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Chris Williamson’s Campaign against “social imperialism” wins friends, from the Morning Star to the Weekly Worker.

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United We Win Against Social Imperialism, Momentum and “those who many members see as stalwarts of the left”.

The daily organ of the Communist Party of Britain, the Morning Star has spent all week been promoting Chris Williamson’s candidacy against the Labour Party.

Amongst other messages of support they have  printed this article by  former Labour Party member.

It is well worth reading for an insight into “sideshow” Williamson’s thinking and his views on the need to fight “many on the left”  including Momentum

‘I resigned from Labour to spend more time fighting for socialism’


CHRIS WILLIAMSON explains to Morning Star readers why he has decided to stand in Derby North as an independent

I would be the only MP in the next parliament with a fearless track record of challenging state-funded operations like the Integrity Initiative, which used taxpayers’ money and military intelligence officers to subvert democracy by smearing Jeremy Corbyn under Foreign Office direction.

There are two crucial barriers to socialism in the Labour Party: a lack of internal party democracy and the threat of social imperialism. These barriers are constructed not by our foes on the right but by those who many members see as stalwarts of the left.


I’ll also fight the threat of social imperialism that runs deep in our movement. Contrary to Jeremy’s wishes, if Labour wins this election, it would aim to be socialist in words and deeds at home but imperialist in words and deeds abroad. That’s partly due to factors currently out of our control, such as how the state’s foreign policy apparatus defines the “national interest.”

Momentum, too, has been a barrier to building an anti-imperialist, socialist movement. At the same time as organising activists, it is busily engaged in targeting younger members with the inflammatory message that zionism and anti-zionism are morally equivalent. It deploys divisive and emotional arguments to suggest that zionism (an ideology that many Jewish socialists in our movement have honourably fought against) is essential to Jewish identity. In doing so, it is replicating a tactic used to crush the pro-Palestinian movement in Germany and criminalise Palestinian activism in France.

The Weekly Worker (Communist Party of Great Britain, Provisional Central Committee)  has also expelled John McDonnell from the shell of the organisation, Hands off the People’s Of Iran.

Hands Off the People of Iran has issued the following statement on its decision to remove John McDonnell as its honorary president.

McDonnell has refused to support Chris Williamson MP, a loyal Corbyn supporter currently suspended on false anti-Semitism charges. He has failed to condemn or indeed make any sensible comment about such false allegations, often apologising for what is basically fake news. This shows very striking double standards in relation to his comments on Blair and his statement in the same interview that Alastair Campbell would be welcomed back into the Labour Party, because “all is forgiven”.

From the sectarian Morning Star pro-Brexit ultras to the fringes politics of the Weekly Worker to this….

Williamson’s Top supporter tweets his backing:

Williamson is clearly going somewhere, or other.

As Election Campaigning gears up Labour Left (LRC) sees sense and withdraws from fringe “Labour Left Alliance”.

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Image result for labour left alliance brighton meeting tony greenstein

Labour Left Alliance, “space for rational discussion of alternative perspectives has been repeatedly closed down” (LRC Statement).

The election is concentrating minds in all quarters.

As campaigning gets underway the left of Labour intends to play a serious role in getting the vote out.

It is a good sign that the Labour Representation Committee, the umbrella Labour left body set up by respected Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has seen sense and withdrawn from involvement with a fringe body dominated by Labour Against the Withhunt, the Weekly Worker and has such characters as Tony Greenstein playing a prominent role in it.

The Weekly Worker,  run by the Communist Party of Great Britain (provisional Central Committee) publishes this today

Recoiling from the challenge

Carla Roberts of the Weekly Worker Front, Labour Party Marxists, writes,

The Labour Representation Committee has decided to withdraw from the Labour Left Alliance. As we understand it, this decision was reached at a meeting of its executive, but was far from unanimous. Graham Bash, for example, tells us he argued “strongly” against it.

