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Trump to Designate ‘Antifa’ a “Terrorist Organisation”. What *is* Antifa?

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Radical Left Rejects Trumps Wild Claims.


There are claims that the “radical left” is behind the unrest in the USA.

This has been the headline grabbing announcement.

The claims have got stronger as the day dawns.

They’ve already got around the world.

The New York Times reports just now,

Amid a rush to assign blame for violence and vandalism, accusations that extremists or outside agitators were behind the destruction ricocheted online and on the airwaves.


“..few of those pointing the finger at extremists presented much detailed evidence to support the accusations, and some officials conceded the lack of solid information.”

The NYT continues in this sceptical vein.

The point is best made here:


Spencer Sunshine is a highly respected activist and writer on the far right, with direct experience in the United States of confronting the alt-right, in its various radical forms.

Last year he wrote, after an earlier manufactured panic, the following article,

Antifa Panic

The United States is having its third wave of “Antifa panic” in as many years. Donald Trump’s 27 July tweet called for Antifa—short for antifascist activists—to be declared “a major Organization of Terror”.

Antifa is not an organisation at all, but a decentralised, leaderless movement that opposes fascism and the far-right. Although most of its work is legal and non-violent, the movement is best known for occasional street fights with extremists.

Recently in the US, Antifa has become a bogeyman among conservatives, like 1950s anti-Communism.

Numerous conspiracy theories have moved into the conservative mainstream and today Trump repeats propaganda that, until recently, could be only heard among neo-Nazis.

Spencer Sunshine

Spencer made this point, which is about as farseeing as you could possibly get:

These conspiracy theories include claims that Antifa was going to start a civil war; caused a train derailmentdesecrate graves, and inspired a mass shooter.

Antifa panic points out the European origins of the movement, outlines the development of the far-right, from the French nouvelle droite, identitarianism, and the way the groups were inspired by the German militant activists began by forming “crews” (as in the English expression) to fight Nazis at punk rock gigs in the 1980s.

In this millennium.

The new wave of Antifa was catalysed by a 20 January 2017 protest at Trump’s inaugural rally in Washington, DC.

Here, the traditional left-wing inauguration protest included a black bloc—a normal occurrence, comparable to European May Day rallies. But the black bloc was branded as “Antifa.”

Nearby, Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer was punched on camera, and the video went viral.

During this time, the Alt-Right turned from an internet phenomenon to a force capable of large street mobilisations. A series of clashes between far-right and radical left protestors kicked off around the country.

This continued through August 2017, when a fascist-led rally in Charlottesville, Virginia ended with a car attack on an Antifa march.

Antifa’s reputation has bounced up and down in the press. Praise after the inauguration protest was followed by disparagement, and post-Charlottesville adoration was followed by condemnation.

The current wave is the third round of mainstream attacks on Antifa.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the piece is the distinction between antifa and the Black Bloc.

This is important and illustrates the deliberate confusion between the two manufactured by Trump and his allies.

Yesterday this Blog posted on the strategies of the groups inspired by Lundi Matin, and their celebration of the violent “casseurs” during Gilets Jaunes marches. We suggested that some ‘autonomists may see in US violent protests, even pillaging, parallel revolutionary efforts.

It is equally the case that French anti-fascists, many of whom were amongst the first to point to the dubious tolerance by the Gilets Jaunes of far rightists and the equally tolerant stand of some of the present day followers of L’insurrection qui vient and conspiracy-mongering red-browners , make the same distinction.

Anifa is about being against the far right, not indulging in violent dreams of creating autonomous spaces that prefigure a revolution. 

Antifa, this US video points out, is not the Black Bloc.

The NYT also brings up the issue of far-right involvement,


Members of hate groups or far-right organizations filmed themselves, sometimes heavily armed or waving extremist symbols, at demonstrations in at least 20 cities in recent days, from Boston to Buffalo to Richmond, Va., to Dallas to Salem, Ore.

A common nickname for their anticipated second Civil War is the “boogaloo,” which sometimes gets mutated into the “Big Igloo” or the “Big Luau,” prompting its adherents to wear Hawaiian shirts. Many of them use Facebook to organize despite the company’s May 1 announcement that it would remove such content.

This Blog is no specialist on the US far right, but this does seem to resemble some of the lurid scenarios of their European counterparts. Guillaume Faye in particular his “, Why we Fight – manifesto of the European resistance (2011) and the (posthumous), Guerre civile raciale (2019) Faye was prone to predict wars between a variety of forces leading the great replacement’ and the indigenous Europeans. This “catastrophism” rather than the detail of Fayes prediction, seems to chime with the present alt-right mood.

Above all its the idea of creating “ethnospheres”, “groups of territories ruled by peoples who are ethnically related” that may be taking hold in these quarters. Faye is said to have had a real influence on the US far right (Key Thinkers of the Radical RightBehind the New Threat to Liberal Democracy. Edited by Mark Sedgwick. Oxford 2019).

