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Ex Key Galloway Ally Salma Yaqoob tries to Become Labour Mayor of Birmingham.

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Yaqoob Back in the Days of Respect.

Ex Respect leader and anti-war activist Salma Yaqoob launches shock bid to be West Midlands Mayor

Outspoken activist Salma Yaqoob has launched an audacious bid to win the right to challenge Andy Street as West Midlands Mayor, BirminghamLive understands.

Ms Yaqoob, former leader of the Respect Party and an ex Birmingham city councillor, has decided at the 11th hour to throw her hat into the ring to win the Labour nomination – despite questions over her party credentials.

Subject to confirmation from Labour’s executive that her candidacy meets membership criteria, she will stand against Hodge Hill MP Liam Byrne, thought to be the frontrunner, and unions favourite Pete Lowe from Dudley in the race to be selected as the party’s official candidate to take on Street next May.

The reason why she left Respect was not disagreement with its politics, but a personal spat with Galloway over his defence of Julian Assange.

He suggested accusations against Julian Assange by two Swedish women did not constitute rape “as most people understand it” and Assange was simply guilty of “bad sexual etiquette.”

Yaqoob was caught up in the backlash and left the party as a result.

This is what she said afterwards,

I’ve always admired George’s anti-imperialist stances and I don’t regret, for a second, standing side by side on those issues. But for me, to have to make a choice between that and standing up for the rights of women was a false choice. I thought it was a blurring of something that didn’t need to be blurred. It’s not that complicated – you can hold two ideas at the same time.” Of course, “we’re all human, we can’t always make perfectly worded and crafted sentences – I really hoped a clarification would sort that out.” She published a statement setting out her own position, but then, as she describes it, things escalated. Although she says Galloway never got directly in contact – and still hasn’t – she felt she was being personally maligned; that “under the guise of different names there were personal attacks”.

Salma Yaqoob, in her first interview, explains why she left the party, what comes next – and her thoughts on George Galloway

The interview continued,

There is also a significant cohort worried about the nature of the membership of Respect, that it is an uneasy alliance of far left and Islamist far right. “I will not accept that. I’ve been there from the beginning. I know that we have fought those very reactionary forces, we challenged them from within. I get the hate calls – I get people in the streets saying, ‘She is trying to wreck our homes.’ I’ve had the death threats, that anyone who beheads me will go straight to heaven. Because I promote democracy, because I have a very clear stance on pluralism. Pluralism is not about just supporting people you happen to agree with anyway. I would challenge anybody to say where I have pandered to, never mind encouraged, any reactionary stance.”

This is denying reality, the alliance between Respect and Islamists is a fact that can’t be wished away by referring to their distance from the most extreme, violent, wing and ignoring the link between the party with ‘moderate’ Islamists of, amongst others,  the Muslim Brotherhood.


Her own ignoble role in denying Islamist influence during the Trojan Horse scandal is a matter of record. (1)


One can admire her standing up for democracy against the Jihadist wing of Islamism.


One can also admire the fact that she has stood up for Syrian refugees.

And she believes in a Third EU referendum, not to mention loathes the Boris Johnson Coup.

Yaqoob appears to have made a personal enemy in arch-right wing Leaver MP Roger Godsiff which is good.


But her background in Galloway-style bogus ‘anti-imperialism’ is still there.


Because of this, Lansman’s is very far from a unanimous left-wing view:

(1) “While Ofsted’s inspection of Park View is not thought to have found any evidence of extremist behaviour, the report concludes:

  • The academy did not do enough to alert students to the risks of extremism.
  • Speakers invited to the school were not vetted and pupils not taught about the safe use of the internet.
  • Staff are scared of speaking out and some feel governors get inappropriately involved in the running of the school.
  • Pupils are not given adequate preparation for living in a multi-cultural society.
  • Education about sex and relationships is ineffective.

The school’s managing trust has issued a statement rejecting the findings, saying inspectors have misrepresented the facts, adding there was “no suggestion” in the report of extremism being present in classrooms.

Park View Educational Trust said: “Ofsted judges that Park View is not doing enough to raise students’ awareness of the ‘risks of extremism’. We reject this.

“It is also crucial to note that the Ofsted reports make absolutely no suggestion, nor did they find any evidence, that trust schools either promote or tolerate extremism or radicalisation.”

The trust added it had been working with the government’s Prevent anti-extremism programme since at least 2012.

It said there was “an open working environment” but accepted improvements in areas like staff pay, recruitment and progression could be made.

However, it said “a disillusioned workforce would soon result in (academic) standards slipping” and this had not been the case, with three-quarters of GCSE pupils earning grades A* – C, including maths and English, last year.

