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Campaigners for Éric Zemmour Face Storm After Using Images of Victims of Terrorism in far-right Campaign.

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Levées de fonds, campagne d'affichage, Eric Zemmour se prépare pour 2022 -

Campaign Already Faces Storm.

«Zemmour boys» et instrumentalisation des victimes du terrorisme : une plainte déposée

Libération yesterday.

The 13onze15 association has filed a complaint after the broadcast, Tuesday afternoon, of photomontages of victims of terrorism by supporters of the editorialist who wish to see him as a candidate for 2022.

Associations and families of victims of the attacks do not have harsh enough words to denounce the exploitation of their loved ones who fell on November 13, 2015 by circles campaigning for the candidacy of Eric Zemmour in the presidential election of 2022. This The campaign was organised and broadcast by the networks of the columnist convicted of inciting racial hatred – but who however carefully kept his distance – with the keyword #NosViesCountent on Twitter. An unworthy and dangerous manipulation according to relatives of victims contacted by Liberation.

Nouvel Obs.

From Tuesday, July 19, the “Generation Z” group, which claims to be a youth movement supporting a potential candidacy of the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour for the presidential election, as well as Twitter accounts supporting the editorialist, has been disseminating photos of victims of attacks as part of a digital campaign. A complaint was lodged by an association.

Among these photos, victims of the Bataclan, the terraces of November 13, but also the couple of police officers killed in Magnanville (Yvelines), in June 2016, Father Hamel killed in his church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in 2016 The faces of victims who died during various events which had marked the national debate are also found, such as the young Victorine , found dead in Ville (Isère) in September, Brigadier Eric Masson , killed during a check in Avignon in May , or Adrien Perez , killed leaving a nightclub in 2018 while trying to defend a friend.

Will French Ultra-Right Pundit Zemmour Run For President?

By Samy Adghirni and Daniel Zuidijk29 June 2021,

Zemmour is a controversial television pundit, who makes the leader of the anti-immigration National Rally look soft. There’s been speculation for weeks about whether Zemmour would enter the race in April 2022. He hasn’t confirmed his intentions — but his supporters have taken matters in their own hands, plastering placards of him wearing an enigmatic half-smile on walls across the country.

While Zemmour and his supporters have often benefited from great media visibility, he’d get only 5.5% of votes in the presidential election, according to a recent poll by Ifop. That places him way behind Le Pen, who’s polling second behind President Emmanuel Macron.

While this may split the Rassemblement National vote for Maine Le Pen, – if it is more than self-publicising for Zemmour and his friends – this campaign indicates just how far the extreme right in France is prepared to go publicly these days.

It goes without saying that using the victims of terrorism for this so-called Presidential bid is about as low as you can get.

Written by Andrew Coates

July 22, 2021 at 2:39 pm

Star of CNews, Far Right Éric Zemmour, Faces New Sexual Harassment Claims.

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Un SMS envoyé par Éric Zemmour le 22 avril 2018. © Document Mediapart

I shall be waiting for you to invite me round yours to rape you.

Popularity of far-right topics on France’s CNews sparks election concern

Angelique Chrisafis 

Over the last weeks the French media has covered the rise of CNews, and having watched it on-line this is an accurate description of this fear-mongering hate channel.

CNews, the Paris-based news channel whose heated talkshows on crime and immigration has led critics to call it a “French Fox News”, this month hit record viewing figures, leading to concerns on the left that its focus on law and order and national identity could boost the far-right Marine Le Pen at next year’s presidential election.

This highly recommended article continues,

The channel’s star, who appears nightly on the debate show Face à L’Info, which sometimes peaks at more than 1 million viewers,cis Eric Zemmour, an essayist, polemicist and journalist for the newspaper Le Figaro, whose finger-jabbing oration peppered with historical references has seen him labelled France’s most famous far-right ideologue.

Zemmour’s criminal convictions for racial and religious hate speech include a 2010 ruling after he said “most drug dealers are black and Arab” and in 2019 when he likened Muslims in France to “colonisers”. But that has not dented his prominent TV career on several channels and his books that top nonfiction bestsellers lists. In court he has argued that he is not a “provocateur” but a faithful observer of reality who refuses political correctness.

(Tendance Coatesy has covered Zemmour in some detail)

In March, France’s media regulator fined CNews €200,000 for broadcasting comments by Zemmour on child migrants and the asylum system, which it deemed hate speech.

But since then, viewing figures have continued to rise for Zemmour and the channel’s other popular weekday shows. This month, daily viewing figures showed that for the first time, on several dates, CNews edged ahead of its main rival, the rolling news channel BFMTV, to become France’s top rolling news channel in several weekday slots.

This is now on Mediapart.

