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Alice Walker, David Icke and the “United National Anti-War Coalition.”

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Alice Walker Gets United National Anti-War Coalition Backing.

Novelist Alice Walker is in the news after being ‘disinvited’ to events, “The Pulitzer Prize winning author was disinvited to the Bay Area Book Festival for her endorsement of a controversial author (Note David Icke) , who espouses antisemitic conspiracy rhetoric.” Jonah Raskin.

Peter Herman in the Jewish Journal continues,

After the San Diego Community College District announced that Alice Walker would be the keynote speaker for the new Chancellor’s installation, protests immediately followed. Various Jewish organizations wrote in protest, and the San Diego Union Tribune reported on the ensuing controversy. At least two opinion pieces (here and here) came out against the invitation. 

The United National Anti-War Coalition is an American body, small in size but large in its pretentions, who are probably one of the best known examples of the anti-imperialism of fools roaring on the planet. To be more exact, they are “a “peace” coalition dominated by the Workers World Party.” The WWP traces its founding back to Sam Marcy, (Sam Ballan (1911 – February 1, 1998), the original Trotskyist turned campist. As he put it, “The contemporary epoch is also characterized by the transformation of the world class struggle into a struggle of the world working class, the oppressed countries, and the socialist countries against the imperialist bourgeoisie.” (Imperialism and the growth of opportunism.)

To get an idea of their politics you only have to see their statement in March on Ukraine,

The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) remains steadfast in its opposition to the United States/NATO imperialist project. The people of Ukraine are now suffering in a war zone because of the actions of the United States, beginning with the 2014 coup which violently ousted an elected president. The goal then as now was to use Ukraine as a weapon to target Russia militarily. We point out that the current conflict is not the first for Ukraine. More than 14,000 people living in the eastern Donbas region have died in an eight-year long war because they refused to accept the coup government imposed by the U.S.

They have now taken up this cause:

Stand with Alice Walker: Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism!

“As censorship is becoming the norm in the United States, Alice Walker, a human rights fighter, antiwar activist, feminist and world-renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple has been invited and then disinvited to the Bay Area Book Festival. This was done because her consistent stand in support of Palestinian rights. This they claim is anti-Semitism.

Speakers include

Alice Walker

Chris Hedges

Susan Abulhawa”

Alice Walker and the Price of Conscience. Chris Hedges.

Alice Walker was disinvited to the Bay Area Book Festival after Zionist groups threatened to carry out protests. The public and presenters are complicit in her blacklisting if they attend.

Walker, a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, has been a very public advocate for Palestinian rights and a critic of Israel for many years. Her friendship with Icke has long been part of the public record. She hid nothing. It is not as if the festival organizers suddenly discovered a dark secret about Walker. They sought to capitalize on her celebrity and then, when they felt the heat from the Israel lobby, capitulated to the mob to humiliate her.

Organizers of the festival attacked Walker for her poem “It is Our Frightful Duty.” They accuse Walker of channeling Icke’s alleged anti-Semitism into her writing, as if Walker is unable to think for herself. The attack on the poem, which is a gross misreading of its intent, exposes the lie that Walker’s position on Israel and Palestine had nothing to do with her being disinvited.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Walker has not only promoted Icke’s ideas widely on her own blog and in interviews, but they may have influenced her own writing,” the festival wrote in a statement. “

This Blog, no doubt many will disagree, was neither moved by Walker’s celebrated book, The Color Purple, which chronicles the struggle of several black women in rural Georgia in the first half of the twentieth century, nor can even remember much of the 1985 film made of it. It is, nevertheless, for a large number of people, a landmark.


Walker’s campaigning on the Palestine and Israel issue, and BDS, is her businesses.

But her admiration and promotion of David Icke – a far-right conspiracist close enough to us here to have organised a large public meeting in nearby Colchester and to have got involved in the nationally resonant anti-Vaxx anti-Lockdown movement in the UK – is of wider concern. Many people in Britain, including some I have come across who knew him in his Green Party days, do not just regard Icke as a lizard theorist nutter, and a ‘Covid Hoax’ confusionist but as full blown fascist. In this country admiring him would not just get you laughed at but shunned.

Here is the story,

Alice Walker, the beloved activist and author of The Color Purple, is under fire for promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Constance Grady. 2018.

Walker has flirted with anti-Semitism for years, but the public at large seemed to ignore it — until last weekend, when she took some time in her New York Times Book Review “By the Book” interview to admiringly shout out David Icke. Icke is best known for arguing that the world is run by a secret cabal of alien lizard people, many of whom are Jewish. While Walker has previously recommended Icke’s work on her blog, this is the first time her apparent affinity for him has gone quite so public. (Vox has reached out to Walker and Walker’s publisher, Atria, for comment.)

“In Icke’s books there is the whole of existence, on this planet and several others, to think about,” Walker said in the column, specifically noting And the Truth Shall Set You Free, in which Icke variously argues both that Jews funded the Holocaust and that maybe the Holocaust did not happen. Icke’s books, Walker says, are “a curious person’s dream come true.”

What The New Yorker Didn’t Say About a Famous Writer’s Anti-Semitism (29.4.2022.)

Why are Alice Walker’s vile beliefs about Jews treated so gently? Caitlin Flanagan

As my Atlantic colleague Yair Rosenberg has reported, since 2012 Walker has promoted the ideas of a repugnant person, David Icke, the author of a book called And the Truth Shall Set You Free. The book, Rosenberg writes, “mentions the word ‘Jewish’ 241 times and the name ‘Rothschild’ 374 times. These citations are not compliments.” Icke suggests that the Jewish people helped pay for the Holocaust themselves (if it even happened; he thinks schoolchildren should be encouraged to debate this). He says that the KKK is secretly Jewish, and he seems to be a big fan of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It continues,

As recently as 2018, Walker praised And the Truth Shall Set You Free, during an interview with The New York Times. “In Icke’s books,” she said, “there is the whole of existence, on this planet and several others, to think about. A curious person’s dream come true.” Who knows how many people she has introduced to this terrible thing.

