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Comrades of the Year.

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As is traditional with all the internationally respected media Tendance Coatesy publishes a New Year’s List of Comrades of the Year.

  • The Strop. Stroppy Bird has been going through some hard times recently. She is now in the process of  ‘prendre pied  in East London. The whole working class and international movement hopes  she will flourish. Apart from anything she was the person who introduced us to Blogging and Facebook.
  • Dave Osler. The much-loved Strop’s partner and a bulwark of the left. For reasons too obvious to mention.
  • Louise. Now installed in Bristol she had kept the Red Flag, or rather Red Camera, flying. Anybody who thinks taking photos of left events and nature is an easy matter will only to compare the pics on my mobile with Louise’s.
  • Jim Denham. Anybody who inspires such bile from certain quarters has to have many good points. These were shown in Jim’s robust intervention in the Israel Shamiraffair. A quart of ale on us comrade!
  • Dave Broder. For finally prompting the Marxist internet achieve to translate comrade Juan R Posadas’ s  historic work on UFOs.

We leave the rest of this list open, that is when the Polish kids sitting next to me stop yelling and I can write properly….


Written by Andrew Coates

January 1, 2013 at 2:04 pm