninism as our way forward.”

Wales’ “largest Revolutionary Republican Movement” can go hang for all the Squawking one cares.

No, it’s an unnamed and unattributed plan to hand Labour seats over to the Tories.

Unaligned socialist plan aims to cost Starmer 1-2% of vote in tightest seats if anti-left purge continues and Corbyn and other left MPs are not reinstated

A spokesperson for the anti-purge group told Skwawkbox that after months of preparation funding is in place to stand candidates in ten of the tightest marginal seats in England, where 1% of the vote or even less would likely be enough to ensure no Labour right-winger can win it – and that while the group is not connected to any MP, no candidates will be put up against any socialist.

Parallel ‘CLPs’ – equivalent to Labour constituency groups but consisting of genuine socialists – will be set up in each seat to encourage participation and prepare for the general election campaign.

The Parallel ‘CLPs’ brings back memories.

Small businessman Steve Walker adds this from the source’s mouth,

We’re already set to stand candidates in Bury, Stoke, Peterborough and Stroud and will be ready in others soon. A few hundred votes in these seats will be enough to deny Labour any prospect of a win and in places where people are sick of having right-wing candidates foisted on them, that’s more than achievable.

This Tweeter has contacted, urgently, TUSC and Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain.

For all his huffing and puffing the self-identifying left-winger is pretty quiet on one topic. Even our highly skilled operatives have yet to find Walker or his personal minions’ defence of Jeremy Corbyn’s statement on Ukraine.

Here is the former Labour Leader’s latest Peace initiative.

Wrath is cowering.

Written by Andrew Coates

August 8, 2022 at 10:53 am

Stop the War Coalition Defends Jeremy Corbyn’s Call on Ukraine, “more arms would prolong War.”

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Stop the War Coalition: February 2022.

The Stop the War Coalition have published this defence by Terina Hine, of Jeremy Corbyn’s statements on Ukraine. During an interview with the controversial T-V channel Al Mayadeen, many people focused on the comments on the Russian invasion of Ukraine by the former Labour chief, who led the Party in two general elections.

Hine’s defence, which one take reflects the views of the Coalition, is the first public sustained reply defending Jeremy Corbyn’s positions.


Jeremy Corbyn is once again under fire for daring to speak out against sending more and more weapons to Ukraine. In an interview with Al Mayadeen, a Beirut-based TV channel, Corbyn said more arms would only prolong the war, and urged the West to push for peace.

Britain has been one of the largest suppliers of arms to Ukraine and has committed £2.3 billion in military assistance since the war began in February. This is in addition to helping train Ukrainian armed forces. But fuelling a fire is no way to extinguish it. As Corbyn said, “Pouring arms in isn’t going to bring about a solution, it’s only going to prolong and exaggerate this war.”

The issues at stake have been clearly put here:

Hundal comments,

“The argument is deceptively simple. By supplying arms to Ukraine, the West is prolonging the conflict, and should instead call for peace.

But let’s try an analogy. Say someone invades your home and threatens to kill your partner. Do you: fight back and call for help; or let them do what they want as long as no one else is killed and the conflict ends immediately?

I think most people would take the first option. I know I would. But let’s say you take the second option and give in immediately. Do you think your invader will walk away and keep their side of the bargain, or are they more likely to take advantage of having the upper hand? Are you willing to be at their mercy? I pose these questions because this is the situation that Ukraine faces today.

Sending arms to Ukraine will prolong the conflict. We should freely admit that. But it’s also the right thing to do – morally and militarily. Ask Ukrainians: would they rather fight for their freedom or live under Putin’s dictatorship? I think we already know the answer. If they wanted to 

She continues,

The Russian invasion, which both Corbyn and Stop the War have repeatedly condemned, has been raging for five months. At present the fighting has reached stalemate with neither side making much in the way of advances. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has himself acknowledged that the war will ultimately end with a peace deal. This is the way all wars eventually conclude, so why wait? Doing so merely prolongs the suffering and increases the devastation and death toll.