Eric Zemmour conforté par ses employeurs, de nouveaux témoignages l’accusent

Mediapart has collected new testimonies and documents questioning the behaviour of the polemicist with women. In 2018, he wrote this SMS to a young press officer: ”  So I’ll wait until you invite me to your home to rape you  !”


  Deux nouveaux témoignages accusent Eric Zemmour d’agressions sexuelles.

Two new Witnesses accuse Zemmour of sexual assault.

On the rape comment the French Huffington Post says,

At the time, the young woman had reported these word to a member of her family who confirmed them to Mediapart . Later, she had had the message noted by a huissier de justice judicial officer. The risk of professional consequences against her and the lack of support from certain people around her, “ideologically close to Zemmour” she explained, had convinced the young woman not to file a complaint. Asked about this testimony, Eric Zemmour did not respond to requests from Mediapart .

Written by Andrew Coates

May 31, 2021 at 10:55 am

Attack on Bayonne Mosque, Suspect was admirer of Eric Zemmour, and a former candidate for the Front National.

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Suspect  wrote (2014), “My Dear Eric,  at Ruquier, you would have been more scathing, saying simply, we were at war against the Islamists…”

An 84-year-old man who once stood as a far-right candidate in local elections has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a shooting and arson attack that injured two people outside a mosque in south-west France. Two men aged 74 and 78 are in a serious but stable condition in hospital after the incident in Bayonne on Monday afternoon.

Police said a man tried to set fire to the door of the mosque and that when he was interrupted, he opened fire. The man then set fire to a car before fleeing, police said.

The suspect was arrested close to his home in the Landes, 10 miles away. The two injured men are believed to have been worshippers at the mosque.

A police source told Reuters that the suspect was a candidate in local elections in the Landes in 2015 for Marine Le Pen’s far-right party, Front National, which has since been renamed National Rally (Rassemblement National). He took 18% of the vote in the first round.


The suspect, Claude Sinké, was not only  a candidate for the Front National. He is an admirer of Eric Zemmour, the far-right polemicist who made the headlines in France recently and has been convicted of incitement to racial hatred.

The English speaking media offers little coverage of Zemmour, who for a long-time was best known as the author of the “declinist” door-stopper,  Le Suicide français (2014). It begins with the phrase, La France est l’homme malade de  L’europe  (France is the sick man of Europe). For those unwilling to fork out for its 538 pages the message is simple, and summarised by admirers and defenders. The book’s main thesis is that nation-states have declined in power and, above all that France has lost its historic leading role. The facade of the Nation is intact, but it has become a Museum, an historic Monument, without a living heart. This “Potemkin Republic” has been hollowed out in the wake of May 68, the Marxist revolutionaries, feminists and post-Christians  who have brought about the triumph of liberal globalist capitalism. They are the harbingers of individualism and national self-loathing.

Much of the controversy around Le Suicide français  centres on its ambiguous stand on the Vichy regime and its patriotism and paternalism,  which he argued gave a degree of protection) towards French Jews.

This, important as it is, should not mean neglecting the ideological heart of the tome.

Zemmour’s loathing of May 68,  like many on the British red-brown front, extends to the individualism of human rights politics,  which he sees as a justification for humanitarian intervention. He is a critic of neoliberalism, and the European Union. Zemmour welcomed the vote for Brexit, describing it as “Une nouvelle Révolution poussée par les vents d’Ouest” (a new revolution, blown by the winds of the West).

It’s his stand on immigration, arguing for the ‘somewhere’ people against migration promoted by elites, that has kept the writer in the public eye.

Pour Éric Zemmour, l’« impuissance » à assimiler les nouveaux immigrés, participe d’un « déclin » français. Il affirme qu’au « nom des droits de l’homme », les « élites » sont aujourd’hui des « prédicateurs » qui « bénissent des millions de « barbares » étrangers […] sans se préoccuper si ceux-ci […] ont envie d’adopter les mœurs de leur nouveau pays ; et se moquent éperdument de l’avis des populations autochtones qui subissent stoïquement ces vagues infinies »

For Eric Zemmour, the “incapacity” to assimilate new immigrants is part of French decline.  He says that in “the name of human rights”, the “elites” are today “sermonisers ” who “bless millions of foreign” barbarians “without worrying […] whether they want to adopt the customs of their new country; and could not care less about the opinions of the indigenous population who stoically put up with these endless waves (of immigrants)  “

He is a fervent supporter of national populism.

Recently Zemmour has attracted a great deal of attention.

As an admiring US site covers why,

Eric Zemmour’s Blockbuster Speech

Eric Zemmour, an Algerian-born French Jew, is a best-selling author and the most popular figure on the French Right. He delivered the keynote address at Marion Maréchal’s big Convention Of The Right in Paris last weekend (TAC’s Scott McConnell reported on it here). Zemmour is an extremely controversial figure in France. A French-speaking reader writes to say that after delivering his speech on Saturday.

