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Argentinian Trotskyists Win 4 Seats in Legislative Elections.

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Argentina: FIT-U Statement on International Workers´ Day – International  Socialist League

Trotskyists Win Seats in Argentinian Election.

Argentina’s centre-left President Alberto Fernandez called for dialogue with the opposition after Sunday’s midterm parliamentary elections, with projections showing his governing coalition has lost control of Congress.

Having already held a minority in the lower house Chamber of Deputies, Fernandez’s Frente de Todos (Everyone’s Front) coalition looked set to drop from 41 to 35 seats in the 72-member Senate, based on projections with more than 90 percent of votes counted.

“If the numbers are confirmed, effectively we’ve lost the quorum in the Senate,” a government source told AFP.

Ahead of the election there was widespread discontent over an economy hit hard by the Covid pandemic.

France 24.

Fernandez will now likely be forced to make concessions to the opposition during the last two years of his mandate in order to pass laws or make key appointments, including to the judiciary.

Argentinian election results:

Full Wikipedia entry: 2021 Argentine legislative election

May be an image of text that says "Cambiemos Kirchnerismo 42,21% 9.765.987 votos Otros 33,79% 7.817.860 7.817 votos Izquierda 8,48% 1.961.963 votos Liberales 6,17% 1.426.398 votos Peronismo 4,95% 1.145.178 votos 4,40% 1.017.963 votos"

El Frente de Izquierda y de Trabajadores – Unidad (FIT-U), the Workers’ Left Front – Unity is an alliance of initially three Trotskyist parties in Argentina formed to fight a number of elections in 2011, 

2019739.366 2.96 %0/1302/257MinoríaMauricio MacriPrimera presentación como FIT – Unidad
20214/1274/257MinoríaAlberto Fernández

Previous good score:

20131.224.144 5.25 %3/1273/257Minoría

El País seems more impressed by the entry of the far-right La libertad avanza into the Congress which has won 5 seats..

La ultraderecha entra en el Congreso de Argentina

La ultraderecha ha entrado en el Congreso de Argentina. El partido La libertad avanza, encabezado por el economista Javier Milei, contará con cinco bancas en la Cámara de Diputados a partir del 10 de diciembre gracias a los votos obtenidos en la capital argentina y en la provincia de Buenos Aires. “Viva la libertad, carajo”, gritaban eufóricos los simpatizantes de la formación ultraliberal en el mítico estadio Luna Park, convertido este domingo en su búnker electoral’

The extreme right has entered the Congress of Argentina . The La Libertad Avanza party, headed by economist Javier Milei , will have five seats in the Chamber of Deputies as of December the 10th thanks to the votes obtained in the Argentine capital and in the province of Buenos Aires. “Long live freedom, for fuck’s sake!” the supporters of the ultraliberal formation shouted euphorically in the legendary Luna Park stadium, converted this Sunday into their electoral bunker.

Other sources indicate that La Libertad Avanza is more anti-tax, anarcho-capitalist and ultra-Thatcherite than a European style far-right national populist group.

International Statement of Support for the Workers Left Front – Unity (FIT–U) in Argentina.

We the signers of this statement — leaders, and members of working-class, anti-imperialist, and Left parties; from the peasantry, the youth, the women’s movement, the LGBTQ+ movement, and the environmental movement; from organizations that confront capitalist oppression — declare our support for the candidates of the Workers Left Front – Unity (FIT–U) in Argentina in the November 14, 2021, legislative elections.

The FIT–U, which was born 10 years ago as a coalition of the class-conscious, socialist Left, is made up of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (PTS, Party of Socialist Workers), Partido Obrero (PO, Workers’ Party), Izquierda Socialista (IS, Socialist Left), and the Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores (MST, Workers’ Socialist Movement). It is the only alternative to the capitalist parties and the politics of imperialism in Argentina.

The ruling Peronist coalition, led by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and President Alberto Fernández, suffered a heavy defeat in the September 12 primary elections. This has created a major crisis within the government on which the right-wing, led by Juntos por el Cambio (Together for Change), the party of former president Mauricio Macri, is trying to capitalize. The “libertarian” extreme Right is trying to take advantage of the discontent with the traditional capitalist parties to impose its proposed economic model of greater austerity and attacks on working people and the Left. In this context of disappointment and popular discontent, the Workers Left Front (FIT–U) emerged in the recent primary elections as the third national political force.

Rest of the long statement via above.


The growing list of endorsers can be found here. (it looks as if the entire cadre of Révolution Permanente, who split from the Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste not long ago and who have announced a candidate, Anasse Kazib, in the French Presidential elections, “Anasse Kazib, delegado sindical ferroviario y candidato por Révolution Permanente a las elecciones presidenciales de 2022”, not that he is likely to get on the ballot but who knows… have signed).

