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Twitter Goes “Ann Frank had White Privilege.”

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No the Tendance is not going Pascal Bruckner (Le Sanglot de l’homme blanc. 1983) and whingeing about the left revelling in self-hatred and guilt. Most people when they see this would have got the impression it was a joke, or at best a row launched by privileged Americans. It turns out that while the last point is true, the debate is real. But Brucker is wrong, La Tyrannie de la Pénitence (2006) talks of people demanding “écoute ma souffrance” (listen to my suffering), alt-right Douglas Murray, talking about something he calls Critical Race Theory, and the War on the West, and targeting White Civilisation (The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason, 2022).

The Twitter discourse is “shut up about your suffering”. One of the greatest inditements of the West,  The Diary of a Young Girl, read by many in early teens, the experience of Anne Frank, is attacked by those with enough material advantages to be writing Tweets.

Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had ‘white privilege’

Written by Andrew Coates

July 11, 2022 at 12:08 pm

Chris Williamson labelled by Twitter as “Iran state-affiliated media.”

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Former UK MP and Host of Press TV’s Palestine Declassified Chris Williamson.

For the last few years Chris Williamson has posed a champion of the left. He even set up his own micro-party,  RESISTMovement for a People’s Party (trademarked no less, “based on Festival of Resistance Ltd, the RESIST: Movement for a People’s Party trademark is used in the following business: Political advice; Political advisory services; Political information services; Political lobbying services; Political research and analysis; Political services; Organisation of political meetings. .”). Little has been heard of this movement, whose main attempt at “political meetings” was a venture into a national festival as sad and sparse as a plate of the celebrated Vegan’s left-overs.

Yet all is not going too badly.

The anti-Labour alt-news site Skwawkbox carried a puff piece for the alliance Williamson is involved in.

Rebuilding socialism outside of Labour Phil Bevin (described as former ‘Corbyn LOTO Staffer’: Note: Phil Bevin was a 2022 Workers Party of Britain candidate in Brandwood & King’s Heath in the Birmingham local election. They received 111 votes.)

Now this type has written this:

new shoots of change are growing. An informal coalition is building around the RMT Union via the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and collaborating groups. TUSC links together the RMT, Socialist Party and Resist. In recent weeks, the Workers’ Party of Britain (aka: George Galloway’s red-brown front with the CPGB (Marxist-Leninist)) has also gained observer status with TUSC. This grouping may presently represent the best hope of a political movement that may one day rival Labour. 

The comrade of small businessman Steve Walker gives vent to this interesting speculation,

through informal relationships, initially tentative ties between a Peace and Justice Party, TUSC and other groups may grow into a powerful electoral alliance.

The Grayzone’s revelation of Paul Mason’s alleged email correspondence with an MI6 agent appears to show the former journalist and would-be Labour MP raising fears about the emergence of an anti-imperialist left outside of Labour. The establishment should be worried, because it is from a loose alliance of anti-imperialist groups, as described in this article, that a meaningful challenge to the status quo will emerge.  

Bevin has, to put it mildly, a ‘thing’ about some issues, “the 2018 “antisemitism crisis”, when the left capitulated to the right’s demands that the party adopt the deeply flawed IHRA definition of antisemitism, leading to a campaign, which activists justifiably describe as “the witch hunt”.”

He has a lot of other ‘theories’,

Just this week, the Grayzone published a report alleging “a plot by pro-Leave elites to sabotage Theresa May’s Brexit deal, infiltrate government, spy on campaign groups, and replace May with Boris Johnson”, which was in play as early as 2018. Former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove, whom emails revealed to have been involved, apparently believed Johnson represented the best chance of “seeing off” Corbyn and “accommodating the Farage Threat.”

The forces working behind the scenes in the pro-Leave camp apparently saw ousting May and a hard Brexit delivered by a Johnson premiership as key to defeating Corbyn. 

It looks as if another chap with lots of theories in this vein is in the line of fire:

This is the duo worrying the ‘Establishment’….

Written by Andrew Coates

June 25, 2022 at 4:11 pm

Woman who claimed Grenfell Tower victims ‘burned alive in Jewish sacrifice’ convicted.

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Grenfell conspiracy theorist guilty of race hate | News | The Times

Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaccine campaigner, was among demonstrators who protested outside the Old Bailey to support Ahmed.”

From DW.

A Woman who claimed Grenfell Tower victims ‘burned alive in Jewish sacrifice’ convicted


A woman who claimed that Grenfell Tower victims were “burned alive in a Jewish sacrifice” has been convicted of stirring up race hate.

Tahra Ahmed, 51, of Lansdowne Road, Haringey, (note, Ham and High says Muswell Hill) was found guilty on Friday at the Old Bailey of two counts of stirring up racial hatred by posting the antisemitic material on her personal Facebook page.

In one post, in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, she stated that Jewish people were “behind ritual torture” and “the murder of children”.

In another, posted four days after the devastating tragedy which claimed the lives of 72 people, she said “people trapped in the inferno were burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice.”

The Times adds,

Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaccine campaigner, was among demonstrators who protested outside the Old Bailey to support Ahmed. He expressed concern to The Times over what he said was the unacceptably violent nature of her arrest.


In a Methodist church overshadowed by the husk of Grenfell Tower, one voice rang out clearly among the pews filled with grim, shocked relatives and neighbours. Ahmed presented herself as a volunteer working with bereaved families as she stood to address a public meeting in the aftermath of the fire that killed 72 people.

An investigation by The Times would eventually unmask her as the leading British proponent of the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was faked by Jews and show that she was spreading the same lies about the cause of the tower block disaster.

That evening in the summer of 2017, though, Ahmed was highly eloquent and appeared so well embedded in the community of victims that journalists approached her after the meeting to find out more.


Written by Andrew Coates

January 15, 2022 at 2:34 pm