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“Left tails of the Liberal Bourgeoisie” Another Europe is Possible Castigated by Weekly Worker Toff, Jack Conrad

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Soros, “born in 1930 in Hungary to well-off anti-Semitic Jewish parents” funds Another Europe is Possible says Weekly Worker.

This Friday is proving to reap a number crop of Trainspotting jewels.

Jack Conrad, known to be John Chamberlain, a Hampstead toff who enjoys fine wines in his exclusive Heath residence, normally channels his thoughts and energy  into the work of the Labour Party Marxist. With a substantial shareholding in Labour Against the Witch-hunt, ably run by his trusted minion, Tony Greenstein, who asks for little beyond a daily van-load of mince-pies in return, life is sweet.

The elder statesman can look back on a successful career in the Communist Party of Great Britain (faction: The Leninist),  the Socialist Labour Party, the Socialist Alliance, Respect, the Campaign for a Marxist Party, Left Unity, amongst others. He has built long-term close relations with the Republican Socialists/League Against the Corn Laws, and Gerry Downing’s Socialist Fight – both groups have regular columns in Chamberlin’s hebdomadal organ, the Weekly Worker.

For some reasons, comrades suggest the green eyed-monster is at work here, he does not esteem Another Europe is Possible. This may be because it does not have a funny sounding acronym. It might be because he does not like the new best friend of this Blog, good old George Soros, our mucker.

Who knows.

Genius has its own rules.

This is some of Chamby’s prose poem, just out today and already stirring up debate in the Duck and Dove.

Left tails of liberal bourgeoisie

To praise, to cooperate with, to promote a People’s Vote is to praise, to cooperate with, to promote the interests of big capital and bourgeois politicians, such as Chuka Umunna, Vince Cable and Anna Soubry. Organisations such as the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Socialist Resistance, Left Unity, etc, do exactly that. To all intents and purposes they constitute themselves the extreme left of liberal opinion.

The embodiment of such abject opportunism is Another Europe is Possible. Its perspectives are thoroughly reformist; its attitudes tailist and accommodating.


Reviving illusions in the capitalist states of Europe combines with a strikingly naive endorsement of the EU’s supposed “core values” of “peace, democracy and ever closer union”. Konrad Adenauer, Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman would have approved.


EIP provides a “progressive left” flank for People’s Vote and the interests of anti-Brexit big capital.

And, follow my gaze…

Unsurprisingly, given the invaluable nature of such a service, AEIP has received some substantial financial grants and donations.

More than mince-pies I’ll wager!

Figures for February 2016 to May 2017 reveal £45,000 from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, £2,000 from a certain C Lucas, £4,000 from LUSH Ltd, £5,000 from N Marks, £5,000 from Open Democracy and £2,000 from Unison.

From June 2017 to May 2018 the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust upped its AEIP contribution to £75,000 … and more recently still George Soros chipped in with £70,000.

The more stupid amongst AEIP’s paid employees, partisans, allies and dupes claim that taking such money is essentially no different from the Bolshevik leaders, Lenin and Zinoviev – along with a range of other leftwing Russian émigrés – negotiating with the German authorities to travel from their Swiss exile back to revolutionary Russia in 1917.


The Weekly Worker has rightly rounded on the acceptance of Soros money. It shows that AEIP is more than acceptable to bourgeois liberal opinion. Yet, revoltingly, descending to the level of the gutter press, defensively, wracked by guilt, AEIP paid employees, volunteers, allies and dupes have responded with utterly baseless accusations of conspiracy-mongering and anti-Semitism. Just like Viktor Orbán, Breitbart News and Glenn Beck, AEIP paid employees, volunteers, allies and dupes highlight Soros’s Jewish background (he was born in 1930 in Hungary to well-off anti-Semitic Jewish parents).

For those interested, indeed capable of digesting the previous stream of consciousness,  there follows a long diatribe about esteemed Comrade Soros which links it, for reasons which Cde Greenstein’s’ Nerve Doctor, Sir Roderick Glossop, may be able to explain….

Over the last two or three years there has been a huge, unprecedented campaign to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. A campaign carefully crafted, hatched and skilfully promoted by the US right, the Israeli government and the British establishment. The AWL and its Clarion outriders provide a useful ‘left’ cover.

Accusations of conspiracy-mongering and anti-Semitism are therefore clearly unfounded – a desperate attempt to prevent, to close down, to head off critical discussion of the AEIP’s politics and finances.

Pause for the rhymester to continue.

Ironically, it is quite conceivable that Soros would himself be found guilty of anti-Semitism under the IHRA’s so-called definition.

Fair’s fair.

Toodle Pip, and meet you in the Flask…


Written by Andrew Coates

November 30, 2018 at 6:43 pm