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Piers Corbyn and David Icke at World Wide Rally for Freedom.

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Piers Corbyn: Still Going On About It.

Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-Lockdown conspiracists are thought by most of us to be history, figures in novels or documentaries about Covid. Or classed as strange-but-true click-bait on the MSM.

Did they ever have an impact? The anti-vaxx movement in the US is said to have influenced the Trump right the point where it features inside the Republican Party, which of course is not a national ‘party’ in the European sense but based on state caucuses. In France and other countries there are hard right parties, like Germany’s AFD, Alternative für Deutschland, which has electoral weight, and Florian Philippot’s Les Patriotes, which has none, that have taken up the anti-Lockdown cause. The hardest anti-Lockdown candidate for the London Mayor, Piers Corbyn, standing for Let London Live, got 20,604 votes in 2021, 08%. He was beaten by Count Binface, 24,775, 1% but did better than the Climate activist Valerie Brown of Burning Pink who got 5,305, 0,2%. There is the UK ‘Freedom Alliance’ Party, “to provide real opposition to the state’s Covid narrative”. They “have stood 160 candidates for election across Britain” – Council and Parish Council included. They have had no success. It is miniscule.

They certainly have left a legacy in series, films and books. Above all their own material, “The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19″, “Hold Up” and “Plandemic: Indoctornation”. There are pandemic novels, and ones which touch on it. I mean to read, at some point, Isabel Allende’s Violetta “Spanning the century between the Spanish flu and coronavirus pandemics”.

Far-right presence in the health and climate crisis is part of the backdrop of the French Les Derniers Jours des fauves (2022). Jérôme Leroy adds an Extinction Rebellion lookalike, les Bonobos effondrés, to his alternative history thriller, which includes a revived Gilets Jaunes movement, bombings, shootings and riots. It centres on a woman Emmanuel Macron, Nathalie Séchard, Présidente, leader of of the party, Nouvelle Société (NS..like Emmanuel Macron, En Marche, EM) swept up in forces that eat into her support and power. The book is an uchronia but it’s rooted in the present,  

Author Leroy, who is a card-carrying member of the French Communists, the PCF, and opposed to the extreme right, got the summer drought right in this entertaining tour-de-force. But for moment history has not followed fiction. There been no social breakdown. Nor has a Man of Destiny emerged that looks likely to take power amid chaos, in Paris, or elsewhere.

Out on the fringes, where New Age meets ‘libertarian’ Right, not to mention fascism, the efforts of the anti-lockdown movement in France, and across the world, seem not only bootless but unnoticed and unheard.

But they have not gone away.

To be more precise, Piers Corbyn has not gone away.

World Wide Rally for Freedom

  • Freedom of Speech.
  • Freedom of Movement.
  • Freedom of Choice.
  • Freedom of Assembly.
  • Freedom of Health.

Lockdowns and border closures have taken lives to increased suicide rates, and destroyed Livelihoods, causing financial ruin.

No population should ever again be subjected to Ubiquitous Public Incarceration.

Excessive Coronavirus Restrictions measures must come to an end, and all state of emergency declarations enabling these measures must be repealed.

Tyrannical suppression of dissenting voices must be stopped, and peaceful citizen assembly must be respected by police forces, instead of being violently crushed.

We have had our bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates, restricting our ability to breath and speak freely. All mask mandates must end.

Plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations, enforced by Totalitarian Vaccine Passports, are being rolled out internationally.

And so it goes, till we come across this effort at creating a Confusionist Front with the people for completely different reasons who back the Trade Union led Enough is Enough Movement.

An International Freedom Movement is emerging that is building alternatives to established power structures, and ways of living.

People are choosing to leave densely populated areas, and forming new communities where they can more effectively govern themselves.

People around the world are saying “Enough Is Enough” and are refusing to comply with overbearing restrictions, and helping others to gain the confidence to begin their journey of non-compliance.

Those attending include:


Corbyn has been busy elsewhere:

Written by Andrew Coates

September 17, 2022 at 5:42 pm

Chris Williamson wins Praise from ‘Lobster’ contributor (while we are waiting for serious news about the Queen).

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Williamson, “principled Labour activist of wide experience”, with comrade.

While we are waiting for serious news about the Queen:

Chris Williamson finds a fan who will get his eulogy published in Lobster Magazine – the “journal that looks at the impact of the intelligence and security services on history and politics. From espionage to dirty tricks to conspiracy theories.” Amongst Robin Ramsay’s contributors over the years was Larry O’Nutter, who wrote under the pen-name of Larry O’Hara. Our one-time Warwick Cde went on to from the Borderland which last appeared in 2016. Apart from his support for the red-brown Full Brexit O’Nutter has not been heard of recently. It was therefore with pleasure that I find my old mucker filed away on the Web in Lobster Issue 24 (December 1992) ” Notes from the Underground“.

It is with interest that one learns the magazine is carrying on the old traditions.

