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Anti-Labour Morning Star Touts Chris Williamson and the Grayzone.

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Chris Williamson: Top Morning Star Commentator and Leading Red-Browner.

Even for Williamson this is a new low:

British foreign policy – cui bono?

Questions remain unanswered over the government-funded Integrity Initiative. What have ministers got to hide, asks CHRIS WILLIAMSON

Just take a gander at this drivel!

A group of EU remainiac MPs refuse to believe that the British people willingly voted to leave the European Union.

Instead, they are insisting that it was all Russia’s fault. These jokers are so obsessed with this fanciful notion that they are taking the government to court for not launching an inquiry.

They are incapable of acknowledging that people rejected the EU’s neoliberal project and want something better. Something that serves the interests of the people instead of the elites.

The tout continues,

That was the political programme of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and it precipitated the very British coup that deposed him, in which those same parliamentarians participated.

The fourth estate, and the deep state, were deployed to crush the Corbyn project. A project that defied the neoliberal consensus and prioritised peace and disarmament over war and arms sales — in short, a project that challenged the imperialist status quo, and that was unconscionable to the powerful vested interests behind the coup.

Mouth froths as Williamson sips his quinoa tea,

The plot was disclosed in a series of documents that were leaked earlier this year.

Max Blumenthal broke the story in the Grayzone, and investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg also covered the scandal.

They revealed that the Reuters Foundation, and BBC Media Action, were engaged in a covert information warfare campaign.

These supposedly impartial media giants were working alongside intelligence contractors known as “the Consortium.”

The project was overseen by a mysterious FCO department called Counter Disinformation and Media Development.

It ran a series of training programmes for Russian journalists to produce an “attitudinal change in the participants.”

I had raised the FCO’s shady shenanigans in the House of Commons through a series of oral and written questions.

I was particularly interested to find out more about why the government was bankrolling the Integrity Initiative, which has received millions of pounds in public money.

This supposed charity was established by the Institute for Statecraft to counter Russian disinformation.

But I was stonewalled at every turn by ministers citing national security for their reticence.

My persistence seemed to upset the Foreign Office Minister, Alan Duncan.

He referred to me in his recently published diaries, when he wrote the following revealing passage: “It’s all being pushed by the odious Chris Williamson, the hard-left Labour MP who’s probably the most hated man in Parliament.”

What an accolade! Given the calibre of our present parliamentarians, I would be more concerned if he had said I was the most liked man in Parliament.

Which brings me back to the question I posed at the beginning — whose interests does British foreign policy serve?

If more of us started asking that question, policy-makers would find it impossible to justify the existing status quo.

Chris Williamson was MP for Derby North from 2010-15 and 2017-19.

This is the stripe of the man these days:

This tout has form:

Written by Andrew Coates

July 10, 2021 at 5:46 pm

Communist Party of Great Britain (M-L) (now cadres of Galloway’s party) on “heroic and self-sacrificing” 9/11 Murderers.

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Marxist update (2011)

Via this, (John will provide his own article, which promises to be interesting).

 Two statements from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).  For the sake of clarity, I need to point out that the CPGB(ML) did not exist in 2001, but the statements carried in Lalkar at the time are in complete continuity with the thinking of the party to be founded in 2004.

Extract, from,

The Significance of the September 11th Events

Heroic fighters for national liberation

Those who flew the planes into the Pentagon and the twin towers of the WTC, far from being terrorists pure and simple, whom every educated philistine and stupid yokel from the imperialist countries denounces without much thought, were actually some of the most heroic and self-sacrificing representatives of the national liberation movement of the Arab peoples. Their actions were a continuation, and an extension, of the vibrant national liberation struggle of the Arab peoples.

These actions were greeted with limitless jubilation by the masses, not only in the Middle East but also in the vast continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America, notwithstanding the contrary condemnatory statements of the heads of state and governments in these countries who dare not speak the truth for fear of provoking retaliation from the almighty, and yet so vulnerable, US imperialism.

As a result, far from revealing themselves as a tiny clique of conspirators or senseless maniacs, whose actions aroused no sympathy among the masses, they have shown themselves to be the ardent champions of national liberation and irreconcilable enemies of imperialist plunder and oppression, whose actions are an inspiration to tens of millions of people in the Middle East and beyond, who are already actively participating in their respective countries in the movements aimed at expelling imperialism and removing its stooges.