The Red Brown Spiked site has already welcomed protests against lby the far-right Spanish Vox party:

Spain is in revolt against the lockdown

Over a million fines have been handed out against lockdown rule-breakers. This dissent is welcome.

 On 23 May, tens of thousands of people, in over 50 towns and city centres across Spain, took to their cars to protest at the PSOE / Unidas Podemos government’s handling of the corona crisis. Madrid, Barcelona, Cadiz, Cordoba, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Pamplona, Sevilla, Valladolid, Valencia, Zaragoza and others, which have been ghostly quiet for weeks, came momentarily back to life. The caravana protest was called by Vox, the right-wing populist party.

It will be interesting to see how UK red-brown supporters react to the US unrest, something about which Spiked is uncharacteristically quiet.


Written by Andrew Coates

June 1, 2020 at 10:33 am

Factionalism in the Time of Coronavirus, Part 6: Workers Revolutionary Party Predicted UK Police State (1980, from onwards)

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No photo description available.

WRP predicted Tory Coup back in the 1980s! (@M.Ezra Archives).

No photo description available.

There has been much talk of ‘Nostradamus’ Dominic Cummings and his ability to predict the future of pandemics.

But the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) has a better, and proven, track record of clairvoyance.

In the early 1980s the industrial dispute in Britain’s coal fields saw the WRP work out the implications of the threat a military dictatorship posed for the working class and labour movement,

The beginning of the miners’ strike coincided with the Thatcher government’s banning of unions at GCHQ. This, and the massive police operation directed at picketing miners, was taken by the WRP as evidence that ‘the traditional system of capitalist rule through parliamentary democracy is a thing of the past. In its place is Bonapartism – a regime of crisis relying on the armed national police force, directly confronting the organised working class on the streets’.16

The WRP insisted that the miners’ strike could not be won outside the struggle for power, and that if the miners were defeated Thatcher would impose a police-military dictatorship. ‘If we don’t take the power we will have fascism’, Healy declared in February 1985, on the eve of the strike’s collapse. ‘Make no mistake, if we don’t do it, there will be fascism.

The Rise and Fall of Gerry Healy. Bob Pitt. Chapter 10.

This menace has not gone away.

In 2014 the WRP again saw a UK Police State in the making:

May Launches Tory Police State (1st October 2014)

TORY Home Secretary May’s plans to ban democratic rights, that she proposed to the Tory party conference yesterday, was condemned as ‘worthy of a caliphate’ by civil rights group.
2019 saw renewed concerns,

Anti-Brexit coup under way – ‘Country before Party’ means bringing in military police state!

This foresight has now shown its value.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has proved, WRP stalwarts assert, the worth of their farsighted analysis.
There is a clear answer:

The unions must immediately organise a general strike to bring them down and go forward to a workers government that will nationalise the banks and major industries under workers management and bring in a socialist planned economy.

Socialist revolution is the only way forward today.

Gilets Jaunes Return Ready to Launch New Protests.

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France today will reach a new stage in relaxing some of its stricter lockdown rules- a move, which started on the 11th of May,  described as “Déconfinement”.

France Inter reports this morning that there are calls today, Saturday, in Paris, Toulouse and elsewhere, for the Gilets Jaunes to begin their demonstrations again.

The right to protest, in large groups (note no social distancing in picture), against “Macron’s” rule, is seen by some as a democratic demand.

Some marches, such as one in Rouen, have already been banned. For the moment reports indicate they will not defy this decision. For the moment.

British supporters of the ‘Yellow Jackets’ will perhaps find themselves in a quandary: will the back breaking social distancing (“distanciation sociale”),  in France (even the rule which now stands at 1 metre) while calling for it in the UK?




To many people these protests, whatever their justified dislike of Macron, look more like the actions of the rabble backing Donald Trump than left wing activities.



Seine-Maritime : une trentaine de « gilets jaunes » délogés par les forces de l’ordre près de Rouen 


Some are asking if they will return to there little folklorique camps on roundabouts.


Written by Andrew Coates

May 16, 2020 at 7:57 am

Coatesy is back!

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The Labour leadership election showed that hundreds of years of deep Pabloite liquidationist entryism have paid off.

Weeks training at a secret Ipswich allotment location, living on dandelion salad, nettle soup and Co-op 99 tea have toughed Cde Coatesy.

Coatesy is back.


Absolute love to all slogging their guts out for us all, too the friends,mates and Cds.


Coatesy is back.

These tossers (this tweet got 17 likes for hell’s sake, 17 too many and a full 16 talked about it!) are still around.


Now to get used to a lap-top…

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May 14, 2020 at 5:30 pm

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Skwawkbox Spreads Panic on Coronavirus, “Johnson’s aim is to allow the virus to spread until at least 90% of the UK’s population has been infected – which will involve a huge death toll.”

