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Samuel Paty: Student Admits Lying Over Accusations of Islamophobia Against Beheaded Teacher.

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<p>France held a national tribute to Samuel Paty</p>

Tragedy Originated in Lies.

This story is getting wider attention:

French schoolgirl admits lying about murdered teacher Samuel Paty

The Independent.

French schoolgirl has admitted lying and fabricating a story about her teacher, who was beheaded last year after her accusations against him.

The 13-year-old pupil, whose father started a hate campaign against Samuel Paty by filing a legal complaint, says she lied to please her father, and she was not even at the class in which the teacher was alleged to have shown a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

The girl, who has not been identified, had originally claimed that Mr Paty had asked Muslim pupils to leave the class before he showed “a photograph of the Prophet naked” to children during a class on free speech.

Her claims led to a dramatic chain of events, including death threats against the teacher and outrage among Muslims.

Ten days after her comments, the teacher, 47, was beheaded by 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov, who was later shot dead by police.

“This lie with tragic consequences is part of a wider family context: made more complex by the academic success of her twin sister, Z. would not have dared to admit to her father the real reasons for her exclusion shortly before the tragedy, which were in fact linked to her bad behaviour.”


French schoolgirl admits lying about decapitated teacher


A 13-year-old schoolgirl whose Muslim father led a hate campaign against secondary school teacher Samuel Paty for showing a class on free speech cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and who was attacked and decapitated in the street, has admitted lying to her father about the details of the class in which she was in fact not present.


Socialist Worker said at the time,

Paty had shown his school class an image produced by the Charlie Hebdo magazine of a naked caricature of Mohammed. He had told Muslim children to turn their backs or leave the room
It was rightly seen as an insult. “


Written by Andrew Coates

March 10, 2021 at 1:00 pm

France, Minister Launches Investigation into “Islamo-Leftism’ in University Research.

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Islamo-Leftism is not a scientific reality – Centre national de la recherche scientifique

In a counterpart to the UK government’s sudden interest in academia this story has been at the top of French news for the last week.

Minister orders probe into ‘Islamo-leftism’ in French academic research

Speaking on French TV on Sunday, Vidal alluded to Islamo-leftism, which she said was “eating away” at society in general, and that the universities were not immune.

“What you notice in universities is that there is a minority of people who use their academic aura and qualifications…to advance radical or militant ideas.”


In a statement in reaction to the proposed probe, the Confederation of University Presidents expressed its “astonishment in the face of another pointless row about Islamo-leftism in universities”.

“If the government needs analysis, argument, scientific back-up to help it rise above its grotesque caricatures and petty nit-picking, then universities are ready and waiting,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, MP Julien Aubert, of the mainstream right wing LR party, welcomed Vidal’s move. He declared that the creation of such a fact-finding mission was urgent, so that parliament might address the issue.

The minister also announced that among the issues to be examined by the CNRS is research into post-colonialism.

She said it was “essential” that France’s social science and humanities departments study such such subjects.

French academics blast minister’s warning on ‘Islamo-leftism’

French Higher Education, Research and Innovation Minister Frederique Vidal addresses the National Assembly in Paris on January 12, 2021. © Christophe Archambault, AFP

The French minister for higher education has sparked a backlash from university heads after warning about the spread of “Islamo-leftism” in the country’s academic institutions.

The term “Islamo-leftism” is often used in France by far-right politicians to discredit left-wing opponents they accuse of being blind to the dangers of Islamist extremism and overly worried about racism and identity.

“I think that Islamo-leftism is eating away at our society as a whole, and universities are not immune and are part of our society,” Minister for Higher Education Frederique Vidal told CNews television on Sunday.

The comments came amid a divisive debate in France about what President Emmanuel Macron has termed “Islamist separatism,” in which Islamists are said to be flouting French laws in closed-off Muslim communities and fuelling terror attacks on French soil.


Vidal also announced that she would order an investigation into the problem of researchers “looking at everything through the prism of wanting to fracture and divide”, which she said included those focused on colonialism and race.

The National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the research body Vidal charged with the study, has already hit back.

Although it agreed to carry out the investigation, the CNRS condemned “attempts to delegitimise different fields of research such as post-colonial studies”.

Asked to comment further in parliament on Tuesday, Vidal said the investigation would determine “what is academic research and what is activism and opinion”.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal appeared to distance himself from the idea on Wednesday when asked for Macron’s views on the issue at a news briefing.

The president has an “absolute commitment to the independence of academic researchers”, Attal said, adding that it was “a fundamental guarantee of our republic”.

In further responses academics have protested at the claims:


More protests:


As this tweet says, Le monde has an excellent article on the background (I have a sub to the on-line paper). It even mentions our dear old SWP and Chris Harman’s The Prophet and the Proletariat (1994)  – though not the Respect Coalition which was a bloc between right-wing Islamists. softer Islamists, and left groups, like the SWP, and, latterly Counterfire, behind George Galloway. This illustrates that there have indeed been political alliances which could be said to be Islamo-leftists, though few would class Galloway as left-wing these days.

« Islamo-gauchisme » : histoire tortueuse d’une expression devenue une invective


Part of the radical left took  another path. In 1994, British journalist Chris Harman, a member of the Socialist Workers Party central committee, theorised, in an article called “The Prophet and the Proletariat”, “the need for a strategic alliance with the Islamists”. “In the past,” he writes, “ the left made the mistake of seeing Islamists as fascists, with whom we have nothing in common. “ But Islamism, he adds, ” has emerged in societies traumatized by the impact of capitalism. ” It is therefore strategically useful and possible to convert these young people to a different approach, that is to say “socialist, independent and revolutionary”.If he did  not use the term Islamo-leftism, the idea of ​​an alliance in the face of a common enemy – capitalist, Zionist, American – is clearly stated here. In France, the text was reproduced in a book, Islamisme et Révolution, by the small group Socialisme par en bas (SPEB), which would go onto  join the LCR.


Essays in Libération and France 24 on the history of this term do not claim to find the definitive origin of this term, rather, both publications trace the term as far back as a 2002 use in New Judeophobia, a book by Pierre-André Taguieff, historian of ideas, who describes Islamo-fascism as a type of anti-Zionism popular among “the new third-worldist, neo-communist and neo-leftist configuration, better known as the ‘anti-globalisation movement“.[3][4] Interviewed in 2016 by Liberation journalists Sonya Faure and Frantz Durupt, Taguieff is not certain whether he coined it or had heard it used, but he points out that the phrases Islamo-progressives and in the 1980s Palestino-progressives were used as self-descriptions by the French left.[3]


The fact is that a large section of the British left opposed Respect and any alliance with Islamists.








Written by Andrew Coates

February 18, 2021 at 4:43 pm

Islamist Fascism, Samuel Paty and Jewish Voice for Labour.

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Samuel Paty's assassin was in contact with a jihadist in Syria | En24 World

Agir contre le terrorisme islamiste, pas contre les musulmans”

It is important to act against Islamist fascism, which threatens democratic freedoms, secularism, and community relations.” Ensemble.

The statement by the radical left alliance, Ensemble (which has 3 Deputies in the National Assembly, including Clémentine Autain)  is one of  many serious and dignified reactions to the murder of Samuel Paty.

And there is this, from Jewish Voice for Labour.

We are all shocked by the horrific murder of French teacher, Samuel Paty and send our condolences to his family, friends and pupils.

We are also appalled by the way it is being used by many in France, including leading elements of the French state, to incite hatred against Muslims.

The potential horrific consequences of demonising a whole community for the actions of an individual is something that we, as Jews, are all too aware of.

Here the French, Jewish, antiracist campaigning organisation UJFP, Union juive française pour la paix, raises the alarm.

How to use religious fanaticism to justify state racism

This Blog  shares the concerns that have led to the protests of the French civil liberties campaigns against the suggestion that the Collective against Islamophobia in France, the CCIF should be dissolved. Like many French anti-racist campaigners we do not share the view that the body cannot be criticised. Amongst many issues (beginning with the claims about combating  ‘Islamophobia’, a religion, rather than fighting discrimination against Muslim people there is  its stand accusing Charlie Hebdo of racism. This is a transparent attempt to sap left wing support for the satirical Weekly’s freedom of speech. Yet it is clear that attempts to deal with political groups in this way are anti-democratic. (1)

JVL publishes Declaration of the Union juive française pour la paix (French Jewish Peace Union), 19 October 2020

But the statement notably declares, “Now these same authorities want to ban any fight back against islamophobia, by attacking Muslim organisations like the Collective against Islamophobia in France, the CCIF. This organisation is being libelled, smeared and insulted because it aims at having the rights of Muslim citizens respected and at fighting discrimination.”

They continue,

There is something totalitarian in this new stage in the racist and islamophobic  discourse of the French State. T

The organisation Baraka City, an antiracist grouping like the CCIF, is threatened with being banned”

“The generalised denouncing of Muslims every time a lost young man carries out such a crime is in a sense a victory for the perpetrators of these acts against democracy.”

There are many problems with the JVL statement.

To begin there is nothing in defence of freedom of thought, of open education, of the right to teach critical thinking through debate,

Then how ‘lost’ and alone was the killer?

Libération reported yesterday, that he was closely tied to jihadist groups:

Assassinat de Samuel Paty à Conflans : un assaillant bien connecté au jihad

The use of data from Abdullakh Anzorov’s phone reveals exchanges with the Iraqi-Syrian zone. According to our information, one of his contacts in Idlib received a photo of the head of the beheaded teacher from the young terrorist.

What kind of ideas did he have?

 Anzorov (the killer) had not held back from posting in succession dozens of anti semitic, misogynistic and homophobic messages.”

Today Mediapart publishes the results of an investigation into the network accused of inciting Anzorov.

The news site, founded by Edwy Plenel, author of Pour les Musulmans, (2014) cannot be accused of ‘Islamophobia’.

Attentat de Conflans: révélations sur l’imam Sefrioui

Abdelhakim Sefrioui, Mediapart notes, has a long association with the “anti-Semitic far right and  jihadist circles”

Sefrioui became involved in complaints against Samuel Paty to the point of presenting himself at the College to talk to the Head about it. Claiming to speak on behalf of French Imans, his own background was as a leading figure in a group, the collective Cheikh Yassin (CCY) named after the founder of Hamas. He had been removed, back in 2015, from the Muslim body that represents Imans (CIF). He, by contrast, became close to the Holocaust denier, Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, in the early years of the new millennium. During a demonstration against Israeli attacks on Gaza two extreme right activists Frédéric Chatillon and Axel Loustau joined the cortège led by the Yassin collective.

The investigation is long and complex. It covers his turbulant agitation in front of Mosques, and particular interest in schooling, reminding one of Islamist agitation on gender equality education in the UK. Disagreements with the far-right, who supported Assad, broke out during the outbreak of civil war in Syria. While Mediapart found people who denied any active encouragement for people to join jihadist groups in the region, the Minister of the Interior, in the decree of October 21 dissolving the said collective. declared that group members “have distinguished themselves by facilitating the departure of several young radical Islamists to the Iraqi-Syrian zone, by going themselves to fight in the zone or by preparing attacks abroad”

Through his lawyer Sefrioui claims that he  “knew nothing” about the terrorist project of Abdullakh Anzorov,

France Info says today,

Adbelhakim Sefrioui is notably blamed for having participated in the mobilisation against the teacher. He had also accompanied the father to college who had come to complain about the teacher’s behaviour, and he had also posted a video on social networks. According to his lawyer, there is no proof, for the moment, that this video provoked the act of the terrorist. “Has Abdullakh Anzorov  seen this video? It remains to be proven. He surely did not need this to murder,” the lawyer continued. The same line of defence was offered by the student’s father who posted the video.

The official inquiry continues.

This much is clear: the slaughter of Samuel Paty by somebody who had nothing directly to do with his college cannot be understood as simply the “actions of an individual”.

What is at Stake?

JVL and the (Union juive française pour la paix refuse to discuss violent Islamism, and above all, to take into account the way that the anti-semitism of Islamists can lead to them making common cause with the far-right. On their site the only reference to fascism comes from a comparison between dissolving the CCIF and Vickey’s suppression of Jewish organisations,

Loin de moi l’idée de placer des régimes aussi différents que Vichy et le pouvoir macronien sur un pied d’égalité, mais il est utile de mettre en exergue des ressorts racistes partagés, ceux-là mêmes qui ont conduit à la dissolution des organisations juives et qui conduiront peut-être à la dissolution de certaines organisations musulmanes.

Far be it for me to ​​place regimes as different as Vichy and Macron’s on an equal footing, but it is useful to highlight shared racist motives, ones that led to the dissolution of Jewish organisations, and which may lead to the dissolution of certain Muslim organisations.

Derrière les dissolutions, la haine (20th of October)

The  translator of the statement published by the JVL, John Mullen, has been a member of the SWP linked group, Socialisme par en bas (he is at present said to be involved in Ensemble, supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s La France insoumise)  with links to ‘Comrade Delta’ Martin Smith – see Smith’s site Dream Deferred.

Ensemble itself denounces state attacks on Muslims and stands against  Islamist fascism  – something not mentioned by the JVL.

Agir contre le terrorisme islamiste, pas contre les musulmans.

After the abominable act perpetrated against a teacher last Friday, it is important to act against Islamist fascism, which threatens democratic freedoms, secularism, and community relations. We will be in this struggle: we are against all oppressions.

But we refuse to allow a battle to be waged against Muslims. In this regard, the request to dissolve the CCIF is inadmissible. This Collective against Islamophobia did not intervene in the denunciation of Samuel Paty. It should not be sanctioned. In the same way, there is no need to stigmatise all Chechens for the act of one of them, nor to suspect all asylum seekers … Nor is it the place to establish a wide-ranging law against “separatism”, which risks stigmatising those who adhere to a religion, andis, as a result, itself legislation that creates division.

The far right and the right are taking advantage of the situation to advance their repressive agenda Under the guise of the fight against Islamist terrorism, they aim to attack migrants, call into question the right to asylum, and permanently destroy the possibility of different communities living together in a free and democratic society.

Ensemble have got it about right.





(1) For more information see Libération, Qu’est-ce que le Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France que Darmanin veut dissoudre ? and the CCIF their COMMUNIQUÉ DU 17 OCTOBRE : L’IMPASSE) .

Written by Andrew Coates

October 23, 2020 at 12:04 pm