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The Christchurch Murderer, the Ideology of Identity and the Great Replacement.

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Brendon Tarrant’s ‘Manifesto’.

The word is still reeling at the Christchurch atrocities.

Solidarity is the first, and best, response.

Yet it is becoming clear that the killer was more than just a “extremist right-wing violent terrorist”.

Tarrant has an ideology.

In the manifesto he states that he was previously a “communist“, an “anarchist“, and a “libertarian“, but then turned to “racist” views and became an “eco-fascist” concerned with global warming. Though he rejected the label of Nazism, The American Conservative comments that his political ideology matches national socialism and that he despised capitalism while idolizing China. It comments he only sees Christianity’s value in uniting Europe. Tarrant also laments the moral breakdown of the West. The manifesto includes references to high-profile right-wing figures and Internet memes and encourages people online who agree with the shooting to spread his message and to create more memes. These elements, along with the live-streamed video—in which its viewers had cheered the attack on—gave the appearance that the attack was influenced by internet trolling. This is further supported by the perpetrator’s reasoning for his choice of weapon; he believed it would violently escalate the American gun control debate and cause civil war in the United States.[52][53][54][55] He supports return of racial segregation in the United States. The manifesto ends with neo-Nazi symbols above two images.

Wikipedia. (More directly from the Manifesto below)

The text talks of “mass immigration” and “higher fertility rates” of immigrants.

The clearly indicates the most important strand in the Manifesto, beginning with the title, is the Great Replacement.

This is the ideology, developed by the French writer, Renaud Camus, that European white people are being “replaced” by others. His best known book is Le Grand Remplacement (2011).

The hysteria this idea has generated can be seen on this site,

The Great Replacement is very simple. You have one people, and in the space of a generation, you have a different people. Renaud Camus

The Great Replacement (French: Le grand remplacement) is a term originally coined by a French writer Renaud Camus who first used it to describe the demographic replacement happening in France due to its mass immigration policies and low birth rates among the native French.

The same term can be applied to many other European peoples both in Europe and abroad – from Germany, to England, to the United States, which all have below replacement birth rates and migration policies that pose an existential threat. Of all the different races of people on this planet, only the European races are facing the possibility of extinction in a relatively near future.

This is highlighted by the French media: La théorie du « grand remplacement », de l’écrivain Renaud Camus aux attentats en Nouvelle-Zélande (le Monde).

Camus claims that the term is an adaption from Brecht, “Would it not be easier In that case for the government To dissolve the people And elect another?” While his main influence is more diffuse, and wide ranging, he has had some political involvement. Camus was part of a micro-party  French political parties often have ‘allies’ which essentially exist to i) create the impression of a ‘broad front’ ii) be a way of getting extra spending through without running over limits) ” SIEL (Souveraineté, identité et libertés, was one, under the wing of the Front National, now Rassemblement Nationalin their broad front, Rassemblement bleu Marine.

SIEL is now, after an obscure row, largely centred on the virulence of some of their declarations, independent and linked to the Identitarian movement, anchored clearly on the extreme right. They *claimed* (dubiously) to be running a European List this year.  This month Camus won a case against somebody who had called him an anti-Semite. The judgement rested on the lack of detail in the charge, and he was awarded only 1000 Euros in damages. (13.3.19 La justice donne raison à Renaud Camus face à Yann Moix).

This hallucinatory picture of a declining Europe is reinforced by Tarrant’s hostility to Muslim people.

He talks of “foreign invaders”, and this (The Manifesto of Brenton Tarrant – a right-wing terrorist on a Crusade)

He is (as in the image above) ‘anti-imperialist’ as well, expressing an admiration for China.

But the heart of the work is hatred, from an angry man, and more hatred, for Immigration to the West.


Camus denies any responsibility:

French ‘Great Replacement’ writer denounces ‘appalling’ NZealand attack

As he tweeted today:

Camus denies any connection with the atrocity. France 24.

“I am totally non-violent,” the 72-year-old Camus told AFP, saying the arrested 28-year-old Australian suspect had committed “appalling, criminal, disastrous and idiotic terrorist acts”.

“If he wrote a pamphlet titled ‘The Great Replacement” it’s blatant plagiarism… of a phrase that doesn’t belong to him and he doesn’t understand,” said Camus.

The writer, who is also a gay rights activist, lives in a 14th-century chateau in southwest France.

Yet, he has just drawn attention to the ” crime against humanity” that is immigrant presence and the “genocide” that is the great replacement.

Both the BBC and Channel Four have underlined the link between the ideology of the Manifesto, Camus’ Great Replacement, and Identitarian politics.

