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Boris Johnson meets President Macron – French Media reactions, an Oaf preparing for a No Deal Brexit.

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Essuie mes godasses Manu! 

The extreme right Express ‘reports’:

Macron ‘got what he wanted’ – PM ‘tricked’ by French President into ‘behaving like an oaf’

EMMANUEL MACRON has been accused of “tricking” Boris Johnson as the British Prime Minister was filmed placing his foot on a table when the two leaders sat down during a meeting in Paris.

One wrote: “And Macron got the photo he wanted and our Prime Minister is once again the fool.”

Another added: “The oaf Johnson got tricked into behaving like an oaf in front of photographers. Only other oafs will think Johnson won this one.”

A third said: “He fell for it! And the picture looks just as we expect from this clown ‘cos he has form for being a fool.”

In keeping with the festive mood Le Monde’s main story on Johnson today (website) is this:

Boris, Jo, Rachel et les autres… L’incroyable famille Johnson

Boris, Jo, Rachel and the others, the Unbelievable Johnson Family.


Libération strikes a more serious note by headlining,

(Freely translated: Spinning in the Void Boris Johnson Turns to a Hard Brexit).


The chances of a “hard Brexit”, an exit from the European Union without agreement, “are of the order of one to one million,” prophesied on June the 29th Boris Johnson while still candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party . Yet a no deal” seems yet closer and closer. “All the objective elements are there, notes Aurélien Antoine, professor of public law at the Jean-Monnet University of Saint-Etienne and director of the Brexit Observatory. Postponements of the release date, the coming to power of Boris Johnson, the recruitment of customs officers in France, the recall of British officials in Brussels: on one side or the other, we prepared for it. “


The centre-right Le Figaro has this:


In the meantime the Hard Brexit supporting Morning Star, self-identifying as Jeremy Corbyn’s Best Friend, publishes a heartfelt appeal for ‘real politics’ and not voting in any referendum on the issue, from an inner city youth (King’s College London),

Second referendum? Not in my name

I’m a young person who would’ve voted to remain – here’s why I don’t want to ‘have my say’ in a second referendum, writes HECTOR

Brexit has always been an issue which divided the nation in half. The notion continually pushed by both of these campaigns, that every individual in our diverse and eclectic nation stands staunchly behind the polarised positions, of either a cliff-edge Brexit or overturning the result of the referendum, lacks any nuance and is a ridiculous generalisation.

In fact, I feel I am in a silent majority: those who just want a return to real politics


He concludes:

That’s why, as a young person who would’ve voted to Remain, I say, no, I don’t want to have my say in a second referendum.

By contrast:


Labour Activists Call to Fight No Deal Brexit as Morning Star and the Red Brown Front Back Pushing Hard Brexit Through.

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Turning the Tide Against Brexit.

Today the Morning Star, Jeremy Corbyn’s self-appointed Best Friend, carries this Editorial.

The writer claims that efforts to prevent a No Deal Brexit through Parliament are misplaced, if that’s not too mild a way of putting it.

Pious observations about “parliamentary sovereignty” and repeated bids by the Commons to “take back control” of the Brexit agenda have not impressed a public that sees through the democratic rhetoric to the anti-democratic reality — that these have been bids to frustrate implementation of the largest democratic vote in Britain’s history, the 2016 vote to leave the European Union.

The key sentences that follow are these, attacking a National Government.

This spectre, which is not on the cards, any more than Caroline Lucas’ all-woman Cabinet, is ‘hard right’ – as opposed to the actually existing Hard Right ERC led Boris Johnson Cabinet….

As with the “state of emergency” used by French President Emmanuel Macron to rule by decree and attack workers’ rights, it would enable the undemocratic imposition of a hard-right reactionary agenda.

A Labour pitch to defeat Johnson based on preventing a no-deal Brexit helps feed his chosen image as the champion of the 2016 popular mandate to leave.

This – ignoring the state of emergency needed to push through a No Deal Brexit –  is  followed by the following guff, “Labour should speak for the public’s anger against a Parliament that has thoroughly earned it…” whose important phrase is this demand “freedom from the pro-corporate competition rules imposed by the EU single market..”