Ten Years Hard Labour Chris Williamson Review. by John Booth | Blog

A version of this article with detailed footnotes and links will shortly appear on the website of Lobster magazine – https://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/” Watch out for this on the Lobster site.

This is a revealing and powerful book by a Labour MP who vocally supported the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and paid the price by losing his career. It’s an angry book because he says that this loyalty was not reciprocated when it mattered.

Yet what could have been an opportunity for change was strangled by the “Labour antisemitism” furore, Williamson being a prime target as the leading Corbyn supporter in Westminster. As a lifetime anti-racist campaigner on good terms with many Jews in his constituency and in the wider Labour movement, he quickly realised what was behind the so-called “crisis”.

He called it out for the political scam it largely was and so was subjected to ever more vilification by the Israel lobby and its political and media allies. This included death threats, the vandalisation of his constituency office and routine daily abuse by Labour MPs in Westminster. Meetings at which he was invited to speak had to be cancelled because hotels and other venues received threats to their premises and the safety of their staff. He recounts how the location for one meeting in Brighton had to be repeatedly shifted following similar menaces. It finally took place in the open air where local activists physically protected him from a threatening critic.

Here was a principled Labour activist of wide experience – how many council housing chairs have worked on construction sites? – and interests – Williamson worked closely in Parliament on animal welfare with murdered Conservative MP Sir David Amess – whose career was destroyed by the outrageous smears of unscrupulous enemies and the complicit silence of supposed allies.


“Like many sensible seafarers the author had early in his life apparently heeded the wise words attributed to General Omar Bradley: “Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of each passing ship.” Ten Years Hard Labour details the dim and fading lights of many ships who passed by Chris Williamson and, in so doing, left the British people in the grubby hands of Boris Johnson and his rich and decadent supporters.”

Written by Andrew Coates

September 8, 2022 at 2:20 pm

Liz Truss, the Socialist Worker Student Society Fortnight.

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Larry the Cat’s election campaign is over, now is the time for some serious politics.

Let us begin here.

Liz Truss’s two weeks in the Socialist Worker Student Society

A number of friends from university have been sharing their memories of Liz Truss, who was in the year after me at Oxford. This was a time of huge, almost weekly student protests, and those few figures who joined the Conservatives at the time – Iain Corby, Sheridan Westlake, were often the targets of derision.

But, of course, Truss wasn’t a Conservative then. She was a Liberal Democrat and elected to various roles as a representative of her party.

What I do remember is, in autumn 1993, before she had even formally joined the university, insinuating herself onto the mailing list of our student Socialist Worker Student Society.

I was the person who signed her up after a long conversation in University’s Examination Schools. Truss impressed on me that she was a socialist, from a comprehensive school, a regular attendee on CND protests (that part may have been true, her parents were left-wing) and keen not just to join but to get involved in the group, assuming we had any vacancies in a leading role.

I may well have expressed an interest in her offer: our Society had around 300 “members” on our mailing list, and a core of around half-a-dozen people who were expected to do all the work of booking speakers, editing our newsletter, etc.

I then met her again two weeks later, leafletting my own college St John’s for the Liberal Democrats. I pointed out that she’d lied to me about who she was. She, or perhaps one of her friends, said something awful and hackneyed about how she was a “radical,” just not my sort of radical.

What conclusions do I draw – was she just lying perhaps in order to spy on us?

(Good point).

I don’t think she was *simply* lying. The left-wing parents were genuine. Within days of my encounter with her, she was speaking at the Lib Dem conference and calling for the abolition of the monarchy.

What I did get to see in that short period was a yawning ambition, a complete carelessness about which side she was on or what she needed to tell people she believed. Oxford was a leftwing place then, our student society was on a roll then with high profile speakers (Foot, Eagleton…), regular meeting of over 100 students at a time, and Britain was plainly heading towards a Conservative election defeat. It wasn’t entirely daft to think that being around SWSS we could have boosted her career. Well, actually it was – we were among the most militantly anti-careerist folks anywhere in Oxford politics. She worked that out. And if we hadn’t struck her off our membership lists (which we did), she would no doubt have vacated herself.

Along with the dishonesty, the other thing that struck me was a profound mediocrity. I’ve had all sorts of Conservative opponents, and even friends, over the years – I’ve known right-wingers capable of saying something interesting or amusing, or even being in their own ways steadfast, principled, etc. Johnson’s successful career you could see a mile off. Stewart’s recent reinvention. Kwarteng was making his way through school and university politics not far behind, making friends along the way.

Not Truss, though. Soon after I spoke to her she was elected as her college rep on the student union council – as I was too. She was a yellow blur at the back of meetings which debated how to protect student mental health, what sort of examination system would break the public schools’ dominance of Oxford entrance, etc. I don’t recall her saying anything there, and certainly nothing of interest, in 2 years.

Author, David Renton: “I was educated at Eton College, which I loathed, where I became a supporter or member of successively the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Labour Party and ultimately the Socialist Workers Party. “

Oxford Socialist Worker Student Society is still going.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 6, 2022 at 10:33 am