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After his ‘red’ mates, Farage’s ‘brown’ allies make headlines in the ‘confusionist’ Brexit Party.

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Ipswich Brexit Campaign Car.

There is the claim that the working class, the “popular” vote, is for Brexit.

This is contested claim (ignoring the strong popular anti-Brexit vote in major cities to begin with), and, odd, since many of the people advancing the claim say they are Leninists.

To Lenin, on a generous interpretation, socialism is the fusion, by persuasion,  between Marxist ideas and the labour movement, it is not the “spontaneous” product of opinion polls.

On a less generous view Leninism claims to be a scientific standpoint celebrated by the various, not to say, teeming, micro-parties of that section of the left leading the working class by these “tribunes of the people” by a variety of stunts and tactics.

The major reason they refer to the social basis of the Brexit vote is not because they have become psephologists but because it’s the view they support.

Take this from the revolutionary socialists (self-proclaimed Leninists) of Counterfire.

Lindsey German says today (A general election with a People’s Brexit is our escape route from this Westminster quagmire), after the local elections that,

Labour is winded by these results, not least because they weren’t expected, but it has to fight back in the Euros. Firstly against Farage, the fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’, UKIP and all the rest of the racist right. But as importantly, by putting an agenda which argues for a People’s Brexit (something Labour seems to have abandoned in the face of its own Remainers), and for a completely altered set of priorities on domestic issues ..

Labour, they say, must, ” Demand that general election and a People’s Brexit, and redouble efforts to campaign around other issues – climate emergency, austerity deaths, housing.”

Now one can agree with one of German’s points, that Corbyn should not do a “deal” with May on Brexit.

But this?

That we can “break through the Brexit cloud which hangs over British politics at present, and can hopefully unite those on different sides of the divide”?

By campaigning for a People’s Brexit  that few have heard of and those that have have most have already forgotten the phrase.

No chance.

We can agree that fighting austerity policies is Labour’s Number one priority.

But nobody, nobody, can imagine however “hopefully” that there is unity when she calls for the very issue, Brexit, and her group’s support for it, can be thought away by other campaigns.

How exactly are they going to “fight” Farage, one might ask, if all they can say is, “we want a better Brexit than you do!”

Brexit was, is, and will be, the key issue, and Counterfire stands with the Brexit side.

Many would consider that Counterfire, and the Lexiters more widely, underestimate not the potential electoral support for Farage, but the political basis for the ‘red-brown’ alliance. This includes people in the ‘left’ Full Brexit, as well as the media promoted (from the BBC to Sky) Spiked (ex-Revolutionary Communist Party).

National populism has its ‘left’ wing with these links, and it also has its brown wing, clearly on the far-right.

This mixture, is known in France, where there are plenty of examples of such a bloc, is “confusionism”.

Yesterday brought news from the ‘brown’ side of this alliance.

Nigel Farage is facing strong criticism from Jewish organisations and a series of other groups after it emerged he repeatedly took part in interviews with a far-right US talkshow host, during which the Brexit party leader openly discussed conspiracy theories, some of which have been linked to antisemitism.

A Guardian investigation has found Farage has appeared at least six times on the show of Alex Jones, who was sued by bereaved parentsafter claiming a US school shooting was faked, and was banned permanently from Facebook last week.

In his various appearances on Jones’s show, Farage discussed themes commonly associated with an antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jewish financiers are behind a plot to replace nation states with a global government.

In the six identified interviews, which date from 2009 to last year, Farage, whose Brexit party is leading polls for the upcoming European elections, repeatedly uses words and phrases such as “globalists” and “new world order”, which regularly feature in antisemitic ideas.

In the interviews, Farage also says:

  • Members of the annual Bilderberg gathering of political and business leaders are plotting a global government.
  • The banking and political systems are working “hand in glove” in an attempt to disband nation states.
  • “Globalists” are trying to engineer a world war as a means to introduce a worldwide government.
  • Climate change is a “scam” intended to push forward this transnational government.

One minute it’s former leftist Claire Fox citing Shelly’s Rise like Lions in the service of National Populism. The next it’s full conspi Bilderberg stuff.