In other words, Back Brexit, No Deal or Not.

This is what Brexit means

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text

The Morning Star is not alone is misrepresenting the political line up over Brexit.

To cite one example, Left-wingers in other countries would get the impression from the pages of the US Jacobin, and other self-identifying left publications, who cover the issue by articles from various factions who have come out of the SWP and supporters of the Red-Brown Front, the Full Brexit, that the British radical left has roughly similar politics to the Morning Star on this issue.

But the majority of the UK the left is at the forefront of the right against a No Deal Brexit, and a large section is against Brexit tout court. 

This battle is gathering momentum.

The hard right has made this call:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

As the Independent reports today the left is counter-attacking.

Labour activists tell Corbyn he must back cancelling Brexit to stop UK crashing out with no deal

Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to back cancelling Brexit altogether if it is the only way to stop the UK crashing out of the EU, as another battle with Labour activists looms.

Almost 30 local parties are demanding Labour “support revoking Article 50 if necessary to prevent no deal”, in motions being submitted to its conference in September.

The move threatens to shatter the fragile peace over Brexit policy since the shadow cabinet agreed Labour would campaign for Remain in any fresh referendum held while the Conservatives are in power.

The policy was attacked as a fudge – after Mr Corbyn admitted Labour could yet fight a general election as a pro-Brexit party – and says nothing about wider strategy to stop the no deal Boris Johnson is threatening

Now the local Labour parties have signed up to a campaign to maximise pressure in Brighton in September, launched by the grassroots groups Another Europe is Possible, Labour for a Socialist Europe and Open Labour.

The motion “notes the vast majority of Labour members and voters oppose Brexit” and says the party still needs “a clear Brexit policy”.

It then states: “Labour will campaign energetically for a public vote and to Remain. We support revoking Article 50 if necessary to prevent no deal.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, a Labour MP backing the campaign, said: “No deal would be a catastrophic moment for the Labour Party and the people we represent. It would mean a huge economic crisis which the right wing of the Tory party would use to drive an agenda of deregulation.

“We must be willing to do absolutely anything to stop it – and of course that would mean, if we had to, whipping to revoke Article 50.”

And Michael Chessum, national organiser for Another Europe is Possible, said: “It’s not the tool we would choose, but if revoking is the only option left on the table to stop the disaster capitalists, Labour has to be willing to use it. There can’t be any fudge or ambiguity on that.”

This year, anti-Brexit activists are likely to make a commitment to revoking Article 50, if necessary, a “red line” in the marathon Sunday evening get-together of constituency parties, trade unions and affiliated groups.


In total, 50 constituencies have already voted to submit anti-Brexit motions to the Brighton conference, of which at least 29 explicitly call for the Article 50 notice to be withdrawn.

The Morning Star  has promoted an alternative campaign Leave-Fight-Transform.


LeFT: campaigning for Boris Johnson’s No Deal Brexit

Key figures in the CPB, its associated organisations and its milieu are well-represented – including CPB General Secretary Robert Griffiths. Some of the Labour Party signatories are very close to the CPB, eg Marcus Barnett and Eddie Dempsey (the latter is the one who said that Tommy Robinson supporters are “right to hate the liberal left”). It’s worth noting that these were the organisers of a campaign for people to boycott the European elections, ie to refuse to campaign or vote for Labour even – or it might be more accurate to say because of – the Brexit Party surge.

Some comrades have speculated that this new organisation was launched because a pre-existing one, “The Full Brexit”, was too discredited by a number of its founders supporting and in one case – James Heartfield – standing for, the Brexit Party. This group distinguished itself by publishing an article from two of its leading people denouncing Irish republican groups as “the armed wing of the European Union” and calling for violent British state action to crush their opposition to a hard border.

But TFB has been quick to get a statement out supporting and trumpeting its involvement in LeFT. And the initial LeFT signatories include Phil Cunliffe, a central participant in the same ex-Revolutionary Communist Party/Spiked network as Heartfield, fellow Brexit Party candidate (now MEP) Claire Fox et al – and himself a supporter of the Brexit Party! Plus another Spiked writer, George Hoare.

This is not an initiative any self-respecting socialist should have anything to do with.

