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More Reasons to Back Keir Starmer as Mail attacks and Natty Dresser Galloway Scorns “Tailor’s Dummy”.

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Such worker-friendly sentiments differ greatly from his views while on the ¿editorial collective¿ of Trotskyite magazine Socialist Alternatives. A 1989 edition is seen above

Mail Picture: @ Tendance Archives.

Using an image from this Blog Harry Cole, who used to go out with Boris Johnson’s present companion, Carrie Symonds (Boris Blonde Was Former Girlfriend Of Senior Sun Editor) has a little rant.

HARRY COLE: ‘Young Trot’ Sir Keir Starmer spent the 1980s campaigning AGAINST the minimum wage

Millionaire lawyer and Labour leadership front-runner Sir Keir Starmer spent the 1980s campaigning AGAINST the minimum wage, I can reveal.

Last year, Sir Keir, 57, was much more on message, celebrating that ‘two decades ago Labour delivered the national minimum wage. Millions of people saw their pay rise. This is what a Labour Government can deliver.’

But such worker-friendly sentiments differ greatly from his views while on the ‘editorial collective’ of Trotskyite magazine Socialist Alternatives.


The then 24-year-old claimed it would lead to ‘continued confusion’ over the role of unions as it ‘places the onus’ to protect employment rights on the state rather than the organised proletariat.

He insisted the minimum wage ‘calls into question the central principle of free collective bargaining’.

Such less than friendly statements – back in an article in the 1980s…a “campaign”…..

Given that even Jeremy Corbyn points to the minimum wage as one of the few things he will praise Tony Blair for, has Sir Keir – who now claims to be a moderate – managed to outflank the veteran Lefty?

The 1980s, the years of the Blair hegemony…..

As one of the comments goes:

Bliar was also a Trot once, ditto John Reid

How true, how very true….

Another reason to both like and back Keir Starmer is supplied by Gorge Galloway:

The far-right Express ‘reports’.

George Galloway tears apart ‘tailor’s dummy’ Keir Starmer over ‘denial’ of Brexit failure

GEORGE GALLOWAY lashed out at Labour leadership frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer claiming the shadow Brexit secretary is a “tailor’s dummy”, arguing Labour is in “denial” over their Brexit policy.



Written by Andrew Coates

January 20, 2020 at 1:13 pm

Progressive Patriotic Socialists Flock to George Galloway’s New Workers’ Party of Britain.

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Labour Leadership Hopefuls Beware: Galloway Addresses Masses Backing Workers’ Party of Britain.


The Workers Party positively embraces Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Britain needs to be free of the EU regulations that would restrict our fiscal and monetary policy and prevent Britain from taking public ownership of key utilities and transport infrastructure.

More on Birmingham event.

In the morning George will set out his vision for the Workers Party and discuss the historical necessity of building an alternative workers political party to the discredited and treacherous Labour party and its Blairite leadership. As always, the audience will be encouraged to participate and George will chair contributions from the floor until lunchtime.

In the afternoon the Workers Party will turn its attention to a British institution we all hold dear, the NHS. Britain’s best known communist vascular surgeon Dr Ranjeet Brar (@Rango1917) will be joined by the NHS campaigner and inspiration behind the films “Sell-Off” and “The Great NHS Heist” Dr Bob Gil (@drbobgill). These two doctors will chart the path which led to the privatisation of the NHS and what must be done to turn things around. Contributions from the floor will be positively encouraged.

To close out the day George Galloway will give a closing speech and there will be time over lunch and at the end to meet new friends and talk politics!


The Spanking New Workers’ Party will be Leading Protests Against US Threats to Iran.

“The party was founded in December 2019, by the former Labour and Respect Party Member of Parliament George Galloway, following the 2019 United Kingdom general election.[1]

The Workers Party is affiliated with the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist) with its vice chair Joti Brar, also serving as deputy leader of the newly founded party.[2]

Wikipedia entry – to be expanded soon!

Written by Andrew Coates

January 10, 2020 at 5:09 pm

Internationalist Responses to Len McCluskey on Brexit and Freedom of Movement.

