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Cancelling Laurence Fox, and Steve Bray.

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Cold War Steve On Attempt to Silence Steve Bray.

A few days ago former Actor, Detective Sergent James Hathaway, Laurence Fox, stood in the 2021 London Mayoral Contest, to “fight against extreme political correctness”  for his own luxury micro-party, The Reclaim Party. His entry into the culture wars, “the UKIP for culture”, was endorsed by Reform UK (ex-Brexit Party) and backed by Nigel Farage. The major source of Fox’s campaign funds was Brexit backer Jeremy Hosking who gave £1,153,300 in donations. He got 1,9% of the vote and lost his deposit.

A couple of days ago the man who made it impossible to watch repeats of the detective drama Lewis had got involved in a new spot of controversy.

Laurence Fox’s Twitter account was locked this morning after the Lewis actor-turned-London Mayor hopeful changed his profile image to one that was manipulated to resemble a ‘swastika’.

The Reclaim Party leader enraged many on Sunday evening, after he shared an image on his page of four Progress Pride flags manipulated in such a way that a swastika symbol – once an ancient religious symbol, but is now widely recognised for its appropriation by the Nazi Party and neo-Nazis – could be seen.

He had written alongside the image, which, while it is no longer his profile picture, still remains as a post on his feed: ‘I’ve updated my profile picture for the remainder of the holy month.

‘Blessed be the fruit.’


This morning Fox fancies himself as something of wit:

Yesterday Steve Bray, the chap who stands outside Parliament shouting anti-Brexit messages, loudly, got the old Bill on his tracks:

This is a fair judgement:

Bray is not giving up. Today:

Written by Andrew Coates

June 29, 2022 at 11:39 am

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