Note: the Deputy Leader of the Workers Party of Britain (leader George Galloway) , Jodi Brar is also the Vice-Chair of the CPGB (M-L) and the daughter of the leading figure of Lakkar and the CPGB (M-L) behind this obscenity, Harpal Brar.

Introducing the Workers Party

LEADER: George Galloway :: Deputy leader: Joti Brar

The establishment of the Workers Party, with the anti-imperialist and socialist politician George Galloway at its head, can provide inspiration to those who, like himself, find themselves politically homeless or desire to put their talents, creativity and energies at the service of the working class.

We reject a future of parasitism where the British people, through the operation of the City of London, degenerate into an unemployed feckless rump living off cheap imported food and the plastic-electronic consumables of global capitalist anarchy

Update, John has now written this:

George Galloway, the CPGB(ML) and 9/11.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 9, 2021 at 11:18 am

Workers Party of Britain aims to build Red-Brown Base in Batley and Spen.

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George Galloway cpgb-ml

Galloway’s Core Cadres; the CPGB (M-L).

From Yorkshire Live.

Defeated Batley & Spen by-election candidate George Galloway is understood to be setting up a base in the area in order to fight next year’s local elections.

Campaign manager for Mr Galloway, James Giles, said support was growing and that the party was intending to set up groups across the country “from Penzance to the Shetland Islands”.

The Workers Party is also embroiled in a legal tussle over the by-election and is seeking to have the result set aside. Mr Giles said it was hoping to have the case heard in the High Court.


Locals who lived through what has been described as a bitter and divisive by-election period say Mr Galloway’s support is actually drifting away.

One said: “It was like a frenzy during the by-election but people are now realising that they’ve been taken for a ride.

“It’s only after Galloway lost that people came to their senses. A lot are now questioning the whole thing.

“They’re leaving in droves. Support is dwindling. People feel they made a mistake.”

Who are the real cadres of the Workers Party of Britain?

Joti Brar@joti2gazaAnti-imperialist, scientific socialist, truthseeker, mum. Workers of the world, unite; we have a world to win! @WorkersPartyGB@CPGBMLhttp://t.me/JotiBrar

The Deputy Leader of the WPB and daughter of the former Dear Leader r of the CPBML, Harpal Brar who is now herself also the Dear Leader of the of CPB (M-L)

Galloway and the CPGB-ML: notes on a romance


…..the CPGB-ML, if it has inherited anything from its patriarch, should not be dismissed as a mere nothing. Even though the formation of another pure Stalinist sect in 2004 was of no significance to the strategic woes of the revolutionary left, it was reasonably astute to form the CPGB-ML in 2004 in order to mop up what remained of the old ‘anti-revisionist’ communist milieu in the face of the terminal decline of older organisations such as the New Communist Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) and the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist). Also, the Morning Star’s CPB had started to become more agnostic, at least in public, on issues such as Stalin’s legacy, which annoyed some of its members. By contrast, the CPGB-ML is defiantly unambiguous in praising Stalin’s Soviet Union, in a manner that echoes the personality cults of the 1930s and 1940s. Allied to this, the CPGB-ML is clearly a well-disciplined, well-financed, ‘cadre’ organisation that punches beyond its weight in terms of the money and commitment it gets from its members. It has obviously recruited younger members in some numbers, although there has recently been some internal controversy around the issues of identity politics and transsexual rights that I’m not qualified to comment on.

The Communists

Communist party of great britain (marxist-leninist)

In the above organ of the ‘party’ they publish this statement,

The following statement was issued by the Workers Party of Britain on 27 April 2021.


The Workers Party of Britain is opposed to the mandatory use of identity card documents, or digital applications, linked to personal medical information, in this instance Covid status, either by proof of vaccination or recent test result.

Workers Party statement: No to Covid passports

It is hard to tell their exact weight within the WPB, although as a centralised group they clearly play a greater role than mere foot-soldiers. The mix of ‘anti-imperialism’, nationalism, right wing cultural views, odd bits of libertarianism, and sovereigntist ideology masquerading as socialism is a characteristic of many other red-brown confusionniste groups.

On the far-right GB News:

Written by Andrew Coates

July 7, 2021 at 3:35 pm