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Max Hastings, “I wrote three years ago that, if Boris Johnson ever achieved his ambition to become prime minister, Britain would forgo any claim to be considered a serious country”

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Boris Johnson, ” supposes himself to be Winston Churchill, while in reality being closer to Alan Partridge.” (Max Hastings).

In June 2019, Hastings described Boris Johnson as “unfit for national office, because it seems he cares for no interest save his own fame and gratification…[his] premiership will almost certainly reveal a contempt for rules, precedent, order and stability…If the price of Johnson proves to be Corbyn, blame will rest with the Conservative party, which is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the British people – who will not find it funny for long. (Max Hastings)

“Like many showy personalities, he is of weak character. I recently suggested to a radio audience that he supposes himself to be Winston Churchill, while in reality being closer to Alan Partridge.”

Hastings is a conservative with a small, and often a big ‘C’.

But does this searing account matter, will those who back Johnson take the slightest notice?

Some of us find comparisons with the rule of Berlusconi in Italy, who managed to survive this for many years,

Trials and allegations involving Silvio Berlusconi have been extensive and include abuse of office, bribery and corruption of police officers, judges and politicians, collusion, defamation, embezzlement, extortion, false accounting, mafia, money laundering, perjury, tax fraud, underage prostitution influence and witness tampering.

Despite this Berlusconi continued to get support from Italian electors.

Few Italians have wielded more influence and attracted more notoriety than Silvio Berlusconi: billionaire businessman, four-time prime minister, and member of the European Parliament.

For years he successfully brushed off sex scandals and allegations of corruption, until Italy’s eurozone debt crisis in 2011 saw his influence temporarily wane.

Worse was to come for the man whom many Italians had come to see as untouchable.

He was convicted of tax fraud in 2013 and ejected from the Italian Senate. Another conviction in 2015 made it look like his political career was finally over.

But despite suffering a heart attack that his doctor said could have killed him in 2016, and having emergency bowel surgery in 2019, the charismatic showman was set for yet another political comeback.

Even though he was banned from holding public office due to his criminal record, he led his centre-right Forza Italia party to moderate electoral success in 2018. And a year later, with his ban lifted, won himself a seat in the European Parliament at the age of 82.



Former Italian prime minister and current MEP Silvio Berlusconi is seriously ill and his trial on charges of bribing witnesses should be temporarily suspended, a Milan prosecutor said, Reuters reports. Berlusconi, 84, has been in and out of hospital this year after contracting COVID-19 last September, and speculation has mounted in recent days over a deterioration of his health.


Some reasons people suggest that Berlusconi won and remained in power is are these,

,Severgnini has called him a “mirror” of modern Italy, and one sees what he means: nouveau riche (like almost everyone in the country) and not afraid to show it off (remember that Sardinian villa); a lover of women and soccer (he owns A.C. Milan); loyal to his friends (even protecting them from the law); and clearly enjoying himself at those parties and on his yacht, Berlusconi leads a kind of caricature version of the ideal Italian life. And precisely because he is a caricature, he gets away with things that other people can’t. One hears Italians regale one another with Berlusconi stories and then howl with laughter.

There’s Something About Berlusconi Why do Italians keep voting for him?

Anne Applebaum 2009.

Is Johnson a mirror of Britain, or at least England? The Eaton toff aside must be have something that people recognise of themselves in him: life’s a laugh and like a scamp, we’re all at it, who doesn’t fiddle and tell whoppers, sleep with a good looking women and handsomely reward them? If we could order wallpaper that costs 850 knicker a roll and enough take-away for free to feed the Guards Brigade, who wouldn’t?

Or is it just that some have more modest concerns, vaccines, going on holiday, being able to meet up with friends, getting lives and businesses back on track. A fair number think that Johnson has achieved this. The pro-Brexit Church and Queen mob and, in their coat-tails, will ignore reality as they did during the referendum. The Brexit Bolsheviks of Lexit, probably feel a glow of pride in weakening the UK’s global power, and the loss of banking business.

Hold on..