Walker is a fierce critic of the state of Israel, and has refused to allow a Hebrew translation of The Color Purple. She has rejected charges of anti-Semitism as attempts to silence her support for the Palestinians, but the argument that Walker’s issue is only with the Israeli government, not with the Jewish people, is specious. In that poem, she describes the Palestinians as just the latest examples of the victims of an “ancient” evil perpetrated “with impunity, and without conscience, / By a Chosen people.” This is hate.

You can see why Workers World would like Icke..

Written by Andrew Coates

May 17, 2022 at 4:37 pm

Chris Williamson Goes Full Conspiracist.

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Britain’s Most Famous Vegan Goes Conspi.

Ex-MP Chris Williamson joins TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) hit the headlines last year. Williamson leads a micro-party called the Resistance Movement. This was hailed by the fearless journalists of the Canary as long ago as March 2021, “A movement has grown in the wake of the Labour Party’s ousting of an MP. Now, it’s on the verge of something big. Because it’s launched a grassroots-led group to make change happen from the bottom up. But it’s also already branched out into media, too. And it has its sights set on becoming a political party very soon.”

Williamson is also known for his friendship with George Galloway and bromance with Tony Greenstein.

Lately concern has grown amongst Williamson’s many friends on the left that he may be becoming obsessed with conspiracy theories.

“Conspiracy theories are often very difficult to dislodge: Some may contain grains of truth or feed an emotional need for believers. And hardcore believers are adept at rationalising away evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Eyewitnesses who dispute their conclusions are mistaken — or part of the conspiracy.”

That may be one take on conspiracy theories but it is hard to see any “grain of truth” in the recent tweets of Chris Williamson, leader of the so-called ‘Resistance’ movement.

“Psychologists usually attribute belief in conspiracy theories and finding a conspiracy where there is none to a number of psychopathological conditions such as paranoia,  narcissism  or to “illusory pattern perception“.

Now narcissism fits it…

Indeed, or this:

Written by Andrew Coates

April 5, 2022 at 1:41 pm

Weekly Worker Claims Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is CIA “useful Idiots”

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Paul Houston shines a light on the murky origins of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

The shadowy Weekly Worker whose leader, John Chamberlin was once a leading figure in the tankie New Communist Party, publishes this,

“…..pride of place must surely go to the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign. Affiliations include the train drivers’ union, Aslef, and the rump NUM, and there is also the Haldane Society of socialist lawyers. But the true political nature of the USC is exposed by support from outfits such as the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Anti-Capitalist Resistance, the Labour Representation Committee, the Scottish nationalist Emancipation and Liberation grouplet and Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (the latter being a split from the SWP which has clearly evolved far to the right). Despite proclaiming ‘Neither western imperialism nor Russian expansionism’ in fact the USC provides ‘left’ cover for supporting Zelensky’s regime and using Ukraine as a weapon to bring about regime change in Moscow and reduce Russia to a US neo-colony.

Moreover, for those comrades which felt they had been duped in the 1980s into working for an organisation funded by the CIA and which was actually headed by Ukrainian Nazis, questions still remain which are of more than historical interest. There is a continuum between these shadowy CIA fronts of the 1980s and the current USC. Chris Ford, the leading light and convenor of the USC, worked in the London office of these Ukrainian support groups in the late 1980s and, although he has denied the allegations about Nazi links, he has hardly been forthcoming about the CIA funding, let alone apologised about being one of the CIA’s many useful idiots.

Given the enthusiastic pro-Nato pronouncements of the USC’s most prominent cheermonger, Paul Mason, formerly of Workers Power, now New Statesman, the open social-imperialism of the AWL and the shady history of Chris Ford, one thing is abundantly clear. No one on the left should touch the USC with a barge pole. It is a toxic operation.

Thr murky funding of the CPGB (Provisional Central Committee) and its copyright of the Wurzels songs is well known, Lawrence Parker.

On 16 April 2002 the diary column of The Guardian newspaper featured this CPGB/Wurzels connection as ‘news’ although I suspect with its tongue firmly in its cheek. I can remember the editor of What Next? bemusedly informing me of this and congratulating me on my publicity acumen. He also wondered if I could do the same PR job for other choice items his journal was then running: a debate with members of the Trotskyist Unity Group on critical-realist philosophy and an article by Ian Birchall defending the SWP’s internal regime as the most enlightened thing since Bernard Manning on laxatives. I declined this exciting opportunity, but I remember thinking it had got a bit out of hand, particularly as I had two regional newspapers from the west of England (which is where The Wurzels originated) contacting me to check if the ‘story’ was true. Some of my friends in the CPGB-PCC also told me that similar inquiries were being made at the Weekly Worker HQ to the general bemusement of the party leadership.

This set the scene for comrade Fischer’s rather irritable response in a contemporary Weekly Worker article: “Opponents who try to smear our organisation over its source of finance reveal themselves first as little better than provocateurs (I exclude comrade Watson from this ­– he just isn’t very funny).” Eek. To be fair, the comrade has relented in subsequent years, referring to the episode as a “personal favourite” of his. I thought this tale was so ludicrous that it would kill the rumour mill about CPGB-PCC finance stone dead and by 2015 Fischer was indeed recording that the group got “far less of this sort of nonsense these days”.

Written by Andrew Coates

March 25, 2022 at 12:49 pm

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