In his article in last week’s Weekly Worker, he stated that “rebuilding the Labour left is a matter of extreme urgency”. Quite right. According to the LRC’s statement, however, launching the LLA in July 2019 – three and a half years after Jeremy Corbyn’s election – was “premature” and “a short cut”. We disagree. If anything, this launch has come very, very late – hopefully not too late.

The weekly organ of the CPGB (Provisional Central Committee) concludes,

We repeat: it is a shame that the LRC has decided to jump ship, especially at this crucial time in the civil war and the witch-hunt. Many LRC members have expressed disagreement with this decision online and it is good to see that the departure has – so far – not harmed the LLA. It might actually help it to move forward at a quicker pace and allow it to set its sights far higher. In which case the LRC will hopefully come back on board soon.

Those who want to read their  full defence, follow the link above.

LRC Statement,

Why the LRC is leaving the LLA

With regret, the Labour Representation Committee decided at its National Executive Committee meeting on 26th October to end its involvement with the Labour Left Alliance (LLA).

This was not an easy decision to make, given the LRC’s recognition, as spelt out at its conference in February of this year, of the need for a vibrant grassroots network, supportive but independent of the Labour Party leadership, stating: “It is not intended to create an alternative to existing organisations, but to build a network of those who accept the above [statement], whether they are members of Labour left organisations or not. The network will act not in the interests of one group or another, but as an umbrella to organise within. “

The LRC committed itself to building a “vibrant, organised and strategic partner to that leadership, both in opposition and in any future government.”

The LRC joined with Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW) in launching the Labour Left Alliance after being approached by LAW in June. Although this was premature in terms of how the LRC has seen building such a movement, we felt, with the ongoing and increasing resentment against the Momentum leadership (particularly over its role in the debacle of Chris Williamson’s (re)suspension), it was worth taking this shortcut in order to strike while the iron was hot. While there was agreement on a core statement of principles between the LRC and LAW, it has become obvious to the LRC over a period of attempting to work together that serious disagreements exist around both the political orientation of the LLA and the character of what should be built in the short term.


While the LRC is, and always has been, committed to opposing the witchhunt against those falsely accused of antisemitism, it also concerns itself with wider issues than the narrow focus of LAW in seeing this as virtually the only issue around which the left has to organise. The LRC believes that the left needs to organise and campaign around a much wider range of issues. For example, we argued for the insertion into the LLA statement of the clause “supports and encourages struggles against austerity and all forms of oppression”. While this met no opposition, it has not been reflected in the political proposals of those LAW comrades involved in the LLA project, whose sole emphasis seems to be on internal party matters. We feel that this shuts down the wider potential and ambition originally envisaged.

For the LRC it has always been crucial to win trade union support for such a project, in order for it to have a solid base in the movement. Such a foundation is absolutely crucial if we are to both counter the opposition from some sections of the left to the involvement of the unions in the Labour Party at all, while also challenging many of the machinations which go on in the name of our unions – defending and democratising the union-party link.

This priority was not shared by most leading LAW comrades. They saw it as of little interest, at best regarding it as an LRC obsession. Nor has there been space in the LLA to raise issues that should be the bedrock of Labour left organising – for example, whether solidarity with workers taking industrial action, international campaigns, opposition to climate change or defence of public services.

Instead, their emphasis was that small left groups should be encouraged to affiliate to LLA, while questioning the affiliation of broader, genuine labour left groups like Red Labour and Grassroots Black Left. We have opposed this, seeing it as a dead end which would lead to LLA being seen as part of a far left ghetto, rather than the broad organisation we wish to build. The LRC is not interested in building yet another small left group, but in a much more ambitious formation which can eventually take on the tasks which Momentum has failed in – one which builds an effective campaign to both transform the labour movement, democratically and politically and provide extra-parliamentary pressure in support of those aims.


