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China’s New Morning Star Friends and other Fellow Travellers.

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May be an image of 6 people and text that says "in MorningStar scribe SuUs Shop ContaUs Newsletters ignor the war aqainst China- fear of speaking against atrocity n propaganda upsetting and controversial nature only lead the manuracturing consent ror military aggression Xinjiang: staying afloat in a wave of disinformation Despite the deliberately intimidating nature of atrocity propaganda, we have to make sure we critically assess all politically motivated claims against rivals to US power. ΚΑΤΕ WOOLFORD looks at what is really going on in north-west China"

Morning Star platforms ‘Marxist-Leninist’ defence of Chinese Regime.

“Perhaps China’s current ability to tolerate paradoxes is the most notable legacy of Mao – that dedicated admirer of contradictions.” (P 465) “An adaptive ‘guerrilla-style’ mode of policymaking”, “”Maybe that is why China, for the time being, can be ruled by a party that continues to emphasise its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist heritage, whole proclaiming the necessity of market forces; that proclaims its possession of a ‘comprehensive plan’ at a time when China is more complicatedly diverse than at any point in is history. Maybe this explains also why I has a leader who has revived Maoist strategies fifty years after his family were torn apart by Mao’s policies.”(P 465)

Maoism: A Global History. Julia Lovell. 2019.

The one-time pro-Soviet Communist Party of Britain has taken to admiring the Chinese Communist Party.

Quotes from Mao festoon party members’ tweets, the CPB has taken to calling itself ‘Marxist-Leninist'(an old orthodox Official Communist tag, but one these days largely confined to the remaining fragments of Maoism) and they have produced this:

It seems as if the CPB, lacking the Beacon of the USSR, has, in desperation, found a new Socialist Fifth of the World.

Enter the latest sally.

Xinjiang: staying afloat in a wave of disinformation

Kate Woolford, a member of the Southampton Young Communist League and social media editor of Challenge (The YCL journal) writes.

“The latest red scare propaganda targets China and its autonomous region of Xinjiang. Many people will have seen statistics that refer to “one million Muslims” being held in concentration camps and various other human rights abuses — even “genocide.” It is crucial that the public are aware of where the main allegations come from and gain a picture of what is really going on in Xinjiang.”

Scales no doubt fall from our eyes when, after a farrago of ad hominem attacks on small number of reports abut the persecution of this minority we come to,

According to CGTN, “From 1990 to 2016, thousands of terrorist attacks have been launched in Xinjiang, killing large numbers of innocent people and hundreds of police officers.”

In response, China has launched campaigns to crack down on violent extremism, separatism and terrorism with a focus on re-education. The camps were built to de-radicalise Muslims who had been victims of Etim’s ideas — this is the point of the mass mobilisation in the region that has led to false allegations of “genocide,” “forced sterilisation” and “torture.”

In the spirit of fairness, after having rubbished any report of bad treatment of China’s Uighur minority China expert Kate Wolford cites the Chinese state’s own line:

“the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China puts the state’s case forward plainly.”

“Faced with this severe and complex problem [religious extremism], Xinjiang has upheld the principle of addressing both the symptoms and the root causes in the fight against terrorism and extremism, by striking hard at serious terrorist crimes, which are limited in number and by educating and rehabilitating people influenced by religious extremism and involved in minor violations of the law.

“In accordance with the law, it has established a group of vocational education centres to offer systemic education and training in response to a set of urgent needs: to curb frequent terrorist incidents, to eradicate the breeding ground for religious extremism, to help trainees acquire a better education and vocational skills, find employment and increase their incomes and most of all, to safeguard social stability and long-term peace in Xinjiang.”

At the camps residents are taught Mandarin — the lingua franca spoken by 73 percent of the Chinese population — taught technical skills in order to help them find work when they leave and offered mental guidance to overcome radicalised ways of thinking.

Of course, as is the case everywhere in the world, the severity of a sentence depends on the scale of the crime and the willingness of a person of acknowledge their guilt.

The people in the re-education centres are assessed on how much harm they have been caused, their willingness to receive training and whether they have already completed a prison sentence but might still require further rehabilitation.

The people in the centres are provided with free education and once the trainees reach their expected criteria, they are offered certificates of completion and can leave. Depending on the reason they are there, many are allowed to go home to visit their families once or twice a week.

It is absolutely not a campaign to stop them practising Islam — religious activities are protected by Article 36 of the constitution: “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of religious belief. No state organ, public organisation or individual may compel citizens to believe in, or not to believe in, any religion; nor may they discriminate against citizens who believe in, or do not believe in, any religion.

The lengthy piece ends with this:

“We cannot ignore the drive to war against China. Fear of speaking out against atrocity propaganda because of its upsetting and controversial nature will only lead to the manufacturing of consent for war. Western intervention led to two million people dying in Korea, 2.4 million people dying in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, three million people dying in Vietnam among millions more elsewhere.

Given the history, given the body count, socialists have a duty to vehemently oppose the idea that our countries should be able to interfere in others; denouncing the false narrative on Xinjiang is now part of that duty.”

This is how the Chinese state has reacted to reporting on the issue;

BBC journalist leaves China after Beijing criticises Uighurs coverage

John Sudworth’s relocation to Taiwan comes after ‘months of personal attacks’ over reporting of alleged abuses of minorities

Here is some more History.

. “From October 1050 to October 1951, the regime eliminated somewhere between 1,5 and 2 million people. (P 24) this time, death sentences were fewer, formal executions many suspects killed themselves. “The objective was to produce a docile population by transforming almost every act and every utterance into a potential crime.”(P 241)

The Cultural Revolution A People’s History, 1962—1976 Frank Dikötter 2016.

 Here are some more Fellow Travellers: John Ross, former leader of the International Marxist Group (IMG),

John Ross Retweeted

The main theme of the fellow Travellers of Chinese Communist Party is that its development of the productive forces in the country is a miracle. The lack of democracy, human rights, is less important that “this extraordinary successful political project”. The regime has “extraordinarily” increased the ‘real’ freedoms of the population. Happiness is the CCP.. (Martin Jacques).

Martin Jacques, editor of Marxism Today, was famously the betist of bêtes noires of the Communist Party of Britain. Speculation is growing that he will be invited back to their pages.

Left Internationalists do not agree:

Update: there is also this,


The Communist Party of Britain is urging labour movement bodies not to rush to judgment on the Uyghur question in China. 

Mr Griffiths said the reports of ‘genocide’ from a network of right-wing institutes and pressure groups funded by the US, British and Australian governments are recycled uncritically in the Western media. 

As one of many international delegations to visit Xinjiang, he had seen for himself that mosques are open, the Uyghur language can be seen and heard everywhere, and the majority of top state and political officials are Uyghurs, not Han Chinese. 

Written by Andrew Coates

April 14, 2021 at 11:27 am

Glenn Greenwald: An American Red-Browner?

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Glenn Greenwald: "I consider Tucker Carlson to be a socialist" News | ResetEra

Confusionnisme or red-brown politics?

Neglectful of the Tendance one realises, but the name Glenn Greenwald was unknown to our inner circles until yesterday. Extensive research on Google reveals that the American journalist and former lawyer, has investigated many political abuses.  written for the Guardian, amongst other news outlets, and has won multiple awards for his work. He is a vocal Vegan. Greenwald lives with his husband in Brazil. To his credit he is an opponent of the national populist  Bolsonaro government. and has stood up to direct administrative threats unpleasant harassment.

