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Morning Star Gives a Puff for ‘More Borders’ Whippets, the Northern Independence Party.

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Northern Independence Party 🟨🟥 on Twitter: "The battle of Brexit is over,  but the war against the UK has only just begun. 🇬🇧 🔨 🟨🟥 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 〓〓… "

More Borders Party Gets Boost from “only English-language socialist daily newspaper in the world.”

Yesterday top Newshound Jim noted this. in the anti-Labour ‘People’s Paper’, the Morning Star, wholly independent of the Communist Party of Britain and owned by the co-op.

The Northern Independence Party: ‘standing up for socialism’?

The wags of the paper which is Jeremy Corbyn’s best friend kept their tongues firmly in the cheeks,

Self-identifying as democratic socialists, the Northern Independence Party (NIP) was founded just last year. Initially a rag-tag group of socialists, former Labour activists and those still finding their political feet, NIP have developed into something of a new hope among lefties, coupling their calls for an independent state of Northumbria with redistribution of wealth and a mass of entertaining social media content that will have you spitting out your Yorkshire Tea.

Chortling along the puff continues, “former MP Thelma Walker has added a splash of yellow to her rosette as the most high-profile voice of a new movement.”

 I will be honest with you, the independence part is way along the road for me,” she admits. “If that is what happens in decades to come, or whenever, that is for a referendum. Like is happening in Scotland, that is for the people to decide.

“I am more interested in federalism, regionalism and localism. I’m bothered about taking control away from Westminster and giving it to the northern regions so that local people have a say in their local economy and are a part of it.”

Even though I know it’s fairly remote that NIP would win, I’m going for it, I’d love to be the voice for Hartlepool in Westminster, change it from within and have a go at that government front bench, even as one independent voice.

“I’m being realistic, this is about a bigger movement and about the start of something. And I think that’s what has rattled the cages of Labour and co.”

How we bleeding laughed with the Tory enabling canny canines!

They have got support from fellow more borders campaigners.


Yet we hear rumours that all is not well in the land of Yorkie bars and tea bags:

Howdy Pardner!

Written by Andrew Coates

April 28, 2021 at 11:46 am

Whippet Party (Northern Independence Party) in New Crisis.

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Whippet Party Struggles to Raise ‘special’ Funds (currently at £11.595).

Yesterday it was this homophonic Tweet:

May be a Twitter screenshot of 2 people and text that says "NPP J.-P. Janson De Couët HFA .3h BREAKING: Blairite stalwarts Mandelson, Streeting and Bradshaw to be sent for conversion therapy in an attempt to woo socially-conservative Red Wall voters. 36 34 5 Matt Dean +米 @Matt_Dean1994 #VaccinateBrit... Replying to @jpjanson @freenorthnow endorsing this homophobic shit? 13:40 25 Apr 21 Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 36 Likes"

Today it’s this:


Phillip Proudfoot
Born: County Durham
Lives: Brighton (for work – the North/South divide strikes again)


Evie McGovern
Born: Wigan
Lives: Liverpool


Suzanne Clifton
Born: Hemel Hempstead
Lives: Warrington


Meredith Knowles
Born: Kendal, Cumbria
Lives: currently Chicago, USA (we are international)


Joe Wilson
Born: Harrogate
Lives: York

Judgement of top political analyst

Written by Andrew Coates

April 26, 2021 at 3:40 pm

Northern Independence Party Fails to Register as Political Party for Hartlepool Election.

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May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says "NPP Unregistered @FreeNort... 3h BREAKING: The Rules of the Game (1/2) The EC will not be registering our party in time for the election. Disappointing but the system can often feel difficult for outsiders. So, whatever, we'll just stand our candidates as NIP Independents. 102 1 341 1,000 Mikey Walsh @thatbloodyMikey Replying to @FreeNorthNow Many Strings would have been pulled to make sure this didn't happen. 19:10 08 Apr 21 Twitter Web App 2 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 85 Likes"

More Borders Party Want to Run an Independent County.

The full list of candidates standing to be Hartlepool’s new MP has been published.

People will vote on 6 May after the by-election was triggered by the resignation of Labour’s Mike Hill last month.

These are the candidates (listed alphabetically by surname):

  • David Bettney, Social Democratic Party
  • The Incredible Flying Brick, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
  • Hilton Dawson, The North East Party
  • Gemma Evans, Women’s Equality Party
  • Rachel Sara Featherstone, The Green Party
  • Adam Gaines, Independent
  • Andrew Michael Hagon, Liberal Democrat
  • Steve Jack, Freedom Alliance, No Lockdowns, No Curfews
  • Chris Killick
  • Sam Lee, Independent
  • Claire Martin, Heritage Party
  • Jill Mortimer, Conservative Party
  • John Prescott, Reform UK
  • Thelma Doris Walker, Independent
  • W. Ralph Ward-Jackson, Independent
  • Paul Daniel Williams, Labour Party

There are already theories

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says "21:43 14% Tweet CV NP Unregistered @FreeNorthNow Replying to @SirNorthington It wasn't incomplete. That was an earlier application that was blocked on the basis of a tiny technicality in the constitution. Which was rectified the same day. But they're not registering us in time. 19:38 08 Apr 21 Twitter Web App 2 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 49 Likes Starmer @ BSTD2 @SirNort... Replying to @FreeNorthNow 2h Replying to @FreeNorthNow and @SirNorthington Was it the 'anti-zionist' clause? Reply"

Plans for the restoration of the Heptarchy continue:

Written by Andrew Coates

April 9, 2021 at 8:16 am