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Socialist Workers Party (US): Democrats use false pretext of “fascist Coup” to attack, ““deplorable” workers” who “who refused to back Joe Biden for president.”

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Meet the 'QAnon shaman' behind the horns at the Capitol insurrection – Channel 4 News


“Deplorable” Worker Under Attack by Democrats and Liberals.

“The Biden-supporting woke elites pose a graver threat to the American republic than Trump did.” Brendan O’Neill.

President Trump’s ignoble exit from office has inspired a hectares of commentary. What were the origins of his National Populism and MAGA? What were the social and cultural bases of his support? Where will the Trump electorate go? Can Trumpism shed light on other forms of right-wing populism, including a link to fascism, in Europe, and the vote for Brexit in the UK?

One issue, remaining to the forefront, is what was the significance, of the Trumpian ramage through the Capitol?

The landscape in which these issues are discussed are marked by the overhanging issue of populism. A whole range of writers have discussed the divorce between liberal ‘elitism’, and the ‘left behind’. The American philosopher Michael Sandel (and author of a pioneering ‘communitarian’ study of Kant, Liberalism and the Limits of Justice.1998) has attacked the “tyranny of merit”. Michael Young’ satirical  ‘meritocracy” has become a real social project.

 “Those at the top deserved their place but so too did those who were left behind. They hadn’t striven as effectively. They hadn’t got a university degree and so on.” As centre-left parties and their representatives became more and more middle-class, the focus on upward mobility intensified. “

The populist backlash of recent years has been a revolt against the tyranny of merit, as it has been experienced by those who feel humiliated by meritocracy and by this entire political project.”

Yet Sandel’s mild calls for social justice and equity do not come to grips with that backlash. Nor does criticising liberal ‘elites’ help when we are confronted with those who wish to celebrate populism. Those who defend La France périphérique (Christophe Guilluy), the echte British working class  (Paul Embery), to the anti-liberal  identity politics promoted by Spiked/Brendan O’Neill and the Brexit/Reform Party. They want to have done with political liberalism, concrete human rights, and promote an imaginary collective sovereignty.

In political shape, in elections and in government, they use the “deplorables” for their own ends. They are the ventriloquists of the people’s voice. Donald Trump was such a barker. His reign ended when his troops played out their visions in the Capitol buildings.

It is this territory that the US Socialist Workers Party, whose origins go back to the 1920s when Trotskyism first emerged in political shape outside the USSR,  has entered.

Liberals use Capitol ‘insurrection’ to target political rights


Liberal Democrats and capitalist bosses are using the action by some Donald Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Jan. 6 — falsely claiming it was an “insurrection” or “fascist coup” — to escalate their attacks on freedom of speech and political rights more broadly. Their main target is not Trump, but working people.


In Massachusetts, Therese Duke was fired from her nursing job of 15 years by bosses at the UMass Memorial Hospital after being recorded on video during a tussle in D.C. the day before a relative handful of conspiracy theorists and would-be paramilitaries, confederate flag carrying rightists and a few over- enthused Trump supporters occupied the Capitol Building. Since her firing Duke has tried to launch online fundraisers to support herself, but says these have been shut down by the big tech companies.

Democratic Party politicians are trying to come up with a way to deal with what they see as “deplorable” workers who don’t think like them.

The main target of these bans and other attacks by liberals and bosses are working people who refused to back Joe Biden for president. They think such “deplorables” must be held in check. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman ran an opinion piece Jan. 10 titled, “When It Comes to Trump Supporters’ Fascism, America Cannot Afford Appeasement.”

The SWP lends a sympathetic ear to the spluttering of the ‘deplorables’, casts doubt in the event that happened when they “entered” the US legislature, and tries to turn the reaction of this rampage into a wholesale attack on ” freedom of speech and political rights” With the visionary talent given to those who grew up as Trotskyists they see “working people” as the real target.


The Party founded by James P Cannon and Farell Dobbs has not forgotten their own days of glory,


The U.S. rulers always seize on whatever opportunity they can to chip away at the political rights of working people. During World War II the second-class mailing permit of the Militant (note the SWP paper) was revoked — and several issues destroyed at the post office — by the administration of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Officials justified the measures citing the Militant’s uncompromising defense of Black rights and complained the paper reported the war as a conflict “fought solely for the benefit of the ruling groups.”

Observers of the SWP suggest that they are on a party building binge that reminds them of the days of the UK Workers’ Revolutionary Party.


