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Labour Against the Witch-hunt (LAW) to Participate in ‘Unite the Left” Initiative, “not without its problems”.

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The Resist! Event

The Rialto Theatre is a brand new theatre in the heart of Brighton. Set in a gloriously gothic grade II listed building; we’ll be showcasing the best of local talent in the form of cutting-edge new plays, music and comedy.

Dear *****

The steering committee of Labour Against the Witchhunt proposes to hold the next all-members’ meeting on Saturday August 28 at 6pm (for a maximum of 2 hours). We want to collectively discuss a number of important issues and our campaigning strategy for the next few months, including: 

1) Bans and proscriptions and how to fight them
Including an update from ‘Defend the Left’ campaign

2) ‘Unite the Left’ initiative
We have been invited to participate in this initiative. The steering committee has decided to participate, pending the final decision by this members’ meeting. We will hear an update about this initiative, which is not without its problems

3) Our plans at Labour Party conference 2021
We are encouraging as many comrades as possible to come to Brighton in order to participate in the ‘Resist at the Rialto’ events (please register at https://www.theresistevent.com)

Reading matter for Cdes attending these meetings,

The narcissism of small differences (Germander Narzissmus der kleinen Differenzen) is the thesis that communities with adjoining territories and close relationships are especially likely to engage in feuds and mutual ridicule because of hypersensitivity to details of differentiation.

The term was coined by Sigmund Freud in 1917, based on the earlier work of British anthropologist Ernest Crawley. In language differing only slightly from current psychoanalytic terminology, Crawley declared that each individual is separated from others by a taboo of personal isolation, a narcissism of minor differences

Many of us of course welcome the differences between, roughly, the CPGB (PCC), the Monster Raving Greenstein Party, Walker and Tina Werkmann.

Written by Andrew Coates

August 9, 2021 at 3:37 pm

‘Labour in Exile’ Network to hold Launch Conference, Calls for “Strike Action” for May Elections..

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“will only campaign for Labour Party candidates prepared to condemn the suspensions.”


Press Release.


Labour Party members plan to take a form of extraordinary strike action — against their own party.

The action is being planned by the Labour In Exile Network (LIEN) group to protest against the suspensions of members under the leadership of  Keir Starmer.

Under the plan members will only campaign for Labour Party candidates prepared to condemn the suspensions.

Christine Tongue of LIEN said: “Hundreds of people, including many party officers,  have been suspended since Keir Starmer became leader,  unfairly and without even a semblance of natural justice. This is a purge — and we are going to take collective action to stop it.”

The group aims to target the May elections to local government.


The Labour In Exile Network (LIEN) has been promoting this as an example of an unjust expulsion.

The Morning Star has just given them another puff.

Purged Labour party members to print their own membership cards in act of defiance

PURGED” Labour Party members are planning to print their own membership cards in an act of defiance as they vow not to quit the party.

Since Sir Keir Starmer became leader, members have been expelled for voicing solidarity with his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn after he was suspended and subsequently readmitted without the whip.

A fightback is being organised by the new Labour In Exile Network (LIEN) which is launching a campaign to change the party later this month.

The new cards will bear the original Clause IV of the party’s constitution, calling for the common ownership of industry which was rewritten under New Labour leader Tony Blair.

Terry Deans, who was suspended last year, said: “We are not leaving the party, nor are we starting a new party.

“The Labour Party is our party and we are staying put.

“The cards will show people that whatever [Sir Keir] does, whether he suspends or expels us, the original party remains, and we remain members of it.”

Following an investigation by Labour’s national executive committee, the Falklands war veteran was suspended for 12 months, a decision that has left him puzzled as he was denied the opportunity for a hearing.

Mr Deans is still awaiting acknowledgement of his appeal submission nearly five months after lodging it.

“The disputes and disciplinary process is dysfunctional and not fit for purpose. All I want is a proper, fair justice system,” he said.

“This is our party and we’re not going anywhere.”

Labour was contacted for comment.

LIEN’s founding conference will take place on February 27. For more details go to www.labour-in-exile.org.

The anti-Labour Alt-news site The Canary has tweeted.

Labour In Exile Network Retweeted

Labour In Exile Network Retweeted


LIEN offers a ‘Plan for Change‘.

The right to free speech is coming under increasing  attack in the world at large and can no longer be guaranteed. We will campaign for Labour Party members, branches and CLPs to have the right to discuss any issues they like, without the threat of censure or suspension. We urge branches and CLP to ignore instructions of issues being “not competent business” as unconstitutional. We campaign against the recommendations of the EHRC report, which demands that antisemitism cases are outsourced and which leads to a curtailing of free speech. We will campaign to overturn the party’s commitment to the so-called definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which conflates anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel with antisemitism in a number of its examples. Instead, we need a culture of open and free debate on all matters.

The mere mention of the Holocaust serves a reminder of what kind of free speech they are after. Labour has the right to set up barriers to the public expression of racism. Do they went “open and free debate” on the Shoah? Including the likes of Norman Finkelstein who praises négationniste David Irving.? On the evidence of the same group’s Free Speech meeting last weekend, the answer can only be yes.

