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As Turkey Invades Iraq to attack Kurds, Turkish fascists assault Kurdish cultural centre in Lyon.

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Lyon : la dissolution des Loups Gris "s'avère sans effet", selon la Coordination Lyonnaise Solidarité Kurdistan

This lengthy article in the Guardian by Bethan McKernan in Istanbul and Adam Gnych in Amedi, northern Iraq, is heart-rending and through. It is essential reading.

Kurds in ‘mountain prison’ cower as Turkey fights PKK with drones in Iraq

Yesterday there was a sad reminder that supporters of the Turkish state and Erdoğan’s Islamist regime are prepared to extend their violence to Europe. Attackers, said to be from the extreme-right Islamist and nationalist Grey Wolves violently attacked a Kurdish cultural centre in Lyon. Banned in France after they defaced a memorial to the victims of the Armenian genocide, the group is still active.

Quatre membres de la communauté kurde blessés dans une attaque à la Guillotière.

The Mesopotamia cultural space, located on rue Mazagran, was reportedly taken over by 20 to 25 attackers, armed with iron bars, on Saturday at the beginning of the afternoon. Four people were injured.

 It happened very quickly, they broke everything, ”reports a member of the Mesopotamia cultural space, located rue Mazagran, in Lyon 7 th . This place, frequented by members of the Kurdish community, was attacked Saturday, around 2:30 pm, by “twenty to twenty-five” individuals, armed with iron bars, according to this indirect witness. Four people were present inside the small room at the time of the events. All were injured.

The victims are between 30 and 40 years old and had been beaten with baseball bats, iron bars and weapons with blades, according to firefighters.

Commentators already note that banning the fascist organisation the Loups Gris (Grey Wolves), with links to the Turkish state, had not prevented this assault.

Today protests against the fascist attack took place in Lyon. Around 300 people took part. The window of a Turkish grocery shop was broken. The police used tear gas to break up the demonstration.

Written by Andrew Coates

April 4, 2021 at 4:49 pm

World Kobane Day 1st of November.

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1st November - World Kobanê Day - Women Defend Rojava



Rise up for World Kobane Day

Peter Boyle Green Left

October the 29th. 2020.

Supporters of the Rojava Revolution in north and east Syria will commemorate the sixth anniversary of World Kobane Day on November 1.

World Kobane Day was initiated by the Kurdish Freedom Movement and its supporters at the time of the Islamic State’s (IS) siege of the city of Kobane in late 2014. The call was made to rally international solidarity for the fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who were pushing back against the brutal invasion by the fascistic forces.

The significance of World Kobane Day cannot be understated. The heroic people’s resistance in Kobane turned the tide against IS and made the freedom fighters of the YPG, YPJ and SDF international symbols of liberation. It also drew world attention to the Rojava Revolution.

The people of Kobane have been rebuilding, as well as gradually furthering the institutions that replaced the chaos of those dark days. They have brought forward a new model of participatory democracy light years ahead of what reality was like for them prior to the declaration of autonomy by Kurdish revolutionary forces in 2012.

About 70% of Kobane had been destroyed by the time the siege was broken in early 2015. The streets were littered with mines and booby traps. Yet, within months, tens of thousands of people who had fled the city had returned and the water supply, which had been totally destroyed, was restored. The next year, the Kurdish Red Crescent opened a hospital. Kobane’s first university opened in December 2017.

However, Kobane — much like the rest of Rojava (formally known as the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, AANES) — is far from safe. Turkish troops occupying parts of Syria and Islamic fundamentalist terrorist gangs supported by the Turkish state have escalated their attacks on the populated Ain Issa region to the south-east of Kobane. One of their objectives is to cut off the M4 highway linking Kobane with the rest of the Rojava.

ANF News reported on October 24 that several attempts by the occupiers to circumvent the positions of the local military council and infiltrate the town were thwarted by the SDF.

Civilian settlements and villages along the M4 and the Ain Issa refugee camp were attacked by the terrorist gangs, supported by Turkish reconnaissance and fighter jets, which further raises the danger to the civilian population.

Aziz Xerbîsan, an SDF commander who coordinated the defense operation against the occupation forces in the village of Seyda told ANF News, “The attack was well organised. The Turkish army and allied mercenaries tried to enter the town from three sides; via Seyda in the northeast, the M4 and Ain Issa camp in the northwest. There were about fifty attackers.”

“This was not their first attempt to occupy Ain Issa,” said Xerbîsan. “The town is regularly attacked, our forces respond to all attacks.”

Kobane and the area around Ain Issa and along the M4 are supposed to be patrolled by Russian and United States military forces, under the terms of a ceasefire agreement made in 2019, but, according to the SDF, they did not intervene, even though the attack took place right in front of Russian and Syrian troops.

“The attacks have caused extensive material damage to the homes and farmland of the civilian population. Even motorists are being shot at. The main focus of the attacks is the expulsion of the traditional inhabitants. Such attacks are defined as war crimes. The US and Russia, under whose aegis the ceasefire agreement was signed last fall, are merely watching.”

In its call for international solidarity on World Kobane Day 2020, the group Women Defend Rojava said: “On June 23 this year, three activists of the women’s movement Kongra Star were murdered by Turkish drones in a village in Kobane.