It was therefore genuinely disappointing to see that LeFT’s signatories include a number of supporters of the anti-Stalinist (ex-SWP) socialist group RS21: I recognised the names Jen Wilkinson, Brian Parkin and Colin Wilson. It seems surreal that these comrades could put their names to such a thing.

The Red Brown Front (an alliance of sovereigntist left individuals, Counterfire supporters, the CPB, which runs the Morning Star, Blue Labour social conservatives,  and Brexit Party backers)  in the Full Brexit, backs this campaign.

This is the alternative:

This is also worth reading: Prominent Centrists and the Fiction of the White Working Class



The Bizarre pro-Brexit (‘Lexit’) World of US Left Magazine Jacobin.

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Jacobin, promoter of “a solipsistic dialogue between wings of the ex-SWP and dyed-in-the-wool haters of the EU.”

The US magazine Jacobin claims to be the voice of the American Radical left.

Correction,  it modestly calls itself,  “a leading voice of the American left.”

One of its traits is the way it has presented the left case for Brexit in the UK as the ‘left’ position.

It has published, this year alone, We Need a Labour Brexit, by Costas Lapavitsas of the red-Brown front, the Full Brexit and a minuscule Greek grouplet whose names escapes me for the moment.

Dawn Foster One of the last defenders of Jeremy Corbyn’s isolated position was given space to assert,

The sensible route, currently being followed by Labour, would be backing the vote to rule out crashing out of the European Union with No Deal, and arguing for the least harmful exit to the European Union and resolution of our current impasse, which may still include a vote on whether to accept May’s deal or remain in the European Union.

After the Peterborough by-election she claimed.

Keeping to party policy on Brexit while cultivating the skills and activist numbers that helped shock the pundits in 2017 — these hold the key to any potential Labour general election victory.

Apparently Party Policy is whatever Foster thinks it is – but not anything to do with opposing a Hard Brexit advocating Remain.

Richard Seymour, somebody as distant from the daily struggles of the UK left as it is possible to be, was given space in June to ignore the left support for the pro-EU Remain and Transform left.

The problem is, Labour and the wider left haven’t really had a proper discussion about Europe since the 1980s, when Labour abandoned its critique and became a pro-European party. The idea was that the EU’s mild regulations would protect workers from the worst of Thatcher and, later, New Labour. Corbyn retained his Euroscepticism, and so did some parts of the labor movement, like the RMT union. But this had little influence.

So, when the Brexit referendum came up, it wasn’t a debate that arose on the Left or in the working class. It was a fight between two factions of the Right. Because of that, and because he needed the cooperation of the parliamentary Labour Party, Corbyn agreed to campaign to Remain in Europe in 2016.

Jacobin claims to be on the radical left.

Without going into the complexities of support and opposition within Labour for Brexit, the electoral calculations, and the claim that Corbyn has kept the Labour Party together by his fence-sitting stand, this is the line up of the radical left in the UK on the issue.

Lexit, the People’s Brexit, was a minority view, held by groups like the Communist Party of Britain, the marginalised Socialist Workers Party the remnants of Counterfire (a SWP spinter), the crisis-riven Socialist party of the splintered Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), the Spiked initiated red-brown front, the Full Brexit (a coalition of Brexit Party supporters, left sovereigntists and believers in funny money (New Monetary Theory) , the centre right Blue Labour, some traditional right-wingers of Labour Leave, and the Arron Banks funded Trade Unionists Against the EU, not to mention the Brexit Party voting Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist). Oh, and another one of the tiny splinters from the SWP, Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (rs21).

By contrast Another Europe is Possible, which backs calls for a Third Referendum,  has the support of the Green Party, the Editor of Red Pepper, Open labour (a centre-left group), a group of Labour MPs, Love Socialism, Rebuild Britain, Transform Europe is a group of socialist Labour MPs fighting to stop Brexit and transform Britain, radical left groups, such as Socialist Resistance, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Left Unity, Chartist Magazine. The linked campaign, Labour for a Socialist Europe, has support in Labour constituencies. Other groups, such as Red Flag also oppose Brexit, strongly.

We have some impact.