Berlusconi also has at least one tool that none of the others have: popular television. He controls three mainstream channels and various digital channels because he owns them. He also effectively controls state television because he is the prime minister. There are newspapers, magazines, and late-night talk shows that criticize him, but they don’t reach the same number of people…

Follow my regard and look at Johnson is doing with the BBC and his right-wing allies with the launch of ‘alt news’ station, GB News.

Written by Andrew Coates

May 24, 2021 at 12:32 pm

In Defence of the ‘Woke Left’.

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As Tony Blair warns that Labour could die under Starmer and the “woke  left”, is he planning a return?

Blair Wages War on Woke.

Tony Blair unleashes stinging attack on ‘woke left’ and says Labour could cease to exist.

Tony Blair
 unleashed a stinging attack on the “woke left” on Wednesday warning that Labour could cease to exist and that Sir Keir Starmer is “struggling to break through with the public”.

In a devastating verdict on the state of his party in the wake of its dismal May election results, the former Prime Minister said Labour needs a “total deconstruction and reconstruction. Nothing less will do”.

Writing in the Left-leaning New Statesman, Mr Blair added: “Keir seems sensible but not radical. He lacks a compelling economic message. And the cultural message, because he is not clarifying it, is being defined by the ‘woke’ left, whose every statement gets cut-through courtesy of the right.”

Blair joins the Spiked, who promote the identity politics of the national populist right. Or as the red-brown front put it, “the swapping of class politics for identity politics, the Britain-bashing..” wokists.

To this the Tendance says, who the bleedin’ hell are you to tell us about our problems and how to fight them.

“White Man In Hammersmith Palais”

Midnight to six man
For the first time from Jamaica
Dillinger and Leroy Smart
Delroy Wilson, your cool operator

Ken Boothe for UK pop reggae
With backing bands sound systems
And if they’ve got anything to say
There’s many black ears here to listen

But it was Four Tops all night with encores from stage right
Charging from the bass knives to the treble
But onstage they ain’t got no roots rock rebel
Onstage they ain’t got no…roots rock rebel

Dress back jump back this is a bluebeat attack

Cos it won’t get you anywhere
Fooling with your guns
The British Army is waiting out there
An’ it weighs fifteen hundred tons

White youth, black youth
Better find another solution
Why not phone up Robin Hood
And ask him for some wealth distribution

Punk rockers in the UK
They won’t notice anyway
They’re all too busy fighting
For a good place under the lighting

The new groups are not concerned
With what there is to be learned
They got Burton suits, ha you think it’s funny
Turning rebellion into money

All over people changing their votes
Along with their overcoats
If Adolf Hitler flew in today
They’d send a limousine anyway

I’m the all night drug-prowling wolf
Who looks so sick in the sun
I’m the white man in the Palais
Just lookin’ for fun

I’m only
Looking for fun

Written by Andrew Coates

May 12, 2021 at 10:01 am

As Britain and France prepare for War where does the left stand?

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‘Perfidious Albion’: Napoléon Macron and his British nemesis, Admiral Johnson.

Is it a coincidence that the day after the Bicentenary of Napoléons death that Britain and France are again close to war? Or that today is an election day in the UK?


Royal Navy ships patrolling Jersey amid fishing row with France.


Two Royal Navy ships are patrolling waters around Jersey and two French patrol vessels are nearby, as fishermen protest over their post-Brexit rights.

About 60 French and Jersey boats are blocking the island’s St Helier port, with a freight vessel unable to leave.

French military ship heads to Jersey to join post-Brexit fishing protest as Royal Navy patrols waters


Suffolk’s Top News Site reports:

Where does the UK left stand? Is our main enemy at home? Or is it, as the Morning Star might say, the neoliberal imperialism of the EU member France? Some Campists state, “Critical support for degenerated Republican France versus the thoroughly rotten from top to bottom constitutional monarchy of Britain in this conflict.”

May be an image of map and text that says "Jersey and Guernsey"

Written by Andrew Coates

May 6, 2021 at 12:27 pm