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George Galloway, Keith Bennett, China and “Elite Grooming”.

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Keith Bennett | The Marxist-Leninist

Keith Bennett, “political Groomer”? 

In the latest Private Eye there is a piece, “Elite Grooming” about the 48 Group Club.

This is how the Club describes itself.

The motto of the 48 Group Club is ‘Equality and Mutual Benefit’ and it echoes the words of Zhou Enlai, China’s much-respected Premier from 1949 to 1976, who first used that phrase in 1953. Over the ensuing years, this commercial group, funded by its members, grew to be the most respected name in China-Britain trade, a name well known throughout China. The Group provided support and consultancy services to British companies entering China’s markets.

PE leads by saying that one-time members, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson ad Jack Straw have recently sought to distance themselves from this body. It is “accused in a forthcoming book of “grooming Britain’s elites to advance Beijing’s interests”.

This is a story that has recently run in the Mail, (5th of July)  “Blair, Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw have been linked to club which is objecting to book that claims to reveal how China is infiltrating the West.” The Mail (8th of July) has also claimed, “Former chancellor George Osborne ‘is linked to the pro China 48 Group Club’ amid claims the organisation is ‘grooming’ Britain’s elite with Beijing propaganda.”

The PE article concentrates on the deputy of the body, one Keith Bennett.

Bennett, the Eye points out, is a “an old stalwart if the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)” (CPGB, M-L).

The article lists Bennett’s membership of the Stalin Society, “full-on Pyongyang propagandist” who was “also honorary clerk to the all-party parliamentary group on North Korea”. There is also his role in the Hands off China Campaign and attacks on the “imperialist media” who “never tires of attacking China over its so-called ‘human rights violations”.

The piece  does not go into the way that the CPGB (M-L) supplies the cadres of George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain, an organisation no doubt not yet on the radar of the “imperialist media”.

What are the politics of this group?

The ferociously pro-Brexit ‘party’ has this vision of the future,

In tandem with these measures will be the coordinated action of workers and government to ensure that the ever-increasing productivity of labour, arising today from the development of robots and artificial intelligence, is put at the service of lightening the drudgery of work and not replacing the working class. We reject a future of parasitism where the British people, through the operation of the City of London, degenerate into an unemployed feckless rump living off cheap imported food and the plastic-electronic consumables of global capitalist anarchy.

Introducing the Workers Party

Galloway has his own history of co-operation with Bennett.

Here he talks of him as a “comrade and friend”.

Galloway interviewed Bennett 14 months ago.

Keith Bennett of the Hands off China Campaign speaks on George Galloway’s Weekly programme “The Real Deal” on Press TV.

Here is the Deputy Leader of the Workers Party of Britain, a long-time CPGB (M-L) cadre.

Wikipedia states that the CPGB (M-L) faces this allegation

The party receives funding in donations from businesses owned by Central Committee member Keith Bennett, a business magnate and consultant with investments and factories in China. There is suspicion that the funding from business interests in China is the main reason behind the parties refusal to criticize the Beijing regime for abuses of workers.

Former MP Chris Williamson is another person now orbiting in Galloway’s circles.

One has to ask: is there some kind of ‘anti-elite grooming” going on here?


More on China from Jim: 

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Factionalism in the Time of Coranavirus Part 11: Chris Williamson Gets Close to Galloway’s Workers Party.

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Getting Close up to Galloway and pro-Brexit ultras of the Workers Party – aka as the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).


Chris Williamson was reported to be organising a ‘grass roots’ event, the ‘Festival of Resistance’ on the 20th of June but we learn from his site, “The Resistance” that,

In view of the ongoing Coronavirus calamity, we have decided to postpone the Festival of Resistance that was planned for the weekend of 20 June this year.

The festival has now been rescheduled for the weekend of 17/18 October in Derby, where we will aim to have an array of excellent speakers, workshops and films.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism asserts that speakers are already lined up,

The Resist Festival is due to feature controversial speakers including the rapper Lowkey, the outspoken academic Noam Chomsky, the activist Max Blumenthal and representatives from the ‘yellow vest’ protests in France.

This is one of his most recent public interventions,

Williamson has some new best friends:

This follows an earlier chum-fest with Galloway in May:

Chris Williamson’s views on the opinions of the Deputy Leader of Galloway’s Workers Party, Joti Brar, (Anti-imperialist, communist, media worker, truthseeker, mum. Workers of the world, unite; we have a world to win! @CPGBML @WorkersPartyGB )are not known.

Here are some of them, “Joti Brar is an active member of the Stalin Society, the website of which contains articles denying Soviet wrongdoing in the Katyn massacre, the Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor), and the Moscow Trials which they blame on the Nazis, dismiss as propaganda, or describe as fair process, respectively.”

Williamson could not stand as the Labour candidate in his Derby North constituency in the 2019 General Election as a result of his active suspension. He resigned from the Labour Party and stood as an independent candidate. He won 635 votes, losing his deposit and coming bottom of the poll.

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Galloway Launches Workers Party of Britain in Birmingham Mass Meeting.

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Image result for workers party of britain birmham rally"

It’s off!

Birmingham yesterday saw the launch rally of an exciting new party that will shake the boots of the bourgeoisie and EU elites!

In a hall packed out with all the supporters they could muster, the twinkle-eyed man in the Fedora addressed the crowds who thoughtfully left many seats vacant for late-comers.

Ignore the empty chairs!

The Red Brown Front is growing as Galloway retweets this cutting edge put-down of Wokedom.

Galloway may no longer get the rave reviews from old friends  Counterfire and Socialist Worker but he has a new ally in the Daily Express.

George Galloway brilliantly explains why Brexit is ‘beginning of the end’ for ‘fading EU’

See more of the historic public launch of the Workers Party of Britain. Delegates from across the country discuss policy and the future for a real workers movement in Britain!

It’s already getting rave reviews!

Being a Tory most of my life I am pleasantly surprised that I agree with everything this party stands for. It’s time to unite the left and the right in this country.
When I joined the Labour party in 1984. The party represented men in donkey jackets and steel toe capped boot’s. Today’s Labour party represents men in high heels and a floral print dress.