This week readers of Jacobin are treated to this article, oddly reproduced on the internationalist site, Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières.

Boris Johnson, Brexit, UK Crisis… and the Left? – Socialism After the United Kingdom


This is the principal message (we leave it to others to steer through the rocks of the comments about navigating “the messy politics of national identity”).

Brexit has thrown the British ruling class, its parties, its state, and really its existence as a nation-state into crisis. But this won’t necessarily play out in the favor of the working class and oppressed groups, unless the Left is prepared to take advantage of the crisis as an opportunity to put forward an alternative socialist agenda.

So that raises the question of what the Left should do amidst the seemingly unending Brexit crisis.

To be honest we’re in a very difficult situation. Unlike in the Scottish independence referendum, the radical left failed to hegemonize the argument for Leave. Consequently, the center left immediately associate you with Farage and the right. It becomes even impossible to talk about the EU and its actual nature because all opposition to it is wrongly identified with that of the populist right.

Aside from the barefaced cheek of somebody from the fringes of the fringes talking for ‘the left’, Davidson is one of those who have tried to explain away their support for what was rightly predicted to be Hard Right Brexit bringing in its wake a Carnival Of Reaction.

That is the simple reason by Brexit is identified with the national populist right: it is the politics of that right.

This is now the view of the overwhelming majority of the left, moderate to radical, social democratic, democratic socialist, green left,  to democratic Marxist.

To get a grip on Davidson’s background here are some of his previous witherings and turnings (extracts),

After Brexit

No, Britain is neither on the eve of the October Revolution nor in the last days of the Weimar Republic (note by TC: sigh of relief! ) . There were working-class voters on both sides and they had both good and bad reasons for voting the way they did. Trotsky used to quote Spinoza to the effect that we should neither laugh nor cry but understand so, therefore, let us try to understand the class forces involved.

First, socialists have to accept the result of the referendum, in the same way that we would have expected others to accept the result of the Scottish referendum if it had been Yes. The idea of ignoring it, or running the referendum again until “we” (i.e. the Guardian-reading middle classes) get the “right” result (i.e., the one most of the British and global ruling class want), is deeply undemocratic—although there are many precedents in the history of the EU. The starting point should instead be to campaign for the right of all migrants currently in the UK—whether on an EU passport or not—to remain, and in the longer term, to fight for open borders regardless of the UK’s or its component’s relationship to the EU.

The EU may break up of its own internal contradictions over the long term. In any event, that kind of collapse—the result of structural failure rather than conscious intervention—is unlikely to benefit the working class. No, it will have to be destroyed, and perhaps the most serious argument facing the European Left at the moment is to convince a majority of comrades of this necessity.

So, a man who thinks the European Union should be “destroyed” is, for a US audience, presented as spokesperson for ‘the left’.

Many people consider that this  distorted coverage – that is, ignoring the influential and large left internationalist side for Remain and Transform,   may be due to Jacobin’s European Editor. he is somebody, somebody with great merits, but a sad personal history of conflict, one feels his pain,  with much of the European left and particularly the forces making up Another Europe is Possible in Britian.

But this does not excuse misrepresentation on an heroic scale of the political line up in the Brexit conflict in Britain. Jacobin’s articles on the topic are, frankly, a solipsistic dialogue between wings of the ex-SWP and dyed-in-the-wool haters of the EU.

Academics, the Communist Party of Britain and Fellow Travellers, Counterfire, Union Officials and Eddie Dempsey Launch “Grass Roots” Campaign to Fight for Brexit.

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Communists Launch Campaign as Alternative to “internationalist and liberal” Remain and Transform Left.

The Communist Party of Britain has got round to launching its own pro-Brexit campaign.

As Luke Cooper says, it’s ten weeks before Johnson and his cronies intend to lead a come-what-may hard Brexit backed by Donald Trump

Some suggest that the Spiked/RCP Full Brexit Red-Brown Front, which some CPB people backed,  has become too toxic to sustain….

This initiative is backed by a variety of academics, trade union officials, from  CPG fellow traveller circles, Counterfire’s own friends, a handful of Labour Party Brexit types, Eddie Dempsey (said to be its leading voice), and even one (very odd) Green.


