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Morning Star on Shropshire Tory Rout, “Labour is a Party that Hates itself.”

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North Shropshire by-election result: Lib Dems win historic victory in blow  for Boris Johnson | Shropshire Star

Starmer’s Critics Did Not Wait Long to Attack.

The Alt-left Tweets got going this morning:

Corbynista Extraordinaire Rachel writes,

Now we have Rosie Dee on the Squawking one’s Organ,

“Earlier this week, ‘Rosie Dee’ – a popular activist still in the Labour party – wrote in withering terms of Keir Starmer’s foolish squandering of an opportunity to actually oppose and set Labour apart from the Tories, when Starmer propped up Boris Johnson to save him from a Tory rebellion over ‘Covid passports’ and compulsory vaccinations. Starmer did not even demand any concessions from Johnson in return.

Now she analyses Labour’s catastrophic result in last night’s by-election as a ‘nightmare’ for the Tory PM – and for the Tory-lite Starmer:

North Shropshire – a Nightmare for Johnson, A dream for Lib Dems and sleepless nights for Labour if they are to approach this result with honesty.

Given the tone of some of Skwawky’s crew of commentators it’s not cups of Rosie Dee (Co-op 99) that they’ve been drinking,

It is not merely Keir Starmer who needs to go as leader. The whole rotten borough organisation of the Establishment reserves from Blair, Mandelson and Campbell et al through to the majority of the current PLP and their LA equivalents, along with their cadre of twelve year old management clones clogging up space which could be filled by people of talent and commitment to the values, both at head office and throughout the region’s all need to be expunged from the host body if that host is not to permanently expire.

We need a root and branch clearing out of the stables with room only for those prepared to do what it says on the tin when it comes to values and doing the business. No bodge jobs and no sodding waste of time and space careerists – just as applicable to some of the wastes of space self referencing so called ‘progressive’ (pseudo)’ left’ as it is with such equivalents on the right/extreme centre.

Editorial: How should we interpret the Tory humiliation in North Shropshire?

Morning Star – wholly independent of the Communist Party of Britain and owned by the co-op (not the Co-op that sells 99 Tea).

“Local factors may have played a part in the party’s collapsed appeal: the well-known Labour candidate of the last three general elections, Graeme Currie, was barred from standing for having shared social media posts supportive of Jeremy Corbyn and freedom for Palestine.”

Comment: there may be some truth in this claim,

Betrayed and abused’: Labour’s previous North Shropshire candidate not shortlisted for by-election

Nov 14, 2021 Shropshire Star,

An experienced Labour politician spoke of his “anger and revulsion” after being barred from running for the party in the North Shropshire by-election, suggesting it was partly because of his support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The Morning Star rushes to its own judgement:

“The anti-socialist stitch-up will have left a bad taste in the mouth, sapping Labour members’ will to campaign and reminding voters that Labour is a party that hates itself.

The self-identifying Daily Paper of the Left is keen not to rejoice at the Tory defeat.

These local factors should not be of much comfort, however. For one thing, Labour’s anti-socialist purges and arbitrary disqualification of local members’ preferred candidates are Britain-wide: they are undermining the party everywhere.

For another, the stampede towards the Lib Dems is a sign of class politics in retreat.

Others would point to the Lib-Dem by-election machine’s efficient working of a constituency which has little, if any, record of class struggle, and where there was not a hope in hell of getting a Labour MP in.

The Labour leadership are likely to read the Lib Dem vote as confirmation of Keir Starmer’s view that the Tories are vulnerable on sleaze but the big challenges to the status quo represented by Corbynism and Brexit are in the past. That people want things as they are, but without Johnson.

Given that Johnson is a corrupt clown, a national populist whose election owed a lot to his personal appeal to the voters, what is wrong with landing a severe blow against him? The Lib-Dem victory undermined the popular bit of the ‘populism’. What could be better first step to getting rid of him and his party’s hold on office?

The Editorial concludes with words that could have been written any time during the last thirty years. It gives no reason to indicate that people have a clear idea of what they want, until enlightened by the Morning Star and whatever ‘radical alternative’ they, pro-Brexiteers who played their part in creating the status quo, back at the moment.

We cannot accept a return to “there is no alternative” politics when every development from the pandemic to climate change screams the need for a radical alternative from the rooftops.

But stopping it will mean rebuilding the power of organised labour step by step, workplace by workplace and community by community.

If that’s their trade union funding sorted, and everybody who wants something done about climate change in their camp, but how many divisions has the Morning Star’s friends in the CPG got in the workplace and community? A few thousand, counting fellow travellers….


Like this well-hard geezer, small businessman Steve Walker – the man they are calling the new Tony Greenstein…

Bland and treacherous LibDems surge to take seat from chaotic Tories. Bland and treacherous Labour loses more than 56% of its vote share.

