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“Affaire Meklat” – Marcelin Deschamps, Racist, Homophobe, Anti-Semitic ‘Voice of the Banlieue.”

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Mehdi Meklat “Voice of the Banlieue.”

Mehdi Meklat (more details here), who has written extensively  on Bondy Blog (set up to express “ la diversité ethnique and to be “la voix des quartiers”) who has contributed to France Inter and Arte, is the co-author of the books Burn Out and Minute, has been caught out.

 Meklat was promoted by French left outlets such as Les Inrockuptibles and has appeared on his cover with former Justice Minister  Christiane Taubira. The magazine presented him as the “voice of youth and the Estates, “a new generation from the banlieue.”

Following his latest promotion on the front cover of Les Inrockuptibles it has become public that he is the author of extreme racist, anti-semitic and homophobic – and just plain violent misogynistic gobshite  – on Twitter under the name of his ‘alter ego’, Deschamps (apparently a ‘funny’ play on the conceptual artist , has dominated the French media over the last week. (Affaire des tweets de Mehdi Meklat).

Le Monde devoted an Editorial to the affair (L’affaire Mehdi Meklat, révélatrice de deux sociétés qui ne se rencontrent pas. 22.2.017).

The daily noted the decline of open-minded humanist voices in the banlieue, and the growth of the ‘identitarian extreme-right, both indigenous, around the Front National,  and Islamist, in conditions of mass unemployment and social exclusion. In this instance Meklat revealed a  swelling tide of “la violence rhétorique”. It deplored the tolerance given in social media to far from “anodyne” verbal violence, which, experience showed,  can lead to more dangerous consequences.

More details: Le Monde,  Le chroniqueur Mehdi Meklat rattrapé par ses tweets haineux (21.02.17)

« Faites entrer Hitler pour tuer les juifs » (24 février 2012) ; « Je crache des glaires sur la sale gueule de Charb et tous ceux de Charlie Hebdo » (30 décembre 2012).

(Bring Hitler to kill the Jews. I gob phlegm in the dirty mug of Charb and all the Charlie Hebdo lot.)


AS the re-tweet indicates he has a real problems with women, calling for sodomising them, amongst other vile comments.

The targets, as “Mr Hyde” Deschamps included: « les homos », « les juifs », « Charlie », « les transsexuels », « les Français », « les lesbiennes », « les femmes ».

Particularly women.

He, like many racists, homophobes and ‘left’ apologists for Islamism,  has a particular hatred of gay secularist Caroline Fourest, whom he has accused  of paedophilia.

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Those who promoted this individual are having a hard time explaining this activity, which took place from 2011 to 2015, away.




Feminist Secularist Caroline Fourest Attacked by Opponents of Gay Marriage Law.

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Caroline Fourest aux Journées de Nantes, le 13 avril 2013. (Cyril Bonnet/Le Nouvel Observateur)

Caroline Fourest: Attacked by Far-Right and ‘Anti-Imperialists’.

There were many virulent anti-gay marriage demonstrations in France over the weekend.

On Saturday at  Nantes, Caroline Fourest, was at a meeting to debate Islam and secularism. (Caroline Fourest était venue débattre d’islam et de laïcité).

The journalist, who is herself gay, was violently taken aside by those against the law enabling “marriage for all”. (Report here)

As she arrived at Nantes by train over 100 screaming demonstrations from the extreme-right were waiting for Caroline.

That was only the beginning.

They followed her to the meeting venue.

They disputed the meeting, shouting, and throwing stink bombs and tear gas.

Returning to Paris at Montparnasse the anti-gay marriage far right were waiting for her at the station.

It appears that these thugs were part of the ‘Printemps  français’ alliance of Christian extremists and the neo-fascist right and racists.

Caroline was attacked in September last year at the annual Fête d’Huma by the Indigènes de la République  and the Indivisibles. They prevented her from talking about her latest book against the Front National

They claim she is ‘Islamophobic’ and had no right to speak.

Caroline then, has been shouted down by Islamists, so-called ‘anti-imperialists’ and now, the extreme right has taken  upon itself the task of stalking her.

Is it a coincidence that she is a gay women feminist?

Perhaps the Printemps français and the Indigènes de la République could get together and organise a united attack against Caroline Fourest.


Her report: Les homophobes sont allés trop loin à Nantes



Caroline Fourest Shouted Down as ‘Islamophobe’ in Belgium University.

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Gay human rights campaigner Caroline Fourest has been prevented from speaking at the University of Brussels.

