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Britain’s New Lenin, Chris Williamson, Shocked by new Grayzone Revelations of “sinister plot” to “torpedo Jeremy Corbyn”.

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“Every cook has to learn how to govern the state”. Attributed Vladimir Lenin, Will the Bolsheviks Retain Government Power ? (1917) (1)

Britain’s Vanguard Leader has a busy schedule in the coming days.

Then there is this: Chris Williamson Former Labour MP for Derby North. Animal rights champion and creator of popular vegan croissants, is appearing at the Way Beyond the Fringe festival.

Programme includes:

You can’t say that! Racism, antisemitism, ID politics – are there limits to free speech? With Steve Walker, Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein, Esther Giles and Chris Williamson

What future for the left? â€“ Debating the way forward. With Lesley Mahmood, Dave Nellist, Steve Walker, Chris Williamson, Ian Hodson, Jackie Walker and special guests

We shall look with interest at what Williamson has to say about his new discovery:

This all hinges on the Renew Party (no, I had not heard of it either, unlike, say the anti-Corbyn, pro-Remain Change UK). * Claiming to lead an Emmanuel Macron style political re-allignment it was founded in 2017 and disappeared without trace in 2019.

Yet not without unseen, and so far unacknowledged, hidden, or perhaps occult? effects on British politics. Or so the sleuths of Grayzone can now reveal. Kitty has the lowdown on how “Renew eventually played a decisive but hitherto unacknowledged role in Corbyn’s downfall.” The Grayzone gumshoes have unearthed that, “a closer look at the origins of the campaign for a second referendum reveals a far more sinister plot.”

calls for a second referendum did not originate from the British grassroots, but rather from the obscure Renew. As this investigation will reveal, Renew was established by operatives with deep, cohering ties to Britain’s military and intelligence establishment, including a long-standing psychological warfare specialist.

Strangely, Corbyn and his advisors failed to consider whether those leading the push for a second referendum were truly motivated by their adoration for Brussels bureaucrats, but instead a determination to scupper Labour’s electoral prospects. 

Corbyn’s commitment to a second Brexit referendum should be regarded as one of the gravest political missteps in recent British political history. Rather than provide a popular alternative to the Conservative government’s floundering Brexit negotiation process, Labour aligned itself with a nascent, fringe political movement borne of the very elite British voters sought to reject

And they may have engaged in this act of willful political suicide with a quiet but concerted nudge from the intelligence services which saw Corbyn’s ascent as an existential threat.

That’s us lot from Another Europe is Possible well sorted!

There is a theory about why Williamson is obsessed with the historic importance and influence of an obscure micro-party, but I just can’t remember for the moment what it is.

Well-established rumour has it that when he takes charge of the Socialist Labour Party Williamson intends to create a new movement in honour of his hero, the Kibbo Kit, a camping, hiking and handicraft youth group with ambitions to bring world peace.

More inside revelations from Grayzone:

*2019 general election Renew Candidates.

Bromley and ChislehurstJyoti Dialani1190.3[52]
Edinburgh North and LeithHeather Astbury1380.2[53]
Hackney North and Stoke NewingtonHaseeb Ur-Rehman1510.3[54]
Sefton CentralCarla Burns1370.3[55]

(1) The quote is a summary of this, “We are not utopians. We know that an unskilled labourer or a cook cannot immediately get on with the job of state administration. In this we agree with the Cadets, with Breshkovskaya, and with Tsereteli. We differ, however, from these citizens in that we demand an immediate break with the prejudiced view that only the rich, or officials chosen from rich families, are capable of administering the state, of performing the ordinary, everyday work of administration. We demand that training in the work of state administration be conducted by class-conscious workers and soldiers and that this training be begun at once, i.e., that a beginning be made at once in training all the working people, all the poor, for this work.

Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power. 1917.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 25, 2022 at 12:24 pm

Chris Williamson and his ‘Resist’ Movement Join Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party.

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“Lenin recognised the need for a vanguard political party — and I believe the SLP could fulfil that role.”

There are really serious things happening in the world, from Ukraine’s battle against the Russian invasion, to the fight for democracy against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Here in Britain we have the deeply depressing Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng budget today.

Sometimes you need a laugh.

Viz and PE have been overtaken by the Morning Star, the ‘People’s Daily’ independent of the Communist Party of Britain and run by the co-op.

It is time to back a new party in the elections

Announcing his intention to join the rival Socialist Labour Party established by Arthur Scargill in 1996, CHRIS WILLIAMSON argues that the time is now right to advocate a mass vote for parties that run against Starmer’s Labour from the left

“Britain’s democracy is a sham, but I believe the political vacuum could be filled by a rejuvenated Socialist Labour Party (SLP), the alternative party founded by Arthur Scargill in 1996.

I have lost count of the number of people who have said to me that what we need is “a socialist Labour Party.”

That is why Resist’s steering committee unanimously recommended to our members that we should join the SLP, and in a poll of Resist’s membership last month, 89 per cent voted in favour of the move.”


Britain’s most popular Vegan after Morrissey continues,

It is 110 years since Vladimir Lenin published his seminal pamphlet about the situation in tsarist Russia, What Is to Be Done.

We need to ask ourselves the same fundamental question — what is to be done in 21st-century Britain?”

NOTE, “Lenin’s work What Is To Be Done? was written at the end of 1901 and early in 1902. Published as a separate work in March 1902 ” (Hat tip GC).

Trade union militancy is also on the rise as a reaction to the cost-of-living catastrophe that has been facilitated by Nato’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Lenin recognised the need for a vanguard political party — and I believe the SLP could fulfil that role.

Corbyn showed that there is an appetite for a socialist alternative and I think the SLP has the potential to mount a serious challenge to the political duopoly.