It is backed by the CPB’s house daily.

Editorial: The new LeFT Brexit campaign is a force for solidarity and understanding

This is a heartfelt plea by the – rightly – marginalised forces playing at a People’s Brexit while the only actually existing Brexit Isis the hard Right its supporters in the ERG wanted all along.

Currently only two perspectives are being projected in the press. The pro-EU position is portrayed as internationalist and liberal while Leave supporters are identified with Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump.

Trumpeting the move by the boycott Labour (in the European Elections) CPB the Morning Star asserts,

And anything that divides the working-class movement and weakens its unity also threatens our democracy — because in a class society like ours it is only this collective solidarity that provides a barrier against the wealth and power of the few.

The new Leave campaign provides a voice for that class solidarity. It represents the silent workplaces denied state aid because of the EU’s competition laws. It explains that our derelict regions and crisis-ridden social services, in Britain and across the EU, are the result of EU austerity policies that imposed the costs of the bankers’ crisis on working people.

In defence of its campaign to divide the labour movement, and support a Hard Brexit under WTO rules (the CPB official position), the editorial concludes,

The new campaign is therefore an important first step. It will be successful if it is firmly based in the trade union and labour movement and linked to active campaigning against industrial closure, precarious working, community impoverishment and the defence of services.

In doing so it will be a force for solidarity and understanding and thus for redeveloping the power of working-class unity essential for our democracy.

The consequences of not doing so, of a working class divided, should be a concern to all.

Here is the declaration of intent.

Leave – Fight – Transform: Founding Statement

The LeFT Campaign is a new grassroots network of socialists, trade unionists and community activists, committed to democracy, internationalism and socialism – and making sure the 2016 EU referendum result is implemented

To develop the potential of this moment, the left must ensure the 2016 referendum result is implemented, so that the UK breaks with the treaties, institutions and laws of the EU as well as the structural racism of Fortress Europe.

To shape the 21st century in a way which advances the interests of the working class, in all its rich diversity, to begin to turn the tide on the environmental crisis, and to extend democracy into all aspects of people’s lives, the left must demand a break with the status quo. We need to leave the EU and transform society.

You can read the list of the supporters via the above link.

Some examples:

Robert Griffiths (General Secretary Communist Party of Britain, Tony Conway (CPB   Convenor of ARAF – a BCP body), Prof Mary Davis (CPB) , Costas Lapavitsas (UCU, SOAS University of London. Sectarian Political Dabblers Party), Kevin Ovenden (Former George Galloway Bagman, Counterfire), Feyzi Ismail (Counterfire, UCU, SOAS University of London), George Hoare (Writer: Spiked)


Leading the new campaign is Eddie Dempsey with his own unique unity strategy:




Morning Star: Brecon By-Election Shows Voters Moving Away from Remain and Blames ‘Sabotage” for Poor Labour Result.

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CR 2019 Summer.Front Cover

Communist Party of Britain (Organ, the Morning Star’) Recommends Looking Again at “Soviet Experiment”.

The Boycott Labour (in the recent European Elections)  Morning Star has its own unique take on the Brecon by-election.

Editorial: By-election shows Labour must return to its confident socialist message of 2017

THE result of Brecon and Radnorshire by-election shows two things.

First, that despite the massive media campaign, there has been no swing to Remain. Quite the reverse. Those voting on Thursday moved in the opposite direction.

Second, that Labour needs to restate the policies that almost won the last general election.

Pause for gulp,

Labour’s 5 per cent seems to have been the result of Labour supporters not voting — unsurprisingly given the relentless press campaign and open sabotage by Labour’s right wing.

This is why it is so essential for Labour to return to its confident socialist message of 2017.

And what might this be based on?

Quite correctly Jeremy Corbyn continues to argue that Britain should retain a strong relationship with the EU’s single market on issues of environmental and health standards and labour rights.

But at the same time he is clear that a resurgent progressive Britain cannot accept the EU’s neoliberal competition rules.

Conclusion, aka Flogging a Dead Lexit Horse.

A new labour movement campaign must be launched to rewin a left case for a progressive but independent relationship to the EU and ensure that Labour has a clear public-sector, pro-worker and democratic alternative — ready for when Boris is found out.