Mr Gove is facing renewed pressure from his Labour shadow, Tristram Hunt, over the government’s handling of the threat of extremism in schools.

Mr Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “How you can go from outstanding to inadequate? And that’s because the inspection criteria is not fit for purpose.

“We want a much broader criteria to make sure these problems don’t arise.”

Ms Yaqoob, who described herself as “a Birmingham mum”, alleged that Ofsted’s findings were “prejudged” and she had yet to see “a shred of evidence” that pupils were being radicalised.

“The kids of Birmingham are already damned as being extremist,” she added.

“One of the [Ofsted] inspectors asked a girl who was sitting next to a Muslim boy whether she felt intimidated.

“The assumption being that a Year 11 Muslim boy is, by virtue of being a Muslim boy, intimidating.”



Written by Andrew Coates

September 17, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Galloway Anti-Boris Coup Protests: A “strange melange of liberals, Trotskyists, and EU fanatics” Morning Star attacks, “desertion by large sections of the left and the labour movement of the anti-EU cause”.

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“The strange melange of liberals, Trotskyists, and EU fanatics.”

The noted Red-Brown supporter of the Brexit Party is in full forth froth today:

Our least finest hour: Britain is in the grip of mass hysteria

George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator (also the leader of the one of the biggest post-war ‘left’ parties, Respect, which was backed by, amongst others, Counterfire, who have called for protests today).

…the “left” has been worse than the right!

March, strike, occupy” was their answer to the draconian decision to give 5 more away-days to their MPs (few of whom they would, hitherto, be seen dead with).

March they did, in decent numbers. Though, when counted, it became clear they had confused thousands with millions, the first month of pregnancy with the ninth.(nice touch that one!)

As for strike, of course not a single British worker downed tools, no doubt on account of the fact that foie gras isn’t on their menu and they have no current plans to travel to Provence.

The promise (threat) to occupy bridges and block roads has not yet been kept. Perhaps being confronted with angry workers whom they were hoping would be on strike put them off this slogan.

Hell hath no fury like the entitled middle-class not getting their way, but it all had the feel of a tantrum rather than a revolution in the end.

And anyway it was quickly overtaken with the even greater threat to democracy of a general election by universal suffrage. The news is alight with the speculation that, faced with a recalcitrant parliament determined to block the Brexit which the people voted for, the PM is about to ask the people to elect another one.

We await his Spiked column to join Brendan O’Neill shaking his willy.

A protest against the people

The ‘Stop the Coup’ movement is a middle-class revolt against the masses.

…..the deceptive, dishonest ‘Stop the Coup’ marches are not surprising, they are deeply concerning. Language matters. Ideas matter. Democracy matters. We cannot allow people to distort the meaning of the word democracy so shamelessly and so thoroughly. We cannot allow the agitators against democracy to claim the mantle of democracy. Democracy is far too important to become the twisted plaything of the disgruntled urban elites.

Language does matter.

Not to mention this! (update):


His Red-Brown Front continues their work.

The Morning Star has learnt a lesson or twenty in Spiked language and is now nearly fluent.

The sage, pro Brexit, organ of the Communist Party of Britain says,

Editorial: Leave or Remain, we don’t need crass identity politics

On the pro-Leave side, there has long been the presence of right-wing, neoliberal, anti-immigration and British nationalist elements who see the return of sovereignty as the means to pursue their reactionary agendas as well as end in itself.

They regard themselves as the only true British patriots and brand their adversaries as unpatriotic traitors.

Their prominence in the pro-Brexit movement has been greatly assisted by the desertion by large sections of the left and the labour movement of the anti-EU cause.

Some such socialists and trade unionists believe that Brexit should only be seen as an option or a necessity when we have a Labour government struggling to implement a left manifesto against massive EU obstruction. Many more fear being labelled as racists or fascists for simply opposing EU membership.

Which brings us to the identity politics now gripping large parts of the pro-Remain, anti-Brexit movement.

They see themselves as the only true “Europeans” and therefore the only genuine internationalists.

Increasingly, they dismiss and deride most if not all anti-EU, pro-Leave supporters as narrow-minded nationalist and racist bigots.

One of the fundamental problems of an identity-based outlook on either side is that it can quickly take on a subjective, emotional character, becoming impervious to evidence and reasoned argument.

As passions are inflamed, this could lead to violence which might indeed threaten democratic and political rights.

We saw the dangers on Saturday. Hysterical slogans equating Boris Johnson, Brexit and the prorogation of Parliament with Hitler, fascism and the death of democracy are dangerously deluded, provocative and insulting.

