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Alain Soral: Far-Right, ‘Red-Brown’ Holocaust Denier Arrested.

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Soral: in French Courts Again.

France Info reports,

The far-right polemicist and writer Alain Soral was arrested on Tuesday and then placed in police custody in Paris by the brigade for the repression of personal delinquency (BRDP) for “public provocation to commit a crime or offence against the fundamental interests of the Nation “ . His custody was extended on Wednesday. According to franceinfo, Alain Soral will be referred this Thursday to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

A preliminary investigation is underway. In question, comments that the polemicist would have made on his site Equality and Reconciliation. The content of the speech is not known. His home was then searched. The reason for his arrest, “public provocation to commit a crime or offense affecting the fundamental interests of the Nation”, targets anyone threatening to attack political actors with national responsibilities.

This is not the first time that the far-right essayist Alain Soral has come into contact with justice. In January 2019, he was sentenced to one year in prison for “racial insult, provocation and incitement to hatred” by the Bobigny criminal court. The polemicist attacked a public prosecutor on his site. Last June, he was fined 5,000 euros, with the possibility of imprisonment in the event of non-payment for having contested the existence of the Shoah.

On July 6, his Youtube channels were deleted by the online video platform. The reason: “repeated breaches of the conditions of use” .

In 2019, “Alain Soral sentenced to one year in prison for having described the Pantheon as a “kosher waste reception centre”

The list is long:


Soral is a convicted Holocaust denier.

The list of legal cases and prosecutions against him is long and stretches back to 2008.

Procès intentés contre Alain Soral: Condemnations.

His friendship with the ‘comedian’ anti-Semitic Dieudonné has kept him in the wider, and youthful, public eye.

In fact Dieudonné’s YOutube channel was removed just before Soral’s.

Après Dieudonné, YouTube se débarrasse aussi de la chaîne d’Alain Soral

Alain Soral is not – the least you can say – a classical fascist.

The online politics of Alain Soral

Evelyne Pieiller wrote this article in 2013, but the account holds for today.

Visitors to Alain Soral’s Egalité et Réconciliation (Equality and Reconciliation, E & R) website see pictures of Hugo Chávez, Che Guevara, Muammar Gaddafi, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin on the left of the masthead. Joan of Arc and Soral are on the right. The site, with its motto “leftwing on labour, but rightwing values”, is France’s 269th most popular, a few places behind the TV magazine Télérama.

The juxtaposition of Guevara and Putin, of Chávez and rightwing values is a sign of the confused political times. The big questions are, who stands for what and what does it mean to be on the right or left?

He has not been afraid to change direction: from (apparently brief) membership of the Communist Party in the 1990s, to the Anti-Zionist List, co-founded with the comedian-activist Dieudonné (M’bala M’bala) for the 2009 EU elections, with two years in the Front National. He stresses his “bloody-mindedness” in a way reminiscent of the late lawyer Jacques Vergès, whose funeral he attended this August.

Soral, who is also a martial arts enthusiast, is subtly but clearly a mix of eternal adolescent — his questions are intense, and he’s non-conformist in what he engages with, and ignores — and man in the street: he has the heroic, robust isolation of someone without party or support, trying to see things for what they are, despite opposition. Filmed in casual clothes, on a sofa, he is the antithesis of an academic or career politician, and picks and mixes his ideologies; this is popular online with many people who no longer have the political education from party or union membership that once shaped their views.

Many of Soral’s ideas would be unexpected on British ‘red-brown’ sites,

The new world order, “the empire”, seeks a democracy in name only, the “power of the richest” that upholds an abstract egalitarianism replacing the question of social inequality and class exploitation with societal questions, justifying this in the name of human rights.

Soral advocates “leaving the European Union, leaving NATO, and reclaiming control of our currency … to restore France’s sovereignty and give democracy some of its meaning back”, fighting the obsolescence of nation states and introducing protectionism.

Some of Soral’s principles surely strike a chord in these quarters.

His view of the nation is that, to protect the people, it should reject selfishness and “cosmopolitan profits”; this supposes that the nation has a single essence, a spirit that belongs to a particular culture, and that it must exclude amoral cosmopolitanism. Starting with a call for sovereignty in the face of supranational laws, he arrives at a near-mythic conception of the nation that will allow the creation of “a labour, patriotic and popular front against all the networks of finance and globalised ultra-liberalism” (4): what he calls a “national fraternal community, conscious of its history and culture”, uniting those who want the most equitable division of work and wealth and those who want to preserve what is good and human in the Helleno-Christian tradition, which he presumes led to the demand for true equality.

