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Anti-Labour Site Skwawkbox Boosts Northern Independence Party.

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Seal, Stoat, Ferret, Whippet, or Polecat: Northern Independence Party Boosted by Weasel Walker.

From their website –
“Northumbria was a historical kingdom, formed when Deira and Bernicia merged in the 7th century. It means ‘North of the Humber’, and covers much of the area we now consider ‘the North’. We have chosen this name because this period was the last time the North was united in an independent country.”


Thelma Walker, the former Labour MP and now Northern Independence Party candidate in the Hartlepool by-election, tonight accepted an invitation to debate Labour candidate Paul Williams live on Socialist Telly.

Walker accepted less than 15 minutes after Socialist Telly extended the invitation

The Weasels have already inspired a new movement:

Written by Andrew Coates

March 31, 2021 at 12:14 pm

Skwawkbox: Has Steve Walker Left the Labour Party?

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Skwawky, Steve Walker, has been in the firing line again.



The Labour Party nationally responded by accusing Skwawkbox of “gratuitous innuendos and assertions about various Party members, as well two Labour MPs“…without providing evidence to the contrary.

What is the future for this alt-news site?

It has become a sterile factional instrument for tool Walker and his little band.

Now we hear:

Breaking, Exclusive.

This now doing the rounds:



Skwawky has yet to respond.

This is the kind of support he’s got these days,



*$tarmers notion of socialism is the same as the Conservatives ,,, only for themselves and their cronies Rob the 99% , never has the corruption been more blatant.


*The Chumocracy is no longer the sole representative of The Conservative & Fascist Party, enter the little dragon, The Labour & Zionist Party.


*Was this dodgy software systems in operation and used for the election of Sir keir Rodney Starmer?and others We know that both Evans and starmer are into rigging and I have always thought somthing was not kosher with the vote for the knight??..These two characters have shown that they are capable and devoid of any form of human decency.



Written by Andrew Coates

March 11, 2021 at 11:47 am

Skwawkbox devotes itself to attacks on Labour.

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Skwawkbox Publicises ‘Strike’ Against Labour Campaigning.

Breaking. Exclusive.


The Skwawkbox alt-news site is now running anti-Labour stories on a daily basis.

But Lo! A rapprochement with Britain’s most famous Vegan (after Morrisey) is on the cards.

The SKWAWKBOX Retweeted

Walker has a new fan.

Tiring perhaps of his latest man-crush, Tony Greenstein, Williamson is head over heels in love with Skwawky.

Monday night saw a hard-hitting discussion between Ian Hodson of the Bakers’ union (BFAWU) and the Fire Brigades Union’s (FBU) Matt Wrack on Socialist Telly’s ‘Skwawk Talk’ programme.

And in an explosive section of the programme, Bakers’ president Hodson indicated that the union’s affiliation with the Labour party may not last much longer, such is the dissatisfaction of union members with the Labour party’s direction and policies under Keir Starmer.

BFAWU has been consulting with its members since January and Hodson said that the results so far show that only 9% of its members think that the Labour party is serving their interests or values:

The comments on Skwawkbox are from a world in itself.

What a disgrace the labour party has become these mp’s don’t represent the working class anymore maybe the Israelis can fund new labour or TB and chums but i doubt it , Fuck labour.

As a factional tool Steve Walker’s site continues its fight for one side in UNITE>

Exclusive: PULS secretary backs Beckett – and accuses United Left of gerrymandering selection and misusing Scottish member data

Written by Andrew Coates

February 17, 2021 at 5:50 pm