The latter, which is movement across Europe, with some US links, stands for white European cultural (and racial) Identity. The French wing, Les Identitaires which puts their ideas forward more clearly than the English language Wikipedia version does, their ideas join together (itnrseciotnallty as it were)

Disgust with materialism, consumerism, and the exploitation of workers by big international capital, hostility to the non-representative character of the French electoral system, and the take over of democracy by oligarchies, hostility to American hegemony and Islamic imperialism, opposition to mass race mixing and the charge of permanent guilt to Europeans, a rejection of Paris run Jacobin centralisation , a refusal to bow to ready-made thinking enforced by intellectual terrorism.

It goes without saying, though apparently not noticed by BBC’s Newsnight, that this movement (mouvance, in the sense of its broad current)  is linked to acts of violence.

 Racisme, violence, salut nazi… Un journaliste a infiltré Génération identitaire et le bar La citadelle à Lille. (3 months ago).


Harry’s  Place  comments,

We have watched as politics of “Identity” has taken over our academic institutions, our media, our civic structures and non-governmental organisations, mostly co-opted, colonised or cajoled by the far-Left. This poured fuel on the last burning embers of the far-Right and it now threatens to ignite a conflagration, from corners of Eastern Europe, to the streets of Paris, all the way to the most unlikely place on earth: New Zealand.

When progressive politics stresses above all else the primacy and priority of race, religion, gender, and so on, is it any wonder the far-Right – which has a century or more of practice in this despicable arena rises to the challenge? You can’t have relentless the prodding and sniping at ‘heterosexual white males” without expecting a countervailing extreme to emerge again, especially since the cloaks and mantles of previous far-Right movements are lying on the ground for a new breed of maniac to pick up. Such is the dynamics of reciprocal radicalisation.

The problem is that identitarian politics and the influence of Renaud Camus are more extensive than the list cited.

In The Strange Death of Europe. Immigration, Identity, Islam ( Bloomsbury. 2017) Douglas Murray says that Europe is committing suicide, its “civilisation” is committing suicide. There are two reasons, “the mass movement of peoples into Europe.” And “lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy.”(Pages 2 – 3) The continent has decided to become a “u-topia”, a no place.

Douglas, who refers to Camus, says “migration, “we are not after all such great melting pots that anything and anyone can be endlessly poured in with the results always coming out the same.”(Page 310) “We do not want our politicians, through weakness, self-hatred, malice, tiredness or abandonment to change our home into an utterly different place.”(Page 320)

This is Murray’s background:

Associate director of the Henry Jackson Society Former director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Educated at Benedict’s school Eaton Collage, and Magdalen College Oxford..

Just as writers such as Gilles Kepel have, rightly, traced the links between some forms of political Salafism and Jihadist violence  (Terreur dans l’Hexagone: Genèse du djihad français. 2015, see Le jihadisme, passage à l’acte du salafisme) we are entitled to ask questions about those who have indulged Camus’ tirades. Identitarian and Great Replacement ideology are some of the conditions for the activist turn to the violent far right. The alternative account of jihadist violence, by Olivier Roy, as a “nihilist” spasm by desperate people, (Le Djihad et la Mort, 2016) looks an unfruitful angle from which to gain an insight into the atrocities in Christchurch.

23 Responses

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  1. The Great Replacement, theorised by Renaud Camus. put into fiction by Michel Houellebecq, promoted in the media by Éric Zemmour is not an opinion that can be debated, but a murderous ideology.

    Edwy Plenel.

    Andrew Coates

    March 16, 2019 at 4:34 pm

  2. Andrew Coates

    March 16, 2019 at 5:47 pm

  3. Eaton Collage?

  4. Just in case you haven’t yet seen the video. (This is slightly edited with the car journey at beginning and end being edited out:)


    [video src="http://www.mediafire.com/file/ke7117yub2subfv/15032019.mp4" /]



    March 16, 2019 at 7:54 pm

  5. Harry’s place of course has no problem with identitarian politics when it comes to the Israeli Right. Fear of the Great Replacement as it relates to Palestinian birth rates has been around in Israel since its inception. The Western far right (many of whom now support Israel) are just catching up.


    March 16, 2019 at 10:11 pm

  6. Seems like a snowflake has now reported that download link. Bless ’em!


    March 17, 2019 at 8:47 am

  7. Iain, I agree, universal human rights have no exceptions.

    Andrew Coates

    March 17, 2019 at 12:30 pm

  8. The real tragedy is the exorbitant amount of money Facebook and the rest of the ‘social media’ pariahs have pocketed from this tragedy. Facebook, Youtube and Co. only think in terms of ‘clickbait’, ‘social flow’ and ‘hits’ and this tragedy has certainly delivered plenty of those. Those poor people being murdered in cold blood has served to made Zuckerberg even richer.

