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Glenn Greenwald: An American Red-Browner?

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Glenn Greenwald: "I consider Tucker Carlson to be a socialist" News | ResetEra

Confusionnisme or red-brown politics?

Neglectful of the Tendance one realises, but the name Glenn Greenwald was unknown to our inner circles until yesterday. Extensive research on Google reveals that the American journalist and former lawyer, has investigated many political abuses.  written for the Guardian, amongst other news outlets, and has won multiple awards for his work. He is a vocal Vegan. Greenwald lives with his husband in Brazil. To his credit he is an opponent of the national populist  Bolsonaro government. and has stood up to direct administrative threats unpleasant harassment.

Now is seems you cannot get away from tweets about and messages from Greenwald. Like a bird of passage in constant flight the one-time lawyer and radical journalist has travelled from one view to another, “Journalist Glenn Greenwald faces backlash after falsely claiming ‘decrease’ in lesbians is due to trans men. (25th of February”. Glenn Greenwald Describes Tucker Carlson, Bannon, and 2016-Era Trump as Right-Wing ‘Socialists’ (4th of March.) Not to mention this in the Daily Mail, The media Stasi: Glenn Greenwald slams culture of ‘junior high hall-monitor tattling’ among prominent ‘woke’ journalists that is like East German ‘citizen surveillance’ (8th of February 20201)

It really began to heat up in the autumn last year. Writing fluently in his native langage Greenwald refused to gallop with the stampeding herd and support Joe Biden for President.

He is now on a slope so slippery that you have to wonder where he will tumble next.

News Frames on Twitter: "Recalling Glenn's previous takes on socialism & " socialist stragglers":… "

Why Glenn Greenwald Says Tucker Carlson Is a True Socialist

“I think the vision is, you know, you have this kind of right-wing populism, which really is socialism, that says we should close our borders, not allow unconstrained immigration, and then take better care of our own working-class people and not allow this kind of transnational, global, corporatist elite to take everything for themselves under the guise of neoliberalism.”

Inevitably one discovers that Greenwald has had friends at Jacobin though whether they have got news of this latest turn is not sure.

The Psychology of Russiagate. 17.4.2018.


Glenn Greenwald on Russiagate and the comforting answers it offers to despondent liberals.

It is comforting to know that he has more recent friends in Spiked,

The media’s myths about the Capitol riot

Glenn Greenwald has torn apart the hysterical tales of an ‘armed insurrection’.

..as journalist Glenn Greenwald has highlighted, key aspects of the media’s Capitol story have fallen apart. In a piece on Substack, he explodes various myths.

For all the talk of ‘armed insurrection’, there is virtually no evidence, he says, that arms were present. Claims that rioters intended to ‘capture and assassinate elected officials’ have also since been rejected by the US attorney general.














Written by Andrew Coates

March 5, 2021 at 11:30 am

Fragmentation of the Left, Part Two: Disintegration of the Corbynista Blogs (Rachael Swindon).

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‘Rachael Swindon Says No Vote for Labour.


Rachael Swindon is a well-known name on the left, for her tweets and for her Blog.

Meet The Woman Leading Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter Army

The present Blog has a lot of respect for Rachael Cousins (‘Swindon’).


As a plain-speaking left-wing woman living in Swindon she does not talk in wooden phrases. More to the point, she has said a of plain truths about the difficulties ordinary people face in our lives. She loathed the Tories and right-wingers.


She did tweet some views we would not agree with (to say the least): Twitter ‘suspends’ Rachael Swindon’s anti-Tory account.


That’s as may be.


She was very pro-Jeremy Corbyn but above all she helped the left.


This marked her high point.

As a reward for all those efforts as one of Corbyn’s “social media outriders”, Rachael Cousins has gathered attention and recognition from the MP and his top team.

“She’s got two cards from Corbyn,” her husband pointed out. After some digging around in a cupboard.

Now this, as her Blog and Tweets have become a voice for the professional Anti-Keir Starmer crowd, has  happened.

Did you know that months that begin on a Sunday always have a Friday the 13th in them?