The journalists and essayist was due to talk on her most recent book, a critical biography of Marine Le Pen. Fourest has been relentless in her attacks on the French Front National, and was due to talk on this theme.

A group of protesters, some dressed in Burqas, denounced “islamophobie ». They shouted« Burqa Bla-bla » and insulted the guest speaker

The event had to be cancelled.

The organiser of the disruption was Souhail Chichah, a teacher at University. He claims to be an ‘anti-Zionist’. In the past he had defended the Holocaust denier, the  « l’humoriste » Dieudonné, now a prominent figure on the French far right. In the last few days Chichah has suggested  holding a « Burqa Pride » parade, which would include a symbolic stoning of the lesbian activist.

This attack on the  free speech of a prominent left-wing anti-racist and human rights campaigner has been widely denounced in Belgium.

More Here.

Souhail Chichah has defended Dieudonné’s ‘freedom of expression’ saying “la liberté d’expression consiste essentiellement à la liberté d’expression subversive”. (see here.)

Apparently  Caroline Fourest does not merit this right.

Written by Andrew Coates

February 9, 2012 at 11:11 am

Caroline Fourest: A Feminist Against Multiculturalism.

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La Dernière Utopie. Caroline Fourest. (2009/11)

“..it sometimes seems as if the current enthusiasm for the ideology of ‘human rights’ is little more than twenty-first century form of the secular Christianity that played such a central imperial role in the nineteenth century.” Britain’s Empire. Richard Gott. 2011.

La Dernière Utopie begins with this declaration, “Une utopie se meurt. Celle des droits universels. La perspective d’un monde où tous les êtres humaines seraient libres et égaux, sans distinction.” (The utopia of universal rights, the prospect of a world in which all human beings would be free and equal, is dying) Today, Caroline Fourest asserts, people are turning away from universal ideas and falling back on their separate identities. Our sense of belonging, to a nation, a religion, an ethnic group, overrides the ‘abstraction’ of a common humanity. And nothing could be more abstract than world-wide human rights.

This is bold claim. Richard Gott’s view that human rights have become part of the “imperial backcloth” carries weight. Stephen Pinker’s claim that the ‘rights revolution’ has been linked to a decline in violence may reflect trends in most of Europe, America and some parts of the globe (The Better Angels of Our Nature. 2011) Overall the picture is much bleaker.

Appeals to the humanitarian duty to intervene against abuses in Iraq are fresh in the mind. Western governments have used its language to cover their unscrupulous military actions. And then we have the UN’s impotence faced with dictatorships, the remnants of Stalinism and Islamist regimes. The inability of the UN to prevent genocide in Rwanda and the killings in Africa by stateless armed gangs equally make the Declaration seem hollow. These failures, rather than ‘identity’ have been more than effective in undermining the utopian promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The UN and Human Rights.

La Dernière Utopie‘s opening chapter is an account of how the 1948 UN declaration came about. Fourest covers the negotiations that led to it, and the efforts to reach beyond purely Western conceptions*. She covers efforts to thwart its application, initially largely from the Official Communist bloc, a practice China continues in the name of state sovereignty. Moslem countries offered an ‘Islamic’ human rights declaration in 1990 based on the Sharia. This claimed that Islamic community was superior to any other form of civilisation. It skirted around outlawing slavery and denied the right to change religion. Islamic countries have attempted to limit freedom of expression in faith’s name.

It is as if it is Fourest considers that human rights are principally weakened from within the UN rather than in the inability to entrench human rights in the world at large. So, she observes how UN attention to the Palestinian issue has sidelined human rights in Africa and Burma. But could this association of world states resolve political and historical conflicts, as if these were waiting to be settled by applying human rights? Is indeed the UN a suitable forum for ‘cosmopolitan democracy’? It has been powerless to end American abuses in Guantanamo, or its sanction of torture. Could it deal, by peacekeeping or other means, with Central Africa and its multiple conflicts, kept financed by international commercial interests? This question is not raised.

By contrast we can at least see one dead-end. Instead of trying to develop material forms of international democracy a part of the left is stuck in political anti-globalisation. It is prepared to side with any form of resistance to the World Order. Certain forms of third-worldism, Fourest emphasises, are prepared to align with dictatorships and reactionary Islamists in the name of anti-imperialism. Cultural confrontation from this quarter is also backed. The French Indigènes de la République distinguished itself by attacking secular Arab feminists as infected by “post-colonial gangrene”. There are many similar movements in the rest of Europe and North America. They are no doubt at present nerving themselves up to defend the Salafist campaign for moral purity in North Africa and Egypt. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Andrew Coates

January 20, 2012 at 12:14 pm