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Galloway: “Discussing “freedom of movement” of cheap labour into Britain.  As @LenMcCluskey  just said it must end with #Brexit

Len McCluskey, Head of UNITE, has had a very mixed response to a Guardian interview in which he tried to lay down the line to Labour on Brexit and freedom of movement.


In a wide-ranging interview, McCluskey said:

  • Labour needed to get the election debate off Brexit and on to the day-to-day issues that really mattered to voters.
  • The shadow cabinet should keep quiet about how it would campaign in the event of another referendum.
  • White working-class supporters of leave in the 2016 referendum would be driven into the arms of a hard-right party unless their concerns about migration were dealt with.
  • There would be no attempt to move Labour back to the centre if the party lost the election.
  • He predicted paramilitary attacks on UK mainland ports as a result of the customs border down the Irish Sea that forms a key part of Johnson’s Brexit withdrawal deal.

Some people have not appreciated the call to “shut up” from somebody who looks as if he is now backing a “People’s Brexit’ – that is the Dancing with Care Bears prospect of a Brexit from the ‘left’.

Other have remarked that “concerns about migration” looks like a threat to muster prejudiced support for McClusky”s call to end freedom of movement.

In other words, be silent,. and we’ll sort the Brexit stuff out, with the help of the pro-Brexit UNITE chief of Staff, Andrew Murray.

One issue has caused an immediate response.

Unite leader infuriates activists who campaigned for radical pro-migration motion

Alena Ivanova, from the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, said: “A Romanian care worker and a British bus driver have more in common with each other than they do with their boss. That is the basis of the trade union movement. Len McCluskey’s job is to fight for their full rights, for decent pay and the right not to be deported and harassed by the state because of their immigration status.”

The Morning Star and the other supporters of the McClusky line, like Skwawkbox, have been quiet on the controversy.


But McClusky has got George Galloway’s backing:

Today Labour for a Socialist Europe says,  It’s solidarity that we need, not borders, Len


Mark Boothroyd
Branch Secretary, Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Hospitals Unite Branch (personal capacity)

Len McCluskey’s intervention in the debate over freedom of movement is aiding the Tories, and promoting myths about immigration that the trade union movement should be dismantling.

Yesterday McCluskey criticised the policy voted for at Labour Party conference, of defending and extending freedom of movement for all migrants. McCluskey said “It’s wrong in my view to have any greater free movement of labour unless you get stricter labour market regulation.”

What does stricter labour market regulation mean? If McCluskey means more rights for trade unions and stronger collective bargaining agreements to strengthen workers organising against the employers, then as a socialist and trade unionist I heartily agree. But that has nothing to do with freedom of movement. In fact, opposing freedom of movement, and the equal rights that accompany it, will only weaken unions. When workers’ immigration status is tied to their boss through visas or work permits, they are more vulnerable to exploitative employers who can have them arrested and deported at a whim.

One of the better ways to ensure “stricter labour market regulation”, would be to grant all workers the same rights and protections, regardless of their immigration status. This is what proponents of freedom of movement want, equal rights for all, with the right to live and work wherever we choose. In the same interview McCluskey shows he could make these arguments, but instead he panders to a nationalist and xenophobic worldview.


McCluskey clarifies his statement.

Now this is true, but it is still the case that McClusky – see Galloway – is now seen as against the continuation of existing freedom of movement in the European Union.

The pro-Brexit  RS21 (they are against a “Tory Brexit” claiming to  “oppose both the British state and the European Union” whatever that means…) offers a sustained critique of McClusky’s views.

Defend workers’ rights – against McCluskey

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey is attempting to undermine the free movement policy agreed at Labour conference. Unite activist Ian Allinson argues for the right of working-class people to live and work where we want and explains why unions and the Labour Party are so ambivalent.

What makes McCluskey’s remarks even more outrageous is that he is arguing for the Labour leadership to ignore policy passed at Labour Party conference with Unite support. Corbyn has tried to make Labour more democratic, but there were already worries that the Labour leadership would revert to a more traditional approach, as suggested by Diane Abbott’s comments.