And be careful if you happen to find yourself in Salt Lake City, Utah, because you can be fined up to $1,000 for whistling on a Sunday.

And finally, it is thought if Keir Starmer waves his flag on a Sunday, he will be twenty points clear in the polls by Monday.

Fair enough, I made the last one up.

This is the crunch,

My local council has been Conservative-held for many years, although Labour are strongly represented. Normally, I would vote for whoever the Labour candidate might be in my ward, knowing it won’t make any difference because my ward is around 80% Conservative.

But not this time, unless the candidate truly represents socialist values, because these are the values of the real Labour Party. The Labour Party of Hardie, Attlee, Benn, and Corbyn. If the local candidate doesn’t hold these simple values, I will not have the motivation to get off my backside and give them my vote.

She concludes,

Anything less than HUGE Labour gains on May 6th will be a disaster for Starmer, no matter how they try and spin it. 

I’ll be watching closely, and I’m sure you will be too.

Enjoy your day guys,* and take good care.

In effect, she is washing her hands of politics.

Some are already suggesting that the strategy of the Corbynistas-in-mourning, Corby canal-historique, is to wish that Labour does as badly as possible in elections.


* ‘Guys’, an American expression which is said to include women under the male term.


More disintegration:

Against no-platforming at ‘Stop the Labour Lockout’, an event billed to campaign for free speech!

Joint statement by Labour In Exile Network, Labour Left Alliance and Labour Against the Witchhunt

We are very concerned to hear that Esther Giles of the successful campaign Save Our Socialists and Labour in Exile Network, has been de-invited from the February 7 ‘Stop the Labour Lockout’ event. She was billed to speak next to Alan Gibbons and Gaya Sriskanthan of Momentum, Matt Wrack of the Fire Brigades Union, Leah Levane of Jewish Voice for Labour and Socialist Councillors and many more.


But the day before the event, she was contacted and it was explained to her that some speakers had threatened to withdraw from the rally if Esther was allowed to speak. The reason: three years ago, she supported a comrade who was pressurised to make a statement about trans women. Esther’s feeling was that – regardless of the issue of the debate – nobody should be bullied. We continue to campaign side by side with all those oppressed by this capitalist society, including (but not only) women and all our LGBT comrades.

Written by Andrew Coates

February 7, 2021 at 5:10 pm

As Bastani Quits Labour Corbyn Left’s Fragmentation Accelerates.

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Image result for aaron bastani fully automated luxury communism

“Those with the least character to spare, can the least afford to part with their good word to others: a losing cause is always most divided against itself.”

William Hazlitt. On Jealousy and Spleen of Party. 1826

People join, the Labour Party, for many reasons, to get reforms done, to do a good job in local government, for specific policies, out of a commitment to social democracy, to the broad labour movement, to a variety of forms of socialism, and no doubt, for some, to make a career out of politics. Activism goes from delivering leaflets, attending meetings, holding street stalls, canvassing, to standing in elections, and working in elected positions.

Recent years have seen a newer form of activism, social media. Anybody can tweet, go on Facebook, or other networks. We  can even Blog…

Some have set up sites with more ambitious claims. Like the Canary and Skwawkbox Novara Media had its days of glory during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. From 2015 onwards it played a part in millions of people’s on-line clicking and flicking. Some at least considered them political players. They were all identified with one cause, Jeremy Corbyn and with the leader himself.

During the 2017 General Election, left-wing alternative media sites such as The Canary, The Skwawkbox, and Novara Media, well-known for their support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, were described in the Guardian as a “new force shaping the election debate”. By alternative media, we mean online news and commentary outlets that set intentionally themselves out as alternatives to a mainstream media that they consider to be biased and dishonest.

The reasons why will be debated for years, but that cause did not win…..

Fast forward to 2020, and to Labour’s 2019 General Election review, and these alternative media sites are now barely mentionedIn fact, they feature just briefly on page 96, buried in the final section of the chapter that dissects the Labour’s online campaign. Notable, too, is the lack of attention the sites received in post-election analysis. This is striking, since it is only in October of last year that Ash Sarkar was interviewing Corbyn on Novara Media, in a clear sign of their influence. In contrast to 2017, the narrative taking shape around left-wing alternative media is now one of decline.

