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Skwawkbox: Has Steve Walker Left the Labour Party?

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Skwawky, Steve Walker, has been in the firing line again.



The Labour Party nationally responded by accusing Skwawkbox of “gratuitous innuendos and assertions about various Party members, as well two Labour MPs“…without providing evidence to the contrary.

What is the future for this alt-news site?

It has become a sterile factional instrument for tool Walker and his little band.

Now we hear:

Breaking, Exclusive.

This now doing the rounds:



Skwawky has yet to respond.

This is the kind of support he’s got these days,



*$tarmers notion of socialism is the same as the Conservatives ,,, only for themselves and their cronies Rob the 99% , never has the corruption been more blatant.


*The Chumocracy is no longer the sole representative of The Conservative & Fascist Party, enter the little dragon, The Labour & Zionist Party.


*Was this dodgy software systems in operation and used for the election of Sir keir Rodney Starmer?and others We know that both Evans and starmer are into rigging and I have always thought somthing was not kosher with the vote for the knight??..These two characters have shown that they are capable and devoid of any form of human decency.



Written by Andrew Coates

March 11, 2021 at 11:47 am

Skwawkbox: We Could be Enjoying Corbyn’s “Heavenly Brexit Deal” if it weren’t for…..

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The SKWAWKBOX (@skwawkbox) | Twitter

Beam me up Walky!

(Thanks David).

As Morale Officer on the USS Coatesy, voyaging across the galaxy, it is our job to keep spirits high in these difficult times.

Japesters have tried to spread glee amongst our foes by proclaiming that Keir Starmer had resigned.

The anti-Labour ‘alt-news’ site, Skwawkbox, spends most of its time attacking the Labour leader and the party:

Small, businessman Steve Walker is believed to have support from UNITE the union for his efforts to undermine Labour.

By all accounts the more bile, the more bellows of joy come from the bilious old grunters.

The latest episode, classed, “things that never happened’, beats previous attempts to keep the troops happy.

…..without sabotage by the Labour right, Keir Starmer’s manipulation of the second-referendum pipe-dream and the shameless abandonment of proper journalism by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media, the UK could have been enjoying the ‘heavenly’ Brexit deal agreed in principle in 2019 by Jeremy Corbyn and the EU.

Travelling from Somerset to Kent? Don’t forget your Kent Access Permit

His little band of wits are rollicking already,

For wry amusement, I understand some drivers refer to this permit as a Kermit. It mildly amused me as Kermit is of course that very well-known friendly frog and it seems you need your Kermit before you can enter Kent in order to hop across the Channel … well, it amused me anyway 😛

How we laughed!

Written by Andrew Coates

January 5, 2021 at 10:09 am