Neither McCluskey nor Abbott are motivated by racism – they are conceding ground to racists for electoral reasons. But pandering to the racists doesn’t win them over. We have already seen a huge shift in the public debate since Corbyn replaced Miliband and his racist mugs. You can’t win an argument without having it – we need to push Labour’s manifesto as far to the left as we can. But we need to argue and campaign for workers’ rights to live and work where we want whatever the manifesto says. Labour’s conference policy makes that easier.

We need to get this right. This debate is only going to get more important as the climate crisis forces more people to migrate as a result of droughts, famines, floods, fires and wars.

News From the Fringes, Farage, Galloway and Chris Williamson.

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Gangster Chic for Galloway. 

Nigel Farage rules out standing down further candidates after Boris Johnson claims a Tory Brexit is only Brexit

Evening Standard.

Nigel Farage has ruled out standing down more Brexit Party candidates as the deadline day for nominations arrives.

It comes after Mr Farage was warned that votes for his party would hand the keys of Number 10 to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, with Boris Johnson claiming that a Conservative government is the only way to “get Brexit done”.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Programme, the Brexit Party said: “What I’ve realised is that the Conservatives want a Conservative majority in Parliament, not a Brexit majority in Parliament.”

Former Revolutionary Communist Party Cadre James ‘Heartfield’ (born,  James Hughes), who is standing against Corbyn in Islington North,  tweets support to a national comrade,

Peter Wiltshire

CEO and owner of I.T. Company.

Otherwise, very little info about him online. His Twitter page is all predictably about one thing, that one thing being awesome, and everything else being rubbish. Retweets Spiked Magazine articles, Margaret Thatcher posts, and Piers Morgan tweets, and is smitten with Farage (link).

He appears at a Brexit rally, where the most notable thing about his waffling speech is the microphone being at the wrong height (link).

Seems to wheeze about Brexit for The Telegraph.

As one Twitter user complains, the Brexit Party makes no information available about him other than his name (link).

Chris Williamson is on the way to getting his couple of grand for losing in the coming election.

The daily Organ of the Communist Party of Britain does its bit to publicise the anti-Labour candidate.

Former Aslef president calls on Labour not to field a candidate against Chris Williamson

“Given his outstanding record of campaigning, his history of public service in Derby and his steadfast loyalty to the leadership, nominating an official Labour candidate could allow the Tories to capture the seat.

“I therefore hope the party will do the right thing to ensure the MP returned to Parliament to represent Derby North is enthusiastic about Labour’s socialist programme and supports Jeremy Corbyn as leader.”

Labour did not comment on Mr McDonald’s request but is currently standing Unite regional officer Tony Tinley in Derby North.


Britain’s leading Vegan Politician has a meaty battle on his hands.

Update, prominent Red-Brown candidate ‘Heartfield’ has not got the bottle to stand.

This type has already come under fire:

Written by Andrew Coates

November 14, 2019 at 1:38 pm

As Election Looms George Galloway Attacks Corbyn Betrayal.

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One Man Speaks  it Like it is.

Galloway is leading from in front!

Yes, but will he still be supporting Labour (where he is not himself standing), one may ask?

He retweets his national comrade Paul Embery on a delicate issue, sensitively handled.


Here is another reason not to vote Labour: 99% of Giraffes are not gay!



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So many happy memories! I recall that Social Democratic Federation London street meeting where I was introduced to the audience as George Galloway’s “worst enemy”.

For the back of the crowd a husky voice from a young chap in a Fedora cried out, “Not while I’m alive laddie!”

One hopes Galloway’s old friends in the Stop the War Coalition and Counterfire also have some happy tales to share!

Written by Andrew Coates

October 29, 2019 at 5:37 pm

George Galloway and “#RamsayMcDonnell”. A Roman-Photo in the Age of Surveillance Leftism.

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Don’t you know who I am! I used to be George Galloway, You Hear Me!

Some, with a smattering of knowledge about the left, try to explain the present foray against John McDonnell from anti-internationalists  in political terms from the distant past.