Declan McDowell-Naylor. (1.7.2020.)

Are alternative media still relevant to the Labour Party?

The post-election and post Corbyn leadership decline has accelerated. The Canary’s founder, Kerry-Anne Mendoza quit Labour and has been embroiled in accusations concerning anti-Semitism, and her support for expelled Labour MP Chris Williamson. The site is studded with anti-Labour ‘stories’, Black Labour members are set to boycott campaigning for the party  Skwawkbox spends its time attacking Keir Starmer, its comments section dominated by abuse of the the “slimy knight”  “dry bumming” the membership. It has now pinned its hopes on the unlikely figure of Northern Labour MP Jon Trickett to become party chief this year. Novara Media, ploughs the same furrow, “Starmer’s Worst Week“….

This week a leaked presentation sparked ridicule for Labour, just as Starmer was caught lying in parliament.

The constant drip drip of attacks on Starmer and Labour may fortify the undoubted pleasure of hating. But many people will think that those who spend their time hurling abuse at their party enemies have not got over their rancœur at losing.

Yesterday this story was published in the Jewish Chronicle.

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘attack dog’ quits Labour – allegedly ahead of an investigation into his conduct


The founder of the pro-Jeremy Corbyn website Novara Media has left the Labour Party, allegedly ahead of an investigation into his conduct.

Labour sources told the JC that the broadcaster Aaron Bastani, who was once dubbed Jeremy Corbyn’s “attack dog”, had quit his local Labour Party in Hampshire after being alerted to a probe into allegations made against him.

Asked to comment, Mr Bastani told the JC on Friday: “The idea that a journalist and member of the Labour Party would be suspended at the drop of a hat suggests deep seated problems inside the party in bringing together the kind of coalition that won Joe Biden the presidency last year.”

The strange final sentence apart (in what sense would Biden fit into Bastani’s ultimate goal of total luxury communism), this is the Novara Media’s own statement:



The weakening of alt-news sites reflects a wider fragmentation of the Corbyn ‘ultras’.

Labour Heartlands

This, and we would welcome more information, as if the ghost of 1930s Communist Party entryism into Labour has risen from the tomb.

The Weekly Worker reports on this event. Labour Left Alliance Conference.

If you want to understand the confused politics and contradictory strategy of the Labour left, the January 30 online discussion conference organised by the Labour Left Alliance was a good place to start. James Harvey.

The majority of comrades who attended and spoke clearly regard themselves as the real, militant left in the Labour Party – in contrast to the tame official left, represented by groups such as the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs and Momentum.

Roger Silverman of the Workers’ International Network (WIN) and the LLA organising group set the tone in his political opening by suggesting that the one-sided civil war unleashed by the Labour right had finally reached boiling point

For those not up to speed here is Cde Silverman’s groupuscule, the site On the Brink.

WIN evolved out of an international online socialist forum, members of which had been corresponding and meeting over the years. In 2009 a draft document setting out our common consensus was published under the title Preparing for Revolution, and in 2012 another: The Future International: socialists and the movement against capitalism. (For these and related documents, see introducingWIN.pdf)

The meeting saw resolutions from Socialist Appeal (the faction created by Ted Grant after the split in Militant), and the Weekly Worker’s own Labour Party Marxists. If you still have the will to live after scanning a few paragraphs go to the link above…

There are, in contrast to the old ‘alt-news sites’ and these warring factionalists, left wing groups and sites offering serious articles about the future of the UK Left,  such as Labour Hub, (see: Focus on Organising  Michael Calderbank), The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty ( Scotland, separation and socialism. Dale Street.) , Anti-Capitalist Resistance (England and Labour: Nation or Class? Simon Pearson ). There is also Chartist, Radical federalism  Sam Tarry).

These are some sites identified with the broader cause of socialism. Perhaps this is why they are important reading, rather than ‘alt-media’ based on one leader.