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The Northern Independence Party’s Strange Afterlife.

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Little Nips with Big Ambitions.

The creation of the Northern Independence Party made a splash both in the real media and the organs of ‘alt left’.

The Guardian ran this story, in April ”

For all its electoral shortcomings, the rise of an alternative left-wing party may signal a realignment in British politics.

Alex Niven continued, “for all its shortcomings, the rise of NIP might just be the start of a more general realignment in British politics. The rise of a left-populist party, however small, exposes a major weakness in the strategy of the Labour party under Keir Starmer. “

In the New Statesman James Medway echoed these sentiments,

Why you should take the tongue-in-cheek Northern Independence Party seriously

Like other pop-ups – from Italy’s Five Star Movement to the Brexit Party – the NIP has the potential to crack the political fault lines wide open.

When the NIP says it wants an independent “Northumbria”, it shouldn’t be taken entirely literally, but it has to be taken seriously, because the new digital parties present the most threat to the established political order when they zero in on the faultlines of conventional politics, and crack them open.”

Without the ground game in place, the NIP faces an uphill struggle, however widely respected and formidable Walker is as a candidate. But straightforward electoral success may not matter, especially if the by-election is tight. UKIP overturned British politics with scarcely an MP to its name. Labour would do well to learn the lesson, and head off the threat.

Novara News carried this claim:

The Northern Independence Party Is a Triple Threat to Labour

Ell Follan boldly asserted,

“It’s easy to see how, compared with a colourless Keir Starmer, the NIP’s strong northern identity, unapologetically left-wing policies and passionate activists make a potent cocktail. The NIP isn’t going to win Hartlepool, but it could easily cost Labour key seats in the future (especially with the Tories so far ahead in the polls). With leftism still popular in the north, regionalism on the rise and Labour’s red wall no longer solid, Starmer needs to take the NIP seriously – or it won’t seem like a joke much longer.”

Anti-Labour Factional Tool Steve Walker tweeted in excitement:

The Whippets, as their friends call them, failed to register in time as an official political party, stood for some council seats and got nowhere.

In the May Hartlepool By-Election the candidate from the Northern Independence Party, former Labour MP  Thelma Walker got 250 votes, coming eighth with 0.84% of the vote.

“Independent candidate, and convicted sex offender, Christopher Killick won 248 votes at the Hartlepool by-election yesterday, just two fewer than the Northern Independence Party (NIP) candidate and former Labour MP Thelma Walker.”

The Nipper Candidate put a brave face on this,

There is now some kind of lash-up with another groupuscule, the Breakthrough Party,

The Tories face no meaningful opposition, either from the corrupt mainstream media or from Keir Starmer’s spineless Labour Party. They’re all in it together, desperately propping up a collapsing system to protect their own power.


The Breakthrough Party is a new home for those determined to disrupt the failed status quo and build an alternative: a society that uses its considerable wealth to provide dignity, security and justice for all.

Breakthrough is a democratic socialist party, led by the younger generations set to inherit a world in crisis. We are working with trade unions, anti-racist organisations and social movements to build a powerful force for change.”

The Founder from the Shire, scion of the ancient Hobbit family Proudfoot, has his own concerns,

The FT has a letter today still beating the regionalist drum

In the north of England Labour needs to build on its own regional roots and create a “socialism with a northern accent”, otherwise someone might do it for them. While the Northern Independence party performed badly in Hartlepool, the centre-left Yorkshire party did very well in both West and South Yorkshire mayoral contests, beating the Lib Dems and Greens in the first rounds. Time for “northern Labour” to assert itself. Andy Burnham and Angela Rayner would be a dream ticket.

Professor Paul Salveson Bolton, Lancashire, UK

Regionalism…. the wave à  la recherche du temps perdu

By far the strangest reaction to the Whippets comes in the latest New Left Review.

The leading intellectuals of NLR felt fit to published a lengthy article which begins

.”In november 2020, Britain’s company register welcomed a curious newcomer onto its rolls: the Northern Independence Party. With the slogan of ‘A free Northumbria and fairer North for all’, the private company was to run for elections in 2024. Like the Brexit Party, or for that matter the Scottish Nationalists, the outfit’s ambitions were openly plebiscitary—a referendum on Northern secession, completing a miniature of Britain’s European uncoupling. The nip is demanding that the uk Parliament hold a referendum on an Independent Northern England, with a ‘yes’ vote leading to ‘the establishment of a sovereign Northern Republic.’ The petition ended with a quote from a Guardian article by Tom Hazeldine: ‘It is a mistake to present the North–South divide as a challenge for a well-intentioned government to overcome, rather than a geographical reflection of how Britain is run, and for whom.

It is interesting that the author then cites the more borders and Full Brexit supporter Wolfgang Streeck

The nip is no British unicum. One of the most striking by-products of the age of globalization has been a remarkable rise in regionalist sentiment; conflicts between Catalans, Basques and Spaniards, Northerners and mezzogiornisti, Flemings and Walloons all puncture the post-national age. Political economy remains a major driver. As Wolfgang Streeck noted in 2017, a ‘new nation-state nationalism in Europe shares with regional separatism its opposition to market-opening political centralization: the one fights to prevent, the other to undo it. Amid these cases, Britain has undulated with a centre–periphery dynamic unlike any other. The United Kingdom is the most regionally unequal country in the European Union, with a political system more reminiscent of Jacobin centralism than its French neighbour. 

ANTON JÄGER Rebel Regions.

Apart from laying an incredible historical weight on the Nippers this suggests the geographical polarisations are the basis for er, fault lines in European politics, Not an original idea, and one hardly difficult to confirm by the rest of the piece which is about Belgium, Wallonia and Flanders.