The Morning Star reflects the CPB’s strategic warnings about “saboteurs” during Theresa May’s Premiership: Britain’s political crisis, Brexit and the prospects for a Labour government

Instead of projecting the pro-EU “No Deal” position, it might have been better for Corbyn to insist on a different condition—namely, that she will call an immediate General Election. It has been clear all along that there are anti-socialist, pro-EU and pro-NATO Labour MPs who would try to use the EU withdrawal issue to undermine Corbyn’s position and create a party leadership crisis as well as sabotaging Brexit.

Their loyalty to capitalism, British imperialism, the EU, NATO and nuclear weapons far exceeds any commitment to the working class and the labour movement. They represent a serious obstacle to the election and future progress of a Labour government and any of its left-wing policies. But to remove them will require higher levels of mass struggle and labour movement politicisation to take place, in which the trade unions, the People’s Assembly, the peace movement, the Morning Star and the Communist Party have vital roles to play.

In the meantime the pro-European left is moblising:

After Brecon Set-back the Last Left Supporters of Brexit Fight On In Counterfire.

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Image result for counterfire lexit

A “Small Hall” That’s Got a Lot Smaller.

“Chris Bryant, the Labour MP for the Welsh seat of Rhondda, claimed Labour’s vague stance on Brexit had damaged the party in the byelection.

Speaking to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme he said:

Some of us have been saying for quite some time that one of the problems about trying to be all things to men and women is that nobody ends up liking what you’re offering.

I think our constructive ambiguity hasn’t really helped us over the last two years. We have tried to say to Brexit voters ‘we are in favour of Brexit’ but to remain voters ‘we are in favour of remain’ and in the end you’re not. I am fundamentally a remainer and I believe it it is in the interest of Wales, and our country, that we should at the very least try and achieve as softer Brexit as possible so that we can continue trading with Europe.

Bryant put a brave face on the result. “In the end biggest problem for the Labour party is that we nearly lost our deposit. I’m glad we didn’t lose our deposit, lots of people were talking about that going to happen.”

He also claimed Labour was likely to call a vote on no-confidence in September. He said: “I would be amazed if we were not to table a motion of no confidence, and I will be wholeheartedly supporting it.”


Yet there is hope.

It lies deep within the catacombs of the pro-Brexit British left the groupuscule Counterfire is fighting a rearguard battle.

Munitions are running low, the Hard  Right Johnson regime is showing its claws.

Even before the Brecon set back Corbyn was under fire for his failure to oppose the Tory Brexit, Hard and Soft.

The left is rallying to the cause of another Referendum, and support for Remain and transform Europe.

Time to send out an appeal for reinforcements from the remnants of the People’s Brexiters in the Corbyn camp.

Despite the media consensus, Corbyn’s position on Brexit is the right one

The “liberal commentariat”, writes Mike Wayne, a former stalwart  of the Socialist Workers Party, Left Unity, critic of the ‘gentrification of the left” and “Professor of Cultural Studies at Brunel University”, “will not acknowledge, is that if they are able to overturn the Leave vote without even trying to put a leave deal to the public, then a Johnson-Faragist axis of right-wing populism nourishing a grievance against the elites who frustrated a democratic vote, will be cemented into the body politics for years.”

The key divisions at stake, the academic asserts, are between

The nationalist conservatives on one side and the centrist coalition of conservativism and liberalism stretching from the Conservative Party, through the Lib Dems and deep into the ranks of the Parliamentary Labour Party on the other, represent two broadly different cultural and political projects for the continuation of ruling class rule. Their internal argument is the most severe intra-class crisis in decades. But what about the left-wing ‘Lexit’ position?

He continues, looking at this position defended tooth and nail by Counterfire.

Left-wing critics of Europe such as Wolfgang Streeck certainly have a strong case that this is a supranational form of neoliberal governance designed to protect capital and advance its interests while protecting it from democratic pressures exerted at national level.

Left-wing Streeck,  supporter of the Red-Brown Full Brexit, contributor to the Brexit Party organ, Spiked, and a left national populist, yes we remember him well.


