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Red-Brown Front News: Galloway Hugs Steve Bannon in Joy at May’s Resignation.

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George Galloway’s New Best Friend.

Most people, certainly anybody on the left, would shun Steve Bannon.

Not so ‘red-brown’ George Galloway

He chose to have a  little chat with his new mate in the dictatorship of Kazakhstan.

“Kazakhstan heavily restricts freedom of assemblyspeech, and religion. In 2014, authorities closed newspapers, jailed or fined dozens of people after peaceful but unsanctioned protests, and fined or detained worshipers for practicing religion outside state controls. Government critics, including opposition leader Vladimir Kozlov, remained in detention after unfair trials. Torture remains common in places of detention.”

Not that Galloway minds:

Here is his cosy little debate there with the would-be mastermind of a European National Populist movement Steve Bannon.

They appear to have some affinity:

This seems to show them really hitting it off:

Well well.

The  above appearance at the “Eurasian Media Forum (EAMF)” – hosted by a free-speech denying dictatorship, follows Steve Bannon’s campaign to woo national populists, beginning with those standing in the European Elections.

L’ancien conseiller de Donald Trump est en France pour appuyer le Rassemblement national avant la tenue des élections européennes, le 26 mai.

Le Monde. 18th of May.

It includes this: Steve Bannon’s alt-right academy — and one village’s fight to stop it.

How an Italian monastery became part of a plan for a populist Europe.
Bannon was not however involved in this:

Most people are, as a result, sceptical about the potential fruits of his labours but he is trying.


No photo description available.


Written by Andrew Coates

May 24, 2019 at 11:27 am

On Polling Day, Voting Labour and the European Election that saw a (small) Red-Brown Front Back the Brexit Party.

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The European elections today have led,  to misery in company, for all the major parties.

They are predicted to see a revival of the Liberal Democrats, the swift descent into the bin of the new ‘Change’ party, a consolidation of the Green party vote, the Labour campaign for excellent Euro-MEPs that has barely taken off, and the Conservatives trailing down amongst the also-rans. UKIP, trying to establish itself as the voice of the pure far-right, is hard to predict, but there is little doubt that the National Populists of the Brexit Party, will be the winners.

Communist Call for Boycott set to get biggest Support.

It is expected that the Communist Party of Britain will claim, following the lead of the Sparticists (“Down With the EU! No Participation in Its Pseudo-Parliament!) abstention will get the biggest numbers, at projections that put the no-vote percentage at possibly over 50%

While the CPB’s Morning Star prepares to spend Sunday evening celebrating this is perhaps the most significant consequence.

Without much direct political power, but bound to be seized on the Conservative contenders in their looking Party leadership election the Brexit Party is now the nearest British equivalent of Marine Le Pen national populist Rassemblement National in France, Italy’s la Lega, of Matteo Salvini.

Everybody, not least Labour strategists will now be already beginning to digest this change in the political landscape.

One approach will be to ‘learn’ from Farage.

Outside those who – like the Lexit Left – who have a mobile app that tells them what the ‘working class’ Brexit thinks if it backed the Brexit Party, they might begin with those a few paces closer to National Populism.

In a somewhat shamefaced article, reflecting the fact that the ‘forum’ that originally published it,  the ‘left wing’  Full Brexit which contains supporters of Farage – Lee Jones, whom we cited a few days ago says,

Lee Jones – The Brexit Party: Creature of the Void

To become anything more than a single-issue protest party, TBP would need to develop a more substantive policy platform, but this would be highly likely to intensify the party’s internal contradictions, and push TBP further to the right. Like its singular appeal to democracy, TBP’s ability to field candidates from the left, right and centre is a short-term strength, maximising its electoral appeal. However, it is also a long-term difficulty, because it is not clear that the party’s founding cadre share anything beyond their common concern for democracy. The more the party seeks to develop a concrete platform, the more these divisions will expose themselves.

The thesis that thieves will fall out runs up, the academic informs us, against this.

The party’s internal character, moreover, makes it highly unlikely that leftist forces can triumph in a struggle to define what TBP stands for.

First, as noted earlier, the left is mostly conspicuous by its absence. There are some noted far-left figures standing, but the bulk of the candidates are essentially petit-bourgeois types and middle-of-the-road professionals.

Second, the money and organisational heft at the centre of what has so far undoubtedly been a slick, professional campaign are unlikely to be converted to progressive causes.

