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Socialist Workers Party (US) “anti-scientific thought police try to erase the existence of women” by recognising Transgender rights.

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SWP (US) World’s Oldest Trotskyist Party Goes Confusionist.

The US left is now having its own ‘Spiked’ Moment.

Don’t say ‘mother’! Speech code is blow to fight for women’s rights

Liberal social engineers are striking blows to women’s rights as they push laws and regulations that eliminate the word “mother.” This is the latest front in their drive to deny women’s oppression under capitalist rule and to hide the long struggle for women’s equality that has made gains and strengthened the working class.


Manchester University in the U.K. announced March 6 new guidelines that replace the words “mother” and “father” with the “gender-neutral” terms “parent” or “guardian.” And Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust has new guidelines that replace the term “breastfeeding” with “chestfeeding.”

All of this is bad for the working class.

A friend of mine who went for prenatal care was referred to by a medical professional as a “pregnant person,” because a transgender “man” can have a baby. At a public forum in Louisville, Kentucky, on a woman’s right to abortion one of the invited speakers lectured participants that we should say “a person’s right to abortion” for the same reason.

Some good news: female human beings give birth to 385,000 babies in the world each day. That’s how the human race continues to exist. If a few of the mothers don’t identify as women, that’s their prerogative and they shouldn’t face discrimination, but it doesn’t change reality.

Campaigning broadly among working people, Socialist Workers Party candidates find a welcome response to our program, which starts from the capacities of working people to join together to change our conditions and to advance our self-confidence and class consciousness— the opposite of identity politics. A good reason to join the SWP campaigns!

Brendan could not have said it more clearly.

Now it obvious that the Tendance, which comes from the ‘Paboite tradition loathes the US SWP from the depth of our being, but even so, we are shocked.

This was the founder of their Party, James P. Cannon.

They asked, “What have you against him?”

I said, “He wears a corduroy suit up and down Greenwich Village, with a trick mustache and long hair. There is something wrong with this guy.”

I wasn’t making a joke, either. I said, people of this type are not going to be suitable for approaching the ordinary American worker. They are going to mark our organization as something freakish, abnormal, exotic; something that has nothing to do with the normal life of the American worker. I was dead right in general, and in this mentioned case in particular. Our corduroy-suit lad, after making all kinds of trouble in the organization, eventually became an Oehlerite.

The Dog Days of the Left Opposition. 1994.

Update: Background to the Present Evolution of the SWP:

Balance Sheet on the Socialist Workers Party (U.S.A.)

Adopted by the Fourth Internationalist Tendency National Conference, September 2, 1990.

Our platform briefly described the programmatic revisionism of the Barnes leadership on five crucial questions: the application of the theory of permanent revolution; political revolution in the deformed and degenerated workers’ states; the recognition of the interdependence of the three sectors of the world revolution; the application of the transitional method and the united front to the class struggle in this country; and, “defense of workers’ democracy as a necessary basis for the functioning of the working class movement in general, and of the Leninist party in particular.”

The death agony of the Socialist Workers Party. Louis Project. 2017.

In the recent past, there have been such shocking developments with this sect-cult of probably around a hundred members with an average age of 55 or so that I have decided to file this report. I don’t think there is much point in trying to connect its paroxysms with the tasks facing the left today except maybe to indicate that “Leninism” can produce some remarkable pathologies.

How an organisation becomes a cult

Barry Sheppard’s The Socialist Workers Party 1960-88 (Volume 2: Interregnum, Decline and Collapse, 1973-88) reviewed by Patrick Scott.

To briefly summarise Volume 1, dealing with the 1960s and early 1970s. Amongst many things Sheppard takes us through the Cuban revolution, the black civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the growth of the women’s and lesbian and gay movements. The US SWP certainly did not get everything right in this period. But it was definitely a revolutionary organisation that actively intervened in a broadly positive way into the class struggle and the major political and social movements that arose though struggle. At the time the party was also the largest revolutionary organisation on the US left with well over a thousand members. How therefore can we square this with the burnt out shell of a sect that the US SWP and its satellite organisations (sometimes referred to as the Pathfinder Tendency) have become today?

Written by Andrew Coates

April 12, 2021 at 8:23 pm

Labour in Exile Network Forms ‘Ghost’ Party.

