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GB News Goes Spiked on the “Commonwoke Games”.

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If we yield to wokeism, which is communism in all but name, if we yield to the hard left, we will be left, with nothing at all. Marx my words, communism is back, and we have to defeat it all over again, says Mark Dolan. GB News”

In this Blog’s relentless battles on the culture war front there is little respite. Last week we visited O’Brien’s, a dwelling place of the Inner Party. He offered me a glass of French wine, Châteaux Neuf du Pape, apologising, “Since Brexit not much of it gets to the Outer Party”. I sipped the beverage, savouring the taste. It belonged to a vanished romantic past, like the Tendance Marxiste Révolutionnaire Internationale (TMRI) in which Cde Keir Starmer learnt his entryist craft.

The line-manager at the Ministry of Woke Truth had only a blank, voiceless, telescreen. ‘He caught me staring in its direction. ‘Yes’ said O’Brien, ‘we can turn it off. We have that privilege.”

No such luck for the Tendance….

Cor Blimey!

The Commonwoke Games

Woke scolds are ruining everything. Even sport.

Can the woke scolds not leave us alone for five minutes? Judging from last night’s opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, the answer to that question is a firm No. The ceremony was a big fat finger-wag at the nation, an am-dram lecture to the masses on the right way to think about race, colonialism, gender, blah blah blah. It was like being beaten around the head with a copy of the Guardian for three hours. What ought to have been a sparkling celebration of Blighty ahead of a two-week sporting festival that is exactly the pick-me-up this troubled nation needs was turned by the Beeb and the Birmingham glitterati into yet another opportunity to hector Joe Public about ‘ishoos’. Millions must have switched off.

“Brummie glitterati” – nice one Benny Brendan! Brings back the happy days of Crossroads Motel when you could have a laugh with loveable people with learning difficulties

You need no party telescreen watcher to guess what else GB News – and the Spikey ones – are obsessed with today:

With its colourful talking heads, far right Tory commentary, and anti-Woke crusade GB News is already comparing well to its counterpart far-right alt-news channel, C-News. The gallic broadcaster’s star Éric Zemmour scored 7,07% in this year’s Presidential election standing for La Reconquête against the ‘Great Replacement’.

As the feisty candidate said last February, “Aujourd’hui on est antiraciste, féministe, écologiste, la culture ‘woke’ a pris la place du marxisme, qui avait pris la place du socialisme, qui avait pris la place du libéralisme”.”These days we are anti-racist, feminist, green…..’woke’ culture has taken the place of Marxism, which had taken the place of socialism, which had taken the place of liberalism”.

Funster Mark Dolan could not have put it better.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 30, 2022 at 5:25 pm

The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason. Douglas Murray. Review.

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The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason. Douglas Murray. 

“From existentialism to deconstruction, all modern thought has exhausted itself in the automatic denunciation of the West, underlining its hypocrisy, its violence and atrocities.” wrote Pascal Bruckner in 2006 (La tyrannie de la pénitence. Essai sur le masochisme occidental). In The War on the West Douglas Murray has a more dramatic target than the long-standing critic of Third Worldism and “l’auto-flagellation” of Western intellectuals. There is, he sets of his first sentences, a “cultural war” “against all the roots of of the Western tradition and against everything good that the Western tradition has produced”. The alarm sirens sound out, “There is an assault going on against everything to do with the Western world – its past present or future.”

A “grand project of deconstruction and destruction fueled by resentment and revenge” is underway. Murray’s battlefields range from the National Trust, statues, Western Holy Places, Museums, Schools, the American centred Black Lives Matter movement, and academic and educational institutions, also centred on the USA though with some nods to domestic haunts, such as the manufactured furore around Whistler’s Mural in the Tate, gardens (“decolonising” Kew) and his old Western Front, Oxford and the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, involving a South African who went on to strike at the heart of imperial might by making a white waitress in the Cape cry “white tears”. The “new religion of anti-racism” the “revolutionary sect” of Critical Race Theory (CRT) – originally an approach in legal scholarship – has won in the classroom, hammering home to school pupils in the Land of Liberty the “sins of their forefathers”.

It is hard to see why people should not learn about the sheer wrongness of imperialism, of the injustice and exploitation of colonialism and the nationally, racially or religious based oppression of empires, from the Romans, to amongst others, the British, French, the Ottoman, and Spanish and resistance to them, from African anti-colonial struggles to the fight to liberate lands under the boot of Istanbul. Or indeed about the history of Stalinist rule from Moscow. Those intimately familiar with America, with its own history, would surely argue for a place for teaching that questions the view that it is an unblemished Shining City on a Hill. Symbolical struggles such as the removal of statues, or renaming buildings, can be judged on their own merits. One would agree that fighting over  language and metaphorical images is not everybody’s priority. Whatever can be read into the removal of Whistler’s The Expedition In Pursuit of Rare Meats, a “fantastic portrayal of the ‘Duke of Epicurania'” from Tate Britain, this decision is, however self-satisfying for the “White Pube” in their earth-shaking struggle for cheap gaffs, for rich and poor alike to have a Universal Basic Income and their frustration at “white people, white walls and white wine”, less important than disputes over the reality of power and wealth.

