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Marine Le Pen “Tackled” by Philippe Poutou, Nouveau Parti Anti-Capitaliste.

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Poster Boy.

The surprise event during last night’s French Presidential Debate (11 candidates) was Philippe Poutou, of the Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste (NPA)  landed some hard hitting blows on Marine Le Pen.

After refusing the ‘family photo’ with the other candidates, he had begun by attacking the corruption scandals enveloping the right-wing candidate, François Fillon, “Fillon, plus on fouille, plus on sent la corruption, plus on sent la triche,”, they more you dig the more you smell the corruption, and trickery.

Then Poutou went onto Marine Le Pen.

He began by recalling her most recent difficulties with the law, over  charges that the far-right leader had misused public and EU funds for her personal campaigns (see:  Marine Le Pen’s party under investigation for fraud).

The car worker commented, ” Le FN se dit anti-système, mais se protège grâce aux lois du système avec son immunité parlementaire et refuse d’aller aux convocations policières, donc, peinard ! ” The FN says it’s against ‘the system’, but protects itself with Parliamentary immunity and they refuse to respond to Police calls for interviews.

After pointing out that ‘on’, the workers, do not have Parliamentary immunity, Poutou then reminded the audience, in a political atmosphere where candidates evoke nationality above all else,  that he was talking everybody who lives in France, including ‘foreigners’, and not just the “French”.


In place of nationalism Poutou talked of class consciousness,

The Nouveau parti anticapitaliste’s candidate has made a great impression, with the media calling the debate the “Poutou show”. Many well-wishers expressed their solidarity, and even those on the left who are not supporters of the NPA or his electoral campaign overjoyed that he tackled Le Pen front on.

More on the debate:  « Nous, on n’a pas d’immunité ouvrière » : Poutou et Arthaud à l’offensive sur les affaires. Le Monde.

Guardian:  French election: factory worker Philippe Poutou emerges as star of TV debate.

Le Parisien reports,

Le candidat du Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste (NPA) a une nouvelle fois marqué les esprits mardi soir, en cassant tous les codes établis lors du deuxième débat de la présidentielle.

Détendu, impertinent, anticonformiste et très direct. C’est un véritable show que Philippe Poutou, connu pour son franc parler et son côté «Monsieur tout-le-monde», a livré mardi soir sur le plateau du «Grand Débat» de la présidentielle. Du début à la fin, le «petit candidat» a détonné.

The candidate of the Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste (NPA) had, again, made his mark on Tuesday evening, by breaking all the rules during the second Presidential debate.

Relaxed, cheeky, nonconformist and frank, Philippe Poutou, known for his direct talking and his Man in the Street style, began and ended by making waves on the studio set. It was a real extravaganza.

Both Potou and the far-left  Nathalie Arthaud [candidate of Lutte ouvrière]  are at below 1% in the opinion polls.


Written by Andrew Coates

April 5, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste: Close to Implosion?

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Phillipe Pontou: NPA Candidate.

Libération reports, under the heading, NPA au bord de l’implosion,  Here

C’est l’histoire d’un crash. Celui d’un parti (alors dénommé LCR) qui au sortir de 2007 se rêvait, avec 4,08%, en Nouveau parti anticapitaliste (NPA), grande force à gauche du PS. Mais près de trois ans après sa fondation, le NPA file droit se fracasser sur la présidentielle.

Samedi à l’université de Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), la formation d’extrême gauche a choisi son candidat à la présidentielle : Philippe Poutou, 44 ans, ouvrier et syndicaliste chez les Ford de Blanquefort (Gironde). 53% de «pour» : ultime signe d’un parti divisé, au bord de l’implosion.

It’s the tale of the crash, of a party (whose old name was the LCR), that at the end of 2007, with 4.8% of the Presidential vote, became the Nouveau parti anticapitaliste  (NPA) and dreamt of becoming a real force to the left of the Parti Socialiste. But nearly three years after its creation the party is tearing itself apart over the Presidential elections.

At the University of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) the far-left organisation chose its candidate for the President –  Philippe Poutou, a trade unionist at Ford’s Blanquefort Plant  (Gironde). 53% voted “for” him – the ultimate sign of a divided party.

The paper reports that feminists were not happy that Myriam Martin was not chosen.

Gêné. Les féministes hurlent au scandale d’avoir choisi un homme alors que deux femmes porte-parole ont été nommées en avril. Candidate potentielle mais victime du «tout sauf», l’une d’elles, Myriam Martin, sort de l’amphi en retenant ses larmes après son intervention.

Flustered and  embarrassed, NPA feminists shouted that it was scandalous to pick a man, when two women spokespeople were nominated in April. One of them, Myriam Martin, victim of an ‘anybody but’ (her) campaign left the amphitheatre after her intervention, holding back her tears.

More information: (from NPA’s site

 In February during their Montreuil Congress the NPA indicated that it had  6.000 membersm but only  4.500 were fully paid-up. At its launch in 2009  the NPA (formed from the Ligue communiste révolutionnaire (3.000 members), claimed  9.000.

“3.100 activists participated in the vote for the June Conference.  50, 20%  backed “texte A” supported by Olivier  Besancenot and the spokesperson  Christine Poupin (now Candidate). NOte: This refsues any negotations with the Front de Gaauche.

Backed notably by the other official spokesperson,  Myriam Martin as well as Pierre-François Grond, the “texte B”,, which advocated discussions with the Front de gauche, against the line of “texte A”, got 40, 20%. 

The  “texte C” for a real  “pôle révolutionnaire”,  received 5, 75%  local platforms,  3, 85%.

 From Here

Philippe Poutou’s Declaration Here.

Opinion Polls (before the weekend) put a NPA’s candidate at  1% of the vote.

The Front de Gauche Candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon got around 7%.