Aaron Bastani seems to think that Corbyn has something to do with the old Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB).

He contrasts this McDonnell’s Eurocommunism.

Zero marks for spotting Basta!

The CPGB evoked through Euro-communism to Marxism Today.

Neither McDonnell owe anything much to either the organisation or the political current.

Both were part of the left that rejected the turn that became a kind of support for the Third Way of Blair, not to mention this (The Democratic Left was the Euro wing’s last gasp)

The Democratic Left stated a belief in a pluralist and socialist society “incompatible with the structures and values of capitalism.” Beginning as a political party, it decided not to stand candidates but instead to support tactical against the Conservatives at the 1992 General election and soon become a non-party campaigning organisation. DL campaigned on modernising unions, including Unions21; anti-racism and cultural diversity; democratising Britain, including Make Votes Count; social exclusion and poverty, including the Social Exclusion Network; focussing on coalition building, and operating in effect as a ‘socialist anti-Conservative front’.

One could say that Corbyn has some closeness to the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – Morning Star.

But very few people would argue that his politics are, or could ever, be related to their full programme, the British Road to Socialism which includes the model of central planning from the old Soviet days that few others on the left accept.

The idea that you can find Labour policy, or in the views of either the party Leader of the Shadow Chancellor, starting from the principle that, “capitalist monopoly corporations and their state can be replaced by state power in the hands of the working class and its allies” * is off beam automated stuff.

Others think of the fight as an epic battle.

A weary warrior, lain to sleep in the comfortable sofas of RT, has been sprung to life to root out the McDonnell Trotskyite Wrecking Centre.

Others, who have read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism:  Shoshana Zuboff (2019) suggest that this a high point in the ” intensification of connection and monitoring online with spaces of social life becoming open to saturation by third rate political actors.”

The anti-McDonnald factionalists are attempting a “primitive accumulation” of emotions to moblise for the red-brown project of radical national populism, the point where Galloway meets Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party.

A more modest view is that this is a tale of spurned affection, and efforts to win it back through dramatic attention seeking.

It can be seen in this Roman-Photo.

There’s plenty more…

Written by Andrew Coates

October 12, 2019 at 12:04 pm

Red Brown Front News: Arthur Scargill ‘Backs Boris on Brexit’ and George Galloway claims that he is “not Far Right” but Defends Nigel Farage.

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Red Brown Front.

Breitbart news exults,

Arthur Scargill — bane of Margaret Thatcher, architect of the early 1980s miners’ strike, hard-left trade union leader — has come out for Brexit.

He has revealed his sympathies — and the fact that he is still alive, which quite a few of us didn’t realise — in an unexpectedly witty and on-point letter to the Daily Telegraph.

SIR – I find it interesting that the leaders of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party are all calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Attorney General on the grounds that they acted unlawfully in advising the Queen to prorogue Parliament. Are these party leaders also going to call for the resignation of Lord Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice; Sir Terence Etherton, the Master of the Rolls; and Dame Victoria Sharp, the President of the Queen’s Bench Division, who ruled that the Prime Minister acted legally?

Arthur Scargill
President, National Union of Mineworkers 1982-2002
Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Red Brown Fronters agree:


Brexit Party backer and Red-Brown candidate against Labour and for Brexit, n the West Bromwich East constituency George Galloway tweets:


Galloway got the support of a Brexit Party member.

Followed by,

The Morning Star echoes the Red-Brown Front’s language in attacking the anti-Hard Right internationalist left in these terms,



One bizarre aspect of the present situation is the way in which that section of Remain opinion which sees the present prime minister as the incarnation of Establishment power presents itself as the bearer of insurgent values of liberal toleration.

This will come as a surprise to a mostly working-class tranche of the public which finds itself the object of derision and contempt from an entitled petty-bourgeois faction which sees the entirely rational hostility of working people to the EU as bearing the stigmata of an intellectual inferiority by which they identify their social inferiors.

They have yet to comment on their pro-Brexit ally Scargill’s backing for the Tory PM.

March with the internationalist left!


Written by Andrew Coates

September 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm