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Alt-Right Ipswich Tory MP Tom Hunt Warns Woke Culture out to “undermine social cohesion and local pride.”

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Baying Mob of Woke Statue Topplers (National Treasure Brendan O’Neill Cast into the Brink).


Alt Right Ipswich MP (KNOB, Knight Noble of Britishness) writes in Nigel Farage’s favourite paper, the Express,

History of our nation must not be rewritten by baying mob of woke statue-topplers

Tom Hunt. Express.

WOKE culture seems to have become an invitation for some of our institutions to undermine social cohesion and local pride. Historic England is the latest prominent example of a once trusted body waging war against our heritage, and in particular our villages.

Villages be Warned!

They have compiled a list of sites across the country which have links to people involved in the transatlantic slave trade. With this list, Historic England has named village halls, farms, schools and parish churches going out of their way to establish even tenuous links with the transatlantic slave trade. This has included chapels where historical figures worshipped and were buried. The sites can house the graves of those who profited directly from slavery, but also their relatives.

Sacred Places!

this view is used by those who seek to denigrate our cultural heritage and vandalise our shared sacred places.

He continues,

For many, it feels Maoist and dystopian. A quiet cultural revolution administered from the top rungs of the institutions which have been tasked with the great duty of preserving our culture and beautiful buildings for centuries to come.

Great Pyramids.

Obviously, the transatlantic slave trade was a moral blight.

But it was by no means exceptional.

For thousands of years prior, slaves and serfs had been used to build great works throughout the world, from the pyramids of Giza, to the Taj Mahal, to many of the ancient Cathedrals of England which were funded by repressive regimes of serfdom. Britain was the first nation in history to confront the horrors of the global slave trade in which some of her citizens were involved.

He concludes,

It is right to condemn slavery as a great sin, but it is the wrong approach to go about auditing our towns and villages to shame people into a sense of guilt about the places in which they grew up and the buildings which have brought their communities together.


Our gumshoes are now tracing out the links between Hunt and his fellow alt-Right anti-Wokeists.

Expect Revelations!



Written by Andrew Coates

February 14, 2021 at 3:36 pm

Right Wing Extremists Step up Campaign to Save Our Statues.

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Save our statues - Album on Imgur

“Woke is the Enemy of our History, Traditions and Values.”

Government to require planning permission for removal of statues as Robert Jenrick criticises ‘baying mobs’

The communities and local government secretary wants to grant himself the power to overrule Labour councils, many of whom have launched reviews to address the legacy of colonialism and slavery.

Under law changes to be published on Monday, he claimed every statue would be given greater protection from “baying mobs” and road names saved from a “revisionist purge” by Labour councils.

This group has emerged, with a role in supporting the government’s measures:

Save Our Statues

Action This Day

Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and many Conservative MPs promised they’d save our history from mob rule. And Save Our Statues is here to help them do just that!

We are ramping up our efforts to get them policy solutions that will help our supportive politicians push back against the bullies, shrink the size of handouts to extremists, dismantle loony left legislation and defeat biased local council reviews designed to delete your history. Become a Save Our Statues member and force the change you want to see in Westminster.


Peter Whittle – Founder & Chairman

Peter Robin Whittle (born 6 January 1961) is a British politician, author, journalist and broadcaster. He is a London Assembly Member (AM) affiliated with the Brexit Alliance, having formerly been affiliated with the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He is the founder and director of the New Culture Forum think tank and host of So What You’re Saying Is…, a weekly cultural and political interview show on YouTube.


Richard Bingley – General Secretary (Former Ukip home affairs spokesman Richard Bingley and former Ukip home affairs spokesman). 

Media Partners:

We are a global community dedicated to resisting threats to our heritage.

Those who wish to destroy our monuments and rewrite our history are using online petitions to help give the impression of large-scale support they just don’t have.

We are a resource to log and promote counter-petitions aiming to defend them.


‘Global’, as in North American and Britain.


This Blog has mixed feelings about getting rid of statues, renaming streets, and dealing with the legacy of empire by symbolic actions. Monuments are history. They can raise issues, not honour people.

But those claiming to stand for tradition have no right to defend the values of  the past if they claim that these values are everybody’s. Empires, from the British to the Ottoman, are not something many would wish emulate today.

Written by Andrew Coates

January 21, 2021 at 11:25 am