“This attack on women’s rights activists is an attack on society, the women’s movement and the democratic system in Rojava …

“But this won’t stop us. With the spirit of our murdered comrades we will strengthen our fighting spirit and offer resistance as we did in Kobane. Because resistance means life.”


Written by Andrew Coates

November 1, 2020 at 10:17 am

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Turkey Attacks Iraqi Home of the Yazidis, site of ISIS 2014 Genocide.

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Turkey Bombs Sinjar: Yazidi Lives Matter.

Yazidi Exile Council of Sinjar calls to “stop Turkish attacks”

Survivors of the ISIS genocide in Shengal were among the targets of the Turkish state that carried out a massive aerial bombardment on several locations in South Kurdistan tonight.

As part of its genocidal all-out war against the Kurdish people in various parts of Kurdistan, the Turkish state has launched a wave of large-scale air raids in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq tonight.

20 fighter jets of the Turkish army are reported to have conducted the massive campaign which started at around 00:00 local time. The strikes targeted several positions in the regions of Qandil, Maxmur and Shengal (Sinjar), including a refugee camp and hospital.

This is a heart-rending call: 

The Yazidi Exile Council of Sinjar (Shengal) released a statement and asked: “What use did it have to end ISIS if Turkey is allowed to kill us anyway?”

The statement of the Yazidi Exile Council of Sinjar (MŞD) reads as follows:

“Today, 15 June, 2020, Turkey again bombed Sinjar, Iraq in a targeted and intended strike against the Yazidis. In one night Turkey bombed the survivors of a genocide 8 times. It is likely that a hospital was deliberately hit.

How many of our people is Turkey allowed to kill before this finally ends? Will the US and EU Members stop Turkey killing us? What use did it have to end ISIS if Turkey is allowed to kill us anyway? Why was all the money spent on defeating IS if Turkey is allowed to do the same now?

It is well known that the Yazidi religious community is the oldest religion in Mesopotamia. The Islamic State attacked the Yazidi religious community on August 3, 2014, and a cruel genocide was carried out. After this genocide, we Yazidis decided to found our own self-governing forces and fight against IS. Since we received no help at the beginning and afterwards and were left defenseless to the IS by the local armed forces. We then founded YBŞ, the self-governing armed forces of Sinjar, on January 14, 2015. To date and during the liberation of Sinjar, we have lost hundreds of Yazidi men and women in the fight against IS.

Even after that, we received no support from the United States, the United Nations or the European Community in any way for the reconstruction or the further fight against IS. Since the liberation from the IS terrorists, the Turkish state has repeatedly attacked the region in and around Sinjar. Since October 2019, simultaneously with the invasion of the Turkish state in North-East Syria, the Turkish state has bombed the region of Sinjar five times before today. Several Yazidi self-governing militants were killed in these previous attacks by the Turkish state.

We however refuse to become Turkish proxies! That is why Turkey bombs us and calls us ‘PKK’. The US confirmed officially that the PKK left Sinjar. The YBŞ is part of the Iraqi army. All the world knows that Erdogan is a dictator who calls everyone ‘PKK’ or ‘terrorist’ and who says ‘no’ to Erdogan. We continue even now to say ‘no’ to Erdogan. We will not become his subjects under his control.

The Turkish state repeatedly attacks the Sinjar region and bombs the YBŞ positions. Based on these facts, there is no doubt that the Turkish government wants to continue the genocide of the Yazidi religion and empty the Sinjar region. Turkey wants to force all ethnicities and religious groups to become its proxies and servants. We refuse that and that is why Turkey decided to wipe us out.

We appeal once again to the United States, which controls Iraqi airspace, to stop Turkey from attacking the Yazidis. In the five previous Turkish attacks since October 2019, many civilians have already been killed and injured. The Yazidis pose no threat to Turkey. Nevertheless, the Yazidis are exposed to the attacks of the Turkish state without protection. It is incomprehensible to us Yazidis why the international public silently accepts the attacks by the Turkish state and does not stop their NATO partner in his violations of human rights.

We call on the United States to close Northern Iraqi airspace, particularly around the Sinjar region, with immediate effect for the Turkish state to stop Turkish air strikes. We expect a written confirmation of this measure. And we emphasize again that we are not a threat to Turkey, nor to any other country or religion. There is simply no justification for this Turkish aggression against us!”

Turkey carries out airstrikes against Yazidi areas of Iraq’s Sinjar

The Jerusalem Post reports,

Turkey launched waves of airstrikes against what it claimed were Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) elements in northern Iraq. The  airstrikes shook mount Sinjar, an area that is home to the Yazidi minority and where ISIS carried out a genocide against Yazidis in 2014.

The area has  been unable to recover because of constant threat of Turkey’s airstrikes and the presence of armed groups, militias and checkpoints. The PKK and its affiliates fought ISIS near Sinjar in 2014 and although Turkey labels the PKK a “terrorist organization,” affiliates of the PKK in Sinjar never carried out any attacks on Turkey.

The genociders are beginning to face justice:

Written by Andrew Coates

June 15, 2020 at 10:21 am