Alex Callinicos, profesor emérito de estudios europeos, King’s College London (Profesor Emérito de Estudios Europeos del King’s College, Londres)

Sebastian Budgen, Senior Editor Verso Books, Editorial Board member Historical Materialism

John Parrington, Profesor Adjunto en Farmacología Celular y Molecular, y autor, Universidad de Oxford.

Ronney Mustafa, dirigente sindical.

Argentinian Trotskyism is heavily influenced by ‘post-Morenoist’ ideas, that is while rejecting the indulgence towards populism, or Peronism, of the historic leader, Moreno (1924 – 1987, he has left his mark, and is a good place to start to come to grips with their ideas. It is still a very specific type of Trotskyism axed around theories of Permanent Revolution and the Transitional Programme and the very different Latin American experience of guerrilla warfare.

For those with appetite for such things one could start with this (by a North American current that is part of Left Voice, which backs the El Frente de Izquierda y de Trabajadores:

Who was Nahuel Moreno? Gabriela Liszt. 

Moreno’s political conceptions had much in the way of objectivism, that is, it overestimated the possibilities of the workers’ movement breaking with Peronism and spontaneously turning left under the pressure of capitalist crisis. He came to speak of “imminent and generalized revolutions” without taking into account the factor of leadership (that is, the subjective factor). This factor was the key to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and what Trotsky referred to in the Transitional Program. It became even more necessary after the strengthening of both Stalinism after World War II and social democracy prevented the development of working class self-organization. He put in question the subject of the revolution and favored the emergence of guerrilla and bourgeois nationalist leaderships.

It is for this reason that the organizations that he led and helped to build were centrist organizations, while remaining within Trotskyism, even if they often had policies to the left of the other important Trotskyist currents in the postwar period (Mandel’s United Secretariat, the OCI of Lambert, the US SWP). As a whole they gave in to these non-revolutionary or counterrevolutionary leaderships and did not build real combat organizations with the strategy of the taking of power by the working class, organizations that were prepared to intervene in revolutionary upsurges so that they can triumph and continue their struggle until the world socialist revolution. But by remaining on the terrain of Trotskyism they put up some partially correct battles against bourgeois, nationalist, Stalinist and petty-bourgeois tendencies. For us, these partial battles constitute the “threads of continuity” with the revolutionary Marxist tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg and many other comrades.

After the death of Moreno, the leadership of the MAS developed more class collaborationist traits and formed Izquierda Unida (IU – United Left), an alliance with the Communist Party in 1989. Just as Stalinism around the world was falling to pieces, the MAS united with it by putting forward the presidential ticket of Vicente-Zamora (Néstor Vicente (PC) and Luis Zamora (MAS)), the ticket that would lead to the election of Zamora as a deputy.

The PTS broke with the MAS in May 1988, after the May 1 rally that they held at the football stadium known as the Ferro, and before the formation of Izquierda Unida (IU – United Left) and the Fifth Congress of the MAS that declared that revolution in Argentina was just around the corner while preparing its comprehensive alliance with Stalinism. The MAS leadership affirmed its national-Trotskyism as it turned away from the grand processes sweeping the world. This, above all, was one of the causes of the explosion of the MAS in 1992, which led to the formation of the Movimiento Socialistas de los Trabajadores (MST – Socialist Workers Movement) and many other groups. We do not claim to be Morenistas, in the sense that groups like the MST or Izquierda Socialista (IS – Socialist Left) do, because we think that the essence of their theoretico-political heritage is wrong. However, we believe that without a critical assessment that reclaims the threads of continuity maintained by Moreno and other currents of the Trotskyist movement (with greater or lesser weaknesses), our existence would have been impossible.

Here is a report on the elecctions from this network:

Written by Andrew Coates

November 15, 2021 at 4:57 pm

Hard Right Express Gloats at “Labour Civil War” as call comes to widen purge to Labour Representation Committee.

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May be an image of text that says "vers vers république la VIlI® autogérée Conférence Internationale de la Tendance Marxiste Révolutionnaire Internationale sous drapeau rapeau socialisme N° Spécial 103 1986 40F"

Keir Starmer’s Group in the 1980s: the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency.

Labour CIVIL WAR: Starmer to purge party and expel 1,000 members from ‘poisonous’ groups

KEIR Starmer has made plans to expel 1,000 Labour Party members who are considered far left and “poisonous”.

These groups have been said to promote communism, claim anti-Semitism allegations are overblown and demand the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn as a Labour MP.

The Labour national executive committee (NEC) meeting next Tuesday is expected to pass the new motion to ban the select groups.

The ban will affect approximately Labour Party 1,000 members who could be “auto-excluded”.

These groups have been said to promote communism, claim anti-Semitism allegations are overblown and demand the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn as a Labour MP.

Two of the groups that will be banned are Resist and Labour Against the Witchhunt.

Another group to be proscribed are the communist leaning Socialist Appeal.

It has been reported in the Daily Mirror that anyone found to be a member of any of the four groups will face an automatic expulsion from the Labour Party.