The nutter pictured above is probably a lot saner than this lot.


Brendan O’Neill defends National Populism, but will he stand up for Claire Fox and the RCP’s Line on Ireland?

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A Populist Hero Is Something to Be.

(From here)

The dangers of anti-populism

Spiked. Brendan O’Neill.

It isn’t populists who threaten life, liberty and democracy in Europe – it’s anti-populists.

I always (note Only always?)  find it perplexing when people claim that the new national populism is a threat to life, liberty and democracy in Europe.

Because there is indeed a threat to life, liberty and democracy (note to ed: add, pursuit of happiness…?) in Europe today.

But it isn’t coming from populists. It’s coming from anti-populists. (note to ed, please  underline emphasis)

And so it goes…

The real danger in Europe today, in political terms, isn’t populism – it’s anti-populism. The real danger is the shrill, often violent backlash of the technocratic elites (note: nifty turn of phrase) against the rise of national populist sentiment.


why do the political and cultural elites, most notably in the UK, seem willing to trash democracy itself in order to crush (note, isn’t that a bit mildly put) populist sentiment?

‘Trashing’ democracy is definitely bad.

So in the spirit of populist reason and the legacy of European civilisation, like Notre Dame itself, as transmitted by the voice of this blog we ask O’Neill to explain himself to his mates in the Brexit Party.

It’s an affair  whose flames are consuming more than wood and stone; they are consuming tradition, the past itself, the legacy of the Revolutionary Communist Party, O’Neill’s spiritual birthplace.

It’s something which has has led nationalist populist sentiment to take a merry turn against his lot in Spiked:

IRA row: Warrington Brexit MEP candidate quits


A Brexit Party candidate for Warrington has quit at the failure of another would-be MEP to apologise for comments about the IRA bombing of the town.

European elections candidate Sally Bate said she had resigned because Claire Fox refused to condemn the attack.

Fox was a leading member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) which defended the 1993 bombing.

Ms Bate said Nigel Farage should remove her from the party list and “stand together with victims of the atrocity”.

Tim Parry, 12, and Johnathan Ball, three, were killed in the IRA attack on 20 March which left 56 others injured.

An RCP newsletter at the time of the bomb stated that the party defended “the right of the Irish people to take whatever measures necessary in their struggle for freedom”.

Tim’s father Colin Parry has urged voters in the North West to reject Ms Foxbecause she did not offer any apology for her former views.

In a statement, Ms Fox said: “Terrible things happened – mercifully, a peaceful resolution has emerged following the Good Friday Agreement.”

She added: “I do not condone the use of violence.”

Ms Fox is top of the list of Brexit Party candidates for the North West, meaning she would be the first to claim any European Parliament seat which the group wins in elections on 23 May.

Ms Bate was listed seventh.

Announcing her resignation from the Brexit Party, Ms Bate said: “I am unhappy with Claire’s statement since she has not categorically condemned the violence inflicted by the IRA.

“I stand by Colin Parry and his family and all victims of the Warrington bomb and in view of Claire’s ambiguous position on the issue I cannot continue to stand beside her as a Brexit candidate…”

Cde Rogan has today tweeted this thread which Brendan is welcome to follow: 

There is plenty more and there is this, recommended, article:

George Galloway goes Red-Brown and backs Farage’s Brexit Party.

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Galloway Goes Red-Brown.

The Red-Brown alliance develops, George Galloway is to back Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party for the Euro-elections.

Following the lead of former rivals, the ex-Revolutionary Communist Party/Spiked/Institute of Ideas now supporters of National Populism,..(1)



Yesterday Galloway has tweeted his backing for Farage added, (1)

The Herald had just reported,

Socialist George Galloway under fire for backing Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in EU elections

He also predicted that Farage’s party would win “at least 50% of the vote”, saying: “Count on it. The working class in the north are on the move.”

When being criticised for supporting Farage he told one critic: “So Farage is Hitler? How stupid can you get.”

In response to criticism Galloway has tweeted,

The seriousness of this much-welcomed support can be seen here:

We confidently predict that this red-brown alliance will receive more support.

