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Asa Winstanley on ‘Fabricated’ ‘Disinformation’ Claiming Chinese State Persecution of Uighurs.

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Can you trust a Word this Man Says?


Asa Winstanley is a journalist, a self-styled ‘investigative journalist to boot.

You can read his material on his Blog:  my latest articles here. “Most of my work is published at The Electronic Intifada.”

He has become known for this story,

Asa Winstanley is an investigative journalist and associate editor at the Electronic Intifada. On Tuesday 19 January, he broke a story about Keir Starmer’s Labour Party hiring an ex-spy.

The ‘Canary’. 

He’s a favourite with other ‘alt’ news sites.

This gives a flavour of his investigations:

The views Ash Winstanley expressed on the Chinese state persecution of the Uighurs are deeply offensive.

This is what the left is saying:


How the Left Can Oppose the Uyghur Genocide

Rebecca Ruth Gould


How the International Left Can Support the Uyghur People


There is much that activists concerned with human rights violations can do to compel their states to take action. First, by lobbying our elected officials, we can pressure the states of which we are citizens to implement Magnitsky-style sanctions that target specific individuals—for example, Communist Party leaders in Xinjiang and administrators of the detention camps—implicated in the Uyghur cultural genocide.

The suffering of China’s Muslims may seem distant to many activists in North America and Europe. This assumption of distance is grounded in an illusion, however. Every time we turn our computer on, buy a new shirt from the Gap, or add tomato paste to our pasta sauce, we are potentially complicit in the detention, torture, and rape of Uyghurs and the slow extermination of their culture. The fact that our governments prefer to look the other way as China seeks to eradicate and coercively assimilate their largest Muslim population does not absolve us of our duty to resist. If the erasure of a minority community were taking place in our neighbourhoods and communities, what would we do? This is happening to the Uyghurs of China every day, and it is an atrocity we cannot afford to ignore.

When it comes to the oppression of minority populations, geographic distances have a way of shrinking much faster than we expect. The surveillance apparatus that China has developed for monitoring and persecuting its Uyghur population involves technologies such as facial recognition that have captured the interest of U.S. corporations as well. Ironically, this surveillance apparatus has been built with the help of U.S. behemoths such as IBM and Google. State surveillance is big business, after all. As journalist Ross Andersen has suggested, “Once Xi perfects this system in Xinjiang… [H]e could also export it beyond the country’s borders, entrenching the power of a whole generation of autocrats.” The recent $400 billion deal between China and the authoritarian Islamic Republic of Iran, which commits the two countries to close strategic and economic cooperation for the next 25 years, should be viewed in this light.


No democrat or internationalist should touch Ash Winstanley with a barge-pole.





Written by Andrew Coates

January 22, 2021 at 6:28 pm