Third, and most importantly, TBP completely lacks any internal democratic structures. The party’s 85,000 registered supporters are not party members; they have no say over how the party is run. This is a deliberate design by Nigel Farage, based on his experiences battling UKIP’s internal factions, which he blames for being unable to professionalise the party. Although TBP is brand new, and arguably its institutional structures, like its policies, are potentially up for grabs through internal struggle, it is unlikely that Farage, or party chairman and business magnate Richard Tice, will gladly relinquish their domination. If not, then they will remain the ultimate arbiters of any struggles over the party’s future.

Many readers of this Blog, not living in Britain or Ireland, will not be aware that, “some noted far-left figures” include people like Claire Fox, who has been a prominent broadcaster on the BBC, and that the network around Spiked, beginning with Brendan O’Neill, are also constantly in the mass media, from the Sun, to Sky Press Review, and – well, let’s say a lot more. If anybody knows about the infinite ability of Gramscian strategies for hegemony reduced to the simulacra of news, opinion, and large gobs, it is them.

So he is plain wrong to push the existence of this red-brown front to the margins. In terms of political perception Fox citing Shelly has an importance, just as Marine Le Pen’s claim to the legacy of Jean Jaurès  in the days of the Front National did.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "jean jaures Front national"

Yet, Sovereignty Jones is right on the limits of this kind of political influence a network like the Spiked/RCP or any other internal group could have.

Farage, we note, has already avoided, despite pleas from the red-brown George Galloway, having the wheezy crook  on his team – a man who could, potentially be a real rival.

Does anybody honestly think that the loud-mouths of Spiked (ex Revolutionary Communist Party have the bottle to stand up to the milkshaked man?

Jones opines,

The lack of internal democracy is not only a glaring contradiction for a party claiming to stand for democracy; it also compounds the lack of accountability associated with an absent manifesto. For all of these reasons, it is most likely that TBP will develop as a populist party of the centre-right, or what Eaton and Goodwin call a “national populist” party. Ironically, and regrettably, this would deepen the convergence between British and continental European politics.

Note the next,  final, sentence,

To call this “far right” is hysterical, immoral, and deeply insulting to many millions of people. It distracts attention from the true source of the current crisis, which is not Nigel Farage’s political wizardry, or slavering hordes of xenophobes, but the reluctance of the political establishment to accept an instruction that they themselves solicited.

This is clearly a call to “listen” if not “artculate” the Brexit Party’s demands through other vehicles.

Populist Politics and Democracy.

There are some points to add on the lack of democracy in populist parties built around a leader, whose necessary charismatic ‘function’ is (problematically) a pillar of Ernesto Laclau’s On Populist Reason (2004).

This seems to operate regardless of formal party structures.

Lee Jones would benefit from some further references about how “internal struggles” end up in National Populist Parties, even ones with more  internal voting democracy and ownership than the Brexit Party.

There is a famous recent case in France.

When he expressed serious differences Florian Philippot,  an out gay man, once Marine le Pen’s right-hand (“directeur stratégique de la campagne présidentielle de Marine Le Pen), got short shrift and was turfed out the Front National, (now the Rassemblement National), in no time at all.

His views  were “social sovereigntist”, against privatisations and for leaving the Euro (considered to undermine national monetary authority) not too far from some of the Full Brexit.

Philippot’s micro-party, Les Patriots, is an extreme right group – tough on immigration –  that is anti-austerity  backs gay marriage, Frexit, defending welfare benefits and raising the minimum wage.



After the results on Sunday.

We predict with the certainty of a sage, that some of the themes of the Brexit Party’s, “instructions”, that is the need for Brexit, will get into the ears of labour strategists.

What they make of them, whether Labour will try to full  the “floating signifier” of Brexit around the wishes of the Brexiters of all shapes and political colour, will be up for grabs.

This will be the crucial moment for the internationalist anti-Brexit left to make its mark and offer a clear alternative.

We will have to argue against those aligned to groups like the Full Brexit who continue to argue for sovereigntism and a conservative cultural ‘Somewhere people’ programme.

There is also another aspect of this election.

It is this

Milk floats as well.


Written by Andrew Coates

May 23, 2019 at 5:00 pm

The Last Gasps of the Pro-Brexit left.

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Lacks “a sense of humility and appreciation” for Farage that ‘Left-Wing’ Full Brexit says is needed. 

With the Brexit Crisis fueling unprecedented voting shifts in the European election campaign the Pro-Brexit left ‘Lexit’ as they like to call it, (nobody else does) often feels to get away from the tiresome drag of cloud cuckoo land and escape to somewhere less mundane.