In his Al Mayadeen interview Corbyn highlighted how the war has already resulted in thousands of Ukrainian and Russian deaths, as well as many thousands of refugees. His comments that Russian soldiers, many of whom are young conscripts, are being killed, has been met with derision by the right-wing press. So too have his suggestions that peace negotiations are urgent.

As the war develops into a proxy war between nuclear armed powers the consequences could not be more serious. Corbyn’s plea, hardly unreasonable, is that “for the safety and security of the whole world” it is peace not war that should be pursued.

The idea of a “proxy war” has been circulating for some time and goes back to the days when StWC, and even more so the groups involved in the Coalition, including the Communist Party of Britain (“The war between Russia and Ukraine is part of a wider conflict between capitalist powers, between Russia on one side and Ukraine and the expansionist NATO powers on the other” CPB 25th of February), were blaming NATO for the conflict.

It is hard to see what active NATO agency was involved in the Russian onslaught. The invasion began on the morning of 24th of February 2022 when Putin announced a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine.

Hundal states, “In response to Corbyn’s interview, one Ukrainian said: “A lot of people in the West are denying Ukraine any sort of agency by claiming we’re constantly being manipulated by Nato or saying it’s a US proxy war and the West is forcing us to fight. None of these people are actually paying attention to what we’re actually saying. It’s sad and annoying.”

Terina Hine then outlines some of the consequences of the war for the world at large.

And of course, the world, not just Europe, is suffering from the impact of this war. The dramatic fall in grain exports from Ukraine is causing massive suffering in countries in Africa and the Middle East, as well as increasing food prices here in the UK.

That successful negotiations took place to re-establish grain exports show dialogue is possible. But still there are no real efforts by Western powers to engage in a peace process.

Negotiations are the way out.

Praising the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, for his recent trip to Russia to talk to Putin, Corbyn expressed hope that the UN would take a lead and be “much more centre stage” in negotiating an end to this war. He suggested other international bodies, such as the African Union or the League of Arab States, could play a part if the UN were unable to secure a ceasefire.

But such suggestions are unwelcome in the British media. Seizing the opportunity to attack Corbyn, criticism of his comments flowed from the all usual suspects, including the Labour Party.

Hine then attacks the present Labour leader, Keir Starmer.

Starmer has shown nothing but loyalty to the government in his stance on Ukraine and is even more bellicose than many on the government benches. He has forbidden Labour MPs from criticising NATO, even though NATO’s aggressive expansion played a critical role in the build up to the current hostilities, and the Alliance continues to be central to the West’s ongoing, provocative role.

Hine, on the Counterfire site (more below) notes of the Labour leader when reviewing Olivier Eagleton’s polemic , The Starmer Project, “Starmer’s close relationship with the US state. During his tenure the CPS acted ‘as a proxy’ (p.29) for the US State Department overseas, with Starmer himself becoming an envoy for the US Department of Justice. ” In other words Starmer is a “US stooge”.

The below is no doubt the StWC stand when it comes to the Labour Party the left and Ukraine.

Corbyn’s comments align with the position taken by Stop the War, hardly surprising as he is the former Chair and current Deputy President of the Coalition. Starmer has missed no opportunity to use this as a means to further attack the organisation. The Labour leader has made it clear that if Corbyn was ever to have the Labour whip restored it would be on condition that he distances himself from Stop the War, regardless that his original suspension was over an entirely different matter, and regardless that both Stop the War and its anti-war stand remains popular among Labour members.

For many people on the left and active in the labour movement this is the problem. Far beyond the ‘usual suspects’ a broad range of people Stand with Ukraine. Suggesting that negotiations to end the conflict are a good idea is one thing – a not very probable proposal at present but hardly unreasonable. Arguing for a halt to the supply of weapons for the Ukrainians to defend themselves is another, and is wholly against the grain for a broad range of left opinion. Corbyn’s suspension is very, very, secondary compared to this dammed serious war of defence.