This rush to grow something regardless of how shallow its roots are, is also reflected in the way in which leading LAW comrades have promoted the formation of local LLA groups, rather than the – on paper – agreed approach of persuading existing, established and active local left organisations – whether Momentum, Labour Left, or whatever – to affiliate. But affiliation alone is seen as insufficient – in addition local groups are required to have a minimum number of members who have individually signed up to the LLA. This becomes farcical when extended to trade unions, expecting a certain minimum of members of a union body which votes to affiliate to be individual signed up supporters. Thus, what is being built already is an individual membership organisation, rather than the network envisaged, at least in the short-term and until solid foundations are in place.


There will be those who argue that the LRC should remain within the LLA to continue working for this different perspective. However, the experience of those comrades undertaking this work on behalf of the LRC is that the way in which certain comrades in the LLA Organising Group function is far from collaborative, pushing through their perspective by insisting everything is done at breakneck speed, accompanied often by hectoring language and pressure. The space for rational discussion of alternative perspectives has been repeatedly closed down, leaving us, in our view little option but to withdraw, rather than give credibility to an organisation we believe to be going in totally the wrong direction and most likely a cul-de-sac.

We are not pleased at having to take this decision, which has been a difficult one. In some ways it is a defeat to have attempted something we now think can’t succeed on its current path. The LRC is still committed to building the type of broad labour left organisation based on clear principles which is so clearly needed. And we also think there are many people who can be won to such a vision.

The LRC will therefore prioritise our focus on getting ready for a General Election, while continuing discussions with unions and other established left groups that we started prior to the launch of the LLA. Many of these groups and organisations expressed the reservations which have now brought us to issue this statement.

Reading these lines, the key statements are “their emphasis was that small left groups should be encouraged to affiliate to LLA, while questioning the affiliation of broader, genuine labour left groups like Red Labour and Grassroots Black Left.” and, on the issue of charges of anti-semitism, “as virtually the only issue around which the left has to organise.”

That is, that campaigning for people like Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker was the new body’s priority, apart that is, from gathering together small left factions under its banner.

It is common knowledge that such factions and individuals are already there in the Labour Left Alliance.

Hence the sentence, “space for rational discussion of alternative perspectives has been repeatedly closed down.”

The LRC underlines its commitment to the founding principles of the organisation,

For the LRC it has always been crucial to win trade union support for such a project, in order for it to have a solid base in the movement. Such a foundation is absolutely crucial if we are to both counter the opposition from some sections of the left to the involvement of the unions in the Labour Party at all, while also challenging many of the machinations which go on in the name of our unions – defending and democratising the union-party link.

Many people will wish them well.

This decision is the right one.

Written by Andrew Coates

November 1, 2019 at 12:18 pm

Labour Left Alliance Dominated by Sectarian in-Fighting.

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Image result for labour left alliance

The Weekly Worker Supports the “Labour Left Alliance.”

The Labour Left Alliance had a sectarian pitch from the start.

The Weekly Worker, the paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) has published a report on the how the newly formed group fared in Brighton by a member of its Labour ‘front’, Labour Party Marxists, Carla Roberts.

As far as can be seen this is the only account of what is, in their view, an important meeting.

One small step forward

The Labour Left Alliance held its first national networking meeting in Brighton. Carla Roberts of  Labour Party Marxists reports.

The meeting was held in Brighton, after the end of the Labour Conference.

In this world the Labour Party debate on the EU and Brexit was of minor importance, as indeed were other policy issues – they are not mentioned apart from a brief mention of the vote in favour of free movement.

The event was dominated by one topic, “a vicious campaign against the anti-witch-hunt left had led to the cancellation of various venues booked by Jewish Voice for Labour, Labour Against the Witchhunt and the Labour Representation Committee”. A related issue of disciplinary procedures is covered at length.

For those interested the CPBG (Provisional Central Committee) member Tina Werkman gave much to ponder on about the subject.

Labour Left Alliance claims 1,400 supporters of their “Appeal”.

A helpful suggestion was made by a leading member of Labour Against the Witch hunt, expelled from the Labour Part,.