Time indeed to ihgnore the haemorigging of Labour votes to anti-Brexit parties, starting with the Liberal Democrats.

It’s there that the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) has finally found an echo for its Boycott Labour Campaign.

We need a People’s Brexit and a general election that can return a left and Labour government, which can begin to rebuild Britain for the people, not the bankers.

Respect the vote – SUPPORT a ‘People’s Boycott’ on 23 May 2019.

From the self-identifying  “Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants“.

The Socialist Party, which is thoroughly enjoying its trip away from the harsh world,  says of the European Elections.

Unfortunately, however, at this stage Corbyn and the left Labour leadership are not conveying a clear message to working class voters. A central reason for this is their continued mistaken attempts to compromise with the pro-capitalist Blairite wing of Labour – whether that is the local Labour councils cutting public services, or the Blairite MPs fighting for Labour to be seen as the party which defends the EU bosses’ club.

No mention of the pro Brexit Bosses’ Club.

No mention of the Love Socialism, Hate Brexit campaign which has captured people’s imagination across the left.

On the talks with May they say,

… reports from the talks have focused overwhelmingly on the Blairite demand for a second referendum, inevitably giving the impression to many Leave voting workers that Labour is not fighting in the interests of working class people and is instead focused on ‘reversing Brexit’.

No mention of Remain voting workers or the Remain supporters in the Trade Unions.

No mention of how to vote in the European election.

No mention of the Labour voters going head over fist to the anti-Brexit parties, which some polls suggest have pushed the party into third place.

Or this, somewhat optimistic claim,

A clear and unambiguous pro-Remain position from Labour would give the party a resounding 27% lead over the Conservatives, an 8% lead over the Brexit Party and a 14% increase in their overall vote, new research has revealed.

New European.

But apparently.

Bosses fear revolt against capitalism

At least the People’s Brexit dreamers of Counterfire say,

Tory collapse is only half the story; Corbyn’s Labour needs to sharply recalibrate around anti-austerity and class politics, argues Lindsey German

Farage understands he can only win the level of support he has by channelling the huge amount of anger about the failure to carry out the decision of the referendum. To do so he is prepared to downplay his racism, and he has some cover from erstwhile lefts who now support the Brexit party, but we can be sure that a campaign where he and Johnson are in competition (and with a myriad of fascist and extreme right parties spewing their filth) will have racism and scapegoating at their centre.


The only tactical vote is for Labour, because they are the only people who can beat Farage, and the higher Labour’s vote the stronger its left leadership will be. The alternative is strong Lib Dems – which will help Watson and Starmer.

How might they ‘channel’ this anger?

By joining Counterfire’s voyage to a People’s Brexit….

Note, Comrade Keir Starmer’s first appearance as an enemy of the revolutionary socialist groupuscule Counterfire.

The Morning Star with one toe in the carnival of reaction that’s taking place, dismisses worries about the far-right across Europe and Farage’s likely real political impact in the EU.

As indicated in this valuable article:

The far right is no great shakes

The European Union is proving to be a less reliable instrument for resolving contradictions among its member states and competing elites than either centre right, liberal or social democratic opinion has hitherto hoped.

In addition, although these right-wing populists are something of a problem for the big business and finance circles that stand behind the likes of Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron they lack the long-term cohesiveness or numbers to reshape the institutions of the EU.

Like those leftwingers who think the EU can be transformed by populating its structures, they too will find out that the real decision-making ever eludes the grasp of forces outside the charmed circle whether they come from the left or the right.

Oddly, or not so oddly given reports that some of the hard line Brexit Bolsheviks will do more than follow the Communist Party of Britain’s call not to vote Labour the editorial concludes,

The populist right – in or out of the EU – cannot meet the needs of working people. Almost uniquely our country has a Labour government in waiting that can.

The Full Brexit, supported by prominent members of the Communist Party of Britain, and ‘Blue Labour’ Family Faith and Flag patriots, not to mention Spiked ex-Revolutionary Communist Party, (and Green Larry O’Nutter, better known under his pen name of Larry O’Hara)  tweets  about this article:

Lee Jones is Reader in International Politics at Queen Mary University of London.

Note these words well,

It is deeply lamentable that this crucial channel for political expression is being supplied by a party led by Nigel Farage. However, the explanation for this lies not with Farage’s unique talents, or the supposed far-right proclivities of millions of British citizens, as many now claim. Farage is only able to claim leadership of a pro-democracy movement because the left has utterly failed to do so. Despite admitting the EU’s many faults and being unable to mount a positive case for it, the left bottled the referendum, clinging to a discredited neoliberal edifice. The opportunity subsequently to return to its foundational principle of democracy and lead Brexit in a progressive direction has been squandered. Most so-called leftists have merely doubled down on their ludicrous insistence that only racists and fascists can oppose the EU.