    Miss Jones

    March 17, 2019 at 12:40 pm

  9. Back in the day there was something called a ‘snuff movie; a film of people supposedly being murdered for entertainment, the stress is on supposedly. How low as a species have we sunk to when it is normal for a video of human beings being shot dead in cold blood and only the other week of a young girl having her head sliced off pop up in your ‘most shared’ Facebook ‘feed’. The ‘monetising’ of murder. It is disgusting beyond belief. I ask again, how low have we sunk as a species?

    The Smiths

    March 17, 2019 at 12:48 pm

  10. Facebook has a lot to answer for.

    Brass Horn

    March 17, 2019 at 12:53 pm

  11. Andrew Coates

    March 17, 2019 at 2:17 pm

  12. Y’all even sure this video is real? Watch when he leaves the mosque after the first raid. He shoots at what appears to be nothing. But the ‘bullets’ just disappear mid-frame. You don’t see any land on the ground.
    There are other anomalies too. The you expect it to be locked gate that the lady ‘escaped’ through was tight shut when he past it. Did it swing tight shut that quickly? When he enters the mosque for the first time he passes a man and a woman on the street. The man turns and there is just enough frame to see him clocking the ‘shooter’. A man walking into a mosque with guns and you don’t call the cops. Especially when gunshot rang out a few seconds later. Christchurch has 1500 police officers. It took 36 minutes to respond! And when he is finally caught it is by two unarmed police officers with one pointing a taser.
    If this was the UK suspect he would have been ‘T-Paced’ and shot dead by armed police. Watch for yourself.


    March 17, 2019 at 5:18 pm

  13. What is Redneck’s point? It’s not the ethnicity of future generations that worries me but what economic and political settlement they will live under. Where will socialism be in all this?

    Sue r

    March 17, 2019 at 8:14 pm

  14. Redneck doesn’t have a point! But looking at the video why do the spent cartridges just vanish into thin air? The part that is obviously being doctored is a registration of a number plate on the car on the journey in (might be cut off if you have less than the 16:55 version). Never mind the car boot being left open with firearms and jerry cans on display in the back, the way they were crouched in the corner of the prayer room as he walked in…. But those spent cartridges DO appear to just vanish. It is blatantly obvious if you watch it frame-by-frame. Of course we don’t know if this is the original footage we are watching. Maybe it has been ‘enhanced’ with some CGI? And who the Hell trusts Fakebook? Anyway, no point in reading too much into it.


    March 17, 2019 at 9:08 pm

  15. Doctored in that the car registration has been obscured (on a moving vehicle). So however posted it knows how to do digital manipulation. The gun also looks like it has a flash-light on the front at one point? As well as other random flashes.


    March 17, 2019 at 9:13 pm

  16. Israel has a point, the perpetrators of this massacre don’t. The leaders of the Palestinians most of whom are imposed or self appointed at the point of a gun are committed to the ethnic clearance of all Jews from the area. As far as I know no Muslim community anywhere in the world has the same demand. In fact Harry’s Place is extremely critical of the Israeli far right. The problem is that the left around the world want the destruction of the only democratic state for miles in the Middle East.

    Dave Roberts

    March 18, 2019 at 3:49 am

  17. I do not wish to see Israel destroyed. I just want them to stop oppressing Palestinians . Israel is a right-wing state that always is on the side of right wing regimes around the world, be it apartheid South Africa in the 1980s to the military dictatorships in Central and South America in the 1970s. Their new best friends are Trump and Bolsonaro in Brazil.
    It is a grubby little armed camp in the Middle East propped up by vast amounts of US tax payers’ money. No true socialist could support it.


    March 18, 2019 at 4:34 am

  18. […] influence of Camus’ Great Replacement (see here for more detail) a theory that the European capitalists are conspiring to replace the white […]

  19. @ Brass Horn – But Facebook doesn’t answer. Zuckerburg ignored requests from both the House of Commons Select Committee and the US Senate to appear in front of them (to answer for his crimes).


    March 18, 2019 at 1:49 pm

  20. And Facebook know damned well that when they put these ‘tools’ in the hands of their ‘users’ that bad thing are going to happen… up to and including murder… but they couldn’t care less just so long as the bucks keeps rolling in. Zuckerberg is the richest person on Planet Earth for crying out loud!


    March 18, 2019 at 1:52 pm

  21. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter!

    George Galloway

    March 18, 2019 at 2:09 pm

  22. Galloway, you’re responsible for most of this shit with your hatred of white people when you were an MP in the East End. Good riddance you bit of shit. I was born and brought up there and the damage you and your Islamist and Trot mates have done lives on.

    Dave Roberts

    March 18, 2019 at 4:37 pm

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