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George Galloway (Alliance 4 Unity) Warns of Green Parties who “collude with the ruling class.”

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Galloway Warns Against Greens, “Across Europe, Green parties invariably collude with the ruling class against workers’ interests. “

Old friends of George Galloway, like this Blog, have been concerned about the dapper gent these last months.

An unbecoming obsession with Zoe Ball and remarks that many consider beneath a man of Galloway’s stature, mark his Tweets today.

Jealousy, the Green-eyed monster, they suggest, is behind his new support for Defund the BBC.

But there’s still some hard politics, hard talking from the former leader of Respect, close friend of left-wing bigwigs like Lindsey German and John Rees, and, more recently a comrade in arms of Nigel Farage.

Everybody’s favourite man in Fedora re-tweets the Chinese Embassy in NIgeria and  China studies  wiz-kid John Ross on the achievements of a world beating human rights pioneer state.



Galloway has allies on the issue all over the place.


He even finds the time  for some advice to Muslim protesters so outraged at Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses that they called for his murder.


But, apart from his sideshow work in Scotland-Alliance for Unity, it’s Galloway’s leadership of the newest star on the left, the Workers Party of Britain that has brought the

He and his comrades ae now advising the world on the danger represented by Extinction Rebellion and Green Parties.

Workers Party member Tess Delaney on how XR is diverting the energy and enthusiasm of its activists into ultimately futile actions.

The clue is in the fact that to run this set-up takes lots of dolla. The big businesses and corporations are the ones with all the dolla, so they’ll be the ones setting this up and becoming the heroes, with green versions of their logos stretching as far as the eye can see.

However, in this late stage capitalist society in which we find ourselves, everything that is done will be to provide a smokescreen to make us all be quiet and ignore all the other stuff.


The ONLY way to solve this is for the people to be in charge. You are many; they are few. What you gonna do? There is only one big fight worth having. Stop wasting time.



The Alliance 4 Unity, led by G.Galloway, by contrast operates in the interests of the workers.


Indeed: The Alliance for Unity party was formed in July by George Galloway and Conservative Jamie Blackett.

Cllr Linda Holt – who left the Conservative party and went independent last year – announced that she will be standing for a list seat representing Mid Scotland and Fife.


George Galloway says he’ll work with Tories at Holyrood election to stop SNP breaking up Britain

These are the kind of people they attract:

George Galloway’s Alliance 4 Unity candidate outed as vile racist who loved tweet calling George Floyd ‘black lowlife pile of s**t’

Here is Galloway struggling with the workers against the Ruling Class:





Galloway’s Scottish Tory-Unionist-Marxist-Leninist Alliance 4 Unity Backed by Workers Party of Britain.

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Marxist-Leninist Cadre of Workers Party of Britain Back Alliance 4 Unity.

This has indeed set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Michael Gove in talks with George Galloway to discuss protecting the United Kingdom against Scottish independence

Nationalists have reacted to the dapper Gent’s latest proposal on who should vote in an Independence Referendum.

George Galloway sparked outrage today after he spoke out about the Scottish referendum.

The controversial political figure – who advocated for Leave during the Brexit vote – said if a second IndyRef does take place then the 795,000 Scots living elsewhere in the UK must have a vote.

In 2014 those who considered themselves Scottish living outside of the country were not able to have their say. Regardless, Scotland voted 55 per cent to remain as part of the union.

In a shock move the Workers Party of Britain (leader George Galloway) – Scotland – has backed George Galloway’s Tory-Unionist-Marxist-Leninist Front, the  Alliance 4 Unity.

The Party, whose deputy is  Joti Brar from the Communist Party of Great Britain (M-L) and an active member of the Stalin Society,  has not lost its Marxist-Leninist principles. Playing a leading role in the Gallowayite bloc with the patriotic  advanced bourgeoisie they can spot anti-national pro-imperialist forces rearing their heads in Belarus.

Jodi Brar says,

Support is mushrooming for the new Galloway front:


George Galloway and A4U Plan to Save the Union Attract (Right-wing) Backing.

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Galloway Launches New Scottish “Unionist” Front, the “Alliance for ...

Story Revealed by Tendance Newshounds Develops.

Announced in July Galloway’s plan to fight for the Union in Scotland, now called,the Alliance for Union, A4U seems to have attracted growing and  prestigious support,

The Conservative The Critic published Jamie Blackett, “educated at Ludgrove, Eton, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and later Warwick Business School (MBA)”. He is also Deputy Lieutenant for Dumfriesshire, a few days ago.

Why Scotland needs a new party

How the Alliance for Unity plans to defeat the SNP in the bitter battle for Britain.

He has an interest,

I was one of Galloway’s early recruits and am now Deputy Leader of the Alliance for Unity. I remembered George as the most effective debater by far on the anti-separatist side in the 2014 independence referendum. And like many people from all points on the political spectrum I was despairing at the utterly abject appeasement of Sturgeon by the opposition at Holyrood since 2016.

Blackett has a grand strategy…

All new political parties say that they are introducing a new type of politics but I think we must be the first party in history to promise in effect to dissolve our party as soon as we are elected. The early signs are that people like what they are hearing. After three weeks we had more followers on Twitter than the Scottish Liberal Democrats and momentum is continuing to build. The challenge is probably not in persuading the electorate that Scotland deserves better than the separatists’ authoritarian one party state but in persuading the older unionist parties that, if we are going to restore neighbourliness to the UK and especially to Scottish communities, the pro-union parties really are ‘better together’ in what promises to be a bitter fight.

Now the prolific Jamie Blackett writes for the Conservative Spectator.

… professor Alan Sked of the LSE (the original architect of Brexit), whose home is in Easter Ross, and ex-regimental sergeant major Arthur Keith of the Black Watch. I enjoyed ringing Arthur to congratulate him with the traditional Army greeting, ‘Stand by your beds!’ and we had a good chat about the similarities between the SNP and their soulmates in Sinn Fein, with whom Artie and I have had dealings in the past.

Galloway’s Workers Party could not agree more with these progressive thinkers:

One can only wish them bonnie good luck!

George loves grand theatrical gestures; one of which was to tweet the idea that we need a big figure to bring Scotland back together again. He would offer ‘the greatest living Scotsman after Sir Alex Ferguson’, The Spectator’s chairman Andrew Neil, a plum seat if he would agree to come and be First Minister in the government of national unity. Pick up the phone Andrew!

Get to that Mobile Andy!

Have his Galloway’s old muckers in Counterfire and the Stop the War Coalition, Respect, the SWP, and all the admirers of the Bradford Spring, anything to say on the blower?

Despite speculation about potential falling-outs the Workers Party of Britain re-tweeted this

Written by Andrew Coates

August 14, 2020 at 5:22 pm