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New Left Group: The Harmony Party Gets Boost from Harmonious Canary.

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Harmony Party: Well-Established Rumour Says Kerry-Anne Mendoza Has Joined.


One for the Spotters.

Some months the eagle-eyed contributors to Urban 75 noticed that The Harmony Party had been formed. Gumshoes found that it was an incorporated company, registered n the 29th of June 2020. Initial assessments that it was a two people and a canine  job were confounded when a third member was discovered.

There was speculation that it was neo-Posadist or futurist group inspired by the collected works of Aaron Bastani. This rested on the declaration that in their world,

all Consensus of Assemblies and all Party Consensus must seek never to take a decision which will result directly in unavoidable injury to a human being, and must not, through inaction, allow human beings or humanity to come to harm…

Old hands suggest the name is a tribute to much-loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer character, Harmony Kendall

Harmony (pretending to be Buffy) | Buffy style, Vampire slayer, Buffy the vampire slayer


The harmonious types who run The Canary, like the ‘Mendoza’ woman, Kerry-Anne Mendoza  have just now given the party a major boost on their respected and prestigious alt-news site.


A new left-wing party has put socialism fully back on the political agenda. But unlike the current Labour and Green parties, its approach is entirely different. Because member-led democracy and mutual aid are at its heart.

This is a very long and deeply researched piece, evidently the product of hard toil on the Net.

We urge those who wish to contribute to the coffers of the benchmark investigative journalists who run the Canary to click on the link below.

A new left-wing party aims to bring ‘Harmony’ to the UK

To whet the appetite, John Urquhart, for it is he, the founder of the new party, says,

I came to the realisation back in March 2020.

I’d started a mutual aid organisation called Cymbal. While handing out soup on the University and College Union [UCU] picket lines back in February and early March people kept asking about what Cymbal was, what it was for, and so on. By the end of every conversation was what I at first assumed was a joking question of “when can we vote for you then?”

I realised that people weren’t joking. People were desperate for something that would amplify their own voice. And the precariat today are not just working class but also middle class.

Here is the Harmony Party in their own words,

We’re unlike any Political Party you are familiar with.

Harmony means consensus. We’re led by our Members and Participants. We decide pretty much everything by discussion (and everything else by vote).

Action on the climate disaster and action on inequality are at the top of our agenda.

We oppose social exclusion and apartheid.

Rumour has it that Kerry-Anne Mendoza has already started an oppositional faction in the new party.

Written by Andrew Coates

January 28, 2021 at 11:09 am