A Party source said: “Under Corbyn, those from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and warped world-views were welcomed into the party.

“Keir is right to stamp out anti-Semitism and toxic extremism.”

Call to widen the Purge.


….we hope that this is not the limit of current action on antisemitism. Other groups such as the Labour Representation Committee (whose President is John McDonnell MP) played a significant role in mainstreaming anti-Jewish racism and they too should be proscribed. Moreover, Keir Starmer must also address the provocative and inflammatory actions of some of his MPs who continue to promote the anti-Israel extremism that is described in the most recent CST report ‘A Month of Hate. There is still a long way to go and much work to be done.”

Socialist Appeal was formed in 1992 and was not threatened with expulsion under Tony Blair or any other previous Labour leader.

Keir Starmer was a leading figure in this small revolutionary Marxist group in the 1980s. Its international main body was, many would consider, far to the left of Socialist Appeal.

Socialist Alternatives was the British section of the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency (IRMT), a formerly Trotskyist Pabloite group based in Paris.[1]

A small group in the UK it was best known for the Marxist magazine of the same name partially edited by Keir Starmer from 1986 to 1987.[2] The magazine is believed to have been produced by the Pabloist International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency (IRMT)[3] and advertised its events and publications, although one of the authors identified it as being an outgrowth of the Socialist Society connected with Ralph Miliband and Hilary Wainwright.[4] Paul Mason has called it a “Trotskyite front magazine”[5] although this is disputed.[4] The French Troksyite journalist Maurice Najman was also cited as a key supporter.[4]

Its politics were defined by one of its later authors Andrew Coates as being “aligned to the European ‘alternative’ movements of the time which stood for ecology, feminism and self-management. These were forerunners of later radical green-left groups, Los Indignados, Podemos, the left of Labour and similar currents within social democratic parties.”[6]

It was described by the left wing magazine Chartist as “the human face of the hard left”.[7] Peter Hitchens described Socialist Alternative’s “preoccupation with sexual politics and green issues” as presaging the politics of all today’s major British politicians.[8]

The magazine included articles by Michalis Raptis,[9][10][11] the leader of the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency and the left wing Labour MP Eric HefferPeter Tatchell[6] as well as an interview with Tony Benn.[12][13] There were also advertisements for Michael Raptis’s “Self Management Lectures”[14] and IRMT publications.[15] Keir Starmer wrote articles on the Wapping strike,[16][17] the 1986 TUC conference,[18] criticising labour leader Neil Kinnock‘s moves towards the market economy,[19] a book review of Eric Heffer’s Labour’s future,[20] Trade Unions and pluralism,[21] an interview with Tony Benn[12] and left wing approaches to local government.[22]

The magazine was still publishing in 1989[23] and 1994.[24]

Starmer's Socialist Alternatives - The Social Review

This call for a purge has got completely out of hand and should be strongly opposed by democratic socialists.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 18, 2021 at 12:51 pm

Socialist Appeal Claims it is facing ‘purge’ from Labour.

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Rumours and reports are circulating that Socialist Appeal, along with three other left-wing campaigning groups (Note, which ones? They do not say) , are to be officially proscribed from the Labour Party. This is a direct political attack on the left and the ideas of socialism. The whole left must mobilise to fight this purge.

Socialist Appeal.

The Labour Party’s national executive committee (NEC) is scheduled to meet next Tuesday, 20 July. According to various sources, a motion is being proposed by right-wingers on the NEC that would see Socialist Appeal deemed a proscribed organisation.

the motion states that this clause applies to Socialist Appeal and its activists, making support for Socialist Appeal ‘incompatible with membership of the Labour Party’.

The grounds given are that Socialist Appeal has its own programme, membership, and structures; that we are part of an international organisation, the International Marxist Tendency; and that our organisation is a continuation of the Militant Tendency, which was similarly proscribed by the Kinnock leadership in the 1980s.

Finally, the proposed motion suggests that the above clause should apply to anyone who declares themselves a supporter of Socialist Appeal; sells our newspaper, or writes articles for our publications; or runs Socialist Appeal street stalls.

Like many on the left, I cannot stand this bureaucratic sect whose ‘Marxism is rote-learned gibberish in the ‘Militant’ tradition with dollops of Lenin and Trotsky. But to some extent this Blog agrees in general with this statement,

Socialist Appeal, however, has always supported the Labour Party and its candidates. We are not a separate party, but a tendency within the Labour Party and the wider labour movement, organising socialist activists around Marxist ideas.

As with groups like Momentum, our activists are loyal Labour members, who have worked tirelessly to build the party in their local areas; and who have enthusiastically campaigned for Labour in every election.

First they came for the Marxists…

This latest McCarthyite move is therefore the thin end of the wedge. First the right wing will decapitate the left of its most militant layers. And if they are successful in this, next they will come for the rest of the left.

Yet they also call for their own purge of people they disagree with!

Written by Andrew Coates

July 16, 2021 at 6:28 pm