Although many with be astonished at the tenderness meted out to the cross Belgium, “former Maoist” Parti du Travail de BelgiquePTB  Partij van de Arbeid van BelgiëPVDA – a group that backed Kim Il Sung and published paeans of praise to Stalin, (Ludo Martens – Un autre regard sur Staline), this at least makes the article worth reading:

Wallonia’s experience suggests that democratic federalization might simply bring Northern powerlessness out into the open—forcing a weak regional government to beg for crumbs at a distant Westminster table. After all, what resources are there to expropriate? What assets to tax? Looking even further north, what oil wells to drill?

These exercises raise a more fundamental question: the supposed expiration of the Westminster model. As the estimated £12 billion refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster crawled forward, a right-wing commentator noted that the ‘gothic fantasia on the Thames’—‘the increasing decrepitude of whose architectural fabric is an almost too obvious metaphor for the British state itself’—could now hardly be restored ‘without bringing the whole structure crashing down In the wake of Brexit, however—and despite Tory promises about new headquarters in Manchester—completing a delayed Europeanization-modernization of the British polity, à la Spaak, seems ever more unlikely. In a world where modernization has simply become a synonym for more neoliberalization, the new appears as just the latest version of the old—the ‘gothic fantasia’ unfit for purpose.

Brexit both shored up Westminster nationalism, sparked off others regionalisms and nationalisms. But the regionalist angle looks more the kind of wild generalisation that inspired Christophe Guilluy to write about “la France Périphérique  or other to lay down an opposition between la France métropolitaine, globalised, and the those in the périurbain and regional areas.  Perhaps, even New Left Review will one day reframe these divisions into real terms, between the ‘new working class’, the public sector employers, and other wages earners, including those in the ‘gig economy’ and the archeo-futurism and national neo-liberalism and the class and political bloc that supports the Johnson government. Or to put it plainer: the objective class divisions in the UK.

Written by Andrew Coates

May 21, 2021 at 2:53 pm

Nowhere Party, Northern Independence Party, Wiped Out in Hartlepool By-Election.

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Northern Independence party: Ex-Labour MP to stand in by-election |  Politics | News | Express.co.uk

Somewhere Party Gets Nowhere.

There are many things to say about the election results today. This is one of them.

David Goodhart famously separated the British population into ‘somewhere’ and ‘anywhere’ people. Th supporter of the Red-Brown Full Brexit campaign distinguished between “Somewhere – rooted in a specific place or community, usually a small town or in the countryside, socially conservative, often less educated – and those who could come from Anywhere: footloose, often urban, socially liberal and university educated. He cites polling evidence to show that Somewheres make up roughly half the population, with Anywheres accounting for 20% to 25% and the rest classified as “Inbetweeners”. (see: The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics 2017).

Amongst the fawning coverage by some of the left of the Northern Independence Party there was a common thread: the ‘real’ Northerners of Hartlepool were being given a choice. Vote for Starmer’s Party or the genuine Northerner Thelma Walker.

Alas it was not to be…

  • Jill Mortimer (Conservative) – 15,529
  • Paul Williams (Labour) – 8,589
  • Sam Lee (Independent) – 2,904
  • Claire Martin (Heritage) – 468
  • John Prescott (Reform UK) – 368
  • Rachel Featherstone (Green) – 358
  • Andrew Hagon (Liberal Democrat) – 349
  • Thelma Walker (Independent) – 250
  • Chris Killick – 248
  • Hilton Dawson (North East) – 163
  • W. Ralph Ward- Jackson (Independent) – 157
  • Gemma Evans (Women’s Equality) – 140
  • Adam Gaines (Independent) – 126
  • The Incredible Flying Brick (Monster Raving Looney) – 108
  • David Bettney (SDP) – 104
  • Steve Jack (Freedom Alliance) – 72

A renowned Left wing intellectual and Corbyn stalwart comments;

Backing also comes from the More Borders Left Unity Party.

What a load of Whippets!

Written by Andrew Coates

May 7, 2021 at 1:42 pm

More Borders Northern Independence Party at 6% in One Poll.

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6%ers Nip says, ” The Conservatives are now pushing a more progressive agenda than the Labour Party”.

The More Borders Party, the Whippets are cock-a-hoop, or whatever the canine brethren do when they are happy.

The far-right Express says,

Hartlepool set to stun Labour as Northern Independence Party could split vote

HARTLEPOOL is set to stun Labour as the region’s Northern Independence Party (NIP) looks set to snatch away some of the left-leaning vote.

Leaders of the newly-formed Northern Independence Party (NIP) argue that their candidate is the only “left wing vote” in the upcoming by-election, as the Tories are now “more progressive” than Labour, according to Politics Home.

Former Labour MP Thelma Walker, who previously represented Colne Valley from 2017 to 2019, is running for NIP.

Critics of the new party say that it risks splitting the vote in favour of Tory candidate Jill Mortimer.

But NIP sees things differently.

The Party’s interim vice chair Meredith Knowles told Politics Home that NIP is the only credible alternative to the two main parties.

She said: “We’re not splitting the vote, we are the left vote.

“The Conservatives are now pushing a more progressive agenda than the Labour Party.

“We’re the left wing vote if you want to stick to your values.

There is one slight problem. The chortles of glee that come at ever poor that does Labour down, every article by former leftists who have deserted to the more borders cause – this equally applies to the Scottish More Frontiers left who back the SNP – are on thing. But you cannot gloss over who the people they are helping: the Conservative Party.

A telephone poll of 517 people –

Have you even in your puff seen a blighter, Swindon, with the gall to claim they are on the left to come out with this kind of stuff – below?

“If you’re in Hartlepool, I would urge you to vote for the independent socialist candidate, Thelma Walker, who is backed by the Northern Independence Party. “

Written by Andrew Coates

May 4, 2021 at 2:55 pm