The article then enters more controversial territory where red and brown conspiracy theories of the confusionist left and right, meet. That is the world of “secret networks that infiltrate all the decision-making institutions of the empire, neutralising or corrupting political action.”

He believes that Jews are at the root of these conspiracies, linked to the rapacious US — it’s the old accusation that they are rootless cosmopolitans intent on the accumulation of capital; banks are Jewish, the press is Jewish, the destruction of national unity is Jewish. Soral hates them obsessively and sees them everywhere. He says his views are anti-Zionist, and oppose Israeli policy — but they are straight anti-Semitism, not support for the Palestinians, or mere provocation.

That is a fair introduction to Soral, although he would certainly defend the claim that he backs the Palestinians.

Soral’s ideas cover broader areas.

Soral’s views summarised:

 Soral’s ideology tends to focus on seven main themes:

More recently Soral has emphasised the ‘red’ side of his red-brown politics, backing the Gilets Jaunes.


Soral also defends the heritage of  ‘European civilisation’.

Soral’s supporters are already protesting against the arrest.






Written by Andrew Coates

July 30, 2020 at 11:15 am

Soon-to-be-father of his 6th Child George Galloway’s Workers’ Party in New Campaign.

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Image result for corbyn was always the lipstick on the pig galloway

Soon-to-be-new Father Galloway Appeals to Those Disillusioned with Labour.

Who’s not sick of ” clean air cycle lanes lesbians gays transexuals genders..” ?

The Workers Party is unequivocally committed to class politics. Though the fashion of the times is to divide working people along identity lines, we seek to unite them, based on their shared class interest. It is not ‘homophobic’ or ‘racist’ for socialists to focus their attention on those contradictions that concern the whole working class in its struggle for socialism. While being totally opposed to discrimination on grounds of race, sex or sexual proclivity, we declare that obsession with identity politics, including sexual politics, divides the working class.

Introducing the Workers Party LEADER: George Galloway :: Deputy leader: Joti Brar

What progressive patriot cannot agree that the British people should be rid of a “unemployed feckless rump living off cheap imported food and the plastic-electronic consumables of global capitalist anarchy”?

Disillusioned supporters of Rebecca  Long-Bailey are said to be flocking to the Galloway-led Workers’ Party of Britain,

Now comes this happy news….

Firebrand politician George Galloway to be dad again at 65.

The Daily Record reports.

The Scots former MP is expecting a baby with his fourth wife, Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, who is 30 years his junior.

The baby is due in the summer and will be the couple’s third child together and Galloway’s sixth in total.

Galloway posted a photograph on social media of his wife sporting her pregnancy bump after she attended a 20 week scan.

Galloway has not let his joy stop him from campaigning…

Galloway’s Workers’ Party of Britain is on the rise:

You can see why!

The Party has appealed to the “mob” to attend:

Coronavirus looms.

But, help is at hand:


Birth of the Workers party

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) welcomed the announcement made by George Galloway in the days following the general election.

This formation of the Workers Party of Britain (WPB) represents a genuine effort to break a section of workers away from the stranglehold of the Labour party, which has once again shown itself incapable of leading the British working class to socialism.

The Corbyn period of leadership was the period which should once and for all kill off the myth that with a ‘socialist’ at its head the Labour party can deliver for working people.

Though communists may recognise the truth of the above statement, as yet thousands of well-intentioned workers do not. These sections of the working class are unable to take the necessary steps alone; they need to be guided, as any student must, in drawing out the necessary conclusions from their own practical experience.

The Workers party has the potential to assist in this process, which is of historical importance for the British working class.

Lalkar extends its congratulations to the CPGB-ML and to Joti Brar, one of CPGB-ML’s vice-chairs, who was elected the deputy leader of the Workers Party of Britain at its founding congress. This meeting also elected a large 40-person members council with strong working-class representation.


More than ever, the political analysis of Marxist-Leninists is needed by workers in Britain. Our job is to defend principles whilst wedding Marxism to the workers.

