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Anti-Labour Morning Star Touts Chris Williamson and the Grayzone.

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Chris Williamson: Top Morning Star Commentator and Leading Red-Browner.

Even for Williamson this is a new low:

British foreign policy – cui bono?

Questions remain unanswered over the government-funded Integrity Initiative. What have ministers got to hide, asks CHRIS WILLIAMSON

Just take a gander at this drivel!

A group of EU remainiac MPs refuse to believe that the British people willingly voted to leave the European Union.

Instead, they are insisting that it was all Russia’s fault. These jokers are so obsessed with this fanciful notion that they are taking the government to court for not launching an inquiry.

They are incapable of acknowledging that people rejected the EU’s neoliberal project and want something better. Something that serves the interests of the people instead of the elites.

The tout continues,

That was the political programme of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and it precipitated the very British coup that deposed him, in which those same parliamentarians participated.

The fourth estate, and the deep state, were deployed to crush the Corbyn project. A project that defied the neoliberal consensus and prioritised peace and disarmament over war and arms sales — in short, a project that challenged the imperialist status quo, and that was unconscionable to the powerful vested interests behind the coup.

Mouth froths as Williamson sips his quinoa tea,

The plot was disclosed in a series of documents that were leaked earlier this year.

Max Blumenthal broke the story in the Grayzone, and investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg also covered the scandal.

They revealed that the Reuters Foundation, and BBC Media Action, were engaged in a covert information warfare campaign.

These supposedly impartial media giants were working alongside intelligence contractors known as “the Consortium.”

The project was overseen by a mysterious FCO department called Counter Disinformation and Media Development.

It ran a series of training programmes for Russian journalists to produce an “attitudinal change in the participants.”

I had raised the FCO’s shady shenanigans in the House of Commons through a series of oral and written questions.

I was particularly interested to find out more about why the government was bankrolling the Integrity Initiative, which has received millions of pounds in public money.

This supposed charity was established by the Institute for Statecraft to counter Russian disinformation.

But I was stonewalled at every turn by ministers citing national security for their reticence.

My persistence seemed to upset the Foreign Office Minister, Alan Duncan.

He referred to me in his recently published diaries, when he wrote the following revealing passage: “It’s all being pushed by the odious Chris Williamson, the hard-left Labour MP who’s probably the most hated man in Parliament.”

What an accolade! Given the calibre of our present parliamentarians, I would be more concerned if he had said I was the most liked man in Parliament.

Which brings me back to the question I posed at the beginning — whose interests does British foreign policy serve?

If more of us started asking that question, policy-makers would find it impossible to justify the existing status quo.

Chris Williamson was MP for Derby North from 2010-15 and 2017-19.

This is the stripe of the man these days:

This tout has form:

Written by Andrew Coates

July 10, 2021 at 5:46 pm

Chris Williamson Defends Poor Old George Galloway.

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Britain’s Most Celebrated Vegan Backs Galloway.

There is a whole section of the Labour left which defended Chris Williamson. They stood with him against his expulsion from Labour, invited him to their meetings, got him on their platforms, had him in their fronts, like Labour in Exile. The Socialist Party even got him backing the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Look at the state of the blighter now:

Populist left candidate George Galloway’s campaign pitch against LGBTIQ-inclusive education shares disinformation and conspiracy straight from the religious right. Sian Norris reports from Batley

On 25 June Galloway complained about “transmania”, sex and gender in an article for Russia Today. He told Spiked how Labour is “infatuated” with the trans issue, repeated the “transmania” term and said it was putting off working class voters.

He also told Spiked that the issue had not come up on the doorstep. And yet the next day, during a “Freedom of Speech” event, he explained he didn’t want primary school children taught “that there’s 99 genders, that men can become women.”

In the same speech, Galloway said he did not want children taught “how to masturbate” or “about anal sex” and “parents chest-feeding their children.” 

The claim that children are being taught about masturbation and anal sex at primary age is a classic religious-right trope shared by organisations linked to alt-right conspiracy theories such as Parent Power, Christian Concern and Voice for Justice UK, as well as anti-LGBTIQ Muslim activists such as Amir Ahmed, and Afsar himself.

These are groups and individuals who actively campaign against what they call “LGBT dogma” and “trans indoctrination” in schools by spreading the same disinformation and conspiracist ideas that Galloway shared on Friday.

Galloway’s electoral literature continues the attack on inclusive sex and relationships education (SRE). In one leaflet, Galloway writes “I will demand parental involvement in the school curriculum. I don’t want my children to be taught in a moral vacuum.”

While the leaflet is not explicitly referencing SRE, it’s unlikely complaints about parental involvement in the curriculum is about how Marie-Claire va au piscine in La Rochelle or methods for solving long division.

This again reflects one aspect of far and religious-right attacks on inclusive SRE: the conspiracist notion that the “LGBT agenda” seeks to undermine parental authority in the home.

Written by Andrew Coates

June 29, 2021 at 11:46 am

Red-Browner Chris Williamson sinks new Depths, “Zionist teachers around the country are violating children’s rights. Zionism is a racist ideology and has no place in society”.

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Britain’s Leading Vegan and Red Browner Sinks to New Depths.

This Creature, once a Blairite, then a ‘left’ MP, was backed by some sections of the left, and is at present a supporter of the Socialist Party/RMT Trade Union Socialist Alliance (TUSC). Have you ever, in all your puff, seen such a blighter? He’ll be accusing ‘Zionists’ of being child abusers next.

I leave this filth for others to comment further.

Update nothing about this campaign against ‘Zionist’ teachers yet on his Resistance Movement site;

Interim Organisational Committee

Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson

35scFounder and ex Labour MP for Derby North. Vegan and animal rights champion.

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts

35scFounding member of the Socialist Labour Party. Director for Resist. Lifelong Community activist and Anti Imperialist campaigner for Socialism.

Sian Bloor

Sian Bloor

24.20scFormer Trade Union Officer, Teacher and small business owner. Director & National Coordinator for Resist. Infrastructure and Membership.

Shamsher Chohan

Shamsher Chohan

16scDirector for Resist. Communities and Fundraising. Shamsher has worked to address inequalities in communities for over 30 years.

alan davies

alan davies

31scPhotographer and Co Founder of The Word newspaper.

Jurgen Wolf

Jurgen Wolf

14scScotland – (Highlands & Islands) Running printing works for leftist organisations in Europe and Palestine for 17 years. Lived for 25 years in South Africa. Consolidated Print media for the ANC after first all-race election 1994.

Written by Andrew Coates

May 19, 2021 at 8:14 pm