Now is seems you cannot get away from tweets about and messages from Greenwald. Like a bird of passage in constant flight the one-time lawyer and radical journalist has travelled from one view to another, “Journalist Glenn Greenwald faces backlash after falsely claiming ‘decrease’ in lesbians is due to trans men. (25th of February”. Glenn Greenwald Describes Tucker Carlson, Bannon, and 2016-Era Trump as Right-Wing ‘Socialists’ (4th of March.) Not to mention this in the Daily Mail, The media Stasi: Glenn Greenwald slams culture of ‘junior high hall-monitor tattling’ among prominent ‘woke’ journalists that is like East German ‘citizen surveillance’ (8th of February 20201)

It really began to heat up in the autumn last year. Writing fluently in his native langage Greenwald refused to gallop with the stampeding herd and support Joe Biden for President.

He is now on a slope so slippery that you have to wonder where he will tumble next.

News Frames on Twitter: "Recalling Glenn's previous takes on socialism & " socialist stragglers":… "

Why Glenn Greenwald Says Tucker Carlson Is a True Socialist

“I think the vision is, you know, you have this kind of right-wing populism, which really is socialism, that says we should close our borders, not allow unconstrained immigration, and then take better care of our own working-class people and not allow this kind of transnational, global, corporatist elite to take everything for themselves under the guise of neoliberalism.”

Inevitably one discovers that Greenwald has had friends at Jacobin though whether they have got news of this latest turn is not sure.

The Psychology of Russiagate. 17.4.2018.


Glenn Greenwald on Russiagate and the comforting answers it offers to despondent liberals.

It is comforting to know that he has more recent friends in Spiked,

The media’s myths about the Capitol riot

Glenn Greenwald has torn apart the hysterical tales of an ‘armed insurrection’.

..as journalist Glenn Greenwald has highlighted, key aspects of the media’s Capitol story have fallen apart. In a piece on Substack, he explodes various myths.

For all the talk of ‘armed insurrection’, there is virtually no evidence, he says, that arms were present. Claims that rioters intended to ‘capture and assassinate elected officials’ have also since been rejected by the US attorney general.














Written by Andrew Coates

March 5, 2021 at 11:30 am

Hong Kong: 47 democrats charged with “conspiracy to commit subversion”.

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Chinese Communist Party Attacks Basic Democratic Rights in Hong Kong.



Hong Kong police charge dozens of pro-democracy activists with ‘subversion’ under controversial security law

(Evening Standard):

Hong Kong police have charged 47 pro-democracy activists with “subversion” under the territory’s controversial security law.

The Guardian also reports and gives the background:

Last week, they announced rules requiring all politicians and candidates pledge an oath of loyalty to the rule of the Chinese Communist party and swear not to act against the government, or face disqualification.

Officials said the new laws would ensure that only “patriots” could govern Hong Kong, with one spelling out that patriotism meant loyalty to the Communist party.

The laws are the latest efforts by authorities to wipe out dissent in Hong Kong, using the sweeping national security law imposed by Beijing last June, with the blessing of the Hong Kong government. At least 99 people have been arrested under the law so far, which is broadly defined to outlaw acts of subversion, secession, collusion with foreign forces and terrorism.

They include:



More information:

The League of Social Democrats (LSD) is a social democratic party in Hong Kong. Chaired by Raphael Wong, it positions itself as the radical wing of the pro-democracy camp and stresses on “street actions” and “parliamentary struggles”. It currently holds two seats in the District Councils.

Established in 2006 by a group of pro-grassroots left-leaning activists, the party opposes the perceived moderate and compromising approach of its pro-democratic allies Democratic Party and Civic Party and called for more aggressive tactics to achieve democracy. It often found itself at odds with other pan-democrats due to its confrontational and radical activism in the Legislative Council. The party first participated in the 2008 Legislative Council election and won over the 10 per cent of the popular vote and emerged as the new force with three seats.

Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong

UK trade unions & labour movement, supporting the trade union & democracy struggle in Hong Kong.

And then there is this:

An oath of loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party’s capitalist totalitarian dictatorship: that is ‘human rights’ in China.

Written by Andrew Coates

February 28, 2021 at 4:59 pm