Now the last sentence may well be true, but as for putting internationalists in the same bag as the hard-right Leave……

Some might say that is deluded, provocative and insulting.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 3, 2019 at 10:51 am

Galloway and Labour Leave Join the Brexit Fifth Column to Back Johnson Against the People’s Representatives.

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Queen Suspends Parliament  at Balmoral Council.

This is the reaction of the pro-Brexit FIfth Column claiming to be part of the Labour movement.

More fifth columnists:


In the absence of any statement today this looks as if it signals an anti-Labour turn from the Lexit lot.

How far it will go we shall see.

Morning Star


Leave Fight Transform spokeswoman Sarah Cundy told the Star that the principal aim of the Lib Dems and pro-Remain MPs is “to block any Left-led Labour government from power.”

She said: “Today is another example of just this.

“We’re disappointed that the Parliamentary Labour Party, all of whom were elected on a manifesto to respect the result of the referendum, is now working with the very people who’ve made it their aim to remove the left from power in the Labour Party.

“As socialists, we should be refusing to rally behind this undemocratic liberal banner of blocking the referendum result which pushes at every turn to restore Blairite hegemony in the Labour Party.”

Written by Andrew Coates

August 28, 2019 at 4:56 pm

Brexit Party Backers George Galloway and CPGB M-L Unite to Denounce “Hong Kong phooey” of pro-Democracy Protests.

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Image result for george galloway and hong kong Ranjeet brar

Galloway’s New Best Friend: Ranjeet Brar of the CPGB-ML.

The friendship between George Galloway (once the leader of one of the biggest post-war ‘left’ parties in the UK, Respect) and the micro groupuscule the CPGB (M-L) began when both called for a Vote for the Brexit Party during this year’s European Elections.

Vote Brexit on 23 May! 


When George Galloway declared his intention of voting for the Brexit party in the 23 May European elections, many on the fake left were up in arms, calling him a ‘fascist’ for even considering having anything to do with banker-turned-Brexit-campaigner Nigel Farage.

But as Galloway himself pointed out: “The left-wing predilection to call everyone to the right of you a ‘racist’ or even a ‘fascist’ is not just juvenile, cretinous, but totally counterproductive, driving the [working class] irredeemably beyond your political grasp …

The Brexit party’s arrival on the scene in time for this European election has presented workers with an opportunity to express their anger and let the ruling class know that they won’t be content to sit back and watch the Brexit vote be betrayed.


Bonds have since bloomed.


The latest flower is this: China


Hong Kong protests: Ranjeet Brar speaks to George Galloway on RT

‘The history of Hong Kong is one that mirrors the history of British imperialism.’

Comrade Ranjeet Brar (which oddly reminds us of Harpal Brar, his dad? and father of  Joti Brar , ‘vice-Chair? see note below *) of the CPGB-ML speaks with George Galloway on his show Sputnik about events unfolding in Hong Kong.

Who are the protestors? What are their demands? What is the role of British and US imperialism and the corporate ‘mainstream’ media? Why have British and US flags been appearing in the hands of demonstrators?


  • Harpal Brar (born 5 October 1939) is an Indian communist politician, writer and businessman, based in Britain. He is the founder and former chairman of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist), a role from which he stood down in 2018. Brar was appointed Eternal Honorary Chairman of the Party in August 2019. “He, along with his daughter Joti Brar, is an active member of the Stalin Society, the website of which contains articles disproving alleged Soviet wrongdoing in the Katyn massacre, the Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor), and the Moscow Trials which they blame on the Nazis, dismiss as propaganda, or describe as fair process, respectively.”



Galloway doesn’t go for half-measures:

“These foreign-funded and guided organisations are carefully stabled Trojan Horses chomping their British and American supplied hay until the time came for them to be told to gallop, and gallop they now are.

This is all Hong Kong phooey! No other country in the world would have shown such forbearance in the face of foreign-sponsored rioting destruction and sabotage of the national economy as China has. If in the days to come China’s patience runs out, it will not be before time so far as the great majority of Chinese citizens, including Hong Kong citizens, are concerned.

China signed up to the one country, two systems in the territory. It did not agree to two countries, two systems. Not one inch of Hong Kong belongs to anyone but China. The days when foreign countries could impose their will on China are long gone.”

Hong Kong phooey! Would you like any hypocrisy with that? RT.

George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator.

Who is behind the Hong Kong protests?

Comrade Ella Rule features in this Kalima Horra debate, hosted by George Galloway.


Galloway has a pat on the head from the Chinese state:

Here is Galloway’s other stunt:





Written by Andrew Coates

August 24, 2019 at 11:51 am

News from the Red-Brown Front, Spiked Backs Anti-Gay Protesting Parents, Galloway to stand against Tom Watson.

