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Sun Exposes Corbyn Extremist Links to Anarchist Federation and Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist Leninist).

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Top Tory Paper, the Sun, Links to Impecable Sources to Expose Labour Extremism.

Why did the Sun publish a far-right conspiracy theory?

On Saturday, the Sun published an exclusive story by its political editor, Tom Newton Dunn, which announced that a group of former British intelligence officers had uncovered a “hard-left extremist network” at the heart of the Labour party. “HIJACKED LABOUR” declared the piece, which went on to claim that Jeremy Corbyn sits at the centre of a “spider’s web of extensive contacts” that stretch “from Marxist intellectuals to militant groups and illegal terror organisations”

The piece directed readers towards a website featuring a network map that it said had been compiled by ex-military veterans “in their spare time” to reveal “what they insist is now a party firmly in the grip of a hardline cabal”. Each of the 490 organisations or individuals listed was presented as a node on a network, with an attached fact file and further reading links.

But when readers began to inspect the map more closely, we found that several entries on the chart included extreme right wing material among their sources. One fact file recommended a “critique” of anti-fascism posted on the antisemitic conspiracy website the Millennium Report – which also features articles on such topics as “the Jewish hand in the world wars” and “exposing Jewish Zionism”. Another fact file pointed readers towards the website Aryan Unity – once the mouthpiece of the British People’s party, a defunct neo-Nazi group. These were presented without caveats, as apparently trustworthy sources.

Before the end of the day, the story had been removed from the paper’s website (note, I found the story on the Net still there) – without acknowledgement or explanation from Newton Dunn or his bosses. (The Sun declined to comment, and Newton Dunn has not responded to my questions.)..

Cde  Daniel Trilling shows the kind of sources the Sun relies on.

The Sun story goes,

JEREMY Corbyn is at the centre of an extraordinary network of hard-left extremists pieced together by former British intelligence officers.

The Labour leader’s spider’s web of extensive contacts stretch from Marxist intellectuals to militant groups and illegal terror organisations.

The project, dubbed ‘Hijacked Labour’, was drawn up by the ex-military veterans in their spare time to expose what they insist is now a party firmly in the grip of a hardline cabal.

The Hijacked Labour group declares: “Those planning to vote for the Labour Party ought to know what Labour now represents.

“It is no longer the patriotic party of Attlee or Wilson. Today’s Labour has been hijacked by Marxists. Vote wisely, Compatriots. Your Country Needs You to.”

Ex-SAS officer turned author Mark Bles, who leads the group, told The Sun: “This is an extreme network who are now very close to running the country, and we want everyone to know this”.

The network includes 490 different entries in total, each with their own interactive nodes detailing their histories and links on the group’s website, hijackedlabour.com.

Spotters will have noticed that the “shadowy network” is more than tenebrous.

Hijacked Labour’s Spider Webs are big and tangled.

They include ‘Postmodern neo marxism’, Michael Foucault Jean François Lyotard, Derrida, Richard Rorty, Fredric Jameson, the Anarchist Federation (Britain and Ireland), Socialist Organiser, London Labour Briefing, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist),   Royston Bull’s Economic and Philosophic Science Review, “election racket a giant fraud – only revolutionary overthrow of capitalism can stop austerity and plunge to war“) the Socialist Equality Party (standing candidates against Labour in the present election), the Communist Party of Great Britain, Provisional Central Committee, a “Marxist Leninist” group that publishes the Weekly Worker, the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (which has stood candidates against Labour in the recent past), Socialist Worker, and…Class War.

It is said that Ian Bone is furious at being linked to Jeremy Corbyn…

More  fun to be had at the touch of a keyboard.

We have yet to find the Brexit Party supporting (European elections) Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist).

The Leftist Trainspotting Central Committee says: they  don’t make anti-semitic anti-Labour spooks like they used to.



Written by Andrew Coates

December 10, 2019 at 1:43 pm