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Tina Werkmann expands her fronts: In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie…

Tina Werkmann is a busy bee. She has a leading position in every one of the above groups. The former stalwart cadre of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee), Weekly Worker, has a new initiative. A ghost Labour Party. Most people think she is a well-liked person and a serious leftist, but she has, in the last few years,  gone off the wall politically.

Most Cdes would struggle to call her ‘Labour’ in any sense.

In the day this was her sphere of ‘influence’





Suspended Labour members to form ‘shadow’ party to fight ‘purge’

GHOST” local Labour parties are to be formed by suspended members of the party in a fight against their purge, it was revealed today.

Since Sir Keir Starmer became Labour leader last year, scores of party officers and hundreds of members have been suspended or expelled over motions of support for former leader Jeremy Corbyn.


The plan is to resist what is considered to be a purge of the left, according to Labour In Exile Network (LIEN).

LIEN member Terry Deans said the shadow party “will be real Labour, the real grassroots party working on a truly democratic basis.”

Mr Deans, who was suspended by the party last year, said: “I believe Starmer was hoping that by suspending or expelling people he would drive many others on the left to leave the party.

“But most have decided to stay and fight — many by setting up ghost Labour parties.”

Mr Deans has been suspended because Bristol West CLP passed a motion to reinstate Mr Corbyn to the Labour Party.

Following an investigation by Labour’s national executive committee (NEC), the Falklands war veteran was suspended for 12 months and denied the opportunity for a hearing.

Mr Corbyn had his membership suspended in October last year for saying that the extent of anti-semitism in the party “was overstated for political reasons by our opponents.”

His comment came in response to a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on the anti-semitism allegations.

He was reinstated by a panel of the NEC, but Sir Keir, ignoring a warning by the EHRC against political interference in such cases, refused to readmit his predecessor to the parliamentary party, leaving him to sit as an independent to represent Islington North.

LIEN is holding its first public “fightback” meeting at 7pm this Saturday (March 27). Register here for the meeting: mstar.link/LIEN

A more pathetic shambles of a group could not be imagined.

That the Stals of the Morning Star give it a puff says it all.

Written by Andrew Coates

March 23, 2021 at 11:50 am

Communist League runs ‘national slate’ of candidates in both Manchester and London.

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Communist League’s  Andrés Mendoza Plans to Build on Past Success in New Electoral Campaign.

Here’s one for the die-hard Spotters,

Communist League candidates back labor struggles in the UK


The Communist League is running a national slate of candidates in both Manchester and London.

At the end of a successful day of campaigning in the Moston area, campaigners spoke with Vartan Lloyd Morris, an agency nurse who first met the CL at a protest following the killing of George Floyd. “I’m not surprised the bus drivers voted to strike,” she told Mendoza. “It’s no secret that they’ve been unhappy about the way they’ve been treated for a long time.”

Lloyd Morris endorsed the Communist League campaign. “This is the right time for a working-class campaign,” she said. “People’s minds are open because of what’s happening all around them.”

Seven people subscribed to the Militant and five endorsed the election campaign over the Feb. 20-21 weekend here.

The CL campaign is reaching out across the country, including to working people in small towns, to farmers and other small proprietors.

Not just ‘farmers’, an important base for a future worker-farmer government in the UK, but fisherfolk.

Solidarity with fishermen

On Feb. 12 rail worker Pamela Holmes, CL candidate for London Assembly, travelled to England’s south coast to meet with fishermen, who are being hit hard by a drop in the wholesale price of fish.

The Communist League enthusiastically backed the Bosses’ Brexit.

The Communist League is a British political party that was formed by a group of members expelled in 1988 from Socialist Action. Those members had joined the American Socialist Workers Party‘s Pathfinder tendency. It maintains a bookshop in London, originally in The Cut but now in Bethnal Green Road. The League’s members sell The Militant, the paper of the American Socialist Workers Party. The group claims that many of its members work in the meat-packing industry.

The Communist League is standing Pamela Holmes as a candidate in the 2021 London Assembly election, Peter Clifford in the 2021 Greater Manchester mayoral election and Andrés Mendoza in the 2021 London mayoral election.




Written by Andrew Coates

March 16, 2021 at 1:30 pm