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Galloway goes NIP: call to break up Scotland into Unionist enclaves and Nationalist fiefdoms.

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More Borders Galloway: Independence Leads to Break up of Scotland.

Borders are back in fashion…..on the left. A decade ago one of France’s best known believers in the Gauche républicaine Régis Debray wrote  Éloge des frontières , In Praise of Frontiers. Full of guff about the moral and intellectual necessity of borders, and the way they help flourish diversity, it marked the return of Giuseppe Mazzini’s 19th century call for a world of “free, independent, republican nations.” 

Another left wing writer, the German Wolfgang Streeck has become interested in the progressive potential of national frontiers. As Jerome Roos explains, “In recent years, Streeck has increasingly been tempted to fill this void with a reassertion of national borders as the last-remaining expression of ‘organised’ political control against the ‘destabilising’ external forces impinging upon it – irrespective of whether these are flows of ‘hot money’ or actual people fleeing poverty and war.[101] These calls for stricter border control in turn hinge on a rather one-dimensional and underdeveloped theorisation of the impact of globalisation on the international border regime (From the Demise of Social Democracy to the ‘End of Capitalism’: The Intellectual Trajectory of Wolfgang Streeck).

After the Brexit vote Debray wrote  L’Europe fantôme (2019). Imagining a “post-European era”, the end of “mythe galvanisant, cet ersatz de messianisme”, the “plaything of elites”‘an “empty monument” under the Shadow of Uncle Sam…The real Europe is plural, because to exist we need differences, to separate ourselves off.

Streeck, less a prophet, lost his honour in his own country and this one by active involvement in the Full Brexit Red-Brown Front between Brexit Party supporters, Blue Labour, national sovereigntists and the Communist Party of Britain.

From these prominent contributors to the New Left Review blog, Sidecar, to the political confusionism of the post-Corbyn left. Pro-border left wingers who back the Scottish National Party and Scottish independence have seen others join them in recent months. There is the restoration of the Heptarchy for Northern Independence Party, and now, the pro-Unionist George Galloway and fervent Brexiteer….

Galloway puts forward ‘bizarre’ plan to partition Scotland if country votes for independence Telegraph.

 in a suggestion described as “bizarre” by opponents, he said ‘regions’ should be able to secede from an independent Scotland, if the country was to vote for separation, and instead remain a devolved part of the UK.  He cited Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire, Orkney, and Dumfries and Galloway as parts of Scotland that may demand to stay British rather than be part of an independent state. (Thanks David)

The Daily Record,

The former MP, who is heading the All for Unity, said places like Shetland, the south of Scotland, Aberdeen and Edinburgh would not want to become “part of a separate Scottish state dominated by the Central Belt”.

Galloway said: “I think the demand for it would become unstoppable. starting in Orkney and Shetland. I don’t believe that they will allow themselves to be dragged into an independent Scottish state.”

“I know in Dumfries and Galloway where the great majority, more than two thirds oppose separatism, the demand to remain in Britain would probably become the settled will of the people there.”

“It may be the Edinburgh the financial sector, Aberdeenshire with its with its fishing with its farming with its oil related activities, might very well begin to demand in a way that might become unstoppable.”

He added: “It’s not my view, I wouldn’t wish it to happen, but it would be an extraordinary irony if the break up of Britain gave birth to forces which then began to break up Scotland. The country would be eating itself.”

The saga continues,

Written by Andrew Coates

April 8, 2021 at 11:52 am

Galloway Calls to Vote Tory.

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May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says "George Galloway @georgegalloway I could never support any Tory 10:07 PM Sep 8, 2017 Twitter for iPhone George Galloway @georgegalloway Replying to @Jasonngoose I would never coalesce with Tories 2:10 PM Jul 21, 2019 Twitter for iPhone George Galloway @georgegalloway I'm voting #Tory with my first vote for the incumbent MSP. And then for myself and @doonhamer1963 and @Jamie @Jamie_Blackett on the list. Now THAT is @Alliance4Unity 4:30 PM Feb 28, 2021 Twitter for iPhone"

Breaking News, Exclusive  to Face Book, Twitter, and all good Newshounds.

This is doing the rounds, but as one of the oldest muckers of the Dapper Gent in the Fedora, it is the bounden duty of this Blog to flag it up.

Even at this hour on a Sunday evening, when I am just about to get the dinner ready.

Anti-imperialists, from the SWP to Counterfire be reassured, there is some spunk left in the old Galloway:

How this all twigs with his mates in the Workers Party of Britain (LEADER: George Galloway : Deputy leader: Joti Brar is anybody’s guess.

Now, back to enjoying the Salmond/Surgeon clan warfare as the right of centre Scottish nationalists also tear each other apart.

Update, having finished the lamb chops, fine beans and roast parsnips.

My favourite Galloway story.

It was a small left wing meeting in a dusty hall circa 2009

Comrade Andrew Coates was introduced as “George Galloway’s worst enemy on the British left”.