Zemmour is now facing multiple lawsuits from anti-racist groups, has been roundly condemned in a petition by a French journalists’ association and has had media appearances and contracts cancelled. If nothing else, [the speech] should inform you as to the mood in France, at least among a rather large faction of the right.


We live under the reign of a new Hitler-Stalin Pact. Our two totalitarianisms have allied to destroy us before tearing each other to pieces. This is their shared objective, their Holy Grail. To the liberal human-rights crowd go the cities. To Islam goes the suburbs [les banlieues]. For now, the one group provides the other with domestics: pizza delivery, taxis, nannies, restaurant kitchens and drugs. With their media and judicial power, the others protect their domestics against the muted abhorrence of the French people they both loathe – one group because they are French and not American, the other because they are Catholic by culture, not Muslim.

In recent years, many clever people have compared the European Union to the defunct Soviet Union and the monetary weaponry of the ECB to the Warsaw Pact tanks launched in service of the Brezhnev Doctrine of limited sovereignty. In Italy, in England, we presently see the unusual effectiveness with which parliaments and judges are fighting the people’s will. Law and so-called constitutional procedures against the freedom of peoples. We have fully returned to those regimes that, in their turn, also claimed to be people’s democracies.


I like Renaud Camus’ way of putting it: “one must choose between living and together” [a play on words on the slogan “vivre ensemble”]. The question today is thus that of the people. The people can remake a nation. The French people against the universalisms, whether market or Islamic. The French people against the cosmopolitan citizens of the world who feel closer to the inhabitants of New York or London than to their compatriots in Montélimar or Béziers and the French people against the Islamic universalism that is transforming Bobigny, Roubaix and Marseille into so many Islamic Republics and which waves the Algerian or Palestinian flags when its football team wins – I mean the team it loves, the team of their parents’ country, not the team of their ID or health insurance card.


This question of identity is also the most unifying for it joins the working and middle classes and even that portion of the bourgeoisie that remains attached to its country. Yes, it brings together all currents of the right and even that part of the left that continues to have ties with the French people – all of them except the internationalist left and the globalist right, which have already joined ranks with the Macronist progressives and for whom France no longer exists and for whom all that matters are the cities of the world where the banks that manage their money are located.

The Nouvel Obs (2nd of October) described this speech as an implicit appeal to civil war.

« Le discours d’Eric Zemmour est, à demi-mot, un appel à la guerre civile »

Libération followed this,

Gérard Noiriel : «Les propos d’Eric Zemmour sont une incitation à demi-mot à la guerre civile»

Editorialising on the broadcast of the conference at which it was delivered le Monde talked of Televised Hatred.

Eric Zemmour et la haine télévisée

You can watch and hear the frankly foul rant in the original here;


Now it is being reported that the man suspected of the Bayonne Mosque attack is an admirer of Zemmour.

Attaque de la mosquée de Bayonne : ex-candidat FN, le suspect était aussi fan d’Eric Zemmour


The man is far from unknown in the Basque Country. Lionel Causse, MP LREM (la République en Marche) , worked with him when he was mayor of Saint-Martin de Seignanx. ” In the past, I had banned Claude Sinké’s access to the town hall because he always came to see me and was verbally violent with me and the staff of the town hall. He was, “Xenophobic and homophobic, ”  reports  Sud-Ouest.

We find traces of this retiree on different blogs and social networks,. These paint the profile of a man tormented, whose mind seems confused, describing himself as ” whimsical “. He also supported polemicist Eric Zemmour , recently convicted for provoking racial hatred.


Many of his publications are devoted to his artistic activity. A Sud-Ouest article published in 2013 describes him as a ” Saint-Martin sculptor unclassifiable and committed “, also ” president of the association Les Amis des arts bayonnais “. On Facebook, he published a photo of himself with several sculptures, including one in  colours of the United States and another in those of the Basque Country.(See above)  ” I thought, in my early years that it was useful first to overcome the existential needs before expressing myself on the artistic level (…) I started with lamps and sculptures that you can see here. above . “


Engaged – apparently – against globalised ultra-liberalism, Claude Sinké is also interested in women’s rights: “

On the site of Zemmour, the former FN candidate  wrote a message of support addressed to Eric Zemmour, published on the group entitled “the blog of those who love Eric Zemmour”.

See also: Attaque d’une mosquée à Bayonne : «Il était vindicatif contre certaines communautés»  Libération. 

Somebody was listening to Zemmour’s appeal.


Written by Andrew Coates

October 29, 2019 at 12:52 pm