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UFO Debate in the Weekly Worker Continues.

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Scientists identify 29 planets where aliens could observe Earth | Astronomy  | The Guardian

Aliens could be watching Earth from 29 nearby planets, scientists say

A new scientific report suggests that there are 29 planets in our cosmic neighbourhood where alien life could potentially see and hear evidence of humans on Earth, based on humanity’s own techniques for studying the universe.

The report was published Wednesday by two New York-based astronomers in the journal Nature, in an effort to narrow down our own search for alien life among the stars. It doesn’t attempt to prove that anyone is actually out there listening, or that they’d want to hear from us if they were. The report simply tries to determine where our most likely alien audiences would be.

Study identifies planets and star systems where alien life could be able to observe human activity on Earth

Pentagon UFO report: Here’s what we know

A highly anticipated US government report on UFOs (unidentified flying objects) is due to be released before the end of June. Here’s what we know so far.

The unclassified report was demanded by Congress after numerous reports from the US military of vehicles seen moving erratically in the sky.

It also follows a cultural shift that saw the US military and US political leadership go from extraterrestrial-sceptic to ET-curious.

But with little conclusive evidence expected to confirm any intergalactic visitations, it remains to be seen whether any earthling minds will change.

Military leaders warn that the technology, if not alien, may belong to US adversaries such as Russia or China.

Meanwhile rejecting the tradition of scientific Dialectical Materialism this idealist, a top Commentator in the Weekly Worker, says,

UFOs guff

Are other readers of the Weekly Worker not jolted to the bones, as certainly I am, by how letters as well as main articles recently have been devoted to such matters as UFOs, aliens, their ‘genetic engineering’ of homo sapiens, etc?

Do the generators of suchlike guff see no other priorities for consideration and development? In turn, does no comrade out there in the vast shit-heap that is the capitalist paradigm not ask themselves that simple but stark question of how the hell did scientific/dialectically materialist Marxism get to this? Equally so, how any amongst us holding this type of attitude is promptly shot down by the very same sterile and insulated hyper-intellectualism that generates such nonsense in the first place – needless to say, in that combination of self-mutilating and decadent manner. Nothing whatsoever of ‘virtue signalling’ is intended here, because, of course, we’re all in one boat when it comes to near-total isolation. And when ‘decadence’ is referenced that’s not in any horribly bourgeois moral sense, but purely insofar as decay is maybe the inevitable stage we’ve reached as a result of that isolation.

Bruno Kretzschmar

Some suggest that Cde Kretzshmar lacks the materialist approach to alien life, ” 2,000 stars where aliens would catch a glimpse of Earth. ” What this gentleman lacks is dialectics! “” All he ever sees is cause here, effect there. They do not at all see that this is a bare abstraction; that in the real world such metaphysical polar opposites exist only in crises; that the whole great process develops itself in the form of reciprocal action, to be sure of very unequal forces, in which the economic movement is far and away the strongest, most primary and decisive. They do not see that here nothing is absolute and everything relative. For them Hegel has never existed.”

Written by Andrew Coates

June 25, 2021 at 2:57 pm

Piers Corbyn is at it again.

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Piers Corbyn coronavirus stickers

Piers Corbyn: “ripping off posters on the Tube that remind people to wear masks and maintain social distancing measures.”

First there was this:

Then this:

Now this:

Piers Corbyn covid stickers

Piers Corbyn filmed participating in the most bizarre anti-lockdown protest yet

Anti-lockdown zealot, former London mayoral candidate and general crank Piers Corbyn has started a protest on the London underground and it’s pretty lacklustre.

In footage captured by his cronies, Corbyn was filmed ripping off posters on the Tube that remind people to wear masks and maintain social distancing measures. He was, of course, not wearing a mask or social distancing.

Here is the renegade former member of the International Marxist Group at it:

Count Binface responded.

A ,long time ago Corbyn was on the left:

Piers Corbyn interview: Soviets in Shropshire, termite wars, and Jeremy  Corbyn's real EU views


Greg Hands on Twitter: "This was totally irresponsible. More information  from @MPSHammFul on yesterday's Piers Corbyn led demo in Bishops Park,  Fulham. Wasting police time & resources so he can create a

Written by Andrew Coates

June 19, 2021 at 12:01 pm

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Piers Corbyn Leading Pro-Assange, Pro-Palestinian, and…Anti-Vaxx Squat in Oxford Street.

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May be an image of outdoors

Piers Corbyn. “They’re meddling with your DNA. They make people ill, they kill people in their thousands across Britain and Europe.”

This seems only now to have have been widely shared. Indeed apart from the Mail and the Express nobody ppears have paid much attention.

Piers Corbyn is SQUATTING in Oxford Street HMV: Anti-vax brother of former Labour leader unfurls Palestinian flag from window while holed-up in closed store – as police are ‘poised’ to raid.

The Mail.

  • Piers Corbyn was pictured waving a Palestinian flag inside Oxford Street’s HMV 
  • Piers, the brother of ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was also there last week 
  • He had been filmed shouting conspiracy theories through a megaphone 
  • Piers had said: ‘They’re meddling with your DNA. They make people ill, they kill people in their thousands across Britain and Europe… Don’t take these vaccines

Also seen at the HMV site was a Syrian flag (far right). Piers had been filmed shouting conspiracy theories through a megaphone.

There is also a North Korean Flag in the picture at the top (right hand corner).

Also seen at the HMV site was a Syrian flag (far right). Piers had been filmed shouting conspiracy theories through a megaphone during a demonstration on May 29, telling passersby: 'They're meddling with your DNA'


This mixture is political confusionnisme gone mad!

Written by Andrew Coates

June 9, 2021 at 4:56 pm