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Woman who claimed Grenfell Tower victims ‘burned alive in Jewish sacrifice’ convicted.

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Grenfell conspiracy theorist guilty of race hate | News | The Times

Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaccine campaigner, was among demonstrators who protested outside the Old Bailey to support Ahmed.”

From DW.

A Woman who claimed Grenfell Tower victims ‘burned alive in Jewish sacrifice’ convicted


A woman who claimed that Grenfell Tower victims were “burned alive in a Jewish sacrifice” has been convicted of stirring up race hate.

Tahra Ahmed, 51, of Lansdowne Road, Haringey, (note, Ham and High says Muswell Hill) was found guilty on Friday at the Old Bailey of two counts of stirring up racial hatred by posting the antisemitic material on her personal Facebook page.

In one post, in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, she stated that Jewish people were “behind ritual torture” and “the murder of children”.

In another, posted four days after the devastating tragedy which claimed the lives of 72 people, she said “people trapped in the inferno were burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice.”

The Times adds,

Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaccine campaigner, was among demonstrators who protested outside the Old Bailey to support Ahmed. He expressed concern to The Times over what he said was the unacceptably violent nature of her arrest.


In a Methodist church overshadowed by the husk of Grenfell Tower, one voice rang out clearly among the pews filled with grim, shocked relatives and neighbours. Ahmed presented herself as a volunteer working with bereaved families as she stood to address a public meeting in the aftermath of the fire that killed 72 people.

An investigation by The Times would eventually unmask her as the leading British proponent of the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was faked by Jews and show that she was spreading the same lies about the cause of the tower block disaster.

That evening in the summer of 2017, though, Ahmed was highly eloquent and appeared so well embedded in the community of victims that journalists approached her after the meeting to find out more.


Written by Andrew Coates

January 15, 2022 at 2:34 pm

Éric Zemmour and Fascism.

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Meeting d'Eric Zemmour : Le groupuscule d'ultradroite « les Zouaves »  pourrait être dissous

 Les Zouaves, Far Right Thugs Backing Zemmour.

One of the features of Éric Zemmour’s candidacy for the Presidential election has been the entry in force of the different factions of the French far-right behind his campaign. For many this illustrates that there is cross-over between his national populism and fascism. That while not backed up by a totalitarian mass party Zemmour and his ideas are part of the “fachosphère.”

A few voices disagree. They say that the polemicist is a “creature of the Establishment” and that “Zemmour indeed sounds like a fascist and has the ideas of a fascist (De quoi Zemmour est-il le symptôme morbide ? Ugo Palheta) but unlike his electoral opponent Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally party, he has no direct link with the French fascist tradition” (Éric Zemmour is no fascist – he’s the creature of the French establishment). Not only does he not come, as Marine Le Pen does , from a venerable extreme-right lineage but Philippe Marlière claims that the candidate embodies the “universalism” of the French republican tradition that the upper crust holds to. This is one whose claims to colour-blindness and globally valid values, liberty equality and fraternity, are a Smoke scéen to squash ethic differences and act as a cover for discrimination. More. The Open Democracy contributor claims that ” a racist like Zemmour can find in assimilationist republicanism a handy tool to exercise his hatred of Muslims and foreigners.”

There is a place for discussion about what has been called a Particularity (French Republicanism) that claims to be a Universalism. There is a debate about how French culture has become dominated by a series of reactionary ideas, both traditional – and confusionist mixtures of red and brown, paralleling the British Spiked – as advanced in the stimulating, Comment sommes-nous devenus réacs. by Frédérique Matonti. 2021. An calling Zemmour part of the Establishment is itself ambiguous. If his background lies in the elite, he has attracted prominent support from those on the periphery, including Gilets Jaunes such as  Jacline Mouraud, the protest movement many of Marlière’s friends on the French radical left welcomed at at one point.

A more thorny issue about what the London based academic asserts about Zemmour’s Jewish heritage, “In fact, Zemmour acts like a typical ‘French Israelite’; an expression that encapsulates Jewishness as a religion, not as a broader cultural identity.” One leaves it to others to discuss this in depth but while there is little doubt that the candidate uses his own take on assimilation to attack Muslims it is far from clear how “typical” this is of “French Israelites”.