Pascal Bruckner, known for his ex-leftist New Philosophy writing on ‘anti-Western’ ideas since Le Sanglot de l’homme blanc (1983) was an early critic, from the right, of identity politics, “on enferme les individues dans une définition ethnique ou raciale..” – we shut people up in ethnic or racial definitions (La tyrannie de la pénitence. op cit.). The associate editor of the Spectator and Conservative Party supporter is fellow, if much later, opponent of identity politics, “it atomises society into different interest groups according to sex (or gender), race, sexual preferences and more.” (The Madness of Crowds. 2019). If there is a vein of truth in The War on the West it lies in the way in which the accusation of “whiteness” is used to try to shut people up by those engaged in these splintering wars – usually by individuals, often themselves privileged by education and background, with ambitions, academic, political, or careerist, of their own. CRT at its simplest says that the term if a social construct. Enslavement is not colour-coded. It is easy pickings to show that the the horrors of the Middle Passage and White European colonial slavery are not unique in history, past (too many Empires and states to list, famously including the Arab and Islamic world) or present. The word Slave – from Slavonic (captive) – is enough to show that Europe knew slavery without difference in skin colour, as does the history of Viking slave raids, and Old English thrall and theow, referred to people, from the Isles, bought and sold as objects.

Right at the start of his present work Murray refers to his 2017 book, The Strange Death of Europe, which echoed the themes of the Great Replacement, that European civilisation is “committing suicide”, through both a lack of faith in Europe’s traditional values and the “mass movement of peoples into Europe” were at fault. In The War on the West he asks why, faced with large scale migration, the Europeans “were expected to abolish themselves in order to survive”. This is the language of fear, the inward looking programme of the European far right and national populists, and a step on sovereignty and immigration that his (unacknowledged) predecessor Bruckner, has also made, asking “are we ready to undergo the demographic, cultural, linguistic and religious shock” of large numbers of new arrivals? (Sommes-nous prêts à subir ce choc démographique, culturel, linguistique et religieux ? Immigration, la compassion ne forge pas une politique 2017). This stands in contrast to the joyous celebrations of ‘métissage’ (cultural mixing) and the Enlightenment tradition offered by, to give the most striking case, the French left during its recent Parliamentary election campaign. But then the fight against the far-right in Europe is a real political one, not a symbolical game at Uni or in the more elevated arenas of the culture industry.

It is said that Murray has had the bad luck that his attempt to light a banger in the culture wars has got largely unheard when a real war in Europe, launched by Russia’s President Putin, against, some also say, the West, is underway. People across the continent, from all backgrounds, and views, have responded with warmth and generosity to the calls for solidarity from Ukraine. In Britain these include all sections of political opinion and those with none. The labour movement and the left (apart from a few minor splinters and thered-brown fringe) have joined in. We Stand With Ukraine!

Written by Andrew Coates

July 12, 2022 at 1:52 pm

Cancelling Laurence Fox, and Steve Bray.

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Cold War Steve On Attempt to Silence Steve Bray.

A few days ago former Actor, Detective Sergent James Hathaway, Laurence Fox, stood in the 2021 London Mayoral Contest, to “fight against extreme political correctness”  for his own luxury micro-party, The Reclaim Party. His entry into the culture wars, “the UKIP for culture”, was endorsed by Reform UK (ex-Brexit Party) and backed by Nigel Farage. The major source of Fox’s campaign funds was Brexit backer Jeremy Hosking who gave £1,153,300 in donations. He got 1,9% of the vote and lost his deposit.

A couple of days ago the man who made it impossible to watch repeats of the detective drama Lewis had got involved in a new spot of controversy.

Laurence Fox’s Twitter account was locked this morning after the Lewis actor-turned-London Mayor hopeful changed his profile image to one that was manipulated to resemble a ‘swastika’.

The Reclaim Party leader enraged many on Sunday evening, after he shared an image on his page of four Progress Pride flags manipulated in such a way that a swastika symbol – once an ancient religious symbol, but is now widely recognised for its appropriation by the Nazi Party and neo-Nazis – could be seen.

He had written alongside the image, which, while it is no longer his profile picture, still remains as a post on his feed: ‘I’ve updated my profile picture for the remainder of the holy month.

‘Blessed be the fruit.’


This morning Fox fancies himself as something of wit:

Yesterday Steve Bray, the chap who stands outside Parliament shouting anti-Brexit messages, loudly, got the old Bill on his tracks:

This is a fair judgement:

Bray is not giving up. Today:

Written by Andrew Coates

June 29, 2022 at 11:39 am