Tony Greenstein, a member of the newly established Brighton Labour Left Alliance, admitted that his proposal was more of a “stream of consciousness” born out of the desire to move forward quickly. He suggested that the LLA should swiftly establish a membership structure and start employing a part-time worker to move the organisation forward.

Background on Greenstein:

Statement by Jewish Labour Movement:

Example of his harassment – in this case a Jewish Brighton Labour member.

Image result for tony greenstein zionist bitch

His view of Jeremy Corbyn:

The Weekly Worker then carries an attack on comrade Andrew Berry, a respected figure on the left.

The most bizarre intervention was made by Andrew Berry of the LRC. In his three minutes, he solely argued against a comrade who had earlier congratulated the LLA on its hastily produced leaflet, ‘Shun Tom Watson’.

This is why:


He is duly admonished,

 Andrew Berry thought we were “fooling ourselves if we think this has anything at all to do with the LLA or its leaflet” (which he opposed). With this negative attitude we will never build anything worthwhile.

Sharpening the class struggle the meeting decided,

To approach all prospective Labour Party candidates with the simple question, ‘Will you support Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister?’ and then publish their answers to help comrades decide which candidates they should be campaigning for. Not a bad idea, in our view.

A pro-active approach is certainly better than the empty calls for ‘unity’ we have heard from the ‘moderates’ or the self-defeating view that, unless we “win”, we should not even try to fight.

The once widely read Weekly Worker also carries this account of the present political crisis by ‘Jack Conrad’, known in real life as John Chamberlain.

Establishment at an impasse

“While Boris Johnson may well hanker after an illiberal democracy, Jack Conrad warns that parliamentary deals, calls for a caretaker government and campaigning for a second referendum are worse than useless.”

It finds time, lengthy time, to attack comrade Paul Mason.

Clearly Mason relishes his new-found role as a ‘blue skies’ thinker for the liberal middle classes, but presumably he cannot resist scandalising the old-fashioned Trotskyites who still inhabit the Labour Party.

Welcome to the Labour Left Alliance comrades!

Written by Andrew Coates

October 5, 2019 at 12:38 pm

Weekly Worker Goes Martin Niemöller.

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Comrades! Spare a Moment to shed a Quiet Tear.

The Weekly Worker, organ of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee), to give it its full august title, its front organisation, the Labour Party Marxist, a pillar and web page, with the Tony Greenstein Party, and Jackie Walker, of Labour Against the Witch-hunt, has been forthright in standing up for Chris Williamson in recent days.

Spotters have already noted that  they are now stirring up Labour Party motions in favour of Vanessa Beeley’s best friend.

Draft Emergency Motion: Reinstate Chris Williamson MP!

Resolutions and statements passed in support of Chris Williamson MP

Their old mucker, Gerry Downing, has not been idle either.

Proving that anti-semitism does not exist the latest Socialist Fight cries:

Reinstate Chris Williamson! Expel all Zionist racists from Labour!

“the presence of a significant layer of reactionaries with special privileges to abuse others on the basis of supremacism and racism is totally inimical to socialism and anti-racism. “

“it is supposedly ‘anti-Semitic’ to note the highly organised racist activities of very wealthy, racist Jewish-Zionist bourgeois in the West, loyal to Israel…”

“Jewish supremacism is every bit as disgusting and racist a threat to oppressed minorities and democratic rights as the white supremacism it allies with.”

“Tom Watson is now the leader of the racist, pro-imperialist fifth column in the Labour Party….”

” And what do we make of the grovelling specimen Owen Jones? A disgrace to his parents.”

These days are returning!

Forerunner of the Weekly Worker:

Image may contain: text


Written by Andrew Coates

March 2, 2019 at 12:48 pm

“Left tails of the Liberal Bourgeoisie” Another Europe is Possible Castigated by Weekly Worker Toff, Jack Conrad

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Image result for soros anti-semitic cartoon

Soros, “born in 1930 in Hungary to well-off anti-Semitic Jewish parents” funds Another Europe is Possible says Weekly Worker.