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Fake News Site Says, “Johnson’s aim is to allow the virus to spread until at least 90% of the UK’s population has been infected – which will involve a huge death toll.”



Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ plan appears to mean a decision by the Tory government to stand back while – in the most optimistic scenario – hundreds of thousands of our people die.

To Johnson, Cummings and their fellow fans of eugenics, that might just mean ‘the herd’. But to you and me, that’s our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues – if we’re lucky enough to survive their plan ourselves.

The people the government says its first duty is to protect – and under that kind of a government, there is no reason at all for such optimism.

Postscript: Johnson’s refusal this afternoon to close schools, when Ireland will do so from tomorrow, is entirely in line with his ‘plan’.

Conspis are already commenting on the site,

Johnson, Cummings and the string pullers are revealing their true nature. What a tragedy that the ” moderates, centrists” Blairites, Labour first, Starmer, Thornberry et al all have played a part in these hideous people having the levers of power.


Bet those pensioners that selfishly voted Tory didn’t realise they were volunteering for a far right eugenics experiment with them as the guinea pigs.
Bet they are foaming at the mouth over their Daily Bile.

Not too long ago Swawkbox restricted itself to publishing stories attacking Keir Starmer, and Lisa Nandy , giving a platform to poor old  Richard Burgon, “by far the outstanding candidate in that contest”,  and this kind of piece,



Now it’s a return to the old days with scaremongering to the fore: endless stories about Coronavirus.

What old days?



And this, also in 2017.

On 16 June, in an article headed “Video: Govt puts ‘D-notice’ gag on real #Grenfell death toll #nationalsecurity”, Skwawkbox took up the claim made by grime MC Saskilla on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme that the number of victims in the Grenfell Tower fire was far greater than had yet been officially admitted, with as many as 200 people having died.

Skwawkbox used this claim to give credence to rumours that the government was engaged in an attempt to prevent the media reporting the true extent of the disaster: “At the same time, multiple sources told the SKWAWKBOX that the government has placed a ‘D-notice’ (sometimes called a ‘DA Notice’) on the real number of deaths in the blaze.”

This was followed by a screenshot of an entry from Wikipedia, which defined a DA-Notice as “an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security”. The Skwawkbox article then continued: “In effect, although voluntary, this amounts to a gag on the mainstream media — and note that it is applied for for reasons of national security only.”.


Faced with the collapse of its story, Skwawkbox was forced to back off and post a grudging retraction: “EDIT: the SKWAWKBOX is now satisfied that no D-notice was issued. No plain answer to this blog’s question of other restrictions on information about lives lost at Grenfell has yet been provided, but a ‘D-notice’ (or DSMA-notice as they are now termed) was not.”

Did Skwawkbox apologise for getting the story wrong and offer assurances that there would be no repetition of this stupid and provocative reporting? You must be joking. Instead, Skwawkbox’s proprietor was stung by the well-deserved criticism of his article into posting an indignant defence of his shoddy journalistic methods. In a quite astonishing display of chutzpah, he declared that he himself had been the victim of “fake news”!

Written by Andrew Coates

March 12, 2020 at 6:27 pm

Galloway Launches Workers Party of Britain in Birmingham Mass Meeting.

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Image result for workers party of britain birmham rally"

It’s off!

Birmingham yesterday saw the launch rally of an exciting new party that will shake the boots of the bourgeoisie and EU elites!

In a hall packed out with all the supporters they could muster, the twinkle-eyed man in the Fedora addressed the crowds who thoughtfully left many seats vacant for late-comers.

Ignore the empty chairs!

The Red Brown Front is growing as Galloway retweets this cutting edge put-down of Wokedom.

Galloway may no longer get the rave reviews from old friends  Counterfire and Socialist Worker but he has a new ally in the Daily Express.

George Galloway brilliantly explains why Brexit is ‘beginning of the end’ for ‘fading EU’

See more of the historic public launch of the Workers Party of Britain. Delegates from across the country discuss policy and the future for a real workers movement in Britain!

It’s already getting rave reviews!

Being a Tory most of my life I am pleasantly surprised that I agree with everything this party stands for. It’s time to unite the left and the right in this country.
When I joined the Labour party in 1984. The party represented men in donkey jackets and steel toe capped boot’s. Today’s Labour party represents men in high heels and a floral print dress.

As Labour Leadership Contest Hots up Labour Representation Committee goes into Political Wilderness of Posting anti-Semites.

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Left wing breaks up after anti-Semitic Scandal 

It is comrade Steve Cook who first signaled  this:


No photo description available.

It was bad enough with the previous rubbish with Jackie  Walker and their support for Chris Williamson,

Now nobody is going to take anything they say seriously.

Written by Andrew Coates

January 6, 2020 at 12:01 pm