He continues,

TBP ought to be a left-wing party. By failing to reclaim the banner of democracy from the Eurosceptic right, the left has created the opportunity for Farage to return.

Despite its important short-term contribution, however, in the longer term, it is doubtful whether TBP can help resolve the problems of British political life. While the most obvious limitations stem from its leadership, the deeper problems lie in the populist form of political organisation itself.

Accordingly, whatever Nigel Farage may or may not be, TBP is simply not a “far-right” party. It has only one policy, to defend democracy and uphold the referendum result, and there is no reasonable way to define this policy as “far-right”.

The academic opines that one should approach Farage’s start-up party,

…with a sense of humility and appreciation for the important role TBP is playing in the immediate crisis of British politics.

Jones concludes,

At present, TBP stands exclusively for the enactment of a democratic majority decision – no more, no less. To call this “far right” is hysterical, immoral, and deeply insulting to many millions of people.

The Brexit Party: Creature of the Void

At least the Socialist Workers Party says:

Vote Labour in the European elections – and increase the Tories’ crisis

Hold on…

The next few days matter. Labour could still launch a real fight that brings together the call for an anti-austerity and anti-racist Brexit with action over the NHS, housing, climate chaos and other urgent issues.

Back from the sidelines:

News from the Red-Brown Front: Galloway to Stand in Peterborough.

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I Used to be George Galloway I’ll have you Know!

Farage’s key backer throws hat in the ring.

George Galloway has announced he will stand in the upcoming by-election in Peterborough.

Peterborough Telegraph.

The outspoken ex-Labour and Respect MP, who also starred on Celebrity Big Brother, made the announcement on Twitter shortly after it was confirmed a Recall Petition to remove sitting MP Fiona Onasanya had been successful.

Mr Galloway tweeted: “I intend to stand in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election in Peterborough. More follows…”

He later added: “If elected as the MP for #Peterborough my first priority will be to help secure the full implementation of the #Brexit decision made overwhelmingly by the people there in 2016. I believe I’m the best placed candidate to do so and the one who’d make the biggest impact in the House.”

Leave supporter Mr Galloway has not indicated if he is standing for a party or as an independent.


One wonders how his close friends from the Counterfire groupuscule (which runs the Stop the War Coalition) will react.

This is how they did to his last triumph:

George Galloway MP: Bradford win shows we were right to oppose war

Alas, that was so 2012.

Written by Andrew Coates

May 2, 2019 at 11:33 am

Grande-Synthe Raided: an anti-Semitic Shiite Movement in alliance with fringe French ‘anti-imperialists’ and ‘anti-Zionists’.

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Image result for lISTE ANTISIONISTE

Racist ‘anti-Zionist’ group’s founders  now linked to terror plot.

“The Parti antisioniste  originates with the  centre Zahra, a Chitte Muslim organisation based at Grande-Synthe “

Its best known candidate for elections (2009 and 2012) was the convicted racist, and self-styled ‘revolutionary’ Dieudonné (pictured above doing the ‘quenelle ‘)

An alliance between Islamists, ‘pro-Palestinians’, a few extreme anti-Israel odd-ball shown in the photo, Greens,  ‘anti-globalisers,  individuals from the far-leftist (SUD, former PSU activists) and the far right (including well known Holocaust deniers from Égalité et réconciliation ) it scored few votes (around 1.30% to 1.14%. (1)

There were persistent allegations that it received backing from the Iranian regime.

Today the group behind the Liste is accused of involvement in a terrorist plot.

Grande-Synthe : une nébuleuse chiite dans le viseur de la police



The police raided on Tuesday the headquarters of an association of shiite during a counter-terrorism operation in Grande-Synthe in the North, the day on which Paris has frozen the assets of two iranian nationals, one of whom is suspected of being involved in a project of attack in Villepinte in June.

Three people have been remanded in custody at the end of the operation, including for the unlawful possession of a firearm, according to a source close to the folder.

A 6: 00 AM, the headquarters of the association of shi “Centre Zahra France” and the homes of its leaders in Grande-Synthe (Nord) have been the subject of searches of the administrative, involving 200 police officers, including officers of the Raid and the BRI, according to the prefecture of the north.

The operation was launched following the “strong support” to “many” terrorist organizations” of the officers of the association, whose assets have been frozen, according to a decree published Tuesday in the official Journal.

