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Rise and Fall of the Alt-Left Media: ‘Another Angry Voice’ Joins the Wails of the Wronged.

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Now in a Tizzy over ‘Starmtroppers’.


Perhaps one day people will recall the Corbynista alt-left media, alt left voices, and tweets with the warmth of a nostalgic glow. Others might suggest that there was at the height of their former fame, amongst some valuable work, there always something of the Lagado Academy of Projectors about their plans beyond that admirable personal devotion. Plans to teach socialist mathematics to pupils by writing propositions on wafers and consuming them with “cephalick tincture” did not bring about total luxury communism.

We lost the election. They spent some months defending Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy, a work nobody could deny needed doing. Then the, for the most part,  joined this swarm, as described by Duncan Bowie in Chartist Magazine.


The Labour Party is in a sorry state. We have a situation in which many active members seem to spend more time attacking other members, including the party leader, than attacking the real enemy: the Conservative Government. When my own constituency party is not passing motions calling for the resignation of Keir Starmer or the sacking of the party’s general secretary, it is passing motions attacking our own representatives on the local council. Meanwhile we have so-called political education sessions on how every Labour government has betrayed socialism or was at best ‘a lost opportunity’. Jeremy Corbyn is attacked for not being socialist enough, as we would have won the last election if we had promoted a Trotskyist version of socialism. To learn from history, it is best not to rewrite the past to fit our own worldview.

A plea for tolerance

Duncan is no doubt right to also point to the lack of tolerance from their opponents, and that, ” Constituency and ward parties are now told what we can or cannot discuss and local party officers are suspended for flouting directives or being critical of the current party leadership.” But the sheer volume of attacks on Keith Starmer from those self-identifying as on the left, is probably the first, and last, thing anybody not caught up these battles will notice.

Enter Another Angry Voice.

In its salad days it got this notice.

Clark’s site, Another Angry Voice, is attracting a readership that most mainstream news sites would kill for. Despite still being hosted on an old-fashioned Blogspot account and relying on donations for funding, it’s reaching millions of people with a combination of endearingly homemade memes, Facebook-friendly headlines, and a regular output of relentlessly anti-Conservative takes on the news. Recent mega-viral hits include “How many of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies do you actually disagree with?”, “30 things you should know about the Tory record”, and “The systematic Tory abuse of disabled people”.

The Rise Of The Alt-Left British Media

Posts in 2017 attracted over 1.5 million views

Founder Thomas G. Clark, these days has got ten likes for this Tweet.

He got 103 for this,


28 for this:

And a mighty 83 for this:



This is the kind of stuff Yorkshire’s finest is peddling these days, (Facebook).

Keir Starmer has just simultaneously declared ideological war on black Brits and the socialist fortress of Liverpool.
The front-runner to win the vote to become Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Liverpool was Anna Rothery, a black, female, socialist with years of experience as a popular city councillor.
However, Keir Starmer’s anti-democratic goons decided they didn’t want Rothery to win, so they tore up the party rules, scrapped the internal election process, and banned all three of the existing candidates from standing again.

These people hate democracy, they hate socialism, they hate black Brits, and they’re so damned arrogant they think they can tell the people of Liverpool what to do.


…….Starmer is so incredibly bad at this that he’d struggle to do more damage if he was actually on a covert mission to vandalise and destroy the Labour Party from within.

Written by Andrew Coates

February 25, 2021 at 5:02 pm