This Friday is proving to reap a number crop of Trainspotting jewels.

Jack Conrad, known to be John Chamberlain, a Hampstead toff who enjoys fine wines in his exclusive Heath residence, normally channels his thoughts and energy  into the work of the Labour Party Marxist. With a substantial shareholding in Labour Against the Witch-hunt, ably run by his trusted minion, Tony Greenstein, who asks for little beyond a daily van-load of mince-pies in return, life is sweet.

The elder statesman can look back on a successful career in the Communist Party of Great Britain (faction: The Leninist),  the Socialist Labour Party, the Socialist Alliance, Respect, the Campaign for a Marxist Party, Left Unity, amongst others. He has built long-term close relations with the Republican Socialists/League Against the Corn Laws, and Gerry Downing’s Socialist Fight – both groups have regular columns in Chamberlin’s hebdomadal organ, the Weekly Worker.

For some reasons, comrades suggest the green eyed-monster is at work here, he does not esteem Another Europe is Possible. This may be because it does not have a funny sounding acronym. It might be because he does not like the new best friend of this Blog, good old George Soros, our mucker.

Who knows.

Genius has its own rules.

This is some of Chamby’s prose poem, just out today and already stirring up debate in the Duck and Dove.

Left tails of liberal bourgeoisie

To praise, to cooperate with, to promote a People’s Vote is to praise, to cooperate with, to promote the interests of big capital and bourgeois politicians, such as Chuka Umunna, Vince Cable and Anna Soubry. Organisations such as the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Socialist Resistance, Left Unity, etc, do exactly that. To all intents and purposes they constitute themselves the extreme left of liberal opinion.

The embodiment of such abject opportunism is Another Europe is Possible. Its perspectives are thoroughly reformist; its attitudes tailist and accommodating.


Reviving illusions in the capitalist states of Europe combines with a strikingly naive endorsement of the EU’s supposed “core values” of “peace, democracy and ever closer union”. Konrad Adenauer, Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman would have approved.


EIP provides a “progressive left” flank for People’s Vote and the interests of anti-Brexit big capital.

And, follow my gaze…

Unsurprisingly, given the invaluable nature of such a service, AEIP has received some substantial financial grants and donations.

More than mince-pies I’ll wager!

Figures for February 2016 to May 2017 reveal £45,000 from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, £2,000 from a certain C Lucas, £4,000 from LUSH Ltd, £5,000 from N Marks, £5,000 from Open Democracy and £2,000 from Unison.

From June 2017 to May 2018 the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust upped its AEIP contribution to £75,000 … and more recently still George Soros chipped in with £70,000.

The more stupid amongst AEIP’s paid employees, partisans, allies and dupes claim that taking such money is essentially no different from the Bolshevik leaders, Lenin and Zinoviev – along with a range of other leftwing Russian émigrés – negotiating with the German authorities to travel from their Swiss exile back to revolutionary Russia in 1917.


The Weekly Worker has rightly rounded on the acceptance of Soros money. It shows that AEIP is more than acceptable to bourgeois liberal opinion. Yet, revoltingly, descending to the level of the gutter press, defensively, wracked by guilt, AEIP paid employees, volunteers, allies and dupes have responded with utterly baseless accusations of conspiracy-mongering and anti-Semitism. Just like Viktor Orbán, Breitbart News and Glenn Beck, AEIP paid employees, volunteers, allies and dupes highlight Soros’s Jewish background (he was born in 1930 in Hungary to well-off anti-Semitic Jewish parents).

For those interested, indeed capable of digesting the previous stream of consciousness,  there follows a long diatribe about esteemed Comrade Soros which links it, for reasons which Cde Greenstein’s’ Nerve Doctor, Sir Roderick Glossop, may be able to explain….