The Open Democracy polemic misses a more important point. Zemmour is not located within any form of mainstream ‘establishment’ republicanism: his ‘questions’ about the innocence of Dreyfus, his defence of Vichy – the executioner of the 3rd Republic – rule that out. Bringing the issue of republican universalism when we try to get to grips with the leader of his own party, La Reconquête, (a pre-republic name if ever there was one) obscures the nature of his debt to the anti-Enlightenment anti-French Revolution tradition.

Zemmour draws on central themes of the classic French extreme right. They include an appeal to ideas about the importance of what can be called La Terre and Les Morts (the Soil and the Dead). The threat posed by the Grand Replacement, immigration, indicates a bond to an old tradition of the far-right. This is associated not just with the author of that phrase, Maurice Barrès but to the founder of Action française, Charles Maurras and his loathing of a “la France métissée“, racial mixing. Maurras was the most explicit opponent of the republic you could possibly imagine. Action française called the Republic and Marianne La Gueuse (the harlot). Their leader was a ‘Monarchist’ (the inverted commas indicate the lack of a serious possibility in the 20th century of restoring the French Monarchy) who ended up collaborating with the Nazi occupation.

Zemmour in his most recent book, La France n’ pas dit son dernier mot (2021), traces his idea of a heroic French nation back to the early mediaeval Merovingian kings. A few years before he stated that, “Ignoring the lessons of the past and forgetting the virtues of its history, France is wrecking its state in the name of human rights and the unity of its people in the name of universalism.” («Ignorant les leçons du passé et oubliant les vertus de son histoire, la France saborde son état au nom des droits de l’homme et l’unité de son peuple au nom de l’universalisme.» Charles Zemmour et Eric Maurras, a title chosen by Libération no doubt to illustrate the two figures similarity). This is about as far from “republican universalism” as you could possibly get.

Zemmour is, many political commentators and analysts agree, not just a product of moral panic, and a shift to the right in French politics, important though that is. How can we explain his arrival ?

The Contretemps article by Ugo Palheta Marlière uses as the basis of his Open Democracy piece goes so far as suggest that the French bourgeoisie in some senses “needs” his ilk to keep the political show going, helping to ward off any real challenge to the system. In this way Zemmour is the creation of these power engaged in “la fabrication du personnage médiatique. Why? For Palheta he represents for fractions of the bourgeoisie “une possible solution de rechange” (an convenient alternative). It seems that the bosses look for a variety of agents capable of defending the social order by any means necessary (“une variété d’agents capables de défendre l’ordre social et de favoriser l’accumulation du capital, par tous les moyens nécessaires.”) They use people who appear independent, untainted with association with the discredited existing parties to keep capital accumulation working by any means necessary. Enter the first Presidential campaign of Macron. Enter Zemmour in this campaign also supported by a layer of top Bosses and welding neo-liberal economics, scapegoating Muslims, and a “ backlash idéologique anti-égalitaire.”

All of which, Palheta claims, is needed to fight some large anti-racist demonstrations, and powerful “mobilisations féministes.” The Lille University academic is a member of the Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste and the Fourth International.

The right wing shift in public opinion in France has many causes, but accounting for it in terms of the media, intellectuals, and their relationship to well-financed operations by the wealthy is not a fruitful avenue. Deep changes, such as de- industrialisation, and the fall of Official Communism, have weakened the core voting bloc of the left. Post-post-Fordism, the kind of society portrayed in novels like Leurs enfants après eux (2018) by Nicolas Mathieu and autobiographical studies like Retour à Reims (2011) by Didier Eribon grapple better with the terrain on which the far right has flourished than accounts of the doings of media empires or national politics.

The fact that Zemmour is, as Marlière has pointed out before, adept at communication techniques ( which one might call “rompu à l’exercice médiatique” masks the fact that people have to be willing to listen to this message in the first place. Zemmour scores highly on issues of immigration (38%) , and nearly the same percentage (37% on ‘insecurity’, not feeling safe, worries about crime and precarious living conditions (France Info. 9.12.21). Both suggest that structural mechanisms of solidarity are not working, not that everybody is frightened by what they see mispresented in the right-wing media.

