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Juan R Posadas, Trotskyism and Talking to Dolphins.

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That’s Not the Correct Line Comrade on the Left Unity Row.

Oh Yes it is!


The Girl who Talked to Dolphins was on BBC 4 last night.

This was a

Documentary telling the story of the most extraordinary experiment in the history of animal science. In the 1960s a powerful and charismatic scientist flooded a house. He then invited a young woman to live there full-time with a dolphin. Their intention was the ultimate in animal research – they wanted to teach the dolphin to speak English. What happened next would change all their lives. For the first time those involved in the experiment reveal the secrets of the Dolphin House.

This was great.

Trotskyism was also at the forefront of this great leap forward in interspecies communication.

Juan R Posadas, the Argentinian Trotskyist  is best known for his pioneering theories on UFOs and the probable existence of higher, communist, civilisations on other planets. He rightly observed that, “These beings from other planets come to observe life down here and laugh at humans, we who fight each other over who has the most cannons, cars and wealth.”

But he did not stop there.

Wikipedia notes,

Posadas led his movement into the development of various ideas that bordered on the New Age with writings about communicating with dolphins and humans giving birth under water.

Fortean Times explains,

Professor Igor Charkovsky’s experiments for the Soviet Academy of Sciences on ‘water birthing’ and his work on communicating with dolphins won the admiration of Posadas, as did unattributed “plans to conceive babies in space.” Charkovsky is today a celebrity of the New Age Californian bourgeois ‘water birthing’ circuit and his forays into human–dolphin communication interfaces are continued by Alexander Yushchencko at Kharkov Polytechnic, Ukraine.

In any event, Posadas’ disciples defended his most esoteric dolphin and water birthing ideas after his death, stating that: “Posadas highlighted the full significance of experiments the Soviets are making in communicating with animals (eg. dolphins) and in space exploration… this is the plane on which Comrade Posadas lived.” They also firmly believed that Posadas’ “radiant and living thought… laid down principles to see further into the future.”

Sadly these writings seem unavailable on the Web.

We await their immediate publication!


Written by Andrew Coates

June 18, 2014 at 11:39 am

UFOs: Marxists Make Meeting.

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Ready for Historic Meeting.

Ready for Historic Meeting

La vie peut exister sur d’autres planètes, dans d’autres systèmes solaires, dans d’autres galaxies ou d’autres univers.

Life can exist on other planets, in other solar systems, in other galaxies, and other universes.

Il faut faire appel aux êtres des autres planètes, lorsqu’ils viennent, à intervenir et collaborer avec les habitants de la terre pour supprimer la misère.

We have to call on beings from other planets, while they come, to intervene and work with the inhabitants of the earth to abolish poverty and destitution.

Il faut s’unir à eux, qui semblent plus puissants que les êtres humains, afin qu’ils viennent aider à résoudre les problèmes de la terre.

We have to unite with them, they who seem more powerful than humans, so that they can come and help us  solve our terrestrial problems.

J Posadas: Les soucoupes volantes, le processus de la matière et de l’énergie, la science, la lutte de classes et revolutionnaire et le future socialiste de l’humanité. (Here)

First Contact, they say, is a harrowing experience.

But the Tendance has been there.

To Rendelsham Forest, where the United Galactic Commune made their tentative attempt to get in touch.

In  December 1980 they unfortunately ran into an imperialist spy network, aka, US forces.

Here is what happened (the ‘Halt Memorandum’)


Scared, they say, by this abortive attempt, our comrades fled.

They have only just returned.

More information will be posted shortly.

Written by Andrew Coates

December 17, 2012 at 12:16 pm