“…the bigger disaster was that of Keir Starmer’s Labour. In an election created by the resignation of the previous Tory incumbent in a scandal, Labour didn’t just fail to win the seat but lost more than 56% of its vote share at the last election under the supposedly unpopular Jeremy Corbyn.

Starmer and his factional allies have, of course, been vigorously rewriting history to suggest that Labour lost the 2019 general election because of Corbyn’s supposed unpopularity ‘on the [mythical] doorstep’ and greeted Starmer’s accession as the turning point that would show how much the country was clamouring for their diseased version of Labour.

Starmer’s taste-free snake oil has no appeal when it comes to the actual event of putting an ‘X’ on parliamentary ballot paper.

Tragically, a country in desperate need of real change has none on offer at a parliamentary level. Starmer’s destruction of the one vehicle of hope for that change is unforgivable and last night voters got the chance to deliver him the message yet again.”

From the Comments..

“I see Starmer’s policy of expelling all socialists on the pretext of antisemitism and persuading all the disillusioned Tory voters to vote for a Socialist free Zionist party of nodding dogs has failed. Big surprise that isn’t it.”

Written by Andrew Coates

December 17, 2021 at 3:31 pm

Morning Star Says Labour’s Poll Boost, “Almost Meaningless”.

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Labour Boost “Almost Meaningless”: Morning Star Hearkens Back to a ‘People’s Brexit’.

At the accession of Boris Johnson, the patricians, men and women, were at the height of their good fortune. Society and the voters recognised their superiority, which they themselves pretty calmly took for granted. They owned not only titles and estates, but donors to his cause had seats in the House of Peers, and a preponderant say in the House of Commons. There were a multitude of Government places and contrats, and not merely these, but “paid advocacy” flourished, which, until found out, members of his Party in the Palace of Westminster took not much shame in receiving. It was the good time for the Conservatives. Small blame to them if they took and enjoyed, and over-enjoyed, the prizes of politics, the pleasures of social life.

Others, sprung from the same class, took a critical view of Britain’s Prime Minister.

In June 2019, Hastings described Boris Johnson as “unfit for national office, because it seems he cares for no interest save his own fame and gratification…[his] premiership will almost certainly reveal a contempt for rules, precedent, order and stability…If the price of Johnson proves to be Corbyn, blame will rest with the Conservative party, which is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the British people – who will not find it funny for long. (Max Hastings)

“Like many showy personalities, he is of weak character. I recently suggested to a radio audience that he supposes himself to be Winston Churchill, while in reality being closer to Alan Partridge.”

Others extend this dim view of the Prime Minister to an equally dark judgement on the leader of the Labour Party.

The Morning Star opines today that Labour should take cold comfort from their rise in the polls (Editorial: As Johnson freefalls, Labour’s poll lead is almost meaningless.

Most of the recent polls show more of a shift from the Tories to the “don’t knows” than to the Labour Party, many of them electors who voted Conservative in 2019 and for Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

Some had previously voted Labour in 2017, when Jeremy Corbyn promised to honour the EU referendum result.

They have not forgotten Labour’s betrayal of that pledge in 2019 nor the name of the chief betrayer — Starmer. They don’t trust Starmer’s subsequent disavowal of any intention to take Britain back into the EU.

Who can blame them, when he has surrounded himself with shadow cabinet members and advisers whose commitment to the pro-big business, pro-market EU remains undimmed?

Editor-in-Chief Dave Spart continues,

Which brings us to the principle reason why Starmer’s bubble is just so much hot air. For many people, there is more to life and politics than Tory lies and hypocrisy, past breaches of Covid rules and even EU membership.

What is Labour saying about rising gas and electricity bills? What about Britain’s multi-faceted housing crisis? How can we upgrade our local and public services? Where should the money come from? How can we combat domestic violence? What about fairness and rights at work? What more can be done to counteract global warming?

In truth, the Labour leadership has nothing to say that is much different from the Conservatives, nothing to inspire young people and no vision of a fundamentally fairer society.

The harping on about “pro-EU” Starmer advisers and the Referendum reflects on thing: the daily was virulently pro-Leave. They claimed that quitting was a breakthrough, one that the left and labour movement would flourish in if everybody agreed to accept the result, knuckled down, and built socialism in a free sovereign Britain. Given that a section of the bourgeoisie and finance capital, and the national populist wing of the Tory Party were better placed to benefit in a Brexit they engineered this was a fantasy. A toxic one that encouraged the Conservatives in the ballot box and afterwards.

It looks as if the Morning Star still sports Widower and Widow’s Weeds at the unexpected failure of a People’s Brexit, heartily backed by the Labour Party, to happen after their successful support for a Leave Vote, along with Boris Johnson and his Party.

This is what the Communist Party of Britain believed to be close to the Morning Star, said about Labour’s 2019 Defeat,

Britain’s Communist Party blames Labour’s “Stop Brexit” stance for election defeat. December 2019.

