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Counterfire calls for Corbyn to Follow Jean-Luc Mélenchon and “denounce the banks and corporations, NATO and the EU as “capitalist con trick”.

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Rees explains to Corbyn how to follow Mélenchon’s book.

What, the masses, okay, John Rees and the groupuscule Counterfire, ask, should we do about Theresa May’s “gamble”, her all-too-evident desperation.

Well, they reply, to themselves, it’s proof of that agony the Tories are facing.

She has called a General Election.

You can’t get more desperate than that!

So,  Bring it on

Rees is a-buzzin’ at French politics,

Only weeks ago, Marine Le Pen was destined to be stopped only by a Blairite candidate. Now the far-left candidacy of Jean-Luc Mélenchon has upset all predictions and, even if he doesn’t make the second round, he has rebuilt the French left.

Jeremy Corbyn should be aiming to make good the poll deficit by similar methods because Melenchon was at least as far behind in the polls when the French Presidential campaign began as Corbyn is now.


….audacity is the order of the day. Corbyn should take a leaf from Mélenchon’s book and denounce the banks and corporations, NATO and the EU, for the capitalist con trick they are. He should unashamedly run as the establishment’s unbending opponent and as the outspoken champion of working people, the unions, and the social movements.

Then, if he fails, at least it will not be by his own hand and at the cost of demoralising the left and working people, their organisations and their hopes.

Yup, Mélenchon’s strategy of replacing the Socialist Party, that is Labour’s sister party, and his struggle for French “independence”, waving of tricolors an all, is just the recipe for a Labour victory.

He could also try a few of the poems Melenchon likes to stud his speeches with,

Mes frères, c’est dans la Paix que nous respirons à pleins poumons
L’univers entier avec tous ses rêves…
Mes frères, mes sœurs, donnez-vous  la main…
C’est cela la Paix.

Yánnis Rítsos.

Or this:

Rees is resolutely upbeat.

There may or may not be a majority Labour government, but that is not the only bad outcome for the Tories. There may be a minority Labour government supported by the SNP. There may be a Tory government with a reduced majority, and that would be a huge disaster for the whole UK ruling class and a huge opportunity for the left.

Those majority Tory governments are surely always an opportunity……

We need to make Theresa May’s election gamble her last, argues John Rees


Stop the War Coalition’s John Rees Links Charlie Hebdo Slaughter to ‘Security Service Behaviour”.

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Qureshi, Rees and Bullivant at Cage Press Conference

National Stop the War Coalition Officer with Cage Campaign

John Rees was in pensive mood a few days ago.

As I chaired yesterday’s press conference about the revelation that ‘Jihadi John’ was Kuwaiti born West Londoner and college graduate Mohammed Emwasi, I found myself thinking that few other events could as effectively illustrate the gaping chasm between the establishment approach to the war on terror and the facts.


Rees found himself thinking (if that’s the word) about a list of ‘facts’: He was stopped from leaving the country to go and marry his fiancé in Kuwait, he was physically assaulted by police, MI5 tried to turn him into an informant, His fiancé was told by security officers not to marry him as he was a terror suspect, He was never charged and no evidence was ever given for these accusations.is attempts to use the press complaints process and the diplomatic services of the UK government to free himself from what he regarded as ‘imprisonment by the security services’ all ended in failure.

The great Thinker comments,

This case is probably the best documented study we have ever had of why a young, bright man becomes an Islamic State killer. The fact that our own security services and the insane assumptions of the ‘war on terror’ mindset played their part in this transition should be pause for thought.

Ample comments has been made about this, and other remarks from the so-called human rights group Cage, during his  contact with the human rights group CAGE between 2010 and 2012.

Yet this remains intriguing – or disgustingly foul:

Moreover, this is now an emerging pattern of security service behaviour: they tried to recruit the killer of Lee Rigby and both Charlie Hebdo killers and the perpetrator of the recent attacks in Denmark were known to the security services.

This should at least raise questions about whether the security services are contributing to the very terror they are supposed to be preventing.

So the deaths of our beloved martyrs at Charlie – no mention of the Hyper-Cacher – raise “questions” about the security services which may have been “contributing “ to them.

The very fact that the ‘security services’ were interested, or even there,  seems to be the “evidence”.

It would be interesting to know the source of Rees’s extremely serious allegation.