It won’t be easy of course. The first-past-the-post system favours the mainstream parties, but the political duopoly has been broken before — and it can be broken again.

More recent attempts by parties like Respect, Tusc, and the SLP for that matter, floundered because the timing wasn’t right.

my plea to all Morning Star readers is to join us in this endeavour to build the Socialist Labour Party into a serious electoral force.

You can join us in Liverpool this Sunday at the Liner Hotel, which is a minute’s walk from Lime Street Station, when we will be formally announcing our intention to join the SLP.

Before one says, je te pisse Ă  la raie, most of us are already pissing ourselves laughing..

Socialist Labour Party Election Results.

Election year# of total votes% of overall vote# of seats won
1997[15]52,109 Increase0.2% IncreaseSteady
2001[16]57,288Increase0.2% IncreaseSteady
2005[17]20,167 Decrease0.1% DecreaseSteady
2010[18]7,196 Decrease0.0% DecreaseSteady
2015[19]3,481 Decrease0.0% SteadySteady
2017[19]1,154 Decrease0.0% SteadySteady
2019494 Decrease0.0% SteadySteady

In 2019 the SLP stood only one candidate, Kevin Cranney in Hartlepool. He got an encouraging 1,9% of the vote in the General Election that is 494 ballots, which stands up well to recent TUSC results..

The SLP leader, one Arthur Scargill, called a “would-be labour dictator” by his opponents such as the Weekly Worker lot, was not known in the past for his tolerance to any rival leadership or competing groups in his little band. They have an interesting history with Stalin Society stalwart Harpal Brar, on their executive in the early years of the new millenium, whose little band was booted out, formed the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) in 2004, and whose members are now are the main cadres of George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain.

The Communist Party of Britain (Provisional Central Committee), of the Weekly Worker, publisher of another Arthur who writes on this Blog, were also in the SLP till the formation of the Socialist Alliance around the same time.

There is also the, sadly not widely known, tale of the SWP break-away, the Revolutionary Democratic Group, which, amongst other alliances, had been involved with Spiked’s forerunners, the RCP in the ‘Red Front’ and which passed some years inside the SLP as the ‘Republican Group’. Steve Freeman’s League Against the Corn Laws/Republican Socialist Party may well still be around.

Whether the SLP micro party has changed, Scargill is 84 years old, remains to be seen.

Nothing as yet on the ‘Resist Movement’ tip-top site, whose ‘latest news’ dates to 2021.

Resist Movement latest news

But those who’d like a further laugh will soon be able to treat themselves here:

Resist announces their intentions to join the Socialist Labour Party

1 waiting Scheduled for 25 Sept 2022

This Sunday(25th Sept) in Liverpool at The Liner Hotel, Resist will be announcing their intentions to join the Socialist Labour Party, as a real alternative to mainstream UK political parties.

Seasoned observers note that Resist had got caught up in the gender wars…

Written by Andrew Coates

September 23, 2022 at 10:52 am

Chris Williamson wins Praise from ‘Lobster’ contributor (while we are waiting for serious news about the Queen).

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Williamson, “principled Labour activist of wide experience”, with comrade.

While we are waiting for serious news about the Queen:

Chris Williamson finds a fan who will get his eulogy published in Lobster Magazine – the “journal that looks at the impact of the intelligence and security services on history and politics. From espionage to dirty tricks to conspiracy theories.” Amongst Robin Ramsay’s contributors over the years was Larry O’Nutter, who wrote under the pen-name of Larry O’Hara. Our one-time Warwick Cde went on to from the Borderland which last appeared in 2016. Apart from his support for the red-brown Full Brexit O’Nutter has not been heard of recently. It was therefore with pleasure that I find my old mucker filed away on the Web in Lobster Issue 24 (December 1992) ” Notes from the Underground“.

It is with interest that one learns the magazine is carrying on the old traditions.

Ten Years Hard Labour Chris Williamson Review. by John Booth | Blog

A version of this article with detailed footnotes and links will shortly appear on the website of Lobster magazine – https://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/” Watch out for this on the Lobster site.

This is a revealing and powerful book by a Labour MP who vocally supported the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and paid the price by losing his career. It’s an angry book because he says that this loyalty was not reciprocated when it mattered.

Yet what could have been an opportunity for change was strangled by the “Labour antisemitism” furore, Williamson being a prime target as the leading Corbyn supporter in Westminster. As a lifetime anti-racist campaigner on good terms with many Jews in his constituency and in the wider Labour movement, he quickly realised what was behind the so-called “crisis”.

He called it out for the political scam it largely was and so was subjected to ever more vilification by the Israel lobby and its political and media allies. This included death threats, the vandalisation of his constituency office and routine daily abuse by Labour MPs in Westminster. Meetings at which he was invited to speak had to be cancelled because hotels and other venues received threats to their premises and the safety of their staff. He recounts how the location for one meeting in Brighton had to be repeatedly shifted following similar menaces. It finally took place in the open air where local activists physically protected him from a threatening critic.

Here was a principled Labour activist of wide experience – how many council housing chairs have worked on construction sites? – and interests – Williamson worked closely in Parliament on animal welfare with murdered Conservative MP Sir David Amess – whose career was destroyed by the outrageous smears of unscrupulous enemies and the complicit silence of supposed allies.


“Like many sensible seafarers the author had early in his life apparently heeded the wise words attributed to General Omar Bradley: “Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of each passing ship.” Ten Years Hard Labour details the dim and fading lights of many ships who passed by Chris Williamson and, in so doing, left the British people in the grubby hands of Boris Johnson and his rich and decadent supporters.”

Written by Andrew Coates

September 8, 2022 at 2:20 pm