The Labour Party secured its election defeat by shifting to a “Stop Brexit” stance, Britain’s Communist Party says.

Addressing an extended meeting of the CP political committee Monday, General Secretary Robert Griffiths said that other factors in Labour’s general election defeat should not be seized upon to obscure this “undeniable and overriding” fact.

This will be a Brexit in name only at a cost of around £33 billion ($43 billion USD)—not the ‘people’s Brexit’ that would allow a British government to support strategic industries, take transport and energy fully into public ownership, reform public procurement rules, slash Value Added Tax, regulate the labour market, and raise funds for massive investment in housing and economic infrastructure.”

For those who recall the still-born People’s Brexit idea here is another version in the House of Commons:

A PEOPLE’S BREXIT EDM (Early Day Motion)13: tabled on 21 June 2017

Tabled in the 2017-19 session.

That this House believes that the UK leaving the EU gives the opportunity for a People’s Brexit; further believes that the UK should make use of the opportunity to bring health services, railways services and postal services fully under public management and ownership; urges the Government to require procurement contracts let by public authorities to give preference to British businesses, to introduce a fair points-based immigration system, to establish devolved boards to assess local needs and capacity for immigration, to make provision about the priority accorded to British citizens for the allocation of local authority-owned housing

Mann, JohnLHopkins, Kelvin Mr Jim Godsiff, Mr Roger Hoey, Kate Stringer, GrahamLabour Signed on5 July 2017

The ‘People’s Brexit’, in any version, never happened, and was never going to happen.

Does the Man at the Helm of the ‘Daily Paper of the Left’ have an alternative for the present?


The country, according to him, is evidence that “you can run a society without surrendering to the idea that the market is always right”.

Written by Andrew Coates

December 13, 2021 at 12:58 pm

Boris Johnson: the Débâcle and the Left.

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Boris Johnson: “boozy” Christmas party held in Downing Street last year.

Anybody can have parties in their house without them noticing. In the Festive Season I often come downstairs to find empty bottles of Leffe and Corbières with no idea of how they got there or who drank them.

Or perhaps the government was aware of the famous Downing Street parties. Dancing at parties, one learns from a guide to Statecraft, “may be an introduction unto the firste morall vertue, called prudence”. The Boke named the Governour (1531) set out the correct way of life for members of the English governing class. Every daunse taught honour and courtesy.

Thomas Elyot’s  plan for gentlemen’s sons, to be “trained in to the way of virtue with a pleasant facilitie”, to bear authority in the realm, is, it is said, required reading for top Conservatives and government aides. It was no doubt such training sessions that took place at Number Ten. They can hardly be censured for such public spirited activities.

Others take a dimmer view. “Tory MPs ‘having conversations’ on how to oust Boris Johnson” reports the Telegraph.

The Morning Star, gives a voice to Ben Chacko (Can the rage at Boris Johnson be turned into a real left counterattack?). The graduate of St John’s College Oxford, a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and Editor of the Daily Paper of the Left, discerns a mood of “Us and Them” in these affairs. The successor to William Rust traces this to smouldering revolt against the “elite” fuelled by the feeling ” that ordinary people are the despised playthings of a footloose political and corporate elite — that has repeatedly shaken British politics over the past decade, finding voice at first on the streets through the Occupy movement, later at Westminster with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and a mass-membership socialist-led Labour Party and then with the Brexit vote rejecting four decades of economic strategy by successive governments.”

Insurgent politics, he opines, are the answer. From where? Labour lost in 2021 because, he continues, it did not become “the champions of a Brexit vote” Indeed “Labour seemed determined to thwart” Brexit, which, one supposes in this train of thought, ought to have been backed. Whole heartedly. If not more.

Starmer, as Chacko familiarly calls the Labour leader, “has seriously undermined Labour’s ability to put pressure on Tory MPs. By persecuting and disenfranchising the members, he has largely disarmed a mass movement that showed in 2017 it could deliver despite wall-to-wall media hostility and misrepresentation.”

This persecution of Labour’s membership has reached the point that the Party ” has demoralised and disorientated an organisation.” Look at the way they call on the rozzers to sort things out! “Labour’s referral of the Christmas party to the police is the worst possible approach.”

Labour, phew! Instead, “we need to pose an independent socialist challenge to the Tories based on this crisis.” Calling on the “the fury of workers”.

 Led by whom, one might ask? “If the left — in and out of Labour, through the unions and campaign groups — raises the pressure in the right way, the results could be significant.”

Indeed…but one thing is certain, this will not be the work of those nostalgic for a People’s Brexit that never happened and was never going to happen.

The alt-left Skwawkbox ignores Wallpaper-gate, Party-Gate and Boris Johnson, but carried yesterday a no less important story, Starmer shredded over ‘simpering’ response to Johnson birth.

The other leading alt-left voice is indisposed:


Written by Andrew Coates

December 10, 2021 at 12:53 pm