What effect will this have?

More headache for Keir Starmer as yet another Labour group is looking to boycott the local elections

In a press release, the group said it was planning “strike action”:

Under the plan members [of LIEN] will only campaign for Labour Party candidates prepared to condemn the suspensions.

This is on the agenda of the Conference.

. We also want to elect a new Steering Group and we will be hearing contributions from Leah Levane, Jackie Walker, Tosh McDonald, Roger Silverman, Chris Knight and Graham Bash..”


  • Witch-hunt Action Group
  • Social media
  • Press and outreach
  • Racism and Antisemitism Group
  • Legal Action Coordinating Group
  • Anti-Zionist Action Network

This is a wholly destructive campaign.

Is LIEN going to demand a kind of loyalty oath to their principles from all Labour candidates?

The names, it is sad to say because some of them have been long-standing left activists. do not command a lot of respect or support these days.

This is another sign of the fragmentation of the left.


Written by Andrew Coates

February 16, 2021 at 12:02 pm

Labour Against the Witch-hunt/Campaign for Free Speech: New Anti-Semitism Row over David Miller.

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Image result for Campaign for free speech david miller

““Free speech is not the main problem here, it is a problem but not the main problem. It didn’t start with the Labour Party. It’s not started with the Labour Party and moved to the universities. It’s an all-out onslaught by the Israeli government.”

A few days ago Tony Greenstein hailed a Labour Against the Witch-hunt sponsored event this Saturday,

Labour Campaign for Free Speech Conference – Saturday February 13th 2 p.m. – It’s time to stand up and be counted

Tomorrow the newly formed (Labour) Campaign for Free Speech will be holding its founding conference. In the Labour Party free speech has been under attack by its failing leader Sir Keir Starmer and his glove puppet David Evans.  There have been suspensions and expulsions all round, of Jews especially, all in the name of fighting ‘anti-Semitism’! Yet the same Starmer is incapable of saying anything about a state which bars Arabs from 93% of the land.


We have a host of interesting speakers tomorrow including Norman Finkelstein, author of Holocaust Industry, whose parents were both survivors of concentration camps. Ronnie Kasrills, the Jewish Commander of the ANC’s military wing, Umkonte we-Sizwe, is also speaking as is Jackie Walker – the Black Jewish former Vice-Chair of Momentum whom Jon Lansman stabbed in the back.  Chris Williamson, the former MP for Derby North who was hounded out of the Labour Party and the only MP to stand up against the witchhunt will be speaking as will Graham Bash of Jewish Voices for Labour.

Also speaking will be Sami Ramadani from Stop the War Coalition, Jamie Stern-Weiner an expert on the IHRA and Professor David Miller of the University of Bristol who has also been targeted by Zionist witchhunters who are demanding that he be sacked for holding what to them are unacceptable views.

The final speaker will be Esther Giles, suspended Secretary of Bristol North-West who was removed by Save Our Socialists and Momentum from a rally last Sunday at the behest of Liverpool’s Lord Mayor Anna Rothery, for not bowing to political correctness over trans rights.

It was indeed David Miller’s views which have drawn attention to the event.

The Jewish Chronicle carries this story.

Bristol University’s Professor David Miller has called for the “end” of Zionism as a “functioning ideology of the world” after launching an astonishing attack on the Jewish student groups who have lodged formal complaints about his conduct.

Speaking at an online campaign event at the weekend Professor Miller said: “It’s a question of how we defeat the ideology of Zionism in practice. How do we make sure Zionism is ended essentially. There’s no other way of saying that.”

He then added: “It’s not enough to say Zionism is racism, Israel is a settler colonial society…

“The aim of this is not only to say things but  to end settler colonialism is Palestine, to end Zionism as a functioning ideology of the word.”

Bristol University professor calls for ‘end’ of Zionism as ‘functioning ideology of the world’


And what was the forum from which Miller launched this attack?

The sociology lecturer, who quit the Labour Party last year after being suspended following a claim Sir Keir Starmer took “Zionist” money, also used his speech at the Campaign For Free Speech event on Saturday to launch a direct attack on Bristol University’s JSoc and the  Union of Jewish Students.

Contributors include Norman Finkelstein, former Labour MP Chris WilliamsonJackie Walker (Labour Against the Witchhunt), Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi (Jewish Voice for Labour), anti-apartheid veteran Ronnie KasrilsSami Ramadani (Stop the War Coalition), Jamie Stern-Weiner (expert on IHRA) and David Miller (University of Bristol).

Harry’s Place has this take on the event.

Miller also accuses ‘Zionists’ of deliberately fomenting hatred of Muslims.

Launch Meeting Last December.


This Blog is in favour of defending these people’s right to bay at the moon.

But they can expect others who dislike what they say to react just as vigorously.

It is up to Bristol University to decide on whether Miller has broken professional rules.

It is up to the left to condemn his diatribe.


Written by Andrew Coates

February 15, 2021 at 5:25 pm