Over the last two or three years there has been a huge, unprecedented campaign to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. A campaign carefully crafted, hatched and skilfully promoted by the US right, the Israeli government and the British establishment. The AWL and its Clarion outriders provide a useful ‘left’ cover.

Accusations of conspiracy-mongering and anti-Semitism are therefore clearly unfounded – a desperate attempt to prevent, to close down, to head off critical discussion of the AEIP’s politics and finances.

Pause for the rhymester to continue.

Ironically, it is quite conceivable that Soros would himself be found guilty of anti-Semitism under the IHRA’s so-called definition.

Fair’s fair.

Toodle Pip, and meet you in the Flask…

Written by Andrew Coates

November 30, 2018 at 6:43 pm

Tremble comrade George Soros: you have a new foe, Arron Banks!

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Image result for george soros elders of zion cartoon

The more I hear about George Soros the more I like the bloke.

There is this (just out): All The Incendiary Garbage Fox News Has Broadcast About George Soros Since April

At Fox News, Soros is treated as the Moriarty of liberal America, the spider at the center of a vast web.

This week, similar suspicious packages were mailed to frequent ring-wing targets, including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and former CIA Director John Brennan.

The first one, however, was discovered on Monday outside the New York residential compound of billionaire George Soros. Authorities later determined it contained a pipe bomb.

It’s not yet known who delivered the pipe bomb. What’s not in doubt is that Soros has become the right wing’s main boogeymen over the last decade.

His most vicious critics tend to be members of the Nazi frog set, employing longtime anti-Semitic tropes to depict Soros as a Jewish puppet master. But other critics make their money at Fox News, where Soros is treated as the Moriarty of liberal America, the spider at the center of a vast web.

In the eyes of his most unwavering detractors, Soros is a Nazi-sympathizing, left-wing “globalist” hellbent on using his billions to destroy the conservative movement.

The Sovereigntist Morning Star (22nd of September 2018) has this to say about the man, some say is rapidly becoming the hero of a new wave of radical leftists.

the string-pullers or decision makers behind this “cross-party” initiative, which gathers up the same squalid group of politicians, backed by the same big-business millions, that fought unsuccessfully in our referendum to keep the UK in the EU.

The Chuka Umunnas, Anna Soubrys, Tony Blairs, Peter Mandelsons, Vince Cables, Andrew Adonises and sundry nationalist and greenish politicians, bankrolled by George Soros and other financial interests, are linked by their contempt for democracy and their hostility to Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and the socialist policies they champion.

Their fellow thinkers  in the Weekly Worker, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee), say,

there is nothing leftwing about Another Europe is Possible. Not only is it in receipt of Soros money to the tune of £70,000, it promotes politics which are thoroughly liberal and entirely in line with PV’s (People’s Vote, – note) overarching strategy.

Hot in pursuit is the generous donor to Trade Unionists Against the EU, Arron Banks (hat-tip: Alan).

No, you couldn’t make it up!

Written by Andrew Coates

October 26, 2018 at 5:04 pm

‘Weekly Worker’ Goes in Conspi in attack on ‘George Soros’ Backed Left Against Brexit.

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Image result for Georges soros anti-semitic attack HUngary


“Metropolitan elite’ behind Left Against Brexit says Weekly Worker.


“I do not accuse Chessum and co of corruption, only of extraordinary naivete. suspect that they do not fully understand how completely they have been roped into a political rearguard action on the part of big capital. ” He claims to be “hard left”, “hard remain”; but he is not currently even the latter, pursuing only the dishonest intermediate objective of a second referendum, dutifully recycling the official branding put on it by *Soros, Blair and co.” “It is Chessum’s peculiar bedfellows also that, in the end, give the lie to the sagacity of his electoral advice.”

“The AWL, ever the idiot stepchildren of the Foreign Office, have much the same kind of attitude”

Writes the sage author of this magnificent article paul.demarty@weeklyworker.co.uk

If I could be arsed I would write a reply….

Written by Andrew Coates

September 30, 2018 at 1:28 pm