The operations of the business sector equally cannot account for the way the less well-endowed far-right is able to autonomously create its own movements in favourable conditions. Or the way reactionary ideas can be generated without support from Grand Capital. Zemmour has attracted active support from the far-right who are said to have a big presence in Génération Zemmour and no doubt in the new party La Reconquête. These include the micro-party La Ligue de Sud, to groupuscules, such as the present-day Action française, and even more extreme bodies such as La Famille gallicane, Génération Z, Les Vilains Fachos (LVF the same acronym used for French volunteer fighters for Nazi Germany), (Dans l’orbite d’Eric Zemmour, une nébuleuse de groupuscules violents d’ultradroite). All of these groups have their own structures and ideas that are hard to trace to the manipulations of capitalists manufacturing media personalities. This will have to be a fundamental part of any explanation of Zemmour’s appeal along with a more intricate description of his media and political network than the one offered in the tale about his “establishment” background.

More on the far-right (4,770 members) youth movement set up to back Zemmour:

Then there are these thugs, who are the present day form of a notorious far-right student squad, Groupe union défense (GUD):

Eric Zemmour in Villepinte: what the images show of the violence at his meeting

Le Monde. 11.12.21.

Analysis of photos and videos of the candidate’s meeting confirms that the Zouaves Paris, a violent group, played a central role throughout the day.

The article demonstrates in depth the key role of the Zouaves. The groupuscule is named after French light infantry units belonging to the African Army, ” associated with the image of the battles of the Second Empire.

To the best of one’s knowledge the ‘universalist republicans’ opposed the Second Empire of  Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, even if only a small radical cohort amongst them opposed French colonialisation in the early years of the 3rd Republic…

Oh, and Zemmour’s poll support has not stopped getting lower: he is now down to 12 % (from a high at 17%).

Written by Andrew Coates

December 11, 2021 at 3:31 pm

Tony Greenstein’s ‘Crowd Funder’ Closed. He Alleges ‘Zionist Pressure’ At Work.

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Bankrupt Crowd-Funding to Publish “a Very Special Book”.

The Zionist Bookburners Get to Work as My Crowdfunder Gets Taken Down

The Sprucest Man on the Brighton Promenade has a little teaser for us to solve:

“First a riddle. What is the difference between Joseph Goebbels and the Zionist Lobby? Answer: Goebbels burnt books after they were printed.  The Zionists try to burn the books before they are printed.”

He continues,

“The decision by Crowdfunder on Tuesday to cancel my appeal was not only predictable but I predicted it.

Hello Tony,

Your project on Crowdfunder has been flagged as breaching our guidelines. Upon review our team has confirmed that based on the information available the project is in contravention of Crowdfunder’s terms of use.

Unfortunately this means we must now close this project, refunding any pledges back to the supporters. We hope you understand that we have a duty to uphold our Terms of Use and guidelines, in the best interest of the Crowdfunder community.

Greenstein notes,

As George Orwell observed:

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

The exact same thing happened to Hannah Arendt, the greatest political scientist of the last century, when she published her book Eichmann in Jerusalem

“If you want to help defeat the Zionist Censorship Machine please donate in any one of the following ways”:

1.              You can send a cheque made out to XXXXXXX (redacted) to me at PO Box 173, Brighton BN51 9EZ

2.              You can send a donation to (Reducated).

3. Put Used Notes in a Paper Bag and Give to ‘Honest Arthur’ @ Hole in the Wall. Brighton.

Whether or not this is all true, who knows. It does seem odd that a man who has been declared bankrupt by the Courts only a few months ago is asking for money for a new project…..

One awaits support from Chris Williamson (who has yet to tweet on this) and comment from Greenstein’s one-time prime outlet, the Weekly Worker.

This is only the latest hiccup in Greenstein’s career.

Only a few days ago.

Breaking, Exclusive to the Weekly Worker:

“Joseph Goebbels: has LPM really adopted the same tactic as the chief Nazi propagandist?” (Caption in the Weekly Worker above the article below)

Not a liquidation?

“Abandoning any pretence of class politics, Tony Greenstein defends what he calls the ‘merger’ of LAW and LIEN and advocates yet another ‘transitional’ halfway-house broad front.” (Headline, perhaps not the one of Greenstein’s choice).

The successor to Hannah Arendt and George Orwell, Tony Greenstein, writes:

“Goebbels is reputed to have said that, the bigger the lie and the more often it is repeated, the greater the chance that it will be believed.1 It seems that those who have taken up arms against the merger of Labour Against the Witchhunt and the Labour In Exile Network have adopted the same tactics.”

Written by Andrew Coates

December 9, 2021 at 3:11 pm