In these conditions choices are as clear as mud, the cultural studiest argues,

Labour are currently arguing that either a no-deal or a Tory-bad deal should go back to the people with Remain as an option on the ballot paper. This position is perfectly clear – whether you agree with it or not – but the media continue to scream ‘fudge’. Many in Labour (including the membership) want Corbyn to go further and become fully Remain. In effect this means Labour abandoning even trying to get a compromise deal and simply restaging the Referendum, hoping to get a Remain result. The chances are that without a compromise deal on offer, this snub to the first Referendum would produce another Leave victory and do massive political damage to Labour in the process.

The result of the Second Referendum (the first was in 1975) is sacred.

To challenge it is to risk great danger,

The strategy is cack-handed even if its goal was merely to cancel the Leave vote, as it is amongst the Corbyn supporters of Momentum. But for others closer to the status quo, the call to go full-Remain is designed to further undermine Corbyn. For some ‘progressives’ (hello the Guardian) a Corbyn government is a more terrible prospect than even a triumphant Johnson administration pursuing a frenzied project of neoliberalism that will make Thatcherism in the 1980s look like the proverbial tea-party.

The fear of the far-right is the beginning of wisdom….


Perhaps, were Wayne serious about opposing “England’s enduring attachment to economic liberalism” he might oppose the Hard Right neoliberal Brexit as well and urge Corbyn to come out fighting against it.

By any means possible!



” the middle ground on Brexit has collapsed, Labour is losing far more Remainers than Leavers, most Leave voters now think that ‘No Deal’ is the only genuine Brexit and believe a soft Brexit is ‘Brexit In Name Only’. But in any case, the ideological case for Lexit makes no sense.”

Love Socialism, Rebuild Britain, Transform Europe – Internationalist Anti-Brexit Left Speaks.

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Labour Internationalists speak at anti-Brexit ‘Love Socialism’ meeting.

“.we now need to campaign with idealism. Of course the economic argument is critical to our campaign but we also need to inspire people with the principles of internationalism that assert the unity of peoples rather than the separateness of nation states. At Labour’s International Social Forum at the weekend we agreed that a new Internationalism was not only possible but needed. We should reframe our debate and campaigning over Europe into that inspiring vision.”


John McDonnell.

On Monday 15 July, the Love Socialism Hate Brexit group of MPs – now rebranded as Love Socialism, Rebuild Britain, Transform Europe, and welcoming in a number of new MPs – held a packed meeting in the House of Commons. We hope to publish a report soon. This is the speech Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell sent to the meeting.

The Clarion gives the full text.

Labour List gives a report by Sienna Rodgers.

A large number of anti-Brexit Labour MPs addressed a packed committee room in parliament on Monday evening, at the latest event held by the Love Socialism Rebuild Britain Transform Europe group (until now called Love Socialism Hate Brexit).

As the first meeting held since Labour backed Remain against no deal or a Tory deal, it featured a number of shadow cabinet members – top Jeremy Corbyn ally Diane Abbott, plus Dawn Butler, Emily Thornberry, Jon Ashworth and Keir Starmer.

Supportive statements were sent by John McDonnell and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard. Other frontbenchers in attendance included Luke Pollard, Chi Onwurah, Anneliese Dodds, Clive Lewis, Bill Esterson, Sandy Martin and Matt Rodda; backbenchers included Alex Sobel, Paul Sweeney, Kate Osamor, Kate Green, Rupa Huq and Janet Daby.

This inspiring event, from the left internationalist wing of  Labour, is part of a major shift in the party, from MPs, to grass-roots activists. Joining the broad front of Another Europe is Possible, this is now a socialist voice for the campaign against Brexit.

This Blog is pleased not just to see  old comrades were at the meeting, but the breadth of the support for the initiative from inside Parliament and outside.  The ‘People’s Brexit’ or Lexit pro-Brexit forces have been pushed to the margins of the left. As John McDonnell says, Labour is now “committed to a referendum in which we will campaign to Remain” and “we must campaign for Remain but also the change that many of our communities desperately need after decades of neoliberal dominance and years of harsh austerity.”



This is a major step forward.


Written by Andrew Coates

July 16, 2019 at 12:58 pm