We hope that all those whose left-social-democratic illusions now lie in tatters will join the Workers Party as a positive step towards their total political redemption; there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents, than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance

More to follow:

Written by Andrew Coates

March 11, 2020 at 12:32 pm

‘Bad Day for ‘Red-Brown’ Alain Soral, Gets 18 Months in Prison for Racial Incitement with Gilets Jaunes Rap Clip, and ‘Declinist’ Eric Zemmour, Who Gets fined for Race Hate.

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Image result for egalite et reconcilation clip gilets jaunes

“Le rap des Gilets jaunes”

Alain Soral condamné à 18 mois de prison ferme pour provocation à la haine raciale

Le Monde.

Pursued for incitement to racial hatred and public insult aggravated, the right-wing essayist Alain Soral was sentenced to twenty-four months in prison, including a minimum of eighteen months spent in goal, and a 45,000 euros fine by the Criminal Court de Bobigny, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported on Thursday 19 September to the public prosecutor’s office.

For an introduction to this character, who has aligned with Jean_Marie Le Pen, and   Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, (with whom he stood an ‘anti-Zionist’ list in 2004), who has more recently been very visible backing the Gilets Jaunes see Wikipedia to begin with. The French version is much, much, more comprehensive.

His full-bloodied red-brown ideology is summarised as:


  • Criticism of communitarianism
  • criticism of feminism
  • criticism of the media and the society of spectacle in general and of neoliberal capitalism
  • criticism of capitalism and what he views as “US imperialism
  • criticism of Zionism and Jewish lobbying
  • criticism of mainstream vulgarity
  • the Arab–Israeli conflict
  • the dismantling of Yugoslavia, and possibly of France
  • the dismantling of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine

His old friend Dieudonné has not forgotten him:



The essayist Alain Soral was sentenced to 24 months in prison, including 18 months in prison, by the Criminal Court of Bobigny for broadcasting online a rap clip deemed antisemitic in which portraits of personalities were burned, AFP learned. Thursday at the prosecutor’s office.

The essayist Alain Soral was sentenced to 24 months in prison, 18 of which closed for broadcasting a rap video deemed anti semite.

Alain Bonnet, his real name, will also pay a fine of 45,000 euros. He was prosecuted for provoking racial hatred and aggravated public insult.

On the 15th of April last, the essayist, who had already been condemned many times, had already been sentenced to one year for denial in another case. The Paris Criminal Court then ordered an arrest warrant against him, which the prosecution had refused to execute, considering that he had no legal basis.

In the case tried in Bobigny, the prosecution had required two years in prison against the essayist, who had published on his website “Equality and Reconciliation” a clip entitled “Yellow Vests” in which a sign containing the name of Rothschild was thrown in the fire. Photos of Bernard-Henri Lévy, Jacques Attali and Patrick Drahi were also sent to the stake.

In this clip, the rapper called to “turn” Rothschild, Attali and BHL, calling them “parasites”.

This conviction comes after a direct quote from a group of associations including the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF), SOS Racism, the Licra, J’accuse, the MRAP and the LDH.

This week  Eric Zemmour, well known in French speaking world, for his histrionic portrait of French national, and ethnic, decline, ((Le Suicide français 2014)  got a stiff fine for racial provocation .

Eric Zemmour définitivement condamné pour provocation à la haine raciale

le Monde.

Le chroniqueur et animateur a vu mardi sa demande de pourvoi en cassation rejetée. Il est condamné à 3 000 euros d’amende.

Eric Zemmour finally sentenced for provoking hatred against Muslims

Three years after his appearance on “C à vous”, Éric Zemmour was fined 3,000 euros for provoking religious hatred for anti-Muslim remarks. In a judgment delivered Tuesday, the Court of Cassation rejected the polemist’s appeal against his conviction by the Paris Court of Appeal on May 3, 2018.

During the broadcast broadcast on France 5 on September 6, 2016, Eric Zemmour had notably felt that it was necessary to give Muslims “the choice between Islam and France”. He also said that France lived “for thirty years an invasion” and that “in innumerable French suburbs where many girls are veiled” was playing a “struggle to Islamize a territory”, “a jihad”.

The court of appeals held that both passages “are aimed at Muslims as a whole and contain an implicit exhortation to discrimination”. Eric Zemmour had also been condemned to pay a symbolic euro to the association CAPJPO EuroPalestine, which had initiated the prosecution, and 1 000 euros for legal costs, these being added to the 2 000 euros pronounced at first instance in 2017. At the end of this appeal, Eric Zemmour will have to pay an additional 2,500 euros to the association for legal costs.