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Image result for anti lgbt protests birmingham

“True Meaning of Tolerance” Says Spiked.

Those protesting Muslim parents are in the right

Tim Black. Spiked.

It is the LGBT education programme that is the real authoritarian force.

……throughout their statements, on their placards and in their interviews, the parents at Parkfield and beyond have come far closer to articulating the true meaning of tolerance than any of their supposedly tolerant critics.

It is the parents, therefore, who are experiencing the school as the intolerant force. For it is the school, through programmes like No Outsiders, that is refusing to accept that the moral choices of others, in this case parents of faith, are only for those others to make. Instead, it is attempting to make those choices in place of parents, to re-educate children morally, to force a particular set of values and beliefs on to children who, being of primary-school age, still ought to belong to the moral universe of their parents.


In the conflict over LGBT lessons, the state, one hand gripping the Equality Act 2010 and the other dishing out accusations of homophobia, reveals its intolerant face.


when Muslims really do express their Muslimness, as they are doing in their disputes with various primary schools, it seems policymakers and government advisers are only too happy to target them – and, sadly, any others who aspire to live according to their conscience.

The state may preach tolerance, but it is betraying it in practice.

There are countrywide protests planned for the autumn, which the national populist Spiked is expected to back.


From the same Spiked stable the former Revolutionary Communist Party stalwart and Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox is in the news again with a reminder of her past associations.


Meanwhile the  Red-Brown Front is gearing into action.

George Galloway plans to challenge Labour deputy Tom Watson as ‘pro-Brexit’ candidate


Mr Galloway is planning to stand as a pro-Brexit, pro-Jeremy Corbyn independent candidate against Mr Watson in his West Bromwich East constituency.

The 64-year-old former Labour member said he is planning to hold a campaign launch event in the Black Country “within 10 days”.

He claimed Mr Watson had tried to “wreck” Brexit and had been the “driving force” behind Labour’s break with a 2017 party manifesto pledge to honour the referendum result to leave.



Written by Andrew Coates

July 18, 2019 at 11:46 am

Galloway has a Good Word for Trump.

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One Man Red-Brown Front. 

Our concern for our old mucker grows.


He tweeted this, direct from the Red -Brown front.



He has taken to retweeting this:




And comments thus,


Written by Andrew Coates

June 17, 2019 at 1:36 pm

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Galloway Gives Advice on Peterborough Brexit Party Defeat and Gets Embroiled in Charity Scandal.

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Image result for galloway and farage

Red-Brown Front in Trouble After Peterborough Labour Win.

The Peterborough result merits a longer post – starting with how the Brexit Party has clearly not got its Crosby and  Glasgow Hillhead by-election moment, but for the moment this is my reaction.

Comrade Missy to Young Sheldon,

“Why can’t I just be happy?”

Here is Galloway’s comment.

Only a few weeks ago..

Outspoken ex-MP George Galloway announces he will stand in Peterborough by-election

Then, on the Third of May.

George Galloway wants to be the Brexit Party candidate in the Peterborough by-election

Followed by, on the 8th of May,

Peterborough by-election: George Galloway withdraws from contest after missing out on Brexit Party nomination

No doubt we will hear the sound of sour grapes being chomped for some  time to come.

Today we also learn that Britain’s leading Red-Brown fronter has troubles of his own.

Galloway charity ‘may have delivered no aid despite £1m donations’


A charity fronted by the former MP George Galloway may not have conducted any charitable activity or distributed any humanitarian aid despite claiming to have gathered £1m in public donations, according to an investigation from the charity regulator.

On Thursday it finally concluded its investigation and found that the trustees had:

  • Failed in their statutory duty to provide any financial accounts, in breach of the charity’s own governing document and charity law.
  • Failed to address the outstanding regulatory concerns by completing the steps required in the action plan.
  • Failed to co-operate with the commission during its investigation, including failing to provide information.
  • Failed in their duty to provide and maintain proper financial controls and to properly manage and administer their charity.
  • Failed to discharge their duties to safeguard the charity’s money and assets and to act prudently, which included avoiding activities that may have placed their funds, assets or reputation at undue risk, namely:
    • they failed in the basic requirement to keep receipts and records of income and expenditure and so be able to properly account for charitable funds raised and spent. These basic requirements are all the more important when charitable funds are raised from members of the public and used for humanitarian needs in conflict zones;
    • there were no basic financial controls or policies in place to account for and safeguard funds coming into the charity and being spent.

The commission concluded: “In summary, the charity was not properly governed, managed or administered by its trustees – as a result of those failings its reputation, that of the wider charitable sector, and charitable funds donated by the public to the charity were put at risk.”

Written by Andrew Coates

June 7, 2019 at 12:04 pm