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‘Unite for Freedom’: Anti-vaccination protest in central London

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HeraldScotland: A London Bus is covered in anti-vaccine stickers near Trafalgar Square following a anti-vaccine protest in central London.

Protest Against ‘Medical Tyranny’ Hits Out at Buses.

A London bus has been covered in Covid conspiracy material following an anti-vaccine protest in the capital.


Images show the double decker plastered in stickers on its front and side that read: ‘There Is No Pandemic’ ‘Stay Free’ and ‘Truth Will Win’.

One picture appears to show a bus driver stepping out of the vehicle in Trafalgar Square before removing some of the stickers.

Deputy Dawg’s ‘Marshalls’ ensure order:

New World Order!

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

Look at the state of these: have you ever in your life seen such kenspeckle cretins?:

May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors
May be an image of 3 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says "D APORTS.COM Hare Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare"

Written by Andrew Coates

May 29, 2021 at 4:29 pm

Glenn Greenwald: An American Red-Browner?

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Glenn Greenwald: "I consider Tucker Carlson to be a socialist" News | ResetEra

Confusionnisme or red-brown politics?

Neglectful of the Tendance one realises, but the name Glenn Greenwald was unknown to our inner circles until yesterday. Extensive research on Google reveals that the American journalist and former lawyer, has investigated many political abuses.  written for the Guardian, amongst other news outlets, and has won multiple awards for his work. He is a vocal Vegan. Greenwald lives with his husband in Brazil. To his credit he is an opponent of the national populist  Bolsonaro government. and has stood up to direct administrative threats unpleasant harassment.

Now is seems you cannot get away from tweets about and messages from Greenwald. Like a bird of passage in constant flight the one-time lawyer and radical journalist has travelled from one view to another, “Journalist Glenn Greenwald faces backlash after falsely claiming ‘decrease’ in lesbians is due to trans men. (25th of February”. Glenn Greenwald Describes Tucker Carlson, Bannon, and 2016-Era Trump as Right-Wing ‘Socialists’ (4th of March.) Not to mention this in the Daily Mail, The media Stasi: Glenn Greenwald slams culture of ‘junior high hall-monitor tattling’ among prominent ‘woke’ journalists that is like East German ‘citizen surveillance’ (8th of February 20201)

It really began to heat up in the autumn last year. Writing fluently in his native langage Greenwald refused to gallop with the stampeding herd and support Joe Biden for President.

He is now on a slope so slippery that you have to wonder where he will tumble next.

News Frames on Twitter: "Recalling Glenn's previous takes on socialism & " socialist stragglers":… "

Why Glenn Greenwald Says Tucker Carlson Is a True Socialist

“I think the vision is, you know, you have this kind of right-wing populism, which really is socialism, that says we should close our borders, not allow unconstrained immigration, and then take better care of our own working-class people and not allow this kind of transnational, global, corporatist elite to take everything for themselves under the guise of neoliberalism.”

Inevitably one discovers that Greenwald has had friends at Jacobin though whether they have got news of this latest turn is not sure.

The Psychology of Russiagate. 17.4.2018.


Glenn Greenwald on Russiagate and the comforting answers it offers to despondent liberals.

It is comforting to know that he has more recent friends in Spiked,

The media’s myths about the Capitol riot

Glenn Greenwald has torn apart the hysterical tales of an ‘armed insurrection’.

..as journalist Glenn Greenwald has highlighted, key aspects of the media’s Capitol story have fallen apart. In a piece on Substack, he explodes various myths.

For all the talk of ‘armed insurrection’, there is virtually no evidence, he says, that arms were present. Claims that rioters intended to ‘capture and assassinate elected officials’ have also since been rejected by the US attorney general.














Written by Andrew Coates

March 5, 2021 at 11:30 am

As Accusations of “Assad Apologist” Emerge, Call to Defend Professor David Miller Against “full spectrum of Zionist organisations.”

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Old friends rally to Miller’s Cause.

Not everybody agrees with Miller’s approach:


This has been launched:

Defend Freedom of Speech – Defend David Miller!

This is the group behind it.

On February 13 2021, an online conference of over 300 people set up the Labour Campaign for Free Speech. We agreed a ‘Charter for Free Speech‘, a ‘Charter for Labour Party members’ rights‘ and elected a steering committee of 10 people :

Anita Bennett (Chair of family learning disability charity Rescare, Stockport. Bristol NUJ Exec.) Kevin Bean (Expelled member, Wavertree 4, Merseyside Labour Left Alliance)  John Courtneidge (Co-operator, socialist& Quaker) Terry Deans (Plymouth and region Labour Left Alliance). Deepa Driver (chair Momentum Camden, Free Julian Assange campaign) Esther Giles (suspended CLP secretary, Bristol North West CLP)  Tony Greenstein (author, blogger, expert (!) on Israel/Palestine) Jackie Walker author and anti-racist campaigner Tina Werkman (co-chair, Labour Against the Witchhunt) and…

Chris Williamson (former Labour MP, Resistance Movement).

This is their latest initiative:


Professor David Miller of Bristol University called for an End to Zionism and said that the Union of Jewish Students, which is affiliated to the racist World Zionist Organisation, is using Jewish students as pawns and playing on their fears of anti-semitism.

David Miller has come under vicious attack from the Jewish Chronicle and a full spectrum of Zionist organisations including the Board of Deputies of Zionist Jews, the Union of Jewish Students and a multiplicity of Zionist organisations.


David Miller is part of the Syria Working Group, a red-brown organ of support for Assad in Syria.



The ‘Useful Idiots’: How These British Academics Helped Russia Deny War Crimes At The UN.


Dear Diane,

We are deeply concerned to learn that you are to take part in the launch today, 5th September, of a CAGE publication co-authored by David Miller, a notorious pro-Assad atrocity denier. You previously appeared on a panel with him at a ‘Spinwatch’ panel event back on the 26th March.

David Miller, a professor of political sociology at the University of Bristol, is part of a group that systematically denies high profile Assad regime crimes against civilians in Syria, particularly the Assad regime’s repeated use of chemical weapons. David Miller has also sought to deny Russia’s responsibility for the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Evidence of this is included below.

Labour’s 2017 manifesto, when referring to Syria, committed to work for justice for the victims of war crimes.

As Home Secretary in a future Labour government, you would have responsibility for policy towards Syrian refugees in the UK who are victims of—and witnesses to—the Assad regime’s crimes. You would also have responsibility for the UK’s own investigations into war crimes, currently dealt with by SO15, the Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police.

If you associate yourself with a committed war crimes denier such as David Miller, this must undermine confidence in the willingness of Labour to work for the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for crimes in Syria, including some of the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity seen this century.

We hope you will reconsider appearing on this panel and be more careful about who you associate yourself with in future given your responsibilities as an MP and as Shadow Home Secretary.

Yours sincerely,

Batool Abdulkareen and Bronwen Griffiths, Syria Solidarity UK

David Taylor, Vice-Chair, LCID


Diane Abbott letter tweets of Miller

This is Beely’s latest campaign:



Written by Andrew Coates

February 22, 2021 at 1:11 pm