As Jim says,

It appears he is not on his own. Chelley Ryan is a Corbyn cultist and a prolific tweeter and Facebook poster who has also posted for Red Labour and writes for the Morning Star. She has tweeted in support of the Brexit Party.

There have been others on social media.

Is this just Stalinist fraying at the edges or is there more to it?

UPDATE: from far-right Daily Express.

Brexit REBELLION: Left-wingers follow Galloway to back Nigel Farage’s surging Brexit Party

THE Labour EU elections list is so remain heavy left-wing Brexiteers are throwing their lot in with Nigel Farage, including George Galloway.

Fellow left-wing Brexiteers also promised to vote for their former political enemy Nigel Farage.

Simon Middleton said: “I totally agree with you Mr Galloway. Next month’s elections are about Brexit, pure and simple.

“I am from a Socialist background and I will be voting for Nigel Farage aand the new  Brexit Party “



  1. Perhaps this tiff is forgiven now….”In an article in The Australian newspaper, 15th January 2009, ‘Critics of Israel giving voice to anti-Semitism’,  I stated that George Galloway, British MP for the Respect party, had called for a boycott of ‘Israel’s shops’ and that this meant that he was calling in practice for a boycott of Jewish shops. This was incorrect and I now understand that he was calling for a boycott of ‘Israel’ shops which is a mobile retailer operating in shopping malls and who sell Israeli goods and was not referring to ‘Israel’s shops’. I apologise to Mr Galloway for the mistake, and I withdraw the suggestion made in my article that he was showing or encouraging anti-Semitism in calling for this boycott.
    Frank Furedi, 9 February 2009″.

Written by Andrew Coates

April 18, 2019 at 11:50 am

Former Revolutionary Communist Party’s Spiked: Alka Sehgal Cuthbert Candidate for Farage’s Brexit Party.

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Alka Sehgal Cuthbert is a Cambridge-educated former secondary school teacher

Prominent Spiked Contributor Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert stands for Farage’s Party.

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, another of the party’s new candidates, is a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

“My son still finds it very difficult to countenance this,” she told The Daily Beast.

“It’s widely recognized that Left and Right have lost their meaning so we need new principles to base our politics on, and for me the question of democracy is the key—I’m not doing this for Nigel Farage.”

Daily Beast.

This received the seal of approval from Spiked: Joanna Williams @jowilliams293

Head of Education and Culture . Associate editor .

Articles by ALKA SEHGAL CUTHBERT on Spiked.

Article by Joanna Williams.

Link to the ‘left’ Full Brexit front:

Defending Eddie Dempsey she re-tweeted this.

More to follow…..

Dodgy Geezer.

Written by Andrew Coates

April 13, 2019 at 12:04 pm

As Charlie Hebdo is commemorated US Jacobin Attacks Charlie for being rude about Gammon.

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Image result for cabu les beaufs

Nobody should not be rude about Gammon, says alt-left US magazine. 

The supposedly anti-establishment Charlie’s cosy relationship with such élite figures is combined with a wider contempt for working-class French people. For an example we need only look at cartoonist Cabu, who was killed in the 2015 attacks. Long considered one of the pillars of political cartoons in France, Cabu was author of the Mohammed cover in 2006 and known for his anti-clerical and anti-military views.

But he also had a long record of ridiculing the experiences, lifestyles, and behaviors of the working class and the poor. He created the cartoon character Le Beauf in 1974 to this end. The word “beauf” — short for beau-frère (brother in law) — was coined by Cabu and became a staple of French culture to the point that it entered the most renowned French dictionary (Le Robert) to mean the “average Frenchman with narrow ideas, conservative, vulgar and phallocratic.” For Cabu, Le Beauf is the “living symbol of the ordinary loser.”


The reaction to the Paris terror attacks in 2015 identified Charlie Hebdo with freedom of speech. Yet the magazine’s anti-working-class smears are today used to silence the gilets jaunes.

The stuck up toff who wrote this is apparently, “a history PhD student at the University of Sheffield working on French satirical press and ideas of free speech.”

On s’en doutait


Un hommage officiel aux 17 victimes a lieu lundi, quatre ans après le début des attaques terroristes.

Written by Andrew Coates

January 8, 2019 at 11:48 am