The daily, «L’action française» quickly affirmed its identity as an anti-republican and nationalist supporter of the war. The active support it gave to Vicky resulted in it being banned in 1944.



“Pour l’Alsace-Lorraine !” For Alsace-Lorraine!

French nationalism was stirred by the thought of taking back these provinces, annexed by Germany in 1871  after the Franco-Prussian War.

This was the last issue of «l’Aurore». Launched in 1897 and initially run by the ‘Tiger’ Clemenceau, is still known today  for its publication of Zola’s J’accuse, Its editor,  Marcel Brossé, joined his artillery regiment. It did not reappear. Clemenceau would become Prime Minister ( 1917 to 1920). The   “Père la Victoire” (Father Victory) he was one of the principal architects of the Treaty of Versailles at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 .



The Socialist deputy, Marcel Sembat,  who became Minister of Public Works in the National Unity (l’Union sacrée) government wrote,

Jaurès is dead, Jaurès is gone, War has come. He would have refused to have believe that war was inevitable, even after the general mobilisation, and our task is to agitate with force for pace. The blow of that pistol – it has struck  our minds, our hearts, and our Party, and above all, it has struck at France…….For us, in these difficult times, we wonder, what would  Jaurès have thought ?”

L’Humanité was soon to back the National Unity War Government.

The new Editor, Pierre Renaudel, supported the war in the name of the defence of the Republic.