The ministries of Interior and of Economy and Finance have also taken a similar measure, in a decree separate, against the internal Security Directorate of the Ministry of Intelligence in iran, and two iranian nationals, one of whom is suspected of being involved in the project of attack in Villepinte in June against a gathering of a group of iranian opposition in France, the Mujahideen of the people (MEK).

“An attempted attack has been foiled in Villepinte on June 30. This act of extreme gravity to be carried out on our territory could not remain without a response”, jointly declare in a press release Beauvau, the quai d’orsay and Bercy.

The article in Libération adds some details about the background of these people.

Kémi Seba, président du Mouvement des damnés de l’impérialisme, condamné plusieurs fois pour incitation à la haine raciale, ou de son ami Dieudonné, condamné, lui, pour propos antisémites. A l’adresse du centre est aussi logé le Parti antisioniste, dont Dieudonné a été le candidat pour les européennes de 2009 et les législatives de 2012. Ce parti n’a qu’un seul but, comme il l’explique sur son site web : «Témoigner, informer et combattre ce mal qu’est le sionisme.»

Kémi Seba, is President of the Movement of the  “damnés de l’impérialisme”, and  has been condemned several times for incitement to racial hatred. and his friend Dieudonné prosecuted for antisemitic remarks. At the address of the centre is housed the Anti-Zionist Party. Dieudonné was the candidate for the 2009 European elections and the 2012 elections. This party has only one goal, as it explains on its website. :“Witness, inform and fight the evil that is Zionism.”

Yahia Gouasmi also heads the Shia Federation of France and is described as close to Iran. Thus, in 2009, he accompanied Dieudonné to Tehran, and met with him Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then conservative president of the country. Alain Soral, essayist of the far right, who was also a candidate of the anti-Zionist Party, had also stated during a dinner in Nice in March 2013 that the money for the European campaign of this movement came from Iran, before retracting and asserting to Rue 89journalists that it actually came from the French Shiite community, via the “who embodies” , Yahia Gouasmi.


Names on the racist list:

(1): 1 – Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, 43 ans, présenté comme “humaniste révolutionnaire”.2 – Mireille Walle, 56 ans, mère de famille, vice-présidente du Cercle République sociale.3 – Yahia Gouasmi, 59 ans, président du Parti antisioniste.4 – Noémie Montagne, 33 ans, mère de famille, chef d’entreprise.5 – Alain Soral, 50 ans, écrivain, sociologue, président d’Égalité et réconciliation.6 – Ginette Hess-Skandrani, 71 ans, membre co-fondatrice des Verts, présidente de l’association Entre la plume et l’enclume.7 – Ahmed Moualek, 42 ans, président de l’association et du site La Banlieue s’exprime.8 – Jocelaine Simon, 25 ans, syndicaliste SUD, militante antisioniste.9 – Francesco Codemi, 43 ans, réalisateur, ancien de la Ligue communiste révolutionnaire et des Verts, militant libertaire.10 – Maria Poumier, 59 ans, universitaire (ER) à l’Université de La Havane et à Paris VIII.11 – Jean-Marie Keï, 43 ans, syndicaliste, disquaire.12 – Samia Ayari, 30 ans, cadre ressources.13 – Cyrille Rey-Coquais, 46 ans, scénariste, expert au Conseil de l’Europe.14 – Émmanuelle Grilli, 26 ans, présentée comme “ancien membre du Renouveau français” et cadre du Parti solidaire français.15 – Pierre Panet, 62 ans, postier retraité, syndicaliste, ancien du PCF et du PSU, membre fondateur du collectif Les Ogrees.16 – Fatima Chekkaf, 67 ans.17 – Sébastien Ducoulombier, 36 ans, militant altermondialisme et décroissance.18 – Anne-Marie Hoffmann, 50 ans.19 – Charles-Alban Schepens, 26 ans, président de la Fraternité franco-serbe.20 – Rabha Serbout, 32 ans.21 – Michael Guérin, 25 ans, étudiant, présenté comme “ancien responsable du Front national de la jeunesse“.22 – Souad Sedjai, 35 ans, employée.23 – Christian Cotten, 56 ans, psychosociologue président de l’association Politique de vie.24 – Chantal Fechtali, 59 ans.25 – Joseph Élise, 43 ans, présenté comme “militant antisioniste antillais”.26 – Sandrine Haddad, 34 ans, sans emploi.

Written by Andrew Coates

October 3, 2018 at 1:01 pm