There is evidence to back this up.


Workers need our own party, a labor party!


The SWP campaign is underway as conflicts between and within the bosses’ Democratic and Republican parties are sharpening. Even as Donald Trump leaves office, the Democrats moved to impeach him again, charging he instigated an attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6. They and some Never-Trump Republicans are determined to prevent him from running again in 2024. They hope to have him indicted, to attack his businesses and chip away at his ability to communicate with those who support him.


The capitalist rulers increasingly fear working people, who are beginning to see that the bosses and their government have no “solutions” that don’t dump the costs of the crisis of their capitalist system on us. In 2016 and 2020, many backed Trump, another capitalist politician, hoping he would provide something different.

“Workers need our own party, a labor party, we can use to fight back and win allies,” Calero told the Militant. “The SWP is running to set an example of the fighting perspective we need in charting a course to take political power into our own hands and end once and for all the dictatorship of capital.”

Given the shrunken size, and elderly membership, of the SWP it looks unlikely that they will fulfil this objective.

Written by Andrew Coates

January 24, 2021 at 12:57 pm

Paula White: Obscenity Live in US Election.

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Angels are Being Dispatched from Africa to Back Trump.

This Blog is not American.

I freely admit that my ignorance of US politics is such that (I am not making this up) I only learnt what POTUS meant a couple of weeks ago. I rely on what comrades say about the elections.

But this, as one might say, dépasse les bornes.

Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White leads creepy live prayer service to secure Trump election win

Angels are being dispatched VIctory Victory Victory.


She is still at it.

The report continues:

Good luck, Paula. And by good luck, we mean, go fuck yourself.



Written by Andrew Coates

November 5, 2020 at 12:13 pm

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Trump-Biden Debate: In Defence of Antifa.

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Stand With Antifa Against Trump and the Far-Right!

It was only a few years ago that American leftists made it clear to us in Europe that ‘antifa’ was an important movement in the US, given the development of a US far-right in the wake of the triumph of Donald Trump’s national populism.

To tell the truth I was impressed not just by their politics but their culture: that pro antifas really knew in depth about stuff like football hooligans, that some of them they drank real cider and ale  in Portland pubs, and they has serious knowledge and awareness of our own fight against the far-right in Europe.

Then there is this lot:

Most of us are very far from being in favour of rioting, or see, in the way groups like the French group Lundi Matin do, some kind of serious “insurrection” in the streets emerging from the radical fringes of the Black Lives Matter protests (. La politique de l’Identité, l’intersectionnalité et le discours du privilège social constituent la dimension la plus sophistiquée du dispositif policier » contre l’insurrection américaine.).

But ‘antifa’ as its name says, is against the far-right, and the other side’s fringe, the friends of our home grown gammon and the supporters of the Brexit ‘anglosphere’. 

This is still sticking in the craw:

Followed by:

I’d suggest anybody who want to know about antifa reads this article by highly regarded activist and researcher Spencer Sunshine;

“Debunking the 3 Biggest Myths about Antifa” (end of June. 2020)

The “antifa”—or antifascist—movement has captivated the American public’s attention as of late, especially in the wake of the deadly far-right gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017, and clashes in Berkeley, California on August 28. But many myths about the movement have been circulated in media reports and op-eds, creating something of a moral panic about the fight against fascism. Below are three of the most pernicious myths about antifa and evidence as to why they are dangerously wrong.

MYTH # 1—Violence is at the Core of Antifa

MYTH #2—The Violence is Equal on “Both Sides”

MYTH #3 — Antifa is a Gift to the Far Right

The article should be read in full (there’s lots more on the site).

It’s evident that public resistance works when confronting far-right groups, and antifa are not the left-wing terrorists despite how they have been portrayed. And so perhaps we should ask ourselves: why are so many mainstream media sources using dishonest methods to create a folk panic about antifa, and who benefits as a result?

There’s resources in Lib-Com, including this important piece: 

“Outside agitators”, “ANTIFA”, conspiracy theories and disinformation

Read Shiraz today as well:

Donald Trump is a Fascist

Thomas Carolan

The President of the USA is a fascist who is trying to steal the 2020 Presidential election. You can soften that down to saying Trump is an “authoritarian”, or a delusional psychotic would-be king of the USA, but fascist is better: a fascist is what Trump is in his opinions and in his actions where he is free to act as he likes.


Written by Andrew Coates

September 30, 2020 at 12:16 pm