It is clear that the war in Ukraine could go on for a very long time. Once again suggesting an alternative path has sparked outrage, with accusations that Corbyn and Stop the War are Russian stooges spouting pro-Putin lines. But Stop the War has consistently pointed out that world leaders should be looking for solutions not prolonging the war, failure to do so only adds to the misery and destruction of Ukraine.

It is unbecoming, mildly put, to assert that amongst those expressing disagreement, “outrage” at the views of the no to arms camp put forward by Jeremy Corbyn are prolonging the misery caused by the Russian invasion. She responds to those saying “Putin Stooge” by effectively calling Labour’s present leader a US stooge…



Hine is a frequent contributor to the revolutionary socialist site Counterfire. This is a breakaway from the Socialist Workers Party which is strongly represented in the Stop the War Coalition. To begin with one of their leading figures, Lindsey German, is Convenor.

Counterfire has published on Ukraine that, “Nato is responding to the horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine in the most confrontational and provocative way possible, writes, Chris Nineham” (a StWC Steering Committee member). June the 30th, 2022.

Hine does not only oppose Labour on Ukraine. She has written on Counterfire that “Starmer prevented Corbyn from adopting a left-populist Brexit position..” (2nd of June 2022) – Counterfire campaigned to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum “and, following the result, argued consistently for a People’s Brexit in the interests of working people.” This is not the only example of her egregious comments The most outstanding is (in the above post) on, “The role Corbyn’s one-time comrade John McDonnell played in wrecking Labour’s electoral chances”. Tel’s Nipper it is widely known, over-full of such remarks about left wingers he and New Left Review are waging a private war against.

Written by Andrew Coates

August 6, 2022 at 10:53 am

Left Reactions to Jeremy Corbyn’s Call to Stop: “Pouring Arms into Ukraine.”

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Stop the War Pins Campaigning on TU Conference, next year.

What have been the reactions from the pro-Corbyn left to his call to stop Arming Ukraine? As yet neither the Stop the War Coalition, nor Counterfire, nor Momentum, nor the Morning Star, nor the Socialist Workers Party, nor Skwawkbox (too busy), nor Novara Media (checked, it’s still going), nor the Canary (same), Evolve Politics (last post. 21st of June), nor Rachael Swindon have made statements about former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

There have been individual comments on these lines:

A leading figure from the Northern Independence Party:

Platitudes about peace cannot hide the flaws in an argument for leaving Ukraine weakened faced with an Invader. They are dependant on Western weapons. If Corbyn wants negotiations for peace with justice (not that anybody asked his opinion, though the word justice is conspicuously absent in his most recent statement ), how is this going to happen if negotiations take place with Ukraine’s military capacity undermine?.

This is a lot more interesting.

What Ukrainians Think About Jeremy Corbyn’s Ukraine Interview

Chris York

3 August 2022

“As someone who’s been fascinated by the left side of the European and American political spectrum, I have to say that Jeremy Corbyn is someone I’ve looked up to at times,” journalist Oleksandra Povoroznyk told Byline Times. “So you can imagine my disappointment at the moment.

“I’d be very surprised if Corbyn has actually spoken to Ukrainians or even knows any, because something I’ve noticed is that even the most well-meaning Western experts, even the most pro-Ukrainian ones, don’t actually want to listen to what Ukrainians are saying.

“A lot of people in the West are denying Ukraine any sort of agency by claiming we’re constantly being manipulated by NATO or saying it’s a US proxy war and the West is forcing us to fight. None of these people are actually paying attention to what we’re actually saying. It’s sad and annoying.”


Any peace agreement reached now between Russia and Ukraine would effectively reward Russia’s imperialist and expansionist invasion. Vladimir Putin’s army currently occupies around 20% of Ukrainian territory – an area equivalent to half the United Kingdom – and is already making attempts to permanently annex those parts occupied since February. 

A massive 84% of Ukrainians are against a peace agreement with Russia if it involves ceding territory to Russia, yet Jeremy Corbyn made no reference in his interview to the withdrawal of Russian troops.

More context

Written by Andrew Coates

August 3, 2022 at 5:11 pm