A gravely voice from the back of the room came from a man with a hat that had a soft brim and indented crown.

“Not while I’m around laddie!”.


Here it is for the future biographers…





Written by Andrew Coates

February 28, 2021 at 8:43 pm

Labour, Patriotism and the Union Flag.

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Harold Wilson. Labour P.M.

The professional anti-Starmer crowd have been out in force today.

Here is why:

You would have thought that those who backed Rebecca Long-Baily and her call for “progressive patriotism” would be well pleased. (“To win we must revive this progressive patriotism and solidarity in a form fit for modern Britain.

Alas, no.

The anti-Labour site, baked by a well known Trade Union,  the Skwawkbox, yells,

Starmer’s ‘flag-shagging’ can’t even fool his own front bench, let alone working class communities

Move looks desperate and as false and stupid as it is – and will probably end Labour in Wales and Scotland.

This is the story itself (Guardian):

Leak reveals Labour plan to focus on flag and patriotism to win back voters

Labour must make “use of the [union] flag, veterans [and] dressing smartly” as part of a radical rebranding to help it win back the trust of disillusioned voters, according to a leaked internal strategy presentation.

Let us treat the  froth of the likes of Steve Walker, other ‘alt-news’ sites and professional anti-Starmer haters.  with the contempt they deserve. It comes from nothing and destined for the Wheelie Bin of History.

One could,  by contrast, write at length on this, about George Orwell’s efforts to distinguish patriotism and nationalisa, about Imperialism,  the theory that the “national popular” can be captured by left populism.  about how Scottish nationalists get off the hook despite their country’s own contribution to the British Empire, and about how in most countries, France and the USA, just about all politicians use the Flag. Not to mention the long list of Labour Party leaders and politicians have been pictured with the Union banner in one shape or another.

The Harold Wilson government of the 1960s supported this campaign in 1968:

I’m Backing Britain

I'm Backing Britain - Wikipedia


Things have developed, obviously.There is also a history to be written of the nationalism behind Brexit (indulged by many anti-Starmer people who helped Leave win). In the last decades internationalists have opposed those brandishing Britain in at the end of a pole. UKIP, the Brexit Party, Johnson and his cronies have made the sight of the Union Flag distasteful at present. There are serious left wing reasons to be wary of it, and a discussion to be had.

That is, what kind of country does it stand for?

That critical case needs to be explored and expanded.

But this is not what this Blog is going to do today.

Real love of the country is love of people and things dear, it is demonstrated not by symbols, it is shown by acts.

What can that mean?

One of my favourite, fictional, stories explaining English patriotism comes from the satirical novel England, Their England (1933) by A. G. Macdonell.

It is ‘travel memoir’ by a youthful Scots, Donald Cameron, who has been invalided away from the Western Front  With “no qualifications for any profession except the ability to drive a moderately crooked furrow and to direct the fire of a six-gun battery of eighteen-pounder guns” “he resolved to try his fortune as a journalist.” Donald writes for a series of London newspapers, before being commissioned by a Welshman to write a book about the English from the view of a foreigner.

To collect material for his book the young Sots enters the Dragon hostelry in Fleet Street at a Quarter to Twelve.  Engaging in conversation he encounters that he has met once of twice,  a man of about thirty-five from  circles he had begun to get to know. The  man exclaims, “”Have a drink. Flaming fish! but this is a stinking country.”

“This is on me,” he said. “It is the anniversary of Roland’s death in the Valley of Roncesvalles. The world came to an end on that day. It has never really existed since. We must drink to my fellow-countryman who saved Europe in the Pyrenees a thousand years ago, just as that other fellow-countryman of mine saved Europe in the marshes of St. Gond on the River Marne in 1914.”

“Do you mean Sir John French?” asked Donald.

The red-faced man became apoplectic. He swelled like a frog and his eyes appeared to become bloodshot. A queer, hoarse croaking issued from his lips. At last he managed to say, “I mean Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France,” and he stood to attention.

“I beg your pardon most profoundly,” said Donald in great distress. “I had no idea—I mean your English is so perfect—is it really possible that you are a Frenchman?”

“My family name is Hougins,” replied the man with superb dignity. “And there were Hougins in the Channel Islands a good long time before Duke Robert of Normandy cast his eyes upon the tanner’s daughter.”

After his departure a perplexed Donald was informed of the truth,

But he said his family name was Hougins.”

“So it is, in a sense. It’s Huggins. Tommy Huggins, and he comes from Bolton. His great-grandfather was Mayor of Bolton about a hundred years ago.”

“But he sneered at the British Army,” protested Donald.

Mr. Hodge laughed again.

“That’s a favourite pose of his,” he said. “He went to the War as an infantry Tommy and performed prodigies of valour.”

True valour and irony, mocking patriotism, love for others, for countrywomen and men, courage, and humour, are not Jingo.

The below captures the right tone as well…

Susan Press says,




Written by Andrew Coates

February 3, 2021 at 5:08 pm