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Alt Right Ipswich Tory MP in Shock as Ipswich Central Tory Club Has No Union Flag.

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May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says "Tom Hunt MP @tomhunt1988 The flying of the Union flag should be compulsory for all schools. If any pupils and teachers have concerns about this then surely they can be "educated" about what the flag actually represents. 米 belongs to every single British person."

But No Flag at Ipswich Central Conservative Club.

Tom Hunt MP: Kids should be ‘educated’ to like compulsory Union flag flying

A CONSERVATIVE MP has come under heavy fire on social media for suggesting that people who do not wish to see the Union flag flown outside every school should be “educated” into thinking otherwise.


Social media users have been quick to condemn the MP, saying that his use of “educated” in quote marks sounds like “a veiled threat”.

Many said it was a move towards “Americanisation”, and suggested the Tories aimed to have children recite a pledge of allegiance to the flag as they do in schools across the US.

Richard Littler, creator of the satirical Scarfolk town, wrote: “‘What the flag actually represents’ and ‘compulsory’ don’t belong in the same sentence.

“Double whammy lack of self-awareness and comprehension. Extra points for making ‘educated’ sound like ‘we’ll kick the sh*t out of you until you comply’.”

Author Chris Brookmyre added: “Symbols famously mean absolutely the same thing to everyone who views them. And if this particular one doesn’t, Tom wants to ‘educate’ you until it does.”

Shock as Ace Reporter W reveals that this Morning, Ipswich Central Club had no Union Flag.

No description available.

The Conservative Central Club is a few metres from Sainsbury’s, down a back alley way. An Ace Newshound took this picture today. I just walked by it and can confirm the trusty Newshound’s report.

The ICCC was founded in 1883 by a group of local business men. They bought the old Masonic lodge in St Stephens Lane and opened it to like minded individuals. As such the ICCC has been around over 120 years.

ICCC is located at the very heart of historic Ipswich, which has networks of narrow streets built along medieval lines, numerous timber frame houses and flint churches. There are also notable buildings from the Georgian and Victorian eras.

We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable place for people to visit and enjoy at any time of the day or evening, we call it  “a little oasis” in the middle of Ipswich.

We in East Anglia have a worthy successor to Alan Partridge:

Written by Andrew Coates

April 3, 2021 at 5:30 pm

Alt-Right Ipswich Tory MP Tom Hunt Warns Woke Culture out to “undermine social cohesion and local pride.”

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Baying Mob of Woke Statue Topplers (National Treasure Brendan O’Neill Cast into the Brink).


Alt Right Ipswich MP (KNOB, Knight Noble of Britishness) writes in Nigel Farage’s favourite paper, the Express,

History of our nation must not be rewritten by baying mob of woke statue-topplers

Tom Hunt. Express.

WOKE culture seems to have become an invitation for some of our institutions to undermine social cohesion and local pride. Historic England is the latest prominent example of a once trusted body waging war against our heritage, and in particular our villages.

Villages be Warned!

They have compiled a list of sites across the country which have links to people involved in the transatlantic slave trade. With this list, Historic England has named village halls, farms, schools and parish churches going out of their way to establish even tenuous links with the transatlantic slave trade. This has included chapels where historical figures worshipped and were buried. The sites can house the graves of those who profited directly from slavery, but also their relatives.

Sacred Places!

this view is used by those who seek to denigrate our cultural heritage and vandalise our shared sacred places.

He continues,

For many, it feels Maoist and dystopian. A quiet cultural revolution administered from the top rungs of the institutions which have been tasked with the great duty of preserving our culture and beautiful buildings for centuries to come.

Great Pyramids.

Obviously, the transatlantic slave trade was a moral blight.

But it was by no means exceptional.

For thousands of years prior, slaves and serfs had been used to build great works throughout the world, from the pyramids of Giza, to the Taj Mahal, to many of the ancient Cathedrals of England which were funded by repressive regimes of serfdom. Britain was the first nation in history to confront the horrors of the global slave trade in which some of her citizens were involved.

He concludes,

It is right to condemn slavery as a great sin, but it is the wrong approach to go about auditing our towns and villages to shame people into a sense of guilt about the places in which they grew up and the buildings which have brought their communities together.


Our gumshoes are now tracing out the links between Hunt and his fellow alt-Right anti-Wokeists.

Expect Revelations!



Written by Andrew Coates

February 14, 2021 at 3:36 pm

Alt-Right Ipswich MP Tom Hunt attacks Black Lives Matter – Again.

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Ipswich MP Tom Hunt on using 'institutional racism' label | Ipswich Star

Keeping up Fight against ‘Cultural Marxism’ and Black Lives Matter.


Tom Hunt got into the news a few days ago with the claim that leaving the EU had helped the UK get the vacinne against Covid-19.

Anna McMorrin, Labour MP, calls out Tom Hunt, Tory MP, for spreading more fake news about brexit & the vaccine.


Now the alt-right MP has returned to an older theme, Black Lives Matter.

These are his views earlier this year.


21st of October 2020. Ipswich Star.

Speaking in the Commons debate on Black History Month, Mr Hunt also criticised some leadership figures of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement for “straying into cultural Marxism”.

Mr Hunt told MPs: “Touching upon current issues in the media, like other honourable members, I was appalled by the death of George Floyd. I was absolutely appalled.

“I think that the vast majority of people who have gone on the protests I think are well-meaning and I agree with (Tory MP Steve Baker) that we should listen to their strength of feeling and how they feel.

“But I do think it is unfortunate that some of the leadership figures of BLM have at times strayed beyond what should be a powerful yet simple and unified message in opposition to racism that still exists in our society, straying into cultural Marxism, the abolition of the nuclear family, defunding the police, overthrowing capitalism.

“Cultural Marxism”:

Cultural Marxism is a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory which claims Western Marxism as the basis of continuing academic and intellectual efforts to subvert Western culture.[1][2][3] The conspiracists claim that an elite of Marxist theorists and Frankfurt School intellectuals are subverting Western society with a culture war that undermines the Christian values of traditionalist conservatism and promotes the cultural liberal values of the 1960s counterculture and multiculturalismprogressive politics and political correctness, misrepresented as identity politics created by critical theory.[2][3][4]

Then there was this (October),

The letter to Boris Johnson was written by about 25 parliamentarians, from the self-styled “Common Sense Group”, who are incensed with the National Trust’s 115-page report, Addressing our histories of colonialism and historic slavery.

“The MPs’ letter’s main charge is that the National Trust’s leadership has been cap­tured by ‘elitist bourgeois liberals … coloured by cultural Marxist dogma, colloquially known as the woke agenda’. … The language of the alt-right is nota­ble – particularly in the invocation of ‘cultural Marx­ism’, a trope that began as an anti-Semitic conspira­cist meme about Jewish intellectuals and has be­come mainstream in the past couple of years.”

Tom Hunt, the MP for Ipswich, who signed the letter, was reported as saying: “I think it’s because a lot of these people hate Britain.”

Peer backs National Trust’s report

Now following the Millwall Fans’  booing of players taking a knee in support of the fight against discrimination  at a  he has felt compelled to  comment again.

This is  his patronising Tweet:

Look at some of the responses:

Just before the above is this Tweet on the theme by the obsessive alt-right MP:



Not everybody liked it:






These people also don’t like BLM


Written by Andrew Coates

December 7, 2020 at 10:53 am