He does not give one.

It is the first I’ve heard of any parallel between the relations between the relations between the British security services and Mohammed Emwasi and the French security services Chérif and Saïd Kouachi – apart from the fact they were on the ‘radar’ of concern.

Time for Rees to put that Thinking Cap on again……

John Rees and Counterfire: Ministry of Truth Rectifies.

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Diamond Geezer.

Ministry of Truth Communication,

“Tendance Coatesy: unbad Counterfire, John Rees and Lindsey German. Misprints rectify. Immediate upsub to Ministry, vaporise duckspeak or Coatesy joycamp.”

Coatesy writes,

“It has come to our attention that Tendance Blog has published material that may give an impression that John Rees, Lindsey German and Counterfire can be criticised.

Our multi-volume series, “The Struggle against Reesite Liquidationism” and our pamphlet, “What Counterfire is and how to Smash it” are  in the process of being re-edited.

The Children’s book, “The Famous Five Unmask the Zinovievite-Rees Spy Centre” has been returned to the publishers.

We now accept that, following Georg Lukács  that 2 plus 2 can sometimes, in an “Aufhebung ”  be dialectically sublated into 5.”

Sitting at his usual table in the Chestnut Tree Café Coatesy sipped his clove-flavoured Victory Gin.

Watching the telly-screen he saw John Rees on Russia Today.

He felt a swelling of pride: he had always backed Counterfire!

Written by Andrew Coates

April 23, 2013 at 11:24 am

John Rees Touts for Islamism on Tehran TV.

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While Islamists Attack our Beloved Tunisian Comrades Rees Supports Tehran.

Appearing on the Islamist regime’s favourite television station former socialist John Rees made the following astonishing interview.

Tariq Ramadan and John Rees discuss the attitude of the French left to islam


Amongst his many patronising comments Rees dismissed the French Left, advocating his own grouplet’s relations with ‘Muslims’.

It is not known if Rees actually speaks French.

This collaborator with torturers and murderers is apparently still head of the ‘Coalition of Resistance.”

Press TV Background: 

“After his release Bahari recounted his time in prison in interviews and writings. He appeared on a segment of the television news program 60 Minutes  and was the subject of an article in Newsweek. Bahari stated he confessed for television after physical and psychological torture. He was held in solitary confinement, interrogated daily (either blindfolded or made to face away from his interrogator),[20] threatened with execution, and repeatedly slapped, kicked, punched, and hit with a belt by his interrogator.[25] Bahari’s interrogator told him they knew he (Bahari) “was working for four different intelligence agencies: the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and Newsweek.” Bahari (who vehemently denies spying on Iran) believes it was desperation to find “any evidence to prove I was a spy” that led his captors to believe his providing an American TV personality with a list of Iranians they could talk to in Iran, was evidence of his being a spy. (Bahari provided such a list shortly before he was interviewed by Jason Jones[26] a “correspondent” of The Daily Show, who dressed up as a spy as a joke for the story.)[16] He believes he was targeted to intimidate other international Iranian-born journalists, who unlike foreign journalists can operate free of regime minders, blend in with crowds, and understand the cultural and linguistic nuances of the moves the regime makes.”

Hat-Tips Paul & Pete.

Written by Andrew Coates

June 14, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Note on the Rees ‘Left Platform’ Faction.

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Judge of Legitimate Political Parties?

The Weekly Worker has published (here) some analysis on the emergence of the Rees Faction in the SWP. It’s called the Left Platform.

I just note this claim. That is, in Rees and mates’ initial public declaration of dissidence. The Defend the No-Platform Resolution (there’s a joke in there somewhere but I can’t see it yet),

 This calls for reaffirming the blanket policy of not giving  the BNP any public vehicle for its policies – against the SWP Central Committee’s partial recognition that this line is impractical (not that it is in principle wrong 


5. The BNP will not be beaten by ‘clever’ debates. What they want is legitimacy. If we appear with them, even if we win the argument, we lose the real battle because we add to their legitimacy. The principle at stake here is that the BNP should not be regarded as a legitimate bourgeois party.

Since when does the SWP, or a small group of it, have the responsibility of deciding what is, and what is not, a ‘legitimate bourgeois